Hermeneutics and the Study of Scripture
Hermeneutics and the Study of Scripture
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Delight in learning to rightly interpret Scripture as you dive into authoritative Biblical theology. Glean from these grand works and be challenged spiritually and intellectually. Hermeneutics and the Study of Scripture from E4 will not only assist you to read the Bible in a different light but live your life with true purpose. Splendid works from this hand-picked cross-section of distinguished authors are strong helps in our approach to God’s word and God Himself.  

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Moses and the First Five Books of the Bible
Geerhardus Vos

Incisively analytical, The Mosaic Origin of the Pentateuchal Codes by Geerhardus Vos discusses the Mosaic origin of the Laws of the Pentateuch particularly whether the essence of the Pentateuchal codes carries any influence of the Mosaic age. Unravel the mystery if the law is the soil and seed or the fruit of the religious development in Israel. The linguistic characters and incompleteness of the code, the significance of the altars, priestly and Levitical roles and the feasts are also discussed. Fascinating study!

"Amazing!" — A reviewer

Pleasure and Profit in Bible Study
D.L. Moody

A compelling read with classic reasoning Pleasure and Profit in Bible Study by D.L. Moody will convince you why a study of the Bible is essential to the Christian life. Adroitly refuting common objections to the reliability of Scripture, he encourages readers to enjoy this God-given treasure. You can get started by using Moody’s practical guidance on how to discover and apply the major biblical themes, observe, interpret and appropriate the truths to your life. Will rouse you to read the Bibles, not randomly, but with a plan and purpose.

"A fantastic resource for the Bible student; a worthy refresher for the veteran!" — Chris Bloom

The Spirit of Christ
Andrew Murray

Intensely passionate Andrew Murray’s The Spirit of Christ contains 31 condensed inspiring and practical devotional studies on how the Holy Spirit works in a believer’s life. Understand, with ease, the Biblical differences between flesh and spirit, the practical truth of being filled with the Spirit, the relationship between the conscience and the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s ministry in the church. Delve deeper in faith to ascertain the reality of who the Spirit of Christ really is. Grow in spiritual maturity. Awesome!

"Spiritual Enlightenment!" — Michael Blackburn

"Great, down to earth, practical guide about the Spirit!" — M. Young

F.B. Meyer

Simple and brilliant, F.B. Meyer’s Ephesians is a delectable study. Detect distinct words that recur, like a note or chord struck repeatedly in a musical score. Ephesians or as Meyer terms it, the Epistle of the Inner Life reveals characteristic key-words of nourishment of the inner man! Weave them into the texture of your life and possess the tenderness and strength, the depth of knowledge and height of communion, which have made this Pauline Epistle dear to the church through the ages.

"Phenomenal study!" — A reviewer

Studies in the Epistle to the Philippians
H.C.G. Moule

Eminently edifying, Philippian Studies by H.C. G. Moule points to the sacred text, and allows it to speak. One of the best loved books in the Scriptures, the epistle to the Philippians shines out with extraordinary light and beauty, meeting the innermost needs of the soul and directing life. Reacquaint yourself with doctrinal revelations of the first order, and follow its precepts to deepen and strengthen Christian character and conduct. Wonderful study tool!

"Enjoyed this study immensely!" — Shannan E. Fraser

"Good study!" — William Dicks

Hudson Taylor in the Early Years Vol. 1 & 2
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor

Life-changing! As Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor reconstruct the life of Hudson Taylor you will be stirred with a hunger for excellence and a thirst for self denial. Find yourself desiring more of God and wanting to tread the pathway of purity of Hudson Taylor. Be willing to deny many worldly things, and gain an eternal weight of glory instead! Will transport your heart on an unforgettable journey and bless you now and in the years to come.

