Faith and Science
Faith and Science
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Great arsenal! Replete with research from reputed scholars, this rich and thought-provoking compilation chronicles the systematic multi-millennial conflict between Faith and Science. Proving equal to the repeated attacks on the veracity of the Genesis record, these authors claim that faith does matter, origin of life is vital to faith and the doctrines in the Word are unassailable. However, science reveals God’s laws and cannot be dismissed! Engage in these classic expositions, recognize God as Creator, Savior and Comforter and learn to refute nontruth in whatever guise!  

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The Book of Genesis: A Book of Beginnings
William Henry Green

Interesting thoughts! Unity of the Book of Genesis by William Henry Green is a critical study of Genesis from beginning to end, subjected to a thorough and candid examination giving reasons to show it was composed by one author. Study these clear and well-researched arguments which prove that the Pentateuch is the inspired word of God through Moses with a discussion on the interpretation of key Hebrew words.

A record of the age-old debate on how to reconcile the results of scientific inquiry of Man’s origin and the age of the earth with the Scripture chronology, Primeval Chronology by Green is fascinating. Citing the genealogy of Ezra as an example Green shows how genealogies in the Bible are condensed by omitting anything nonessential to the immediate purpose of the writer. Scripture, therefore, does not record a chronological computation before Abraham’s time and neither do the Mosaic records fix the precise date either of the Flood or creation itself. Instructive.

"Great thoughts!" — A reviewer

Exposition of Genesis Vols. 1 and 2
H.C. Leupold

Exposition of Genesis Vols. 1 and 2 by H.C. Leupold is a "must own" for every serious student of the Book of Beginnings. This well-researched, evangelical work reveals Genesis as the story of God’s free grace in establishing Israel as His people. While the first eleven chapters record the history of mankind, the rest traces the special history of Israel. This unique book offers the only correct and satisfactory information concerning prehistoric times. Reaching back beyond available historical sources it records things that actually transpired and provides the most fundamental theological concepts.

"A must have!" — Walter C. Kaiser

"Best book on Genesis!" — Kenneth Mathews

Intelligent Design and the Truth of Miracles
Charles Babbage

Absolutely intriguing! As Babbage considered the eight "Bridgewater Treatises" commissioned by the Earl of Bridgewater contrary to science, he produced The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. Proclaiming that words of Scripture and facts of nature were not antagonistic to each other, Babbage compares the Creator to a kind of master computer programmer and the operations of the universe to a gigantic program. Babbage also significantly contributed to earth history, introducing a system of tree-ring dating, the first scientific method proposed for this type of archeological dating. Very thorough and easy to read!

"A Classic of Natural Theology!" — Steven H. Propp

Commentary on Genesis, Vol. 1
John Calvin

Endlessly fresh and eye-opening this interpretation of Scripture by Calvin in Commentary on Genesis, Vol. 1 displays his theological depth in clear, lucid style. 500 years later they continue to profoundly influence the mind and life of the church. This lively commentary on the first 23 chapters of Genesis contains Calvin’s translations of Scripture, including the subtleties and nuances sometimes with reference to other theologians, commentators, and relevant Bible passages. An amazing commentary, Calvin is unequaled.

"An exegetical genius of the first order, his commentaries are unsurpassed for originality, depth, perspicuity, soundness and permanent value!" — Philip Schaff

"Calvin excels beyond comparison in the interpretation of Scripture!" — Arminius

Evolution in Trouble?
George McCready Price

Brilliant! In The Predicament of Evolution, George McCready Price squarely confronts sin, the religious problem associated with evolution. While Christianity can account for sin and guarantees its remedy through Christ’s atonement, Evolution can account only for sin, not its remedy. Evolution claims sin, suffering, and death are sin’s inevitable consequences, projecting a finite or limited God, who needs our co-operation to tackle the evil we encounter! Price’s defense against such heresy is a priceless work that will reinforce your faith in the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God of the Bible.

