John: His Gospel and Epistles
John: His Gospel and Epistles
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Enjoy the writings of the great interpreters of Scripture down the ages! Engage with scholars as they explore the Apostle John’s singular account of the life and ministry of Christ, from E4’s new compilation, John: His Gospel and Epistles. Encounter Christ Jesus, who comes unbelievably close to be almost tangible! Envision a unique picture of God the Son in His entirety, as wholly man and supremely Divine. John’s record opens up the most intimate account of Christ in Holy Scripture, offering an incredibly intense look at Christ, as Savior of the world.  

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The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: The Gospel of John
Edited by R.A. Torrey

This invaluable multi-purpose, chain-reference system, topical Bible and commentary and all-in-one concordance contains around 500,000 Scripture references and parallel passages! This classic work includes the most exhaustive listing of Biblical key word cross-references, chapter synopses, topical references, parallel passages, and illustrative notes, revealing how the Bible interprets itself on every verse, topic and important word. Supplying lists of verses on biblical promises, doctrines and historical issues as well as prophecies and their fulfillment, spotlighting the objective of each passage, it offers a chronological framework for Biblical people, places and events.

"A great Biblical treasure!" — A reviewer

Personal Friendships of Jesus
J.R. Miller

Strong yet tender, J.R. Miller’s gentle though powerful account of the Lord Jesus’ earthly relationships with those He encountered in His life is truly heartwarming! Nothing reveals a man’s true nature better than his friendships. The kind of friend he is, reveals the man he really is. Similarly, Christ’s personal friendships unveil several beautiful aspects of His character. Miller thus opens up the possibility for us to enjoy divine friendship, with the unchanging Christ. Will draw you into a closer personal friendship with Jesus, a blessed much longed-for intimacy.

"A closer look at Christ!" — A Reviewer

An Examination of the Testimony of the Four Evangelists Vol 1 & 2
Simon Greenleaf

Eloquent arguments and unimpeachable evidence! Greenleaf is well recognized throughout jurist history for his instruction on rules of evidence. His expert analyses so flawlessly authenticate the Gospels as being admissible that neither the hardest-hearted skeptic nor the most honest inquirer can ignore the truth. Although the gospel writers emphasize different angles of the same event, all the Gospels are proven true. Greenleaf challenges all thinkers to an honest and diligent search for the truth. On examining and cross-examining the Evangelist’s testimony, Greenleaf proves the reliability of his record.

"A masterpiece by one of the most respected jurists of all time!"— Leonardo

"An excellent book for Christians and non-Christian alike!" — Robert E. Exum

The Gospel of St. John: The Word Became Flesh (John 1-3)
St. Thomas Aquinas

In this landmark exegetical commentary of lasting value, St. Thomas Aquinas illuminates the context and content of the inspired words of Scripture with sharp theological analysis. A peerless theological introduction to the Fourth Gospel, Aquinas, was at the zenith of his theological insight when he captured the speculative and constructive elements of theology as a unified coherent realm of rational inquiry. Thomas shows various shades of meaning in the Scriptural text distinguishing between the literal sense and the spiritual, emphasizing the divinity of Christ, the Incarnate Word. Enlightening!

"A whole new take on a familiar Gospel!" — A reviewer

The Gospel of St. John: The Healing Touch of Jesus (John 4-6)
St. Thomas Aquinas

A towering masterpiece! Characteristic of the medieval biblical commentators, Aquinas endeavors to unravel the meaning of a biblical text, not only in itself but also by comparing it with parallel interpretive texts from the entire Bible while giving the collective insights of the Church Fathers. Penetrating into the depth of Biblical thought, he recognizes that the Scripture was written in the context of Israel and the Church and raises theological questions within coherent speculative theological frameworks. This exploratory theological commentary emerges from a deep study of biblical texts. Amazing!

"Very helpful!" — Ilya Kozlov

The Gospel of St. John: Jesus, the Christ (John 7-9)
St. Thomas Aquinas

A grand display of Christ Jesus as God, the Father’s only begotten Son! Aquinas mines new meaning from Christ’s actions and teachings! Suggesting that Christ’s divinity was manifested through His doings in His life and in His death (12-21) Aquinas demonstrates Christ’s dominion over nature and the effects of grace. Explaining how spiritual regeneration happens in those who believe in Christ, Aquinas shows how they possess spiritual life, spiritual food, and spiritual teaching. Sometimes providing word-by-word explanations for verses, Aquinas explicitly discloses Christ’s Divinity, so crucial to understanding His Humanity.

"Decisive arguments!" — A reviewer

The Gospel of St. John: Jesus the Good Shepherd (John 10-12)
St. Thomas Aquinas

Rich in fact and firm in his observations, the genius of Aquinas’ commentary on a particular verse lies in the division of the text, where he actually sets every passage in context, or more often, in a set of grouped contexts. Aquinas categorically answers the fundamental question that the Gospel of John poses for us, which is, who Christ really is. Using the compelling evidence and eye-witness testimony of John, Aquinas reveals Christ’s shepherd-love for mankind and how He taught the disciples to love others in similar fashion. Challenging!

"Astute comments!" — A reviewer

The Gospel of St. John: Jesus and His Disciples (John 13-15)
St. Thomas Aquinas

Perceptive and incisive! Aquinas points to John’s exposition of Christ’s nature much more than the other Evangelists, particularly how Christ fulfilled the Scriptures. Referring to several prophecies and symbols of the Old Law, John understands Christ’s own prophetic words to His disciples and His actions as foreshadowing His passion, death, and resurrection. Aquinas highlights the divinity of Christ and the mystery of His humanity, conveying this through the relationship Christ enjoyed with His disciples. Richly rewarding! Leads us to a closer union with Christ.

