The Works of John Wesley
The Works of John Wesley
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Wondrously impacting, John Wesley’s contribution to the world is striking and enduring! Savor his simplicity and strength of writing and breathe the piety that wafts through this special collection from E4. Experience the quickening of your spirit, enlivening of your hope and rekindling of your love towards God and man. Rejoice in the breadth of Wesley's spiritual perception and in the nuances of his carefully constructed theology! Expect to be spiritually awakened and drawn into a deeper communion with God and celebrate the lasting legacy of a life well lived!  

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Wesley on the Gospels

Lucidity and clarity are the hallmarks of John Wesley’s! Explanatory Notes on the Old and New Testament. Carefully done with reference to Bengel’s Greek text (1734) his comments on the scriptural text make the Word better, stronger, clearer and more consistent with the context. Enjoy the gospels as shine brightly with the good news declared so plainly that it is sheer delight to understand the words of the message of salvation without any shred of uncertainty. Wesley’s notes are highly useful for personal Bible study.

"Profoundly good!" — D. W. Thompson

"A Useful guide!" — Colin John Hartley

Wesley on the New Testament

A wealth of easily comprehensible information Wesley’s! Explanatory Notes on the Old and New Testament His New Testament Notes are the official United Methodist Church doctrine. Wesley’s principles on how scripture is to be read meaningfully and applied in one’s daily life truly assist you to understand the things of God, and to love Him wholly. Wesley unpacks difficult scripture passages vigilantly, being careful neither to add nor detract from the exact meaning conveyed in God’s word. Well worth the time invested in reading!

"A classic and deservedly so!" — J. Robert Ewbank

Wesley on the Writings of Paul

Stimulating! Wesley’s Explanatory Notes on the Old and New Testament is precise and profound. These succinct summaries contain explanations of Paul’s doctrines and teachings. Using Matthew Henry’s Bible commentaries as reference, Wesley’s notes makes every verse even more comprehensible giving the direct, literal meaning, including wherever possible every word in the Scriptures. His aim through this work is to point every man to God. Excellent for individual and group study. Valuable asset for a church library!

"Very useful Bible study tool!" — A Reviewer

Wesley on the Five Books of Moses

Authoritative and straightforward in approach Explanatory Notes on the Old and New Testament makes these first five books of the Bible much easier to comprehend. Appreciate how John Wesley translated, interpreted, and applied every Biblical passage. One of the best ways to understand the heart of God, Wesley’s notes will facilitate deeper meditation and enhance your knowledge, not just of Scripture but of God Himself and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. Awesome study tool!

"Great content!" — D. W. Thompson

Wesley on the Old Testament (Joshua -Song of Songs)

Exploiting the elegance of the English language with effortless ease and pursuing the true spirit of poetry Wesley’s Explanatory Notes on the Old and New Testament brings out the beauty of Scripture while plumbing the depths of meaning particularly in the Psalms and poetic books of the Bible. Wesley’s sole intention is, to induce clear thinking and spur the thought processes to discover more of the beauty of God and the preciousness of His word. Wesley’s giftedness continues to bless every reader.

"Finally, JW on every text!" — Amazon Customer

Wesley on the Old Testament (Isaiah - Malachi)

Kindling faith and drawing the heart on into fresh discoveries of the word, Wesley’s Explanatory Notes on the Old and New Testament inspire you to keep an eye constantly open to see the analogy of faith, the connection and harmony that exists between those grand, fundamental doctrines, prophetic fulfillment and the plan of God for humanity revealed through His prophets. A sure and trusted guide, these notes make the prophets speak again! A great help in unraveling weighty truths!

"Helps me understand the theology and interpretations of Scripture!" — Joel Curtiss

John Wesley’s Sermons 1-35: The Christian

A massive work, over 1,600 pages in all, John Wesley’s Sermons are indexed by number, title, and scriptural reference and form an essential part of the Wesleyan Methodist theological corpus. Wesley always sought after the great truths of God and preached a message of responsible grace as vital and contemporary today as it was in 18th century England. Learn from Wesley who revitalized the Church of England as he exhorts on the lively sense of God’s grace at work, in those who follow Christ. Encouraging!

"Edifying and Instructive!" — Dr. W. G. Covington, Jr.

John Wesley’s Sermons 36-70: The Scripture Way of Salvation

Exceptional exposition! John Wesley’s Sermons open the heart to better understand basic theological concepts. Each sermon is preceded by a brilliant introduction which sets each sermon in context. He admirably holds in balance one of the toughest and most important truths Christian theology: maintaining both that our salvation is in no way merited or achieved but is solely a gift through the overflowing grace of God and that it is vitally important good works flow from us, as we feed on His word and pray. Beautiful work!

"Smart and subtle Christian theology!" — Kim Boykin

John Wesley’s Sermons 71-106: Eternal Destinies and the Church

Revel in the timeless truths of Wesley’s writings! John Wesley’s Sermons cover the doctrines including sin, grace, justification, sanctification and ethical living. Easy-to-understand, these well-crafted sermons are theological statements which concisely outline Wesley’s interpretations about the future of the Church and every individual Christian! Wesley encourages you to engage with biblical texts as they challenge you to take your relationship with God seriously and ensure your eternal destiny! Challenging!

