Apologetics Vol. 2: Defending the Faith in a World Gone Mad
Apologetics Vol. 2: Defending the Faith in a World Gone Mad
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Dynamic! Designed to draw seekers to Christ, gospel E4’s Apologetics Vol. 2: Defending the Faith in a World Gone Mad, is definitely a dynamite must have to train you to defend your faith! Destroy the devil’s devises, and debunk the different heresies disguised in the garb of modernity! Recognize the truth that the Gospel of Christ is powerful, true, and defendable. Revel in the unanimous reality of the joy and power of the New Life in Christ, knowing that God works to ultimately make all things new! Glorious!  

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Christianity and Ethics
Archibald B.D. Alexander

A comprehensive overview, Christianity and Ethics by Alexander considers the Christian conception of the moral life. Dealing with principles over details, and directing the thinking rather than presenting an exhaustive treatment, he primarily targets students. Postulates, Personality, Character, and Conduct are elaborated! Enjoy the relationship of Christian Ethics with philosophical, psychological and theological presuppositions, including man as moral subject and the capacities of the soul to respond to the recreation of a New Life through Christ. A great learning experience!

"Open and Clear!" — A Reviewer

The Inspiration and Interpretation of the Bible
John William Burgon

Enthusiastic and passionate in his defense of Biblical inerrancy, down to its very words, syllables, and letters, Burgon’s Inspiration and Interpretation: Seven Sermons Preached before the University of Oxford, is a detailed researched endeavor. In these seven constructive sermons addressing his students, he gives sound principles of Biblical interpretation, while advocating the study of the Bible in the very first one. In his 228 page answer to "Essays and Reviews" he champions Bible-based truth, flaying every opponent and heresy that dishonors God’s inerrant Word. Awesome!

"Absolutely imperative reading!" — Connie A

"Dean Burgon is a giant!" — Amazon Customer

The Truth of the Faith: God
Thomas Aquinas

Exhaustive and explicit, Aquinas’ Summa Contra Gentiles - Book 1, is a brilliant synthesis of faith and reason which has decisively and permanently impacted philosophy and religion since the 13th century. Proving that God exists, Aquinas writing from an apologetic viewpoint denies the claims of the Islam of his day. All three sections, including 38 tracts, 631 questions, about 3000 articles, 10,000 objections and their answers, reveal God’s nature, His immutability, infinite, eternal character, and specifically His knowledge of future contingencies. God’s will, essence and the problem of evil are also discussed. Excellent!

"Makes You Think!"— James Gallen

"I love this man, Thomas Aquinas!" — Timothy Abraham

The Truth of the Faith: Creation
Thomas Aquinas

Aquinas, in Summa Contra Gentiles - Book 2, forthrightly refutes the competing doctrines of Plato, Alexander, Avicenna, and Averroes, among others. An invaluable handbook of Christian ethical philosophy, declaring God as creator, His power over creation, the intellect and its role and its relation with body and soul, the immortality of Man’s soul and its origin, and culminating with angelic intellects. Aquinas claims that the power to reason comes from the intellectual soul which differs from the sensitive soul. Candid!

"How a man should live his life!" — Bowen Simmons

"The greatest scientific work in theology ever written!" — Eric M. Brown

The Truth of the Faith: Providence
Thomas Aquinas

Keenly insightful, Aquinas in Summa Contra Gentiles - Book 3, superbly links the first two wholly philosophical volumes on "God" and "Creation", with the last volume, "Salvation", which is purely theological. Aquinas discusses the Law, God’s grace, and sin nature, particularly, "end", "good", and "evil" explaining how evil can exist within God’s creation! Drawing heavily from scripture, he clarifies between divine will and human freedom, which neither attributes man with power enough to do good without God’s help nor holds God responsible for man’s sin. Perceptive!

"A great resource for theological research!" — Mr. Michael S. Yandell

"Summa is supreme!" — Robert A. Andrews

The Truth of the Faith: Salvation
Thomas Aquinas

Summa Contra Gentiles — Book 4, by Aquinas is the masterpiece of an inexorable exceptional writer wholly concerned with the truth that surpasses reason."Salvation" revolves around the four mysteries of Christian belief: the Trinity, Incarnation, Sacraments, and Resurrection. For each of these, Aquinas demonstrates their truth based on scripture and philosophy. Aquinas, blessed with the most extraordinary mind of his time, pursues the mind of God with his usual unsurpassed intuition and clarity. Time and intellectual energy invested in reading this are richly rewarded!

