The Book of Revelation and Biblical Prophecy
The Book of Revelation and Biblical Prophecy
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Timeless, wide ranging and authoritative, this unique and useful collection will be an asset to any home or office library. An excellent acquisition for any student of scripture this Bible study tool with a cutting edge includes some of the finest Christian literary works on the subject of prophecy! Be blessed by the writings on the Revelation that have influenced the Church, touched the hearts of its leaders, and helped mold Christianity for two thousand years, works that have endured and are deservedly integrated among the Christian Classics! Excellent!  

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Revelation 2: Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia
William Ramsay

"Quite Simply Excellent!" — Amazon Customer

This first-class historian and extremely competent theologian Sir William Ramsay in Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia shows how the first century audience of Revelation would have understood the symbols within the text and their metaphorical interpretation. This superb synthesis in easily accessible style is a classic. Providing historical insight into the Greco-Roman culture and geography, they also serve to guide Christians in their spiritual development. Ramsay’s book brings John’s letters into a useful contemporary light. An invaluable resource. Very helpful to me.

"I enjoyed reading the book!" — M. Toxopeus

"Must have for those serious about NT history and history and culture!" — Steve11235

"Ramsay’s work remains a classic in the field and should be a part of every Bible scholar’s personal library." — Gasque

The Second Coming of Christ
Various Authors

A palette of prophetic promises from a variety of authors including Harriet Beecher Stowe, D. L. Moody, J. C. Ryle, George Muller, D.W. Wittle, George C. Needham and C. H. Spurgeon, The Second Coming of Christ is a must read. With distinctive writing style, each author presents the glorious most-anticipated event of the return of Christ Jesus in power to judge the earth and take His own to the place He has prepared for them. A fit reminder of the task on hand until the thrilling day of His second coming!

"Awe-inspiring stuff!" — A reviewer

Commentary on I and II Peter and Jude
Martin Luther

Simplicity and directness are the hallmark of Martin Luther’s Epistles of St. Peter and St. Jude Preached and Explained. An in depth study of the epistles and Jude, this manual of doctrine and duty rings with stinging force and convincing power. He rebuked ecclesiastical corruption, unmasked popular errors, and vindicated most effectively the simple doctrines of faith. Peter’s epistle contains the pure Gospel presenting those views of Divine and human authority which became prevalent wherever the cause of Reform advanced. Highly useful!

"A wonderful study companion!" — Scott Ducote

Days of Heaven upon Earth Volumes 1 and 2
A.B. Simpson

A wealth of insight for each day of the year, Days of Heaven upon Earth by A.B. Simpson contains 365 thought-provoking meditations. Compiled by Simpson himself, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, from his over-2,000 printed sermons these devotionals are succinct and deep! A veritable spiritual mine these are valuable wise words to be treasured. Be encouraged by this handy daily guide that has helped generations of readers. Great for personal devotions and a as gift!

"Deep and wide!" — Pilgrim

"Great devotional! " — Barnes & Noble customer

"Rev. A. B. Simpson writes inspiring and interesting!" — Erin

Handbook of Prophecy
James Stacy

Brilliant! Outlining the prophecies of Daniel and John, with a critical essay on the Second Coming James Stacy’s Handbook of Prophecy offers keys to interpreting prophetic text. Applying good common sense, Stacy accepts what can be understood, and leaves the rest undisturbed! Prophecy always includes entirely comprehensible portions which are self-interpreted by their own fulfillment, and other portions still shrouded in mystery. Listing the principles of interpretation he shows how world history, present and past, fully agrees with all the appointments of prophecy. Meticulous work!

"Amazing work!" — A reviewer

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Horatius Bonar

Amazing insights into the end days! Elevating! The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Horatius Bonar briefly outlines the prophecies of John, as presented in the book of Revelation. Verse by verse, this commentary on the Book of Revelation irresistibly provokes the heart to praise. Bonar reveals the Excellencies of God and Christ in such splendor and magnificence that it will awaken and rouse from within you worship that you have never before offered! Touching the deepest and remotest parts of your soul he stirs you to inexplicable heights of exultation!

