Famous Baptist Preaching
Famous Baptist Preaching
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An exceptional compilation containing some of the greatest preachers of all time, this collection will sharpen your focus on the power of Gospel preaching! Exposing you to some of the greatest Baptist preachers of all time, those you know, and those you soon will. Respond as these great men call you to reach up to the glory of God and reach out to a world in need. Hear powerful exhortations from men who sought unceasingly to understand God’s word, and mightily applied it to their listeners. Famous Baptist Preaching is explosive!  

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Lectures to My Students: The Aim of Preaching
Charles Spurgeon

Energy and vigor flow through these 28 sermons in Charles Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students. Displaying a skill rarely encountered in today’s preaching this classic is timeless in its relevance and application. Beautifully crafted, these sermons reflect Spurgeon’s insight, God-centered, Word- based, Spirit-empowered ministry, his practicality, honesty and humor. With both exposition and argumentation to develop his broad and constructive outlines on the reason for preaching the word, this will strengthen anyone called into ministry. Should be a part of every Christian’s library.

"A Must Read!" — B. Hardecker

"A wonderful teaching aid!" — Jean E. Wigginns

"My life was never the same!" — youarecoverednow

Lectures to My Students: The Power of Preaching
Charles Spurgeon

Illuminating! Lectures to My Students by Charles Spurgeon Is a rich store of knowledge on the best techniques to compose and deliver a sermon, from choosing a text to holding the audience’s attention with voice modulation and control! Learn the secrets of powerful preaching and public praying. Enjoy his remarkable relaxed and humorous style, just as his students did. Understand the psychological and social pressures preachers face! Will enhance a preacher’s effectiveness!

"A true blessing!" — Theo

"Outstanding!" — Jeff

Lectures to My Students: The Gospel in Preaching
Charles Spurgeon

Enriches and nourishes your thinking! Lectures to My Students by Charles Spurgeon brilliantly lights up the world of preaching, Spurgeon’s insights explore good preaching in these Scripture-saturated and Christ-glorifying talks. In these well-presented and exhaustive lectures, the Prince of Preachers also draws guidelines for conduct outside the church. Vibrant and pulsating, these fascinating kernels of counsel bring to life the power of Gospel preaching to draw all men to Christ. Unforgettable! A must read!

"This book has shaped my spiritual life and my skills as a preacher significantly!"— Eric ji

Sermons for the Hard Working Man
Charles Spurgeon

Inescapable imagery at its best! Farm Sermons by Charles Spurgeon are filled with agricultural metaphors that permeate Scripture from Genesis onward. The dynamic language of plowing, sowing, cultivating, and harvesting was still familiar in his day. Recognize that regardless of the farmer’s skill, there can never be a crop without God’s blessing. Delight in difficult truths made clear in simple, vivid picturesque language. Spurgeon still sows! Superb!

"Deep in Theology and Rich in Imagery!" — John A. Bird

The Wit and Wisdom of Oswald Chambers
Oswald Chambers

Relentlessly penetrative, Writings of Oswald Chambers irresistibly draws you into the heart of Christ. Connect with Christ. Discover the deeper life, a truer understanding of faith and grow in your walk with God in a more intimate devotion to Christ Jesus. His transparently clear revelations of human behavior are extraordinary. His matchless understanding of the atonement and the fullest dimensions of what the cross means are absolutely priceless and life changing. Every once in a while a volume gives you everything you could ask for! This is the one!

"A must read!" — Nina Daugtridge

"Outstanding! Deep and Rich!" — Marcia J. Wise

"Powerful and Liberating Work!" — Michael K. Brummerstedt

Sermons of John Broadus: The Powerful Word of God

A masterpiece, Sermons of John Broadus is scripturally sound, practically oriented, wide ranging yet specific in advice. Broadus lived by Augustine’s teaching, "Make the truth plain, make it pleasing, make it moving!" To Broadus the cross of Christ is the only legitimate magnet, the only thing sufficient to draw men to Christ, transforming and keeping them in the faith. His principles of basic communication will refine your presentation skills and improve your preaching craft. Know the power of words and their impact when used well. Excellent tool!

