New Testament Theology and Literature
New Testament Theology and Literature
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Endowed with living energy, and active reasoning, this massive collection covers a wide range of topics on the New Testament. This set is certainly a valuable addition to any library. E4’s New Testament Theology and Literature is full of solid works, expounding the truth of the Scriptures. From apologetics to expansive commentaries and expositions, even to Bible Stories and narratives for children, this collection covers a vast variety of approaches. Be immersed and inspired by the New Testament, from the birth of Christ to the end of times!  

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Was Christ Born in Bethlehem?
William Ramsay

Delight in the overwhelming evidence in Ramsay’s masterly treatment of the credibility and reliability of the narrative of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem. With skillful use of Biblical text and historical data surrounding this event, Ramsay draws irrefutable and well-supported conclusions! Evaluating the archeological proofs and historical facts that sustain the Biblical claims as Luke’s gospel records regarding the place and time of Christ’s birth with pertinent references to extra-biblical material, this fascinating and informative study is decisive in demonstrating the accuracy and reliability of the biblical record! Brilliant!

Old but great book to answer the question! — Charles E. Greer

A History of the Textual Criticism of the New Testament
Marvin Vincent

Profit from Marvin Vincent’s very delightful introduction to Biblical criticism and practical application of the Scriptures! Textual Criticism determines the original text of a document or a collection of documents and presents it without the errors, corruptions, and variations which could have slipped in during successive copying processes. Vincent, well renowned for his word studies in the New Testament, is still valued for research in Greek grammar. His simple systematic development directs the reader to the sources for more detailed study, making this perfect for students and teachers alike.

Great study tool! — A reviewer

Eschatology of the New Testament
Geerhardus Vos

Astounding exegesis! Vos reveals God’s heart in history, through successive instruments of His special revelation. By spiritualizing the entire Messianic concept, the New Testament emphasizes its anticipation of the highest eternal hope, to discover the age-to-come projected in the present, where believers already enjoy some eschatological privileges. This much-anticipated world is a Divine halt in history, and the deepest longing for its coming overflows from a conviction of this present world’s sin and evil. Thus, the New Testament doctrine of salvation is intrinsically linked with its eschatological teaching. Rich thoughts!

Great book! — Jeannie

A good book to get a grasp of biblical theology! — Ryan

The Expositor’s Bible: The Gospel of John Vol. 1
Marcus Dods

Absolute pleasure to study this wonderfully wrought and near perfect work! Splendid in literary symmetry, Volume 1 offers amazing instruction on John’s gospel, up to chapter 11:54! Loaded with insights and compact in presentation Dods proclaims that "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God!" With utmost simplicity of language, he etches sharp, unforgettable pictures of those scenes which to him were most significant in revealing Christ’s power and goodness, and most displayed that God the Father dwelt within Him. Memorable!

Inspiring and interesting! — Erin

The Expositor’s Bible: The Gospel of John Vol. 2
Marcus Dods

Abiding beauty! Dods instructs, softens and purifies the believer’s faith, drawing stupendous truths from John 11:55 to the end of his gospel. Reproducing the life of Jesus and reinforcing important scenes, John impresses images that compelled him to believe in Christ. Pointing to witnesses testifying to the power of Christ, John portrays what is warm and untainted, poignant and positive in human life! God is accessible. His compassion, care and consolation amidst the tumult of this world’s ambitions and oppositions, through the fog of men’s fallacies and flaws are unfailing! Extraordinary!

Enduring truths! — A reviewer

St. Paul the Traveler and the Roman Citizen
William Ramsay

In a dramatic expression of historical reliability, Sir Ramsay confirms the minute details of Paul’s travels with supportive archeological and documentary evidence. Breaking new ground, he authenticates the Acts of the Apostles as historic and reliable, giving new information about Paul. He displays how Christianity is a system of life and action more than a religion, in his vivid and methodical research. Just over a century old, Ramsay’s arguments are still compelling and very relevant! This excellent study guide will enrich any believer’s library!