"Wow, what a book-what a life!" — Ron Jasniowski

"Extremely encouraging and inspiring!" — DistanceLearner

"Very, Very Excellent & Highly Recommended!" — Mary Light

Memoir of Jonathan Edwards
Sereno Dwight

Astounding! Dwight’s glimpses of Edwards reveal a man who saw truth almost intuitively and equally keenly detected error in all its subtle tones. With unmatched eloquence, power of presentation and overwhelming weight of argument, his theological work is very broad in scope leaving impressions that cannot be effaced. A veritable storehouse of wealth, your faith will never be the same. Be rekindled to glow and grow as a Christian.

"Awesome book!" — Sarah Jones

"The Mount Everest of Theology!" — Brian G Hedges

"Mind filled with light and heart filled with fire!" — Tim Plett

The Power of the Blood of Jesus
Andrew Murray

Eye opening and heartwarming, Murray’s is a tremendous discourse on the blood of the Lord Jesus. Crucial and foundational to receiving anything from God, the precious blood of Christ is central to Christianity. Discipline yourself to full surrender to God. His blood paid for our salvation and restoration to God. Learn anew how the blood of Christ can help us cope with life’s difficult situations, overcome sin, and protect us from evil. A mighty weapon against spiritual warfare! The secret to victorious daily living.

"A must read!" — Lyddy Joshua

"I would recommend it over and over again!" — gersariel

"Good foundation on the truth of the Blood of Jesus!" — B. Leyland

The Master’s Indwelling
Andrew Murray

Thirteen life-infusing meditations! The Master’s Indwelling by Murray sounds the very depth of our relationship with God, and how we need to continue to build that relationship. A remarkable revelation on the actuality of God’s presence within us. Experience the fear of the Lord and transition from the carnal state to the spiritual. Citing the importance of prayer and a Christian’s responsibility he encourages Christians to revel in the rewards of a faithful walk with the Lord. A blessing far above any money value!

"Stunning!" — Seraiah

"Inspiring!" — Bernard Chevalier

"Transformational!" — Truth Seeker

Like Christ
Andrew Murray

Challenging! Like Christ by Andrew Murray confronts every Christian to allow the beauty of Christ to shine through him. Showing exactly what God wants us to be like, Murray inculcates a deep yearning within to awaken love, inspire hope and strengthen faith, so that the image of Christ is reflected despite the various trials and duties of life. Study the image of God, yield the inmost part of self and carry away each day the deep impression and heavenly beauty which we know must be reproduced within us.

"Stimulates me to holy living!" — A reviewer

With Christ in the School of Prayer
Andrew Murray

Stirring and potent, these 31 teachings of Christ on prayer are chronologically arranged! Murray emphasizes that the power of intercessory prayer is a great gift from God, which the church must exercise. This exceptional book is a guide to living as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Never straying from God’s word in his teachings, supported with amazing scripture references, these lessons are very helpful for personal growth and group study. Rich in wisdom and practical application!

"Wonderful Experience!" — kmtmr

"An invaluable asset to my prayer life!" — J. Smithhart

"It will absolutely change your prayer life!" — Leslie Ann

The New Life
Andrew Murray

Solid and meaty! Murray unwraps the six essentials of Christianity, which include, the Word of God, the Son who is the Father’s gift, faith in the Son, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and a holy life of obedience and fruitfulness. Recognize the power of the New Birth to overcome sin and live the Christian Life with the full knowledge of what being a Christian truly means. With his incredibly profound insight, this is an excellent book for new believers. Murray advises rereading this book to best absorb its truths!

"Excellent book!" — Alec Justice

"Study this book to be well grounded in the Christian faith!" — Lynette K. Huisinga

The Prayer Life
Andrew Murray

Hard-hitting and straightforward The Prayer Life by Andrew Murray reiterates that prayer is an outgrowth of abiding in Christ. Prayerlessness that stalks us defying generational boundaries is fundamentally a lack of abiding, not merely a lack of prayer. Cutting to the heart of the problem Murray offers suggestions to solve the problem of prayerlessness. This book is as relevant today or more so than when Andrew first addressed these issues. A must read!