"A great reference source!" — Emma Talley Washington

The Life and Ministry of John A. Broadus

Stimulating! Sermons, articles and biography of John A. Broadus shows his devotion to biblical exegesis, expositional preaching and church-focused theology. Broadus could preach "marketable messages," without "selling out the Savior." Avoiding sensationalistic preaching he still captivated his audience by making the deep truths of God’s inspired word understandable to the congregation, so that the Holy Spirit could use the sermon to save the lost. A wonderful contribution to our understanding of Southern Baptist history and a challenge to present the gospel message in a postmodern world! Motivating!

"The greatest of living preachers!"Ė Charles H. Spurgeon

Baptists Through History
Thomas Armitage

Captivating chronicle! A History of the Baptists by Thomas Armitage traces the extensive history of the Baptists, outlining their doctrines and principles from the time of Christ until the late 1800s. First published in 1887, as 2 volumes, this is a significant account of Baptist history, representing years of unsparing and patient study. Armitage attempted to trace the continuation of Baptist teachings from the New Testament to the present time. Armitage’s book has and continues to impact its readers, leading them to strong Baptist convictions. Powerful!

"A scholarly man, full of information, with a powerful intellect!"William Cathcart

The Faith of Abraham and Elijah
F.B. Meyer

The power of God shines through faulty human frames! Sermons and Meditations of F.B. Meyer focuses on those two Old Testament giants, Abraham and Elijah. Identify with their sometimes weak, indifferent, and willful attitudes. Be hopeful that God who used their flashes of faith, humility, and courage to demonstrate His greater purposes will do the same for you. Meyer assures us of God’s faithfulness, which not only accepts but transforms such inconsistency to make us more effective Christians. A treasure!

"Meyer preaches as a man who has seen God face to face!" — Charles H. Spurgeon

"F.B. Meyer’s devotional studies on biblical characters reflect a rare depth of spiritual experience!" — Lance Wubbels

Daily Homily from the Old Testament: Pentateuch
F.B. Meyer

Rousing the mind and touching the heart! Sermons and Meditations of F.B. Meyer offers daily inspiration from God’s word to persuade the reader to apply the lessons of Scripture bringing about transformation in their lives. One of the outstanding bible teachers of his day his devotional books continue to bless the church. He is thoroughly Biblical in his theology and radical in his actions. This work will encourage, challenge and stretch us in a day when we need to rediscover men and women of this class.

"Makes you want to sit with God to know him as intimately!" — Beverly B. Bacchus

"Meyer was a great expositor of Scripture!" — Reader (Tustin)

Daily Homily from the Old Testament: Wisdom
F.B. Meyer

Incredible insights! Sermons and Meditations of F.B. Meyer in a commentary and devotional style, kindle our hearts using one verse from every chapter in the Bible. Enter the presence of God and experience God’s power to see a change in heart. This treasury of wisdom distilled into concise and memorable readings can be enjoyed whether you have five minutes or an hour to set apart. A wonderful way to start each day with the Word of God in your mind and heart!

"Great book that’s a must read for all those seeking God’s guidance!" — J. N. Geddes

Daily Homily from the New Testament
F.B. Meyer

Refreshing! Sermons and Meditations of F.B. Meyer is a collection of daily thoughts that unveil the secret of stillness, the treasure of tranquility, and kindle the desire to sit with God and know Him intimately. Pertinent and direct, the Daily Homily will meet your deepest need. This spiritual commentary carefully answers several questions on Christology and the Christian life. Reading all the 365 devotions will take you through the entire New Testament.

"Meyer has a lot to teach our churches today!"— RT Hon Stephen Timms MP

Select Writings of James P. Boyce

A variety of themes from the Baptist viewpoint!

Outstanding! Boyce in The Doctrine of The Suffering Christ shows the Trinity as essential to the Incarnation and work of Christ. Of the Three Persons, only the Word became man. Christ was equally divine as a babe in Bethlehem, upon the cross, ascending from Olivet, or now as mediatorial King and High Priest. His human limitation could not rob Him of divinity. He is One Person having the nature of God and man. Appreciate Christ as the suffering Savior, able to be a sufferer because of His humanity, and of being a Savior because of his divinity. Beautiful!

