Christianity and World Religions
Christianity and World Religions
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E4’s new collection Christianity and World Religions brings light to guide you through the bewildering whirlpool of belief systems that only appear to multiply. Access a cross-section of eminent authors who assist you to hear the still, small voice that speaks peace, joy, and everlasting hope! Investigate the place of Christianity in the world and distinguish between the counterfeit and the real. Heed the irresistible call of Christ!  

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Evidences of Christianity: A Debate Vol 1 & 2
Alexander Campbell

Vibrant and pulsating arguments from the famous month-long Campbell/Owen debate on the Evidences of Christianity in 1829! Featuring 25 speeches by each participant, with seven moderators, observe how Campbell effectively demolishes Robert Owen’s argument that all religion is false simply because different religions contradict each another. Owen tried to prove that life and society would prosper under atheism. Campbell categorically shows that the framework of society is built on religion and that Christianity and the Bible are true. Clear discussions for the existence of God! Very profitable!

"Great Arguments!" — A Reviewer

The Quran and the Bible
Sir William Muir

An exciting, unequalled apologetic, Muir’s, The Corân, its Composition and Teaching by (1855) proves that Prophet Muhammad accepted the Old and New Testaments as authentic and uncorrupted. With extensive quotations from the Qur’an, Muir’s dialectic on the Quran’s testimony to the Old and New Testaments is an exhaustive compilation of every passage in the Quran, without omission, which bears any direct or indirect reference to the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, whether favorable or (as some have tried to show) unfavorable to the integrity of the Bible. Excellent!

"Eye-opener!" — A Reviewer

How We Got our Bible
W.H. Griffith Thomas

An effective systematic treatment of Biblical structure, its 66 books and the reverence it commands. Thomas authenticates canonicity as a standard, explaining how the prophecies were accepted as authoritative because of their source. The Jews, therefore, accept the Old Testament as the divine standard of faith and practice. Emphasizing its inspiration, interpretation and purpose, its authority and trustworthiness, and the unity and progressive thought running right through it, Thomas reveals how the Bible was compiled, not as an authorized collection of books, but as a collection of authorized books! Great!

"Creates a deeper love of and desire for God!" — Rev. W. Graham Scroggie

Union and Communion
J. Hudson Taylor

Poetical and powerful, Taylor’s amazing overview of the Song of Solomon gleans gems from the rest of Scripture, setting them in context. Taylor calls the Church Christ’s Bride and highlights our inconstant relationship with Him; however, He is always willing to receive us when we repent and return. The Song reflects a believer’s life on earth. Union with and abiding in Christ provide perfect peace, constant rest, answered prayer, assured victory, holy living and ever-increasing fruitfulness. "A song which grace alone can teach and experience alone can learn!"

"Great book!" — slusherfa

"Very encouraging!" — O. P. Lokotkov

Oriental Religions and Christianity
Frank F. Ellinwood

With sharp focus on the phases of the conflict between Christian truth and the errors of other belief systems today, Ellinwood deals with practical issues. False systems have always existed. The communication facilities available today only serve to bring us into closer contact with them than ever before. Christians must recognize that the more thoroughly the Gospel of Christ is compared with the futile man-made systems of self-righteousness, the more meaningful it becomes. Ellinwood helps us understand these false religions and shows how the early Church dealt with them.

"Clear and constructive!" — A Reviewer

Leading Islamic Objections
W. St. Clair Tisdall

Solid and sensitive, A Manual of the Leading Muhammadan Objections to Christianity by Tisdall equips you to tackle Islamic subjects. Using Acts 17:23 as the Christian’s blue-print to handle controversy, Tisdall teaches the correct responses. Warning against desiring to silence an opponent or gain logical victory, he urges us to win souls. Preferring planned discussions on a few definite points, he pushes for a definite conclusion. Quoting Scripture in context and readily accepting truths common to Christianity and Islam he reveals how much truer some portions of the Quran are, than is believed. Phenomenal!

"Tool with a cutting edge!" — A Reviewer

Balance of Truth
C.G. Pfander

Rich yet simple, Mizan ul-Haqq is Pfander’s greatest work! Writing in the style of the Islamic theologians he presented the Christian gospel for Muslims. Believing that Muslims reading the Persian New Testament would acknowledge Christ as savior, he revealed the Bible as God’s inspired word, neither corrupted nor superseded. Explaining how the Qur’an itself testifies that the Christian scriptures are reliable and Christ is supreme, he also showed Islam’s fallibility. This triggered many carefully argued debates from recognized Islamic scholars, ringing in a new chapter in Muslim-Christian relations. Momentous!

"Very enlightening!"— Montgomery A. Lee

The Path of Life
C.G. Pfander

A veritable signpost! Identifying the restlessness within every human heart that seeks true happiness and peace as the inexorable force motivating men’s actions, C.G. Pfander shows how the world’s wealth and pleasure can never satisfy this inner longing. Man’s misery results from his sin and rejection of God. Pfander portrays Christ alone as Savior. All the man-devised remedies stemming from his belief systems to obtain pardon are unmasked as defective. Pfander discusses sin, its nature and consequences, how sin can be forgiven, and the eternal hope of a pardoned sinner!