"Wonderful!" — modesty

"A challenging call to prayer!" — Kevin H. Grenier

"Cuts to the heart, a must read!" — Peter W. Whitten

Obedience and the Cross
Andrew Murray

Awakening Christians to the universal problem of dealing wisely with finances, Money by Andrew Murray focuses on the privilege of giving. Murray believed missions to be "the chief end of the church" and therefore the chief mission of a Christian. This healthy and Biblical perspective on material things in just four chapters from a timeless Christian author comes at an opportune time when the love of money appears to be the overriding passion irrespective of age. Very timely!

"Sound Bible teaching!" — Scribe

Giving a fine fillip to traditional Christian ideas on obedience, Andrew Murray in School of Obedience recasts them to display the true power and importance of those concepts. Elaborating on the nature of obedience, in less than ten chapters, Murray succinctly, simply and directly, reminds us how much we depend on God. The secret to true obedience is trust and confidence in total surrender to God. Fabulous!

"Great book on obedience!" — Mark

An extraordinary book Secret of the Cross by Andrew Murray includes thirty-one independent devotionals tied together by the theme of the cross. Be intimately and irrevocably drawn to God as He invites you into a growing closeness with Himself that you did not know was possible to have. Center your thoughts upon sanctification and justification, knowing both are a result of grace. Digest and assimilate this book with meditation and prayer. Life-changing!

"Changed my life forever!" — beloved

"Well worth the read!" — scratchmybrain

Waiting and Working for God
Andrew Murray

Whets an appetite for God! Andrew Murray in Waiting on God uses these 31 chapters to uplift your spirit and draw closer to God in both devotion and service. A pivotal book teaching us the attitude required for waiting is to for surrender to be intentional, not merely a passive helplessness. As a daily devotional or revisited old friend, this compact text is essential reading in any Christian library.

"Simple, Yet Life Changing Book!" — Momma Duck

"I never thought intimacy with God could be so simple!" — Jacob Larson

Astounding truths, clearly spelled out! In Working for God, Murray in these 31 meditations replete with scriptural passages calls Christians to be God’s instruments to bring men back to their God. This is the chief objective of a Christian’s life. Fruitfulness, the outcome of work, happens spontaneously. "Good works are of the very essence of the Divine life in us." God’s work must be done in God’s way, and in God’s power. Know it is spiritual work, to be done by spiritual men, in the power of the Spirit. Motivating!

"Excellent Reasoning! Motivational!" — Dr. W. G. Covington, Jr.

Openly daring the unbeliever, Murray in Why Do You Not Believe? declares God is real and able to look after you. Such knowledge has to come from within. Read the Bible with a definite aim, identify His promises, believe and receive them in faith. Meditate upon them, memorize them, remain continuously absorbed with them, and resolve to wholly believe Him. Remember God commands u to believe in His word and has laid down before your faith promises for it to accept. Persuasive!

"Convinced me God is real!" — earl

The Supernatural Work of God
Andrew Murray

Potentially life-changing, in Be Perfect Murray teaches just that. God desires that we be perfect and has given us his Holy Spirit to help us achieve that perfection. Picking out Scriptures with reference to perfection Murray shows it to be so Divine, Spiritual, and Heavenly, that only the soul that yields itself very tenderly to the leading of the Holy Spirit that can hope to know its blessedness. Perfect!

"Great!" — Leila McGrath

Probing the recesses of the human heart Divine Healing comprises 32 instructional and inspirational chapters. Sin blocks God’s power, therefore Christ came to set us free from sin and heal us. Be ready to receive the Lord. Salvation is for the body and soul. Murray’s explanations are Spirit driven! Healing and forgiveness go together. Will strengthen and deepen your faith in God as Healer.

"This book changed my life!" — paul capobianco

"A very good accurate view of the Bible’s teaching on healing!" — illusion buster

Comprehensive and reflective Helps to Intercession is a thorough treatment of what prayer ought to be like. Answering common and sometimes complex questions on Murray urges us to give ourselves wholly to prayer being assured of the certainty that God, through the Spirit, will hear us and help us pray correctly. Remember we are called to participate in the intercession of Christ knowing the ecstasy and the agony, the trial and triumph are all His. Learn from Him, yield to His Spirit and practice prayer!