"Deep insight!"— A Reviewer

Simple and highly instructive, A Brief Catechism of Bible Doctrine brings the truth taught in the Scriptures down the level of ten to twelve year-olds and older. In short question and answer format, this succinct summary of basic Biblical principles is a good tool for the family and the Sunday School. Helpful aid!

"Great for beginners and young people to get basic foundation on what the Bible teacher!" — Barnes &Noble reader

Exceptional vision! In Three Changes in Theological Institutions, Boyce systematically outlines his educational philosophy. He desired to equip students to defend Biblical doctrines and stand firmly on the Word of God. First, the seminary should permit those without college degrees to pursue theological studies; second, the curriculum should cater to the most advanced students; and third, that the faculty should commit to a Scriptural abstract of principles to guard the truth and counter heresy. The 1858 Education Convention voted in favor of this vision and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was established.

"Meticulous work!" A Reviewer

J.L. Dagg Through his Own Eyes

Stirring! Autobiography of J.L. Dagg was written for his grandson! This pastor-theologian towers on the Baptist backdrop of the nineteenth century. His autobiography, like his Systematic Theology, radiates with genuine love for Christ. Combating the staggering limitations of poor formal education, loss of his voice and finally blindness, his magnum opus, Manual of Theology (1857), was the first systematic theology written by a Southern Baptist and it became foundationally influential for Baptists. A life well-lived!

"One of the most profound thinkers!" — Tom Nettles

The Redemption of the Elect
William Rushton

Stupendous argument! In A Defence of Particular Redemption, William Rushton thoroughly demolishes Fuller’s vague and indefinite teaching on God’s purpose in salvation, Christ’s atonement, and the Holy Spirit’s role in the gospel. No other work stands so firm in the defense of the redemptive work of Christ as stated in the scriptures as Rushton’s. Solely on the basis of the Word of God, he earnestly contends that the redemption in Christ Jesus is particular and victorious. Christ alone saves us from our sins! Reassuring!

"Get this text and devour it; you’ll be praising God that you did!" — Theodore Zachariades

Good News for Helpless Sinners
John Bunyan

Fervently and sincerely, John Bunyan in The Jerusalem Sinner Saved reveals Christ’s willingness to save the worst of sinners. Widely considered one of the top 100 greatest books of all time, Bunyan’s is a grand exposition on how God elects the vilest human beings to eternal life in Jesus Christ. While demonstrating the treasures of God’s compassion to sinners Bunyan convinces the lost to allow Christ to change their sinful lives. This timeless classic is highly recommended. Inspiring!

"Love John Bunyan’s heart!" — Eli

"A nice exposition!" — Justin Andrusk

The Mighty Faith of Poor Sinners
John Bunyan

A much-needed eye-opener! Elevating! The Pharisee and the Publican by John Bunyan is a hard-hitting call to self-examination. Bunyan depicts both the Pharisee and the publican as sinners as they both stood in need of God’s mercy. Learn to value others, neither judging nor justifying them on our understanding of them, but according to the verdict and sentence that God declares about them, which is "All have sinned:" "There is none righteous, no, not one!" A great check on judgmental attitudes! Invaluable!

"A must read!" — Amazon reader

Baptists Through History
John T. Christian

Amazing detail! A History of the Baptists by John T. Christian is an honest and straight-forward record of the historical succession of Baptists from the days of Christ to the present time! Pursuing the scientific method of investigation, and allowing the facts speak for themselves he has rendered invaluable service by unearthing little-known facts on how the church has been preserved throughout time, particularly from the Baptist perspective. Every effort has been taken to maintain accuracy. A wonderful documentation of church history!

"An exciting read!" — Andy Pullen

The Life of Charles Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers
W.Y. Fullerton

Impressive! In A Biography of Charles Haddon Spurgeon by W.Y. Fullerton, as his personal friend, appropriately introduces the Prince of Preachers to a generation that never knew him, and celebrates his memory in a century he never knew! Spurgeon’s discourses were full of pithy Saxon maxims! His vivid and vigorous original style was exquisitely simple, with a touch of pathos, homely humor and spontaneity. The tremendous Gospel he preached, his joyful attitude, human touch and humor are like a lamp, lighting up the way home! Great read!

"Good biography by a man who knew Spurgeon!" — Raymond Banner


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