Suffering: Trusting in God Through Trials Vol2
Suffering: Trusting in God Through Trials Vol2
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Comforting us in the bleakness of circumstances and the darkness of distress which swamps us from all sides, this specially selected set will boost your faith and bolster your hope. Enter into the eras of suffering, the experiences of sorrow, and the ecstasy of timely consolation, with saints who were lifted above their situations, no matter how difficult, by the power of the Word and the consolation of the Spirit, resting in the knowledge that our Sovereign God overrules. Rejoice!  

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Vital Godliness: A Treatise on Experimental and Practical Piety (Volumes 1 & 2)
William Plumer

Jolts you out of spiritual passivity! In Vital Godliness, Plumer stimulates your power to reflect the true meaning of conviction and conversion. Simple in style and yet profound in thought these 25 chapters draw you into a deeper understanding of what it is to be lifted from wretchedness into a relationship with a Holy God. He encourages you to grow in grace to reveal a Godlike temper. He challenges us to consider what we accept for conversions and converted persons in our churches.

"Excellent treatise on sanctification!" — Covenantal1509

"Doctrinally sound, experientially searching and practically realistic!" — Iain Murray

The Last Journals of Rev. David Livingstone
David Livingstone

A great book never goes out of style best describes The Last Journals of Rev. David Livingstone in Central Africa Vol. 1! This meticulous record of the first exploring expedition by a European, spanning four years, is highly descriptive and very detailed, accurate and historically correct. This missionary makes your heart resonate with his as he encounters the tribal culture, food, word meanings, river crossings, hut and canoe designs, and a documentation on animals, insects, flowers and geology. All subsequent explorers reference him! Will impact you at different levels!

"A heart in Africa!" — Christoph Rehage

"A truly great book on African Travel by a Christian Pioneer!" — Prolific Reader "M"

George MacDonald’s Unspoken Sermons: Second Series
George MacDonald

Meaty! George MacDonald’s Unspoken Sermons: Second Series is a spiritual feast! Difficult scriptural passages are tackled with boldness that persuades you to continue to wrestle with them. MacDonald thinks intensely, and always tries to push toward Christ in everything, portraying Him as the One who speaks to your very soul. In a preaching style almost unheard today, these lessons will a library we and empower you. Like a deep well that you can continually draw from this is a phenomenal work!

"A Must Read!" — Kristopher K. West

"A rare book that will change your life completely!" — Jeff

"Impacted my life and beliefs more than any other author!" — E. Renz

The Silent Soul before God
Thomas Brooks

Radiating confidence and compassion, Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod by Thomas Brooks is much-needed for victorious Christian living. Setting the baffling and sometimes bewildering questions of suffering and afflictions in the balance against Scriptural knowledge, he answers every thinkable objection against exercising spiritual submission during trials that we may add patience and godliness to faith by humbly accepting the disciplining of a God who is our Father! Silences your doubts and quietens your spirit to accept the trials you cannot change.

"Ranks among the best of Christian literature!" — Amazon Reviewer

"As a writer, Brooks scatters stars with both his hands!" — C.H. Spurgeon

Till He Come
Charles Spurgeon

Deeply insightful Till He Come by Charles Spurgeon contains addresses on a diverse range of scriptures centered on the Lord’s symbolic Last Supper. This magnificent work so meaningful to Christians of all denominations even today, encourages you to think more deeply about the great event celebrated as congregations. As clearly today as he must have been to his hearer then, Spurgeon continues to spur us to significant worship and communion around the Lord’s Table. Excellent!

"Must have!" — NeMaAn

"Awesome!" — Ronald Fruin

Works of the Rev. John Howe Volumes 1 & 2
John Howe

A compelling read! These two large volumes Rev. John Howe Works are a spiritual legacy. His extensive writings deal with the doctrines of the Trinity, predestination, and man’s responsibility within the framework of divine sovereignty. These works continue to inspire Christians today to lead holy lives, with the right knowledge of God. Revel in Howe’s most searching and convincing book, inviting the lost to Christ. Highly recommended.

"Solid meat of the word!" — A reviewer

The Early and the Latter Rain
James Smith

A new measure of hope! In this masterpiece Smith declares how faith in Christ influences life, and therefore, death. Without Christ we die as condemned criminals. Christ alone can convict us of sin, righteousness, and the judgment to come. Experience the refuge and restoration through His atoning death, which Smith terms the early rain. The work of the Spirit, the comfort, refreshing, strengthening, directing, stimulating and rescuing the lost he calls the latter rain. Allow the Spirit liberty to apply these simple truths to your heart, soothe and sanctify you. Awesome!

