The Story of the Bible
The Story of the Bible
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Monumental! A wonderful aid to understanding the significance of the Biblical message, The Story of the Bible unfolds the unifying theme of the drama of redemption. Pulsating with God's heart for His people and His relentless power to save, this Set, featuring over 12 authors, including a precious book for children, illustrates the grand purpose of the Bible. Receive a new vision of victory and hope anchored in God's power and plan! If you desire revival in your spirit and restored joy in life, this set is for you!  

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Selected Writings of Geerhardus Vos

Three excellent selections from Vos reveal the rich diversity of the Bible emphasizing its redemptive message.

In The Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Kingdom of God Kingdom, Vos reveals God’s plan of salvation, delivering individuals from Satan, darkness, and the world, while refuting various misconceptions regarding the Kingdom!

The Idea of Biblical Theology as a Science and as a Theological Discipline shows Vos fully expounding the depth of the word Logos. Interestingly, Genesis 1 and John 1 hold parallel glory to Christ as the Mediator in creation, particularly His role as the "Word" in Genesis.

Christian Faith and Truthfulness of Bible History exhibits the organic structure of the truth in the Word and its growth resulting from revelation. Infusing new life and freshness to the time-old truths, it offers a new vision of the glory of Him who created all things to the praise of His own wonderful name. Greatly rewarding!

"A Vosian Masterpiece!" — Gras Duibh

"Possessing Rare and Unprecedented Insight!" — Jacques Schoeman

God’s Grace Reigns
Abraham Booth

Booth’s brilliant doctrinal defense of the fundamental gospel truths stirs the conscience and comforts the heart, elevates the affections and influences the whole conduct in the way of holiness. Booth emphasizes the doctrine of Reigning Grace including election, effectual calling, pardon, justification, adoption, sanctification, holiness, perseverance, and the Person and work of Christ. Mere mental conviction of divine truth differs vastly from experiencing its power in the heart. Using Romans 5:21, Booth demonstrates the principal design is to mortify man’s pride and display the glory of God’s grace. Challenging!

"A warm and compelling volume!" — Monergism books

Children’s Bible Stories from the Whole Bible
Amy Steedman

With captivating charm and careful accuracy of Biblical facts, Amy Steedman’s Children’s Bible Stories, authored in 1923, continue to bring the Old and New Testament stories to life! Skillfully narrated, to hold the child’s attention and kindle a greater interest in the Bible, these 24 Old Testament stories and 11 New Testament stories draw children at their level while keeping the integrity of the truth of Scripture. A good gift and a useful tool for those with children or involved in Children’s Ministry.

"Children will love it!"— A Reviewer

Religious Experience
Archibald Alexander

Boldly tackling the subjects of subjective Christian experience, Archibald Alexander discusses topics less acknowledged! Dreams, visions, irreverent thoughts, fear and depression, Alexander’s meticulous analysis of each provides wise counsel. Clearly distinguishing between Biblical knowledge from the impact that that knowledge leaves on the soul he drives believers back to the basics of acquiring a correct knowledge of the truth as it is in Christ Jesus with the Holy Spirit’s help to render the truth effectual in the sanctification of the whole man, soul, body, and spirit. Amazing!

"Helpful on things most people are scared to talk about!" — Todd M. Tysseling

"Full of wise insights!" — F. Martin

Letters of John Newton

Greatly gifted, Newton’s prolific letter writing skills are seen in these 147 letters. Certainly calculated to comfort, encourage, and confirm and sometimes with all tenderness to reprove, his easy flowing language, with many interesting expressions, often embellished with striking yet simple illustrations make reading enjoyable!. He emphasized true Christian experience, a great depth of Christian compassion, and a strong assurance in the power of God’s unfailing grace. All Newton’s writings had the hallmark of practicality with intriguing insight! Uplifting!

"Truly, these letters are great!" — Aimee Thor

"Few write with more simplicity, piety and force!" — C. H. Spurgeon

More Letters of John Newton

This rarely proffered treat is more than welcome in our day when letter writing is recognized as a lost art, a long-forgotten exercise. John Newton’s letters, all 300 pages of them are tender yet filled with eternal truth, wisdom and piety. They remain of permanent value and interest. Poet Cowper called them ’the voice of the heart’. These letters are accompanied by a brief biography of the recipient to better appreciate the import of each letter. Ingenious and Inspiring!

"Excellent!" — A Reviewer

Jesus Christ: His Death and Ministry
Arno Gaebelein

Brilliant and bracing, these two masterpieces reveal Gaebelein’s scholarly meditations on the preeminence and the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Gaebelein warns against the subtle denial of Christ’s glory. The Lord of Glory highlights Biblical prophecies and their fulfillment!

In The Work of Christ Gaebelein recaptures the worth and the wonder of Christ’s work in the past, present and future, in the believer, the world, the Church and finally when He returns as Judge upon His throne to bring all things to perfection!

