Theology of America: Theology and Politics of the Early American Republic
Theology of America: Theology and Politics of the Early American Republic
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E4’s Theology in America reignites the fervor for Christ so prevalent among our founding fathers. From the earliest pilgrim settlements, America has been grounded in solid Christian theology.

The entire history of the U.S. is built upon a foundation stemming from the word of God. Discover the fire for Christ that blazed in these men. Rediscover in your own life the structure and passion that built our nation!


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Christ the Fountain of Life
John Cotton

Cotton stood as a controversial figure throughout most of his career. His work, Christ the Fountain of Life, is an excellent example of his powerful topical sermons. This collection of sermons cuts right to the core of Christianity. Cotton’s works were so powerful and invasive that he brought upon himself the animosity of the Church of England. Because his ministry was being sanctioned and closed by the authorities, Cotton joined the Separatist movement to America, where he would have a profound impact. Cotton is truly a well worth reading!

"A collection of powerful sermons." — Reviewer

Of Plymouth Plantation
William Bradford

William Bradford stands as perhaps the most famed and influential man in the history of early American settlements. Of Plymouth Plantation captures the hardship and suffering that the pioneers of Virginia faced, as well as their resilient attitude towards all that came their way. The men and women depicted within its pages became a beacon for generations to come. A true testament to the glory of God in suffering!

"I recommend everyone read [it]" — Amazon Reviewer

Fruits of Solitude
William Penn

Penn’s Some Fruits of Solitude recaptures the simplicity of life and Christianity. Its pages are filled with proverbial wisdom even for today. Covering a plethora of topics, from leadership to religion to education to freedom, it is truly a valuable read. In a chaotic modern world, Penn’s writings help us to truly see the fruits of solitude and peace. The work is an invaluable addition to your library.

"This book is a wonderful guideline to those who are interested in the American nation’s history and how ideologies and key men have influenced it." — Amazon Reviewer

Select Writings of John Winthrop

Winthrop was one of the most important of the Puritan founding fathers. Perhaps his most significant contribution is the idea of a "City on the Hill," a concept of how a Christian town should look amongst the rest of the settlements. The idea continues to live on as one of the cornerstones of Christian worldview. Winthrop’s works are primarily focused on Christian life. He expounds the lifestyle of Christianity. Winthrop is an excellent Puritan foundation.

"[Winthrop was] the first and most influential governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony" — Francis J. Bremer

The Rights of Magistrates over Their Subjects
Theodore Beza

Theodore Beza was one of the most influential figures in all of American politics. His treatise, The Rights of Magistrates over Their Subjects, continues to have repercussions in American politics even today. His writings were shaped by both Calvinist and Lutheran ideals, as well as a biblical belief in the God as the only supreme King. Both religiously and politically charged, this is a groundbreaking and pivotal work.

"A pivotal figure" — John Witte Jr.

The Works of John Robinson Volume 1

Robinson was one of the great catalysts of the Puritan movement. His most famous contribution is chartering the Mayflower for the Separatist movement. Robinson’s life is riddled with pivotal historic events. In addition to writing several works, Robinson also co-founded the Congregational Church, a central location of Puritan theology.

"Influential" —

The Works of John Robinson Volume 2

Robinson’s influence reached beyond the historical events he took part in. His great lament in life was that Christian Protestants had become stuck in their interpretation of the Scripture. Using solid Scriptural reference, Robinson brought forth new theories, as well as defending old ones. Although a Calvinist, he did not let denomination define him. His work both defends solid truths and expands the borders of denomination.

"They abound in instructive and important apothegms and maxims" — Robert Ashton, editor,

The Works of John Robinson Volume 3

John Robinson’s work was constantly controversial. His sermons remained fiery and politically incorrect throughout his career. Robinson quickly established himself at the forefront of both political and religious issues. However, Robinson did not allow the troubles of the day to corrupt his work. His sermons remain solidly grounded in Scripture. Robinson’s work is an excellent addition to your library.

"He was a leader in the religious controversy that swept across the land" — Wikipedia

A History of American Christianity
Leonard Woolsey Bacon

A History of American Christianity gives a thorough perspective on a large scope of the early history of America. While it follows Christianity, it also deals with other ideologies that shaped the nation, such as the Enlightenment. The dynamic view provided by this work provides excellent perspective on the events of early America.

"Refreshing" — Stanley Harder

The Revival of Natural Law
Charles Grove Haines

Haines’s The Revival of Natural Law is an excellent study into morality. The book pursues answers to the questions of why there is such a congruent moral standard for all humanity. It delves into religion and philosophy with zeal. The conviction of a superior law drives the study of this book. The work proves the root of all morality to come from the Bible. An excellent read!