"A True Classic!" — Leslie Bary

Evidence of Christianity
William Paley

Amply providing evidence favoring the Bible’s authenticity, existence of God and occurrence of miracles, Paley in Evidence of Christianity factually builds a foundation for the Christian faith. Connecting both historical and biblical factors, like authentic ancient Jewish prophecy, fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies, and the early dissemination of Christianity during the first century, with specific instances of Christ’s life as recorded the New Testament, Paley makes a sound case for Christianity. Arguably one of the best composed arguments!

"Excellent!"— Emmalon Davis

Preparation for the Gospel Vol 1 & 2
Eusebius of Caesarea

An invigorating investigation characterized by academic acumen and the expertise to defend the Bible, Preparatio Evangelica by Eusebius of Caesarea challenges all unhistorical assertions. Eusebius produced an apologetic in defense of Christianity sometime between AD 313 and 324 and systematically devastated the Greek accusations of Christianity’s irrationality and impiety. Interestingly, he extensively quoted other Greek authors, arguing lucidly and unremittingly! Highly valid and valued even today!

"Lively and detailed argument!" — A reviewer

History of the Martyrs in Palestine
Eusebius of Caesarea

Reviving history and bringing to life more than 35 martyrs, History of the Martyrs in Palestine by Eusebius of Caesarea is serious work! This heart-warming narrative includes the confessions of those martyrs with whom he had himself been acquainted. The love of the Savior more than of life or self, the unflinching willingness to face conflict for Christ’s sake, and the joyful preference for a horrible death over a temporary life, are the stirring testimonies recorded. Unfamiliar and mostly unheard of, beginning with Procopius, these unsung heroes live again!

"A wake-up call!" — A reviewer

The Theology of Tertullian
Robert E. Roberts

A resourceful and courageous defender of the Christian religion, Tertullian and his works are memorably recorded by Robert E. Roberts in The Theology of Tertullian. Amazingly, thirty-one works are available. The first to dispute the charges that Christians sacrificed infants during the Lord’s Supper and committed incest, Tertullian fearlessly revealed such crimes prevalent during the pagan rites! Inhuman gladiatorial games and emperor worship were also denounced. He held that the soul was neither preexistent, nor subject to reincarnation. This ascetic’s moral dynamism and service are immeasurable. Inspiring!

"Unmatched!" — A reviewer

Cyril of Alexandria’s Commentary on John

Indisputably an indispensable resource, Cyril of Alexandria’s Commentary on John (Translated by P.E. Pusey), is not quite complete. It is historically unique as it is one of the first known works to be divided by its author into numbered chapters. Cyril (376 — 444) has made an unquestionably remarkable contribution to Christology with his pristine understanding of the incarnation, effectiveness of the Eucharist, humanity of Christ, divine and human wills of Christ, the mission of the Spirit and the unity of Christians. Absolutely essential reading!

"Good stuff!" — Fr. Photios

The Christian View of God and the Incarnation
James Orr

Incisive! James Orr in The Christian View of God and the World as Centering in the Incarnation argues valiantly when defending historic orthodoxy during the peak of liberal Protestantism! Orr’s lectures which have been compiled into this great apologetic work included the general Christian worldview, alternatives to Christianity, theories on the existence of God and sin, and the incarnation of Christ. In easy-to-follow conversational tone even the heaviest theology becomes comprehensible. Equips you to defend your belief in Christ!

"Very helpful!"— A reviewer

Early Church Fathers
Cyril Richardson

An unmatched compilation of letters, and journal entries, Early Christian Fathers by Cyril Richardson is the best single-volume introduction to the "Early Church Fathers" (early Patristic Writers) of the 1st and 2nd centuries. It is also the best book on the messianic prophecies of the Hebrew Bible. A wonderful tool and priceless reference, this book contains the writings of Clement of Rome, Igantius, Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Athenagoras, Diognetius, Ireneaus and the Didache in an author-by-author context with a brief on the background, authors, and texts.

"Outstanding!" — David C. Pecot

"Good introduction to 2nd century Christian writings and idea!" — Brian Gamel

Good Words for Young Christians
Charles Ebert Orr

Compelling! Charles Ebert Orr, in Food for the Lambs; or, Helps for Young Christians offers encouragement as you navigate the unknown ocean of life. Reassuring of Christ’s enduring presence, Orr promises if the Bible is our compass, obedience the rudder to steer with and faith the mighty cable, we can sail safe. God desires that we shine and light up the way for others. Fountains of joy may necessitate the valley of sorrow; sweetness may come through bruises! Expect joys in every sorrow, blessings in every sacrifice, and delights in every duty. Stimulating!