"A must read!"- A Reviewer

Christianity and the Modern Condition
J. Gresham Machen

Groundbreaking and timeless. Machen draws the battle lines between the conflicting philosophies of liberal Christianity and orthodox faith. Machen reveals liberalism not as a different understanding of the Gospel, but as a totally different gospel where God’s sovereignty is exchanged for man’s, God’s law-word for man’s and God’s eternal, unchanging standards for man’s situational ethics. Machen emphasizes 6 key Biblical doctrines where theological liberalism rejects Scripture as infallibly inspired, denying the doctrines of the Fall and of Hell and advocating man’s evolutionary self-perfection. Valuable resource!

"Terrific Book!" — D.P. David Fahrenthold

"A Vital Christian Classic, More Relevant by the Day!" — Rod D. Martin

Covenants in Perspective
John Cunningham

Comprehensive and enriching! Cunningham tackles Covenanting from definition to deep deliberation. A covenant is a mutual voluntary compact between two parties on given terms or conditions, between any two individuals. Cunningham shows God’s covenant as the Covenant of Redemption or the Covenant of Grace. Further, he discusses of the nature and manner of covenanting, the duty involved, obligation conferred, its adaptation to man’s moral constitution, in accordance with God’s purposes, sanctioned by the divine example, and as the everlasting covenant. A believer’s great privilege! Awesome!

"Great read!" — A Reviewer

Selected Writings of B.B. Warfield

Lucid and uncompromising!

In The Plan of Salvation, Warfield presents varied perspectives on salvation, based on Calvinism. Using pertinent illustrations he helps us understand the various denominational distinctive views on salvation. While he identifies the crucial questions associated with God’s salvation plan he also offers a crushing critique to the most dangerous answers that have been raised to answer them!

Warfield, in The Princeton Theological Review, v.xiii, 1915, deals with the reason Christ was sent into the world! Both books are indispensable for personal study on salvation and a great guide to teach others.

"Great!" — Douglas Wilson

"A very interesting polemical work on soteriology!" Joshua Smith

God’s Electing Power
Robert Wallace

Wallace’s intense and perceptive style is evident as he handles the fundamental questions that Christians often confront about their faith in the Lord Jesus. Christ Himself had to contend for the truth on more than one occasion, as did Paul in Ephesus and Luther during the Reformation! Predestination, Reprobation, and Election are doctrines that affect every man to the very core of his being when he is driven to discover the way to salvation of his soul. An amazing signpost to the seeker!

"Excellent!" — A Reviewer

The Gospel for Living Today
Gilbert Beebe

A tremendous and tireless defender of the faith, Gilbert Beebe in the oldest Primitive Baptist periodical, The Signs of the Times, devoted nearly forty-four years upholding the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. These 45 articles cover several topics, all recognizing the warfare against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world. Beebe, rooted and grounded in the faith, firmly supported the absolute predestination of all things. His principles and expositions have stood the test of time, and are as applicable today as then. Useful!

"Very relevant to our times!" — A Reviewer

The Ministry of Jesus
George Chadwick

Commendable! In his commentary, Strong Meat for Hungry Souls: The Gospel of St. Mark, Chadwick has explained the text in minute detail. These first 8 chapters are a blessing to the serious student of the word. His object is to first edify and then to inform. Chadwick expounds the gospel in his inimitable smooth elegant style, without overlooking any of the intended meaning of the texts. A great help for personal or group study. Highly recommended.

"This work is scholarly, insightful, and valuable!" — Tim Perrine

The Road to the Cross
George Chadwick

Distinctive and distinguished in approach, and accurate in his scholarship, George Chadwick’s Strong Meat for Hungry Souls: The Gospel of St. Mark makes for a great study. The text comes alive in these 8 chapters. His clear rendering enables one to have a clear insight into the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus as Mark related it, and is truly the good news in simple terms. Will be a blessing and enhance your study of the word! Great resource!

"Good read!" — A Reviewer

Defining the Covenant
Edward Fisher

Refreshingly different, this three-way dialogue from The Marrow of Modern Divinity by Fisher happens between an evangelist, a legalist and a young Christian. Fisher addresses the confusion of the twin errors of legalism and antinomianism from an evangelical slant. The three-fold perspective of the Biblical Law: the Law of Works, which says, "Do this, and live"; the Law of Faith, which offers free pardon in the gospel; and the Law of Christ, which commands, "Live, and do this". Wonderfully intuitive, this exposition of justification and sanctification is unparalleled.

"A valuable read!" — Philip

"One of the most important theological texts of all time!"—Derek Thomas

Covenant Thinking Applied
Edward Fisher

This grand second dialogue from The Marrow of Modern Divinity by Fisher is a very thorough explanation of the Decalogue. Obedience to the law must be directed to the end "that God alone may be glorified by us." Fisher adeptly breaks down the concept of self-sufficiency, of salvation by works, highlighting instead the free grace of the Gospel. Through his Christ-centered treatment of the Old Testament, Fisher on teaching the Law of Faith reveals the whole Bible is the gospel, and presents it from a truly evangelical angle. Stimulating!

"A treasure trove!" Nathan Pitchford

"This truly evangelical volume is remarkably well done!"R. Scott Clark


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