"The theology is precise and life changing, and beautiful as well!" — Daniel Beck

The Thoughts of Blaise Pascal

The Thoughts of Blaise Pascal is a masterpiece, the landmark of Pascal’s life’s work. This collection of beautiful and penetrating thoughts intended to be the basis for the Apology for the Christian Religion, remains incomplete! Starkly highlighting the wretchedness of man without God, Pascal focuses on Christ as Redeemer. Brilliant mathematician and inventor, Christ was Pascal’s greatest passion. Explaining several philosophical paradoxes of infinity and nothing, faith and reason, soul and matter, death and life, Pascal brings you to bended knee in humility at God’s awesome grace to man. Powerful!

"The most eloquent book in French prose!" — Will Durant

"A Spiritual Classic from a Great Scientific Mind!" — Craig K. Galer

"Highly provocative arousing thought and contemplation at the deepest levels!" — J.F. Foster

The Antichrist and His Ruin
John Bunyan

Intriguing! Of Antichrist, and His Ruin: and of the Slaying of the Witnesses by John Bunyan, published posthumously in 1692, is a graphic description of the Antichrist as the adversary of Christ. Garbed in respectability, the Antichrist specifically challenges the teachings of the church to make it appear tyrannical. Bunyan inimitably elucidates the reasons and signs for the appearance of the Antichrist into the world, the ruin he will cause and the manner of his ultimate defeat and annihilation. Stupendous!

"One of the clearest pictures of the Antichrist ! " — A reviewer

The Geneva Bible: Notes on Revelation
Multiple authors

Historically significant, Notes on Revelation from the Original 1599 Geneva Bible by multiple authors is a very important English translation of the Bible, the primary Bible of the 16th century preceding the King James translation by 51 years. It was the first ever mechanically printed, mass-produced Bible with a variety of scriptural study guides and aids including verse citations for cross-referencing verses, a summary of each book, maps, tables, woodcut illustrations and indexes. Reputedly the very first study Bible. Study these notes on Revelation from the original Geneva Bible! A priceless treasure!

"Absolutely astounding!" — A reviewer

A Biblical Commentary on the Book of Daniel
C.F. Keil

Comprehensive, informative and enlightening, C.F. Keil’s Biblical Commentaries on the Old Testament: Daniel is the best even after 140 years! Any serious student of the Old Testament prophets will relish this critical commentary, particularly the explanations stemming from deep research of Hebrew words, the cultural aspects and background of each Old Testament book and rich footnotes as well. Daniel’s prophecies are remarkably well defined. An excellent scriptural tool for teaching and preaching! Beyond expectation!

"Hard to find solid, conservative scholarship with depth and insight!" — ancientpath

"Great value all around!" — Steve

An Evangelical Faith
Translated by Susanna Winkworth

Lofty and lovely, Theologia Germanica is a beautiful piece of medieval mysticism, supposedly written in the mid 14th century by an anonymous author. Susanna Winkworth’s translation, based on the Wurtzburg Manuscript discovered in the 19th century shows how God and man can be fully united by following Christ’s perfect example, a life of total submission to God’s will. Relevant to all Christian denominations, the book influenced Martin Luther. Drawing a razor sharp distinction between the Self and God this is a wonderful antidote to our "me" centered age. Great instruction!

"Timeless !" — D. T. Kleven

"Next to the Bible and St. Augustine, no book has ever come into my hands from which I have learnt more of God and Christ, and man and all things that are!" — Martin Luther

Daniel and the Book of Revelation
Isaac Newton

An amazing work from one of the greatest scientists! Isaac Newton studied Biblical prophecy as seriously as he did the principles of gravity and mathematics. In Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John, Newton researches ancient historical writings to show the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecies, the greatest being Christ’s birth predicted to happen 434 years after Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem’s walls. The Magi who interpreted Daniel’s writings looked for the Messiah in Israel at the appointed time. Daniel also foretold the time of Christ’s death. Captivating!