"Restores your soul!" — A reviewer

The Mystery of Creation
George Campbell, Duke of Argyll

Mindboggling! Creation by Law by George Campbell, Duke of Argyll is best known for his attack on Darwin’s evolutionary theory and the powers attributed to natural laws, which was the evidence given for the nonexistence of God. Campbell endeavored to show that Nature, this formidable alternative to God, was in fact only God’s tool to control the world. Appreciate this important work as a Victorian attempt to reconcile belief in Christianity with belief in natural laws and build your own faith.

"Solid stuff!" — A reviewer

The Battle between Science and Theology
Andrew Dickson White

Incisive! A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom by White is serious and yet fun to read! This devastating encyclopedic account records the persecution scientific inquiry faced from theologians over a period of 20 centuries before being accepted. Twenty well-crafted chapters each introduce the Christian view of the topic followed by how scientists questioned them until the Church backtracked to finally accept the scientific view. Very scholarly and exceedingly well referenced. Helps you know how science and religion have related to one another in history.

"This book should be on every scientist’s bookshelf!" — E. Thomson

"Monumental history-a classic!" — J. Alan Bock

Commentary on Genesis 1-11
John Bunyan

Deep and passionate! An Exposition on the first ten chapters of Genesis and part of the eleventh by John Bunyan, An Unfinished Commentary On The Bible, Found Among The Author’s Papers After His Death, In His Own Handwriting; And Published In 1691. Bunyan the Number 1 selling author for over a century seeks to fully engage us with the mind of God. Revel in Bunyan’s profound grasp on the Scriptures, a legacy from his 12-year imprisonment with the Bible as his sole companion. His spiritual perceptions and fervor are refreshing.

"Prick Bunyan anywhere and he will bleed Bible! " — Spurgeon

Natural Law and Theological Science
John William Burgon

Intellectually fulfilling! In Natural Law and Theological Science Burgon considers several different aspects of science from a Christian perspective, particularly the amazing miracles like creation and the flood. Recognize with awe the relevance of the first chapter of Genesis because in its record lies the whole scheme of Man’s salvation, the need of that "second Man" Christ Jesus. The beginning chapters of Genesis form the foundation on which all the rest of the Bible is built. A warning against ignoring the Book of Beginnings or disregarding its message. Highly recommended!

"Life-giving!" — A reviewer

The Bible and Modern Science
Henry Morris

Excellent conclusions! The Bible and Modern Science by Henry Morris exposes the unscientific basis of the theory of evolution, particularly its failure to give any irrefutable or even credible scientific evidence for its claims. Allow Dr. Morris to guide you through this highly significant subject that will renew your faith. With many biblical references and solid proof, this book is a wonderful resource that will clearly show you the inherent flaws in Darwin’s famous work.

"An excellent resource for scientific creationism!"— Betty J. Kilgore

"Excellent Overview of Scientific Biblical Study!" — Ricardo O’Brien

Notes on the Book of Genesis
C.H. Mackintosh

Sound and forcible! Notes on the Book of Genesis by C.H. Mackintosh demonstrates a deep-toned evangelical spirit defining sin and grace. Faith is fully assured that God removes our sin, forever. Open up your soul to acknowledge the enormity of sin and its eternal settlement on the cross of Christ. Work is not required, strength is not needed and fruit not demanded. God’s pure grace is sufficient. Mackintosh brings Genesis to us with all the freshness of God’s first book to His people. Highly instructive and most precious.

"Encouraging!" — A reviewer

Investigating Evolution
Theodore Graebner

Significant! Evolution: An Investigation and a Criticism by Theodore Graebner is the fruit of three years of study of the first-hand sources of Comparative Religion. Arguing against evolution he demolishes every barrier to belief in God by quoting the works of leading scholars who proved Darwinian natural selection as absolutely inadequate to account for existing biological concepts like instinct, species and heredity. Man’s spiritual blindness, intellectual pride, and depravity of will cause many scientists to refuse to believe the fact of the uniqueness of design in all nature. Fantastic!