Excellent! — Douglas Wilson

A fine work indeed! — Mark Nenadov

I would highly recommend this book! — Jefferson White

The Truth of Paul’s Writings
William Paley

Phenomenal! In Horae Paulinae William Paley compares Paul’s epistles to the struggling churches with the Acts of the Apostles, using "undesigned coincidences" showing how these documents authenticate each other. This apologetic, the most original of Paley’s works, investigates the historical genuineness of Apostle Paul in the Acts and his epistles to reveal the substantial truth of both. By establishing the genuineness of one, the general truthfulness of the other is vindicated. Original in style and diction, the non-connectedness of the epistles provides yet another proof to their validity! Great study!

Awesome work! — A reviewer

The Bible Story: The Golden Book
Rev. Newton Marshall Hall & Rev. Irving Francis Wood

In five remarkable, memorable volumes, The Bible Story by Rev. Newton Marshall Hall & Rev. Irving Francis Wood has, over time, served to beautify and classify the Bible! Capitalizing on childhood as a period of sharp verbal memory, this outstanding work encourages children to memorize the scriptures with ease through story form. Straightforward and complete, each volume confers deeper Biblical knowledge. Reading it builds character while the connection of the Bible with its lands and literature is arresting. An enriching reading experience for parent and child!

Simply impressive! — A reviewer

The Bible Story: Hero Tales
Rev. Newton Marshall Hall & Rev. Irving Francis Wood

A prime favorite of children after the first couple of years of school The Bible Story, Hero Tales fires their imagination and fans their faith. Including colorful pictures of the lives of several Bible heroes, in the words of the Bible text, the stories retain the beauty of the arrangement and the pulsing drama of the narrative. A child will want to read more and will soon enjoy further progress with the great heroes including Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, Saul, Jonathan and Solomon and others. Magnificent work!

A delight for young children! — A reviewer

The Bible Story: Tales of Old Judea
Rev. Newton Marshall Hall & Rev. Irving Francis Wood

Gripping and absorbing, The Bible Story, Tales of Old Judea awakens the child’s interest in the Bible, with the added Questions and Things To Do! Benefit, with your child, from its wonderful character-building values, as character is caught, not taught! Similar to Bible’s own minimalism, strength, brevity, and imagery, this book gives a comprehensible introduction of the Old Testament personalities just the way they are. Reacquaint yourself with the Creation story and people like Ruth, Deborah, Esther, Judith, Elijah and Elisha, besides the Kings of Israel and Judah! Captivating!

The characters come alive! — A reviewer

The Bible Story: Life of Jesus
Rev. Newton Marshall Hall & Rev. Irving Francis Wood

Poignant and spectacular, The Bible Story, Life of Jesus, contains powerful narrations of the nativity story, the miracles and parables of Christ until His death and glorious resurrection! Striking a sensitive chord in the children’s hearts, each story is Biblically accurate, catering to the comprehension capacity of a child. It also includes Paul’s dramatic conversion, his missionary journeys and ultimate death. Every child will cherish memories of these stories well into adulthood as they have a way of remaining in their hearts for all time. Immeasurable worth!

Engrossing stories! — A reviewer

The Bible Story: Songs of the Ages
Rev. Newton Marshall Hall & Rev. Irving Francis Wood

Unsurpassed in the wealth of detail they contain The Bible Story, Songs of the Ages is an unhurried journey through the Psalms, Proverbs and Prophets! The three hundred and fifty illustrations are treasures that add to the value of this book! Further instilling moral character and training the little hearts, parents will value the fine old hymns by Watts and Jane Taylor included, some of which are set to charming music. Must be passed on to successive generations, in particular to the children of our day!

Stories of timeless grandeur! — A reviewer

The Ancient Church
W.D. Killen

Pursuing unexplored avenues, W.D. Killen, in 1859 traces the first 300 years of Church history! The word ‘Church’ is most often associated with Christianity, including Christians and others exhibiting varying degrees of imperfect Church communion; some churches are recognized as somewhat legitimate, but also as deviant from the true and orthodox Christian faith! Discussing questions about the ancient Church ignored thus far in existing histories, Killen casts fresh light in the context of recent documentary discoveries. Killen exhibits salient features of the ecclesiastical landscape from a new position. Momentous work!