"A balm to the soul!" — A reviewer

An Appeal to All That Doubt
William Law

Forceful yet gentle, William Law’s An Appeal to All That Doubt, has an extensive focus, commencing with creation and culminating in the atoning death of Christ. Familiarize yourself with well-known tenets of Christian doctrine and examine his arguments against Arianism and Deism, the religious controversies of his day. Be stirred to identify your failings. Law’s book is more than a set of rules to live by! Discover what it is to lead a Christian life avoiding the perversions of Biblical standards by secular and spiritual establishments. Superb!

"Law was a major turning-point in my life ! " — Charles Wesley

"No one has helped me as much in understanding the Scripture truth!" — Andrew Murray

Words of Comfort for the Sick
Edited by J. Sanderson

A seamlessly woven fabric of solace J. Sanderson’s collection Words of Comfort for those in Bereavement, Sickness, Sorrow and the Varied Trials of Life includes short works on affliction and death, by some of the best writers. The rainbow of God’s promises often beautifies sorrow’s clouds. Grasp eternal realities, comprehend God’s character and works, commit your way to Him and extend compassion to others. Remember, God chooses some in the "furnace of affliction", therefore, "Bind up the broken-hearted," for "earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal." Refreshing!

"A collection of individual testimonies to console those in trouble !" — William M. Taylor

Practical Lessons from the Story of Joseph
J.R. Miller

Remarkable strength surges smoothly from this best-selling author! Practical Lessons from the Story of Joseph by J.R. Miller reinforces the cost of being a Christian. Realize that the fear of consequences should never drive us to sin. This timeless call rings loud and clear! Be willing to suffer any loss, any cost, any sacrifice rather than be eroded by remorse. Dishonor, dungeon, and possible death were Joseph’s immediate rewards for resisting temptation, but his ultimate honor was beyond imagination! Place the highest value on being true to God! Very profitable!

"His insights are spiritual diamonds on every page!" — Pastor Bill Shishko

Riches of Grace
E.E. Byrum

Skillfully woven skeins of thought, E.E. Byrum’s Riches of Grace, is a multi-hued tapestry of hope, from people across the world, specially invited by the author to write their experiences. Be revived as you relish these narratives testifying to the Lord Jesus’ wonderful ways of deliverance in time of adversity, trial, and temptation. Will motivate you to accept your own trials, stirring in you the hope of sure victory as you understand and do God’s will. Rich indeed!

"A Rainbow of Hope !" — A reviewer

The Silver Lining
J.H. Jowett

A spiritual boost! The Silver Lining by J.H. Jowett is very relevant even today! Writing in a way that directly touches your heart, you can unequivocally experience the peace of God even in the very center of the turbulence of life’s circumstances. He lifts your spirit with his message of hope and cheer, for the troubled and tried. Although the pain and problems we face appear insurmountable and often impossible to handle with our own resources, Jowett’s reminder of God’s all-sufficiency cannot be timelier. Uplifting!

"Any book you can find by Jowett is a treasure!" —A scholar

"You’ll never forget his words! You’ll be deeply influenced!" — Cath

Words of Cheer for the Tempted
T.S. Arthur

Gentle and warm, T.S. Arthur’s Words of Cheer for the Tempted, the Toiling and the Sorrowing is like balm to the hurting heart. When the way is rough and the sky dark, and the heavy-laden soul sinks and trembles, the evocative melody of these words will bring peace to the spirit, and strength to the mind. The eye of faith will soon see the "bright sun smiling in the heavens beyond the veil of clouds". Comforting!

"A healing touch!" — A reviewer

Exiled for the Faith
W.H.G. Kingston

A poignant reminder of the cost of being a Christian, Exiled for the Faith by W.H.G. Kingston is the story of a young Scotsman, his love for Christ and his stand to counter the court intrigues of a strongly Catholic monarch. Behind the drama of the unfolding tale lies the ugly truth of the cruelty of the nature of man and how the Protestants were hounded for their faith by the papacy. Helps you appreciate the relative freedom present today to choose to serve God and how lightly that privilege is taken.