"Good tool!" — A reviewer

Religion and Science in Dialogue
Frederick Temple

Very interesting! Frederick Temple’s Eight Bampton lectures are found in The Relations between Religion and Science, a discourse on, perhaps the most hotly debated issue then, between the scientific and religious beliefs. Touching on topics like free will, knowledge, evolution, and supernatural power, he also addresses the origin and nature of scientific and religious belief and the apparent conflicts. He concludes that science and religion are not foes, but complementary, and that neither is complete without the other. Flawless logic!

"Brilliant discussion!" — A Reviewer

Augustine and Evolution
Henry Woods S.J.

Stimulating!Augustine and Evolution by Henry Woods S.J. reveals Augustine’s style of biblical exegesis and interpreting scripture. Eternal truths are taught, facts narrated, future events predicted, and counsels given. The first chapter of Genesis is not a treatise on cosmic origins, nor does it give the plain statement of an astronomer, a geologist or a naturalist. Explaining his many well-posited ideas, he insists that God created matter and form simultaneously as He spoke His life-giving words! Beautiful!

"Good!" — Ryan R. Grant

"Amazing sense of true science for a 5th century theologian!" — David C. Bossard

In His Image
William Jennings Bryan

Exhilarating! In His Image Bryan first confirms man’s faith in the all-sufficient God, and in Christ as Son of God and Savior of the world. He aptly applies these principles of faith to every life situation. Unswervingly pointing to the need of God, the fact of Christ and the need of a Savior, the truth of the Bible and the need of the Bible, he also critiques evolution."I would rather begin with God and reason down than begin with a piece of dirt and reason up." best sums up his heart!

"Very helpful!" — Steven H. Propp

History of the Conflict between Religion and Science
John Draper

Elevating! History of the Conflict between Religion and Science by John Draper encapsulates the history of religion and how it suppressed science on entirely mistaken notions! This master wordsmith intelligently explains why civilization finds itself in the conflicts visible around us today. Draper predicted the grand political clash between religion and science that has affected the world since the 20th century. In this provocative work, with passion and power, Draper points out the history of science as it warred for legitimacy in the eyes of the Church which hankered after imperial power. Intriguing!

"An amazing book!" — Jake D

"Well written and very interesting!" — Danielle

Creation in Light of Theology and Science
T.S. Ackland

Potent! The Story of Creation as Told by Theology and by Science by T.S. Ackland dramatically unfolds the History of Creation with which the Bible begins, not merely as an incidental accessory to God’s Revelation, but as the very foundation upon which the whole of that Revelation is based. He depicts man’s position in relation to God as his Maker, and to the world which God formed for him. An essential introduction to God’s revelation to man, particularly with reference to His dispensations of Providence and of Grace, Ackland is awesome!

"Much food for thought!" — A Reviewer

Scientific and Religious Journal Vol. 1
Edited by Aaron Walker

Tremendous insights! The Christian Foundation, Or, Scientific and Religious Journal, Volume 1, January, 1880, edited by Aaron Walker contains works by different authors. Including bold statements like, ‘There is no counterfeit without a genuine.’ he shows there are shores beyond which science will never carry us, but which on the contrary will leave us to settle down to rest, in content or discontent. Today, when God is disdainfully dethroned, these writers reiterate the first great leading thought of the Bible is the declaration of His existence! Powerful!

"Powerful!" — A Reviewer

Naturalism and Religion
Rudolf Otto

With rare merit of coupling high philosophic discipline with a comprehensive and precise knowledge of the science of organic nature Rudolf Otto in Naturalism and Religion competently maneuvers us through nature, life, and history, revealing the great struggle between the religious and the non-religious conception of human life and destiny. Sharply cutting through the loose and incoherent thinking on fundamental problems, and the many irrelevant claims made by science, this book offers an unshakable contribution on the ultimate nature and meaning of things. Amazing!

"Superlative!" — A Reviewer


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