"Good words indeed!" — A reviewer

Daily Words for Christian Travelers
J.C. Philpot

Daily blessing in delightful doses! J.C. Philpot’s Daily Words For Zion’s / All 12 Months Wayfarers Or, Through Baca’s Valley are a balm to the spirit and a boost to the soul, every day of the year! Carefully compiled by his daughters, this volume contains choice excerpts from his works. Appropriate and fitting, every reading will lift the drooping heart and cheer the discouraged mind with a cheerful word or exhortation! A must have for personal use or for family devotions!

"Blessings the year through!" — A reviewer

The Sinner’s Companion in Sickness and Sorrow
James Smith

Starkly honest, James Smith’s transparency is buttressed by his yearning to share Christ’s love in The Voice of Mercy in the House of Affliction! Or, The Sinner’s Companion in Sickness and Sorrow. Specifically aimed at the afflicted, this work convicts, producing penitence, faith, and joy in the Lord. Crisp, easy and sensitive, impressing God’s word indelibly, so that it is appreciated and understood by even the simplest, this makes for ideal reading for the sufferer. Equally suitable for the caregiver to read aloud. A wonderful companion of care and compassion.

"Soothing and refreshing!" — A reviewer

Encouraging Words for Young People
William Sprague

A firm hand to hold and a strong staff to lean upon, Sprague’s Lectures to Young People yields counsel and instruction, are mainly for the youth! Upholding the moral principles and habits of youth, in the face of worldly temptations, Sprague impresses upon them the infinite obligations and advantages of true religion, maneuvering them through that period of anxious inquiry regarding their salvation, enabling them to accept the gospel and assisting them to handle the various duties and conflicts of the Christian life, to finally finish their course with joy. Superb!

"Solid Biblical Lectures!" pbcook!

Divine Inspiration of the Bible
A.W. Pink

Pithy and pointed, Divine Inspiration of the Bible by A.W. Pink is a spirited defense of the Scriptures. Pink defines the Scriptures as the foundation of the Christian religion, a divine revelation which transcends human productivity. Pink examines the idea of divine inspiration and argues for God as the author of His Word. Presenting 12 arguments for why the Bible is the inspired Word of God Himself; although concise, they are precise and well defined! Gives Christians a firmer understanding of the premise of the Bible. Phenomenal!

"Foundation for Truth and Authority!" — J. Adrian

"I highly recommend this book!" — Anthony C. Papadakis

Divine Truths Explained
Abraham Hellenbroek

Realistic and relevant A Specimen of Divine Truths by Abraham Hellenbroek, was first published 300 years ago. Extensively used by Reformed denominations over the centuries this catechism book has been found of great value in instructing young people. Recognizing the analytical and sometimes even cynically questioning mind of the youth seeking the Truth, Hellenbroek unambiguously lays out the major doctrines of Reformed truth concerning God, man, Christ, salvation, the church, and the end times in succinct question and answer format. A handy referral!

"A ready reckoner!" — A reviewer

Modern Substitutes for Christianity
Pearson McAdam Muir

Ringing true across the clamor of dissonant voices Pearson McAdam Muir’s Modern Substitutes for Christianity is a breath of fresh air. In a world maddened by insecurity and blindly groping for the truth, the subtle widespread rampant alienation from the Christian Faith is overtly evident, sometimes by violent invective, but most often by a quiet dismissal that Christianity is obsolete. In the face of such diabolic denunciation Muir calls Christians to remember the name they bear, consider their ways, examine themselves, being careful in conduct and character! Much needed!

"Highly pertinent!" — A reviewer

The Believer’s Triumph
James Smith

A grand description of the believers’ privileges and duties, The Believer’s Triumph! is a marvelous devotional exposition of that supreme chapter, Romans 8! Summing up the love of God in its greatest splendor and excellently adapting it to the circumstances that Christians encounter, he identifies the believer’s rights and responsibilities, stirring the slothful to active grateful service. Smith sustains, comforts, reproves, condemns those who persistently reject Christ, encourages, instructs, and exposes those who merely profess Christ, having a form of godliness without power. Beautiful!

"Tremendous depth!" — A reviewer


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