A. W. Pink Library Vol. 1 CD AND Vol. 2 CD
A. W. Pink Library Vol. 1 CD AND Vol. 2 CD
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This collection of commentaries and writings from the preacher and Bible scholar Arthur W. Pink is an indispensable resource for any pastor, ministry leader or serious Bible student. Pink was a tremendous biblical thinker who goes deep into the meaning of the text of sacred Scripture. The careful exposition and pastoral warmth of A. W. Pink will furnish the mind and enrich the soul of every believer.  

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Commentary on John, Vol. 1, 2 & 3 - Retail $59.95
Concerned with the practical application of scripture to the life of the believer, Arthur Pink made this commentary on the Gospel of John easy to read and devotional in approach. An excellent resource for the Christian wanting to reap the spiritual benefits by studying the life, death and resurrection of Christ.
Commentary on Genesis - Retail $29.95 , 552 pages
The renowned preacher and Bible commentator Arthur Pink approaches Genesis as one wanting to know Christ. He draws out the themes which he calls the seeds of the doctrines of the Bible; the Trinity, justification by faith, the atonement and others are found in this treatment of Genesis. Pink brings Genesis to practical thinking and shows the continuity of the whole Bible making this an excellent resource for every Christian wanting to see Christ in the Old Testament.
Commentary on Exodus - Retail $34.95
Ever wondered what to do with the Old Testament? How are we to properly understand it and apply it to our lives? Pinkís work on the book of Exodus is essential for all those wanting answers to such questions. In this book, the Christian will be moved to adoration of God and His unchangeable word as Christ and the theme of redemption is proclaimed from the book of Exodus. Pink shows the continuity of the Bible by drawing out such subjects as the need of redemption, the God of redemption, and the people of redemption in this masterfully done commentary.
Commentary on Hebrews, Vol. 1, 2 & 3 - Retail $51.95 , 1307 pages
Let A. W. Pink take you on a colossal verse-by-verse journey through one of the most foundational books of the New Testament. This multi-volume, extensive treatment of the letter to the Hebrews will give you a deeper understanding of how the Old and New Covenants come together, as well as magnifying your love for the God of grace.
Commentary on Joshua - Retail $34.99 , 430 pages
A helpful guide for the minister, teacher or lay person! In this commentary, Pink discusses the place of Joshua in Old Testament history and his life with Moses before he took his leadership position. He then goes on to comment on the book verse by verse, mining the theological and practical gold that lies in the pages of this important biblical story. A must for every student of the Scriptures.
A Guide to Fervent Prayer - Retail $29.95
Looking for help for your prayer life? Arthur Pinkís Guide to Fervent Prayer can help. Let this man whom God so powerfully used take you through the biblical antidote for a dry prayer life. Step by step, you will learn what it means to have fervent, effective prayer and be drawn daily into the presence of God and enjoy communion with Him.
Eternal Security - Retail $17.95
Can a Christian fall from grace and lose their salvation? Understanding what the Bible teaches concerning this question will make a world of difference in the Christianís life. Pink addresses this issue in this powerful book that explores what the Bible reveals concerning the relationship of believers to Christ their Shepherd. The Christian will be comforted and assured in learning that their safety and security lies not in their own frailty, but in the strength and ability of the Lord.
Divine Covenants - Retail $33.99 , 317 pages
How do the covenants made with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David differ? What is their significance for the Christian today? How does the New Covenant which Christ ushered in relate to these former covenants? Let A. W. Pink answer these questions for you in this clear and careful examination of Godís covenants with His people.
Comfort for Christians - Retail $17.95
Each of the seventeen chapters looks at a specific promise for Godís people and offers rich comfort in the grace, power and faithfulness of the Lord. By learning these biblical promises more fully, the Christian will be moved to praise and gratitude for the great love God has bestowed on His children. Pinkís Comfort for Christians is like a healthy tonic to the soul of every believer.
The Ten Commandments - Retail $15.95
What place do the Ten Commandments have in the life of the modern believer? How should we view them in this age of the New Covenant? Arthur Pink tackles these questions by analyzing the Decalogue both in its original use for Israel and its continued importance for the Church today. You will find Pinkís teaching refreshing and practical to your walk with the Lord as much is explained concerning Godís law.
Practical Christianity - Retail $29.95
Pink shows how theology is not merely a discipline for Bible scholars and seminary professors, but the most practical aspect of the Christian life. You will be encouraged and challenged as you read Pinkís treatment of how the believer can live out the great theological truths of the Bible.
Gleanings from the Scriptures - Retail $29.95
What does the Bible mean when it says ďThere is none who does good, no not one?Ē How evil is the heart of man? Arthur Pink deals with questions like these by taking the reader into a close examination of the biblical doctrine of total depravity. Learn how man is totally incapable of saving himself or doing any good at all that pleases God. Become more equipped to preach the gospel. This study will not only furnish your mind with biblical truth, but will enlarge your heart for the grace of God that saves from sin and death.
Regeneration or the New Birth - Retail $12.95
Arthur Pinkís treatment of this crucial biblical doctrine which is so much misunderstood today. Understanding who does what in regeneration will encourage the heart of every believer who shares the gospel or prays for the salvation of a friend.
Interpretation of the Scriptures - Retail $25.99
How are we to interpret Scripture? Do certain ďrulesĒ apply to our understanding of its message? Let the Bible scholar and commentator Arthur Pink teach you the fundamentals in approaching the most important document in manís possession: the Holy Scriptures. Every Christian will find this study vital to their knowledge and love of Godís written Word as the principles for understanding the Bibleís intended meaning are learned. This book will refresh your Bible study give you a deeper reverence and appreciation for the spoken Word of God.

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