Very interesting! — A reviewer

Church in Rome in the First Century
George Edmundson

Incisive! Edmundson launches an intelligent examination of the writings related to the history of the Church in Rome, tackling several controversies that have arisen on the then prevalent Chronology, Literature and Traditions. Pointing out many anomalies, the date of Bishop Clement’s death, in particular, and the order of apostolic succession in the see of Rome, Edmundson’s work is especially commendable. This insightful scrupulous and thorough study of early church history will benefit the serious student as well as the interested reader. Persuasive study worth reading!

Clear outline of church history! — A reviewer

The New Testament Church
C.D. Cole

Saturated with doctrine! With his vast Biblical knowledge, logical and methodical mind, Cole systematizes and correlates Biblical truths that are easily grasped and understood. Believing that every generation must be evangelized and indoctrinated, Cole calls us to a serious study of the person, nature, and attributes of God. Establishing the preacher on solid ground, teaching him to trust his ministry to God’s unfailing purpose, melting pride and banishing formalism and ritualism from churches, Cole’s teaching will protect our evangelism against counterfeit methods and high-pressure salesmanship. Very beneficial!

A great new perspective! — A reviewer

Church and the Ministry in the Early Centuries
T.M. Lindsay

Illuminating! T.M. Lindsay portrays the organized life of Christian Society during the first three centuries, as myriads of small communities were formed by the preaching of the Gospel. Employing Paul’s Epistles, especially I Corinthians, Acts and Revelation, Lindsay discerns no Scriptural or visible basis for the Church to exist in uniformity of organization, ritual of worship or even creed. Synods which emerged beginning as necessary democratic congregational meetings in times of emergency evolved as instruments ensuring church organization! Local churches thus under bishops no longer enjoyed independence. Thought-provoking!

Well-reasoned conclusions! — A reviewer

Christianity and Greek Philosophy
B.F. Cocker

Brilliant! B.F. Cocker holds, in fine balance, the tension between Greek Spontaneous and Reflective Thought and Christ’s and His Apostles’ Positive Teaching for readers to appreciate the secular nature of religion. Cocker illustrates how Christianity stands upon the facts of both nature and humanity, emphasizing that Christianity gains its authority from the Divine events in Palestine and the broader foundations of the laws of reason. Reason and the God-given yearnings of the human heart are the germinal forces of history which developed under the first-ordained conditions, under God’s everlasting control.

Wonderful! — A reviewer

The Books of the New Testament
Leighton Pullan

A critical investigation constructed in a conservative spirit Leighton Pullan meets the pressing need for an introduction to the New Testament! Neither a hand-book nor an elaborate treatise, these eloquent arguments will appeal even to those unacquainted with the Greek language. In this 30-chapter work, Pullan surveys all the books of the New Testament with specific regard to the dates, the gospels, and a section wise study. Illuminative! A must read and a must own!

A very useful study aid! — A reviewer

Commentaries on the Epistles of Paul to the Galatians and the Ephesians
John Calvin

Calvin’s Commentaries not only shaped the Reformational churches of the sixteenth century, they continue, almost 500 years later, to exert a profound influence on the church today. They are a positive treasure trove either for in-depth sermon preparation or daily devotions. His instruction and guidance encourage, instruct, and edify the body of Christ. The warm pastoral and spiritual insights found in his exegesis make these two commentaries an endless refreshing and eye-opening interpretation of Scripture. Calvin’s theological depth and lucid writing style make Biblical truths a joy to discover!

Calvin excels beyond comparison in the interpretation of Scripture! — Arminius

Unsurpassed for originality, depth, perspicuity, soundness and permanent value! — Philip Schaff

Unbeatable! His ability to unpack a verse is breath-taking, and the insight is astounding! — Richard

A wealth of detail. Unsurpassed articulation and deep understanding of scripture! — Stephen Schlau

The Inspiration of the New Testament
Samuel C. Bartlett

Enlightening! Samuel C. Bartlett presents Inspiration as a very scriptural term used with profound reverence, to refer to the ultimate and divine authority of God’s word as "all scripture is given by inspiration of God". Christ Himself did not leave on record even one line of writing but chose twelve apostles whom He ordained to go forth and preach. The church, since that day, with remarkable unanimity, claims divine guidance and authority. Barltett gives very acceptable answers to the question of discrepancies in Scripture citing several cases. Very instructive!

Very informative! — A reviewer


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