"I refer to this book again and again!" — L. Breeden

Exciting new thoughts, Murray’s The True Vine: Meditations for a Month on John 15:1-16 is a unique devotional, expounding what abiding in Christ daily amounts to. Packed with details and explanatory in style Murray gives an impetus to live out these verses in daily life. Very scriptural and easily understandable teaching on how to remain "in Christ." Excellent!

"Must-read for the true believer!" — J. Preece

"Must have!" — K.M. Marier

The Scriptural Doctrine of the Love of God
Geerhardus Vos

Explorative and explosive! Vos springs open a veritable ocean of thought on the Love of God and why the basis of Christian faith is nothing but love. Tracing the God’s love in the Old Testament to rebellious Israel, Vos shows how the thread of love becomes a strong cord as he follows its course through the New Testament. Culminating in the explanation of that grand treatise of love by John in his first epistle, Vos crystallizes the essence of God’s love! Great blessing!

"Comforting!" —A reviewer

F.B. Meyer

Enriching! Abraham by F.B. Meyer reveals the power of God blazing through faulty human frames! Meyer assures us of God’s faithfulness, which not only accepts but transforms such inconsistency to make us more effective Christians. Abraham essentially embodies faith. Be encouraged to develop faith and watch it grow, from feeble beginnings, to become the very center of life. Be enlivened and confident to grow in faith and reach the status of God’s friend.

"What insight is in this book!" — Big B

"Life touching experience!" — Malak Sedra

F.B. Meyer

Resonates with power! Elijah by F.B. Meyer is a booster that pushes you up to a higher plane in Christian experience. Meyer’s deep understanding of the Bible illuminates the life of Elijah, drawing several vital truths and parallels to our daily walk with God. Being reminded (as does the Bible) that "Elijah was a man of like passions", be spurred on to attain God’s best through obedience to His Word and unswerving faith. Outnumbered, misunderstood, insecure, and often afraid, Elijah found power in obedience and prayer. Encouraging!

"Read it and live it!" — E. Harris

The Prophets Stand Strong Vol 1 & 2
Geerhardus Vos

Intriguing and instructive, The Modern Hypothesis and Recent Criticism of the Early Prophets Parts I & II is a stupendous work. Vos penetrated the Word of God as few before or after him have ever done. He investigated the literary and historical testimony of the earliest prophets, studying each prophetic book from a fresh perspective. Valuable as a teaching tool, and well suited for personal study of prophetic interpretation. Well worth the time invested!

"Excellent content!" — Gripfast

Writings of William Bacon Stevens

A palette of precious thoughts, Stevens covers a variety of topics each of which is highly pertinent to the daily life of a Christian. Ranging from sins of the tongue, to parental responsibility to delayed mercies resulting in the greater glory to God this versatile writer explores subject relevant to Christian growth. An unexpected array of issues has been handled with care and valid and valued advice offered. Fine collection!

"Wide-ranging topics wisely dealt with!" — A Reviewer

The Bible: The Fountain of True Wisdom
Adam Clarke

Gripping! Adam Clarke’s Clavis Biblica originally written as a tract for two nonChristian high priests returning to India introduces the books of the Bible and the basic principles of Christianity. He systematized his instructions for their reference. This crisp comprehensive view will always help you gain heavenly knowledge and religious experience, equipping you to counter skeptics and opponents, and be always able to give a reason of the hope that is in you! Great work!

"Extremely helpful!" — A reviewer

Faith Papers
Samuel Keen

Captivating and forceful, Faith Papers by Samuel Keen present the experimental aspects of faith. Keen writes from experience rather than from the perspective of doctrine. Firmly grounded, his sound Scriptural and doctrinal basis of argument will certainly fill any emptiness of soul. Discern spiritual specifics to cure any form of unbelief. The first five papers deal with Saving Faith, while the last five with Special Faith. Apply these faith-principles in personal and evangelistic endeavors.

"Thrilling!" — A reviewer


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