"Fascinating to read!" — Scot Pfuntner

"Good Interpretation from a Great Scientist!" — Steel Gator

The Inspiration of the Old and New Testaments
Robert Haldane

A classic work from a theologically conservative and evangelical position! The Books of the Old & New Testaments Canonical & Inspired; with remarks on the Apocrypha by Robert Haldane is a superb treatise on the history of the books which rightly belong in the Bible, how they were included, their authority and plenary unwritten inspiration. This valuable and reliable handbook is indispensable to any discussion regarding canonicity. His sound, well-reasoned and historical presentation on the Apocrypha was highly contributory and instrumental to its eventual removal from non-Catholic printed Bibles.

"Valuable tool!" — A Reviewer

The Works of Vicesimus Knox

The Works of Vicesimus Knox (Vol. 6) This volume contains Knox’s sermons on various passages of the Bible as well as Sermon 25 on the possibilities of perpetual peace. A rare and precious book containing the choicest practical writings of a man whom God used to transform the thinking of successive generations.

A Brief Commentary on the Apocalypse
Sylvester Bliss

Accurate and attractive, Sylvester Bliss’ chronology A Brief Commentary on the Apocalypse describes church history until the final consummation. His common-sense views of the intricacies of Revelation constructively aid prophetical study. Believing that the Bible is its own interpreter and that the meaning imputed to any passage must always harmonize parallel texts without contradiction he begins by clarifying his hermeneutic principles. He relates various historical events he believes to have occurred in fulfillment of prophecy at the time of his writing, and then indicates events yet to come. Great resource!

"Highly interesting!" — A Reviewer

A Commentary on the Apocalypse
E.B. Elliott

Unequaled in exhaustive research, Horae Apocalyptica by E.B. Elliott is the most elaborate work produced on the Apocalypse! Originally 2,500 pages long with references to ancient and modern works, it examines Daniel’s principal prophecies, with an apocalyptic chart. Believing that God’s purposes can be seen only in the light of the past, present and future events, Elliott skillfully shows how Revelation precisely fulfils all the apparently diverse prophecies in Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and others. Highly interesting!

"Eye-opener !" — A Reviewer

Future Punishment: The Universalist Refuted
Archibald Alexander

Forceful! In Future Punishment: The Universalist Refuted, Archibald Alexander exposes the flaws of the Universalists. Accepting the Bible as God’s word Universalists utterly deny all future punishment, appealing to God’s mercy and goodness! Citing numerous passages foretelling the future punishment of unrepentant sinners, Alexander proposes that if sin is not punished in the future world, it would imply that God exercises no moral government over the present world; repentance becomes redundant and sanctification meaningless! Debunking this doctrine that encourages men to continue in sin, Alexander is highly relevant to our times.

"Thought provoking!" — A Reviewer

The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Hebrews
Thomas Charles Edwards

World-class biblical scholarship! The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Hebrews by Thomas Charles Edwards traces the thread of thought in one of the greatest and most challenging books of the New Testament. Edwards’ overview of Scripture portions illumines the big picture of Christ’s priestly work in the courts of glory compared with that of the priests of old. Helpful notes on textual questions and hard passages are placed close to the reference in question. Translation of Hebrew and Greek words enhances the understanding of the more technical notes. Excellent tool!

"Invaluable study aid!" — A Reviewer

Revelation Explained
F.G. Smith

Illuminating! Revelation Explained by F.G. Smith is a text-by-text interpretation of Apostle John’s apocalypse, unraveling the fulfillment of the prophecies from when he received them on Patmos, through the establishment and growth of Christianity, recording the rise of Islam, the papacy and Protestantism, and the history of ancient Rome. Showing the conflicts and triumphs of the Redeemed until the Final Judgment and their eternal reward, Smith highlights the amazing accuracy with which these predictions have been fulfilled emphasizing that the Revelation’s prophetic truth was written to encourage God’s people!

"Revelation Explained!" — Meijer Platinum

An Exposition on the Book of Revelation
Hanserd Knowles

Detailed record! An Exposition on the Book of Revelation by Hanserd Knowles. Historically this book reveals the state of the church, right from the days of the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos (about 96 AD) under Domitian the Emperor until the very end of this world. Diligently documented past events and fulfilled Scripture, indicators to the fulfillment of prophecy in current times, and finally signs of things yet to be fulfilled, this chapter-by-chapter exposition also spurs you to search the Scriptures, read church histories, and other related books. Superb!

"Revelation revealed!" — A reviewer


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