"Interesting!" — A reviewer

J.R. Miller’s Daily Readings
J.R. Miller

A daily delight of discovery! Miller’s Year Book: A Year’s Daily Readings begins with a Biblical verse, a life-thought, offering encouragement or comfort. Lingers through the day like a melody, a liturgy of prayer, a guide through perplexing circumstances, and cheer and comfort in sorrow. Highly gifted, Miller irresistibly pulls you closer to God. Simple, accessible and tender, his expositions and practical wisdom lead to quality quiet time! A timeless companion book, challenging you to emulate Christ every day. Will enhance your "inner chamber" meditations. A valuable resource!

" A great blessing!" — A reviewer

The Happy Christian
Jared Waterbury

Precious thoughts! Jared Waterbury in The Happy Christian claims that piety is the hallmark of a Christian. Piety produces purer and more plentiful joys, contrary to popular belief. It is the very sunshine of the soul, heaven’s own music. "Rejoice in the Lord" reveals God Himself as the foundation of pious joy, the source of all true felicity. The joy of salvation is unparalleled with joyous prospects of eternal life with Him. Piety will not make you happy in life or triumphant in death unless it fully rules your life. Evince the joy of piety.

"Awesome teaching!" — A reviewer

The Traveler
James Meikle

Invigorating! Stimulating thoughts in The Traveler (Meditations 1-121) by James Meikle are as bracing as the sea breeze that he breathed while writing! This naval surgeon on a British battleship during wartime wrote these heartwarming 121 meditations in 4 sections relating to various ship parts and sailing itself! The anchor, the ship sails, ballast provision and stores; setting sail, blowing up of the ship and loss of friends; keeping unsullied despite evil company, God’s unchanging words and love to sinners resound along the journey! Captivating!

"Fortifying thoughts!" — A reviewer

Private Thoughts upon Religion and the Christian Life (Volumes 1 & 2)
William Beveridge

This two-volume treasure house, Private Thoughts Upon Religion And a Christian Life; to which is Added the Necessity and Advantage of Frequent Communion by William Beveridge, deals with resolutions or principles that essentially go toward forming the framework of building and nurturing a church. An invaluable asset, this book will wake a sleeping conscience by its sharp thrusts of timeless truth. Unreservedly recommended!

"A strong appeal to the heart and conscience!" — Hartwell Horne

"Touched consciences in a way that seemed to revive the spirit of the Apostolic Age!" — Robert Nelson

Christian Titles: A Series of Practical Meditations
Stephen Tyng

Tremendous insights! Christian Titles: A Series of Practical Meditations by Stephen Tyng reads into the various names the Lord uses to call His people in the Holy Scriptures. Be aware of what we are, and what we ought to be in light of how the Lord is pleased to call us. Strive to practically live up to the different names, walking worthy of our high vocation, in perfect holiness, in the fear of God. Develop the habit of heavenly conversation, and cultivate the mind of Christ that we may honor the names we own. Brilliant!

"A firm reminder of the names we bear!" — A reviewer

Good Thoughts in Bad Times
Thomas Fuller

Inspiring words! One of the most original writers of his time, Thomas Fuller will always be read and remembered for his ready wit and piety. Good Thoughts in Bad Times composed for times of peace and war is certainly timeless. With lively imagination and style, he dismantles error and implants truth and the loftiest virtues in our hearts. An ideal read for contemplation, conviction, correction and consolation. He sweetens our own periods of trial and suffering, even today.

"Invaluable thoughts!" — A reviewer

Personal Friendships of Jesus
J.R. Miller

Illuminating! In Personal Friendships of Jesus by J.R. Miller beams his flashlight of intuition into Christ’s friendships on earth. A man’s heart is revealed by his friendships. The kind of friend he is shows the kind of man he is. Savor the several tender and beautiful traits of Christ through His friendships. Revel in the knowledge of personal divine friendship with the unchanging Christ, the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever. Friendship with Christ will enhance the quality of our earthly friendships by His faithfulness and love.

"Beautiful concepts on relationships!" — A reviewer

The Power of Faith
Isabella Graham

Empowering! The Power of Faith by Mrs. Isabella Graham reveals an ordinary woman doing extraordinary exploits. A thrilling account of a full life, Mrs. Graham conquered sorrows and personal loss, continuing nevertheless to alleviate the pain and suffering of widows, orphans and state-prison hospital inmates, giving them not only tracts and Bibles, physical and spiritual food, but also counsel and friendship. Humble and self-denying seeking no recognition of her efforts, she inspires us to live a life well-pleasing unto God.

"Amazing woman!" — Jan


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