The Wisdom of God in the Works of the Creation
Rev. John Ray

John Ray, a noted botanist and one of the first theologians to include natural theology in his writings penned this book entitled The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of Creation. The work is a synthesis of gathering together the details and intricate workings of animal and plant life that display the mighty power of God in his creation. In one sense, this work is rich picture of the great hand of God upon the whole of creation, from the smallest creatures to the greatest. Ray taught in mathematics, science, and was one of the first to formally pen a definition for biology. Yet, his passion for the sciences did not hamper his desire to show how all things are under the mighty working of a wise and powerful God. Be enriched as you see the glory of God on display through his careful hand in creation.

"Ray’s worldview was God-centered. He affirmed that the created order’s purpose was to glorify God and to enjoy the life God has given, as well as to be useful to humans." —John Ray reviewer

The Civil Powers and God’s Word
Christopher Goodman

Christopher Goodman, friend of John Knox, Marian exile and English Reforming minister bore great influence upon the history of the Reformation. He was one of the editors of the Geneva Bible and took great pains to bring reform to both England and Europe. In this work, Goodman seeks to advise others on the right and duty of subjects to obey their authorities in government and when they may disobey. Goodman includes some great writing on the abuse and misuse of church authority in light of the word of God and of conscience. Superior Powers is a moving work that will move you to see the truth of God’s word in light of a true understanding of the state and its power.

"Christopher Goodman was a distinguished Puritan and preacher of God’s Word." — Lives of the Puritans Vol. 2 by Benjamin Brook

A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants
Junius Brutus

A Defence of Liberty Amongst Tyrants was written as a Huegenot tract in Basel in 1579. Riveting in its application, this work is a hard-nosed plea for understanding kings and their rule. Growing weary of overbearing and dictatorial kings, this tract answers the question of the proper response to a king, including a corrupt one. These kinds of questions and answers swirled around in the American colonies as they gradually broke free from the tyranny of British rule. Be amazed at the way politics and religion combine to give a swift blow to the grim rule of brutal kings.

"This work (A Defense of Liberty Amongst Tyrants) is the beginning of the literature of revolution." — Lectures on Modern History by John Acton

The Independent Whig Vol. 1
John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon

The Independent Whig by Trenchard and Gordon provides the reader with a keen sense of the duty and obligation of Christians. Secondly, this work exhibits a frank honesty about the use and abuse of power that Britain held. This weekly periodical in the early 1700’s promoted a fierce opposition to the corruption of political power and the abuses which ran so high in the period. As you begin to scour this work, you will be astonished at the wit and wisdom of both Trenchard and Gordon.

"For Almighty God has infinite Happiness in himself, which we can neither diminish nor add to; and therefore he can require nothing of us, but for our own Sakes; nor command anything but what tends to our own Good, both here and hereafter." — The Independent Whig Vol. 1

The Independent Whig Vol. 2
John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon

This second volume brings forth a shining light on some of the disdainful practices of the church with a view towards their reform. In sections on fasting, reason, and the priestly vocation, Trenchard and Gordon call their readers to seek the face of God in the midst of error. Be amazed at the voice of reason and faith as you pour through these writings.

"This philosophy of is key to understanding the American Revolution, because, as Jacobson notes, Americans loved these works and read them frequently" — eunomius Amazon Reviewer

The Independent Whig Vol. 3
John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon

In this third volume of the Independent Whig, Trenchard and Gordon set forth to show the folly of persecution and of the corruption of certain church practices. In a thorough and clear manner, both authors reveal their evangelical zeal for religion and for Christ’s church.

"A work of erudition and argumentation that is both powerful and thorough" — Reviewer

The Independent Whig Vol. 4
John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon

This last volume summarizes the teachings of some key articles of Protestant faith alongside chronicling the abuses of the Roman church. The contents of vol. 4 are essays written by Gordon "during the Late Rebellion" meaning the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745.

"The Independent Whig is a stirring work of great historical and ecclesiastical consequence." — Reviewer

A Short Treatise on Political Power
John Ponet

Ponet was a Bishop of Winchester, chaplain to Thomas Cranmer and an influential Protestant leader. In A Short Treatise on Political Power, Ponet proposed a theory that would oppose the advancement and office of secular rulers. Ponet was boisterous, clear headed and evangelical in his convictions.

"The United States President, John Adams, noted that Ponet’s Treatise was the seminal volume that later political philosophers such as John Locke expanded upon" — Wikipedia on John Ponet

Sermons of Elijah Parish

These sermons of the late Rev. Elijah Parish reveal the tender mercy that a pastor has for his people. From sermons on peace to those on judgment, Parish brings the gospel to bear on every situation.

"In his mind, as in that of the great Watts, orthodoxy and charity were beautifully combined. The truths embraced by our fathers, he believed to be infinitely important to the happiness of man; yet he was cautious of judging of intentions. In declaring opinions, he spoke with confidence; but persons he left to the tribunal of God" — A biographical sketch on Elijah Parish


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