"A beacon of hope!" — A Reviewer

The Book of Religions: Preface - Confession of Faith
John Hayward

Handy reckoner! Hayward has exhibited, with absolute impartiality and eloquence, the views, creeds, and beliefs of the world’s religious sects and denominations, with particular attention being paid to the rise, progress, and uniqueness of all the principal systems of religion in the United States today. An accurate account of the tenets of the various religions is presented, to view at a glance and facilitate a correct comparison of one creed or system with another, and each with the Bible. A very good evangelical tool!

"Makes for a great comparative study of religions!" — A reviewer

The Book of Religions: Church Statistics - Theological Schools
John Hayward

A ready reference to direct seekers desiring the correct knowledge of the ideologies or religious belief systems prevalent today! Hayward compares the similarities and dissimilarities among the various creeds and each belief system against Biblical truth, crystallizing our understanding and that of seekers with no definite opinions on religious subjects, helping them to finally decide. By contrasting the truths of Christianity against the wrong concepts held by idolaters, skeptics, and unbelievers, one can make a choice. Accurate statistics of the Church and Missionary have been drawn from annual revisions. Edifying!

"A wonderful study guide!" — A reviewer

What We Jews Believe
Samuel Cohon

Invigorating and informative, Cohon’s priceless thesis on Jewish beliefs is a detailed account of Judaism’s origins and history! With scientific objectivity and in plain prose he states the salient facts of Judaism, its ethics and phases of worship. Discussing God, history, the torah and its role today, Cohon shows Judaism, unlike Christianity, as having neither the concept of an explicit definition of faith nor established principles of faith for observant Jews. Judaism, an exacting belief system, affirms God’s existence and uniqueness and demands the strict performance of deeds or commandments. Instructive!

"A clear picture of Judaism!" — A reviewer

Christianity and Islam in Spain
Charles Reginald Haines

Fascinating and factual! Haines presents a comprehensive study covering a variety of historical topics. He brings to life the invasion of Spain by the barbarians, the rule of the Goths followed by Abdurrahman’s landing! The revolt of the Spaniards against the Arabs and Abdurrahman III saving Khalifate are next discussed. The rise of the Arab factions and the beginning of a merger of religions follows. Haines shows how Christianity and Islamic influences gradually began to change the character of Spain. Never has history been so real! Great read!

"His books are so cool!" — Sara

"Inspiring and interesting!" — Erin

The Rebuke of Islam
W.H.T. Gairdner

Excellent exposition! Gairdner is well recognized as one of leading proponents of the Christian response to Islam in the early 20th century. In this classic, he breaks significant new ground and displays approaches that have been developing between his time and the present. Having lived in Cairo for over 20 years, this British missionary of the Church Missionary Society displays a wealth of knowledge of Islam. However, right through the book the author very specially emphasizes the Person and work of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus.

"Well-researched study!"— A reviewer

The Apology of Al Kindy
Sir William Muir

Astounding! This best-known Christian Arabic apology in both the East and West by Sir Muir was originally written by Abd al-Masih ibn Ishaq al-Kindi, an Arabian-Christian of noble birth, to al-Hashimi during the height of Islamic rule in 830 AD. Translated as ‘The Epistle of Al Kindy’ this is a thoroughly documented refutation of Islam. Expounding on several topics, assessing the respective value of both belief systems from a historical and moral perspective, Muir presents the dialogue between these two, including extensive quotations from this ancient work. Amazing!

"Immensely useful work!"— A Reviewer

Ten Religions: Vol 1 Introduction - Gods of Egypt
James Freeman Clarke

Meticulous and mind-boggling! Ten Great Religions by Clarke comfortably introduces the ethnic religions, Confucianism Brahmanism Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and the gods of Egypt with their doctrines and customs. The results of modern investigations are listed, after over twenty-five years of research. In this comparative study, he shows the essence of each religious system, its creeds and where the similarities and differences from other belief systems lie. The origin and development, position in world history, positives and negatives, truths and errors, and influence of these systems on mankind become clearer by comparison.

"A quick and clear look at world religions!" — A Reviewer

Ten Religions: Vol 2 Gods of Greece and Christianity
James Freeman Clarke

Amazing analytical work! Clarke compares world religions identifying their completeness or defects, trueness or falsity and how each belief influences the races adopting it, and the regions it occupies. Clarke reveals the relation of each religion to human civilization, as a significant step in the progress of humanity. Studying the Greek gods, poets and philosophers, and those of Rome, including the Teutonic and Scandinavian religions, he concludes with Judaism and Islam, comparing them with the fullness of Christianity, "a religion of progress and universal Unity". Critical thinking at its best!

"Brilliant comparisons!" — A Reviewer


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