"Excellent!" — Ods

John Wesley’s Sermons 107-141: True Christianity

A well-reasoned and appealing wake-up call, John Wesley’s Sermons represents his written understanding of God’s redemptive work. Wesley’s theology transcends the divisions of the Church including Catholic and Protestant and stirs you to strive for greater holiness. Wesley urged people to continually grow in Jesus Christ, tirelessly explaining that the promise of salvation was the central theme of Biblical theology and that the experience of sanctifying grace was the essence of salvation. Go from being ’almost Christian’ to being ’altogether Christian.’ Life-transforming!

"Excellent reference!" — palmetto

John Wesley — Evangelist
Rev. Richard Green

Inspiring and invigorating, Rev. Green’s John Wesley, Evangelist, turns the spotlight on Wesley’s early career, where he encountered God-ordained circumstances and people. This twisted skein of his life, which defies disentanglement, ultimately prepared him for his great work and his evangelistic appeal to the heart and conscience of England, which slowly impacted the world. This is the road map of his journey toward God, with sharp focus on his unfalteringly sustained efforts in winning many for Christ. Refresh your soul!

"Rediscover theological riches!" — mgrdtch kaimakamian

John Wesley’s Journal, Vol. 4

Gripping and engrossing, John Wesley’s Journal, Vol 4 reveals 50 years of Wesley’s reflections. These fascinating recollections offer a first person account of the thoughts, feelings, and prayers of a man whose intelligence and organizational skills were only surpassed by his unflagging enthusiasm for spreading the gospel of Christ. Reshape your daily walk with God as Wesley effortlessly makes the leap from law to gospel, ending with a strong emotional appeal and practical application of Scripture. Highly absorbing!

"A fascinating read!" — J.Robert Ewbank

"Completely Engrossing! Shockingly Honest & Utterly Real!" — Aimee Thor

"Reflections on a Man of Depth Who Made a Difference!" — Dr. W. G. Covington, Jr.

John Wesley’s Letters

Widely accepted as Wesley’s best writing, the devotional and spiritual significance of his Letters grows clearer upon serious study. Direct, pungent and practical, his letters encompass a wide view, covering almost every aspect of life. Urging people to be good citizens, true patriots, and honorable businessmen, and good parents, it also included true culture. Neat, orderly, pithy and practical, vigorously yet lovingly worded, it showcases nearly seventy years of service to God, a veritable panorama of the Evangelical Revival. Unforgettable!

"Just amazing insights!" — D. Rowe

John Wesley’s New Testament Translation

A handy, meticulously prepared translation, Wesley’s New Testament Translation comes as close to the original as possible, with a few, small but significant alterations that definitely bring the meaning into sharper focus. Besides section divisions for easy accessibility of the text, Wesley prefaces every Biblical book with an introductory chapter, reflecting the scope of the work. Painstaking and near-flawless analysis! Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest this work, and hold fast to the blessed hope of everlasting life. Most valuable!

"Highly instructive!" — A reviewer

Natural Philosophy Explained

Captivating! In A Compendium of Natural Philosophy, Wesley sticks to the plain truth, conveying nothing false or uncertain. In common terms, but as full as any tract can be, Wesley’s elucidations are plain, intelligent, and intelligible. Interestingly, the same survey of all creation, which is a magnificent display of the wisdom of God, also simultaneously reveals the astonishing ignorance, and short-sightedness of man! In a world of shifting beliefs, Wesley comes as breath of fresh air!

"Refreshing!" — A reviewer

A Collection of Hymns for Methodists

Soul stirring and scripturally sound, A Collection of Hymns for the people called Methodists contains 1026 unforgettable hymns in over 500 pages. Taken in their order they form a full body of experimental and practical divinity. With a high degree of sensitivity, Wesley has presented the section titles revealing a virtual spiritual biography. Meticulously designed and arranged to reflect the way of salvation and the pattern of Christian experience, this memorable popular collection is a heart-warming experience of piety in poetry!

"Greatest Hymnal since the Psalter!" — Amazon customer

"Wesley was a good scholar and Godly man!" — Vicki Lamb

John Wesley, the Methodist
A Methodist Preacher

A poignant peek at a man of monumental stature! As Wesley’s life’s story unfolds, recognize afresh how God can do a mighty work through one man! Remarkable in many ways, Wesley’s great Revival in England was the fruit of his untiring efforts, wisely directed, and unfalteringly sustained! Wesley emerges as man with passions and weaknesses, like any normal person. What made him outstanding was his consistent vision of the work God had entrusted to him and nothing daunted him or caused him to swerve from that purpose. Amazing life!

"A solid book and very interesting!" — J. Robert Ewbank

The Life of John Wesley
John Telford

Exquisitely woven, this singularly interesting work, The Life of John Wesley by John Telford helps us envisage the man who embodied in himself the Methodist movement itself. For half a century John Wesley was the best-known man in England and elsewhere. Unceasingly devoted to the work he maintained the same energy with which he began his field-preaching. Gifted with an iron frame, and unflagging spirit he truly belongs to the universal Church. Although one Christian community proudly bears his name, all Churches have caught his spirit. Revitalizing!

"Oozes dynamism!" — A Reviewer


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