"Keen discernment!" — A reviewer

The Gospel of St. John: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus (John 16-21)
St. Thomas Aquinas

Sharp and pointed, Aquinas’ keen understanding is evident, as he shows the believers in Christ Jesus the way to live. Belief that salvation comes through trust in the atoning death and resurrection of Christ does not imply that His commandments can be ignored. Unless we abide in Him no fruit can be produced, because without Christ we will have no power to follow His commandments, for they are in direct contrast to man’s carnal nature. Be truly transformed by His power, to obey the greatest commandment, which is Love.

"Valid and valuable arguments!" — A reviewer

The Fourfold Gospel: The Gospel of John
J.W. McGarvey and P.Y. Pendleton

A comprehensive, chronological, compare-and-contrast study of the four gospels! The authors’ pertinent comments and historical elements, besides the meticulous organization of the scriptures, present a good harmony to the Gospels. Apart from proving to be a tremendous aid as a personal Bible study tool, this is an asset to any library. All 26 lessons give a thorough knowledge of the life of the Lord Jesus while on the earth. Strengthen your belief that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and know that by your belief you have eternal life!

"Awesome!" — C. K. Mickey

"Great Bible study guide!" — Bible Study Lover

Geneva Study Bible (Gospel and Epistles of John)
Multiple authors

An evangelical tool with a cutting edge! The first complete English translation of the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek texts, the Geneva Bible is one of the most historically significant translations. Direct and scripturally sound, this commentary, due to its extensive marginal notes, was most popular and prominent during the 16th and 17th centuries, and the Bible of choice for several eminent writers, thinkers, and historical figures during the Reformation. However, the King James Bible, Authorized Version of 1611 gradually replaced it. Awesome work!

"Wonderful work!" — R. Bailey

"A treasure to own!" — Peter Hyatt

"The Best Study Bible Around!" — Chris Lee

A Life of St. John for the Young
George Ludington Weed

Charming and appealing, Weed’s dramatic unfolding of the Apostle John’s life is memorable! Using the few, yet distinct references to John’s birth and childhood Weed traces how John encountered Christ. One of the three disciples close to Christ, the beloved Apostle gave the clearest view of Christ Jesus. Introduced first as a boy growing in a Jewish environment, taught to await the Messiah and watch for His coming, and then as a young man rejoicing in finding and following Him, Weed indelibly portrays the faithful and loving disciple. Outstanding!

"Simply unforgettable!"— A reviewer

Exposition of the Gospel of John
A.W. Pink

A timeless exposition of over 1100 pages interpreting Scriptural texts in their immediate and canonical contexts! Pink strongly emphasizes that John’s Gospel etches an unforgettably beautiful picture of the deity of Christ. Using study questions, Pink stimulates you to ask the right questions rather than giving the right answers. His astute clarity and insight constantly test you to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the Truth. This verse-by-verse running commentary reveals spiritual relationships rather than human ties. Nowhere else in Scripture is the Godhood of Christ so fully expressed!

"Outstanding!" — Tehachapi

"Excellent resource!" — C. D. Rice

"A mammoth devotional work on John’s gospel!" — Dr. Marc Axelrod

"Best on the Gospel of John - Very Practical!" — Books and Woodworking

Eternal Security
A.W. Pink

Wielding the double-edged sword of Biblical truth, Pink affirms the "perseverance of the saints". Sounding a dire warning to the Christian to follow righteousness, he slices through prevalent unbiblical errors that one can lose his salvation and the modern doctrine that claims one can enjoy salvation without sanctification. A much-needed antidote to the sickly modern teaching on eternal security, Pink strengthens young, fearful Christians, safeguarding the honor and integrity of God and His Word, while decrying self-deception. Eternal Security is promised only to those born again and changed from within.

"Worth reading!" — Brian G Hedges

God’s Plan with Men
T.T. Martin

Striking! An evangelist turned avid advocate of the anti-evolution movement of the 1920s, Martin refocuses our attention on new slants of the old truths emphasizing their relation to each other. A wonderful guide to those seeking salvation, as well as for those who are already saved! Martin plainly points out God’s way of salvation to the seeker and simply shows God’s way of dealing with men after they are saved. Of special help to honest skeptics in breaking down their arguments against God and the Bible. Brilliant!

"Very useful evangelical tool!" — A reviewer

Origin of the Four Gospels
Constantine Tischendorf

With securely guarded critical judgment and earnest purpose this pioneering textual scholar of the New Testament discovered and transcribed very early manuscripts, notably the Codex Sinaiticus. This English translation from the original German bears testimony to his vast knowledge of early Christian literature and the oldest Latin, Greek and Syriac gospel manuscripts when it comes to ascertaining the date of the canonical gospel texts. Using the available facts, he presents clear, well-poised arguments that the gospel texts were established by the end of the first century. Phenomenal!

"Excellent scholarship!" — A reviewer

Word Pictures in the New Testament: John’s Writings
A.T. Robertson

Unequaled and incomparable, this cornerstone of Bible scholarship has held sway for over seventy-five years! Robertson’s Greek grammar has remained the gold standard against which all other grammars are judged. With pithy comments on most verses in the New Testament, most of his notes are technical in nature, although some are devotional. Robertson also communicates the feel and flavor of the Biblical passages as well their explicit meanings. Originally a six-volume set, this reference for Bible study is easy to read and enjoyable!

"I wish there were more like this!" — Michael J. Bellsmