Suffering: Trusting in God Through Trials Vol1
Suffering: Trusting in God Through Trials Vol1
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Springing to life and speaking directly to the heart, Suffering: Trusting in God through Trials, is specially designed to encourage! Combining intellectual thought and creativity with the innocence of prayer, the authors spur you on in your pursuit of intimacy with God, through everyday trials. God and His precious Word are more than sufficient to heal hurting hearts and lift downcast spirits to rise above, undaunted and unshaken, to be truly more than a conqueror!  

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Words of Divine Comfort
Octavius Winslow

Thirty one, heart-searching devotional meditations, brimming with easy-to-read theological insights that nourish the spirit, Winslow uses a Scripture text that echoes in the heart, all day long. God’s words spoken in divine love to His people, through their varied experiences, duties, and trials of their lives are truly a lamp to our feet, and a staff to lean upon! Apt applications of Scripture to common, daily, practical life make this book a great way to start each day!

"A Truly Precious Comfort!"—Jennifer J. Uwarow

"A jewel of spiritual comfort!"—Michael B. Spotts

The Trial and Triumph of Faith
Samuel Rutherford

Vivid pictures of true faith in Christ stand out in sharp relief in all 27 sermons on Christ healing the daughter of the Canaanite woman! Each sermon refers to Scripture from other parts of the Bible, encouraging us to see the Word of God as a related whole. In ornate and figurative language, Rutherford organizes his thoughts revealing Christ’s character and reasons for His response, including the Gentile woman’s persevering faith and pursuit of Christ’s compassion. Beautiful, soul-stirring, and life-giving!

"A most uplifting book!"—Justin Andrusk

"Great encouragement!"—Byron Snapp

Diary of a Well Worn Christian Traveler
George MacDonald

Scintillating, seven-line poems, one for each day of the year, A Book of Strife in the Form of the Diary Of an Old Soul is a treasure! These tender poems are either to God, about God or about His spiritual anguish or joy. This thought provoking, breathtaking poetry reveals deeper meaning with each reading! Timeless and ever vibrant, this book leaves you yearning for more! Composed after losing two children, MacDonald’s heart cries are real, drawing you out of your own darkness into the beauty and depth of God Himself. Exceptional!

"Touching poetry!"—Michael Clifton

"MacDonald’s Magical Mastery!"—David Berry

Comfort for Suffering Believers
Thomas Brooks

With "sentences as memorable as melodies," Brooks tackles practical subjects buttressed with Scripture, exuding spiritual life and power, yet singularly comforting to true believers in times of trial. A Word in Season to Suffering Saints is unusual in its sweetness and sparkling loveliness of metaphor, with a silvery, refreshing sound! Concluding with ten inferences and exhortations each, Brooks offers a brand of comfort and consolation that is unique and effective.

"Soothing!"—A reviewer

Commentary on Psalm 119 Volumes 1 & 2
Charles Bridges

Outstanding! Charles Bridges’ meticulous and thorough treatment in Exposition of Psalm 119 is extraordinary! An intrinsically evangelical writer, this classic of detail on Psalm 119 overflows with rich, solid and provocative discussion that satisfies the serious searching heart. Intentionally dovetailing the truth with other parts of Scripture, Bridges shows a profound grasp of his subject. Stimulates self-examination, prayer and meditation. A great resource!

"A classic of detail on the psalm!"—Rosscup

"Worth its weight in gold."—C. H. Spurgeon

Wesley on the Gospels

Fiery preacher, and pioneer of Methodism, Wesley’s organizational skills and teachings on the sanctified life are renowned. Wesley’s Notes on the Bible is a veritable spiritual lode. Mark’s Gospel, a short compendium supplements Matthew’s fulfillment of the prophecies, while Luke in historical style supplies other details, principally the office of Christ. John emphasizes His Godhead, quite differently from the other gospel writers. Thus, each dealt more on subjects, most suited to the time and persons being addressed. Highly recommended.

"A must have!"—Andrew Hanson

Wesley on the Book of Acts and Writings of Paul

Wesley’s Notes on the Bible systematically unpacks the book of Acts in 7 sections, depicting the Christian doctrine and its application, besides the hindrances in the propagation of the Gospel, the grand revolution it always precipitated and its resounding victory despite all opposition. Some of Paul’s Epistles are devotional in nature, designed to help preachers and intelligent laymen, proving most helpful in the larger questions of interpretation and in the difficult and detailed questions on the word usage and cultural background. Invaluable!

"Precious thoughts!"—A Reviewer

Wesley on the Letters of John and Revelation

Wesley’s Notes on the Bible greatly aids in making the New Testament comprehensible to the ordinary man. The New Testament contains all those sacred writings describing the New Covenant. Beginning with the evangelists’ and apostles’ writings, it ends with the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It starts with Christ’s Incarnation until His Ascension into heaven, followed by the Institution and History of the Christian Church, after His ascension. The Revelation discloses future events regarding Christ, the Church, and the universe, until the consummation of all things! Worth re-reading!

"Very helpful!"—A Reviewer

Wesley on the Books of Moses

Potent and precise, Wesley’s Notes on the Bible ably assist in thinking and applying Scripture. God’s laws were written for greater certainty, to spread farther, remain longer, and be transmitted through time, more purely and wholly than by oral tradition. The Old Testament declares God’s will concerning man’s salvation, enabled by Christ’s crucifixion. God inspired Moses to describe creation, entrance of sin and death into the world, invention of arts, rise of nations, and a history of the generations, in the first 5 books. Priceless!

"Highly useful!"—A Reviewer

Wesley on the Old Testament (Joshua - Song of Songs)

With amazing detail, Wesley’s Notes on the Bible authentically records Jewish history from Joshua to II Kings, written under divine direction. Chronicles completes the history of the kings of Judah. Nehemiah, the last historical book, continues the history of the captivity and the return from Babylon. Esther reveals God’s care for the Israelites still scattered. Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Solomon’s Song are poetical books, doctrinal and devotional in style, which acquaint us with the deep things of God. Great work!

"Very informative!" —A Reviewer

Wesley on the Prophets (Isaiah - Malachi)

The 16 prophetic books of the Bible in Wesley’s Notes on the Bible are clearly expounded. Isaiah, the first and oldest, fully describes the person, and offices, sufferings, and kingdom of Christ. He is sometimes called the fifth Evangelist. Joel and Amos appeared about the same time, Amos in Israel, and Joel in Judah, and predicted the same judgments. Nine of the twelve minor prophets preached before the captivity; the last three, after it. Malachi was the last prophet. Wesley’s notes clarify and crystallize prophetic thoughts making reading sheer delight.

"Great study aid!"—A Reviewer

Thoughts Upon John Bunyan’s Characters
Alexander Whyte

Brilliant! Alexander Whyte in Bunyan Characters Second Series displays his genius by matching his own imagination with that of John Bunyan. Though Whyte wrote 4 volumes in all, this one is probably the best companion to the Pilgrim’s Progress that was ever written. Whyte infuses the characters with even more life than Bunyan did and draws even more applications! You will emerge wiser and definitely more mature in your thinking! Sparkling portrayal!

"The best companion to the Pilgrim’s Progress!" G. N. Charmley

Engaging in Spiritual Warfare
Shirley Hughson

Tremendous teaching on tackling temptation! Shirley Hughson in The Warfare of the Soul elucidates the true purpose of temptation and how best to use the devil’s attacks without becoming stained by sin, but by developing sanctity of the soul. God allows temptation or testing that the children of light may be manifested and separated from those of darkness. While testing separates the good from the bad, it also enables the good to become good, develop latent virtues and thereby a character fitted for heaven!

"Enlightening!"A Reviewer

The Exercise of Christian Love
John Angell James

Incisive and indelible, John Angell James’ exhortation on I Cor. 13 in CHRISTIAN, LOVE, or the Influence of Religion upon Temper is unforgettable. A prolific writer, he underlines Self-Examination as every Christian’s duty, not only to ascertain the genuineness of his faith but more to check if it is ’operative’. His timely warning is against self-love and the deceitfulness of our hearts which invariably hides our sinful infirmities from view lulling us into a state of false peace! Memorable.

"Stays with you!" A Reviewer

A Book for Those Mourning Loss
John MacDuff

A succinct reminder to those that are young and alive, to recognize the privilege of being alive, the sanctity and sacred mission of life itself! MacDuff in A Book for the Bereaved reiterates the essence and quality of life, irrespective of whether the life span of one’s natural existence is long or short! A great tool to comfort those who encounter loss and a lesson to endure it through the power of God! Handy and practical!

"For an hour’s pleasant and holy reading, commend us to MacDuff!"— C. Spurgeon

The Life of St. Benedict
St. Gregory

A rare and remarkable reconstruction of St. Benedict’s life by Pope St. Gregory I, (6 A.D.) in his book, The Life of Our Most Holy Father St. Benedict. Without having met him, St. Gregory I gives us realistic glimpses of St. Benedict’s parentage, education and calling. St. Benedict established twelve monasteries and performed numerous miracles. St. Benedict’s famous book, The Rule of St. Benedict, a collection of 73 chapters of spiritual and administrative instructions for monks resulted in his founding Western monasticism. History comes alive!

"Inspiring!"— A Reviewer

Living Faithfully Before the God of Grace
Jean Pierre de Caussade

A dynamic dimension of total submission to God’s will, Caussade’s Abandonment to Divine Providence is a collection of letters that this priest wrote to his friends and nuns. Packing a powerful punch, and writing from a very different perspective, he shows a new way of experiencing God! This is a solid book of spiritual guidance, one that will find a permanent place on your bookshelf and in your regular reading schedule. Caussade will definitely change your outlook on life. Superb!

"One of the best books of spiritual guidance!"Ray Schneider

"A timeless, inspiring work!"—Margaretflynn

Words of Wisdom from John Cassian

Twenty-four challenging conferences on prayer, perfection, and purity of heart. Employing the Socratic dialogue method, Cassian crafts, with his honest, refreshing, and inspirational style, the most convincing commentaries on the eremitical, monastic, and spiritual ways of life. Clear and applicable to any situation, Cassian encourages setting spiritual goals and objectives, discerning spirits, Biblical interpretation, patience, and virtues of repentance and mortification of the will. A realistic approach to the type of self-improvement implicit in the teachings of Christ Jesus!

"Really helpful spiritual classic!"Richard

"Christian wisdom from the fourth century monastic!"—Daniel B. Clendenin

"Must read for all Christians!"—Patrick Oden

Words of Comfort for the Broken-Hearted
T.S. Arthur

Gentle and warm, T.S. Arthur’s Words of Cheer for the Tempted, the Tempted and the Sorrowing is like balm to the hurting heart. When the way is rough and the sky dark, and the heavy-laden soul sinks and trembles, the evocative melody of these words will bring peace to the spirit, and strength to the heart. The eye of faith will soon see the "bright sun smiling in the heavens beyond the veil of clouds". Comforting!

"Healing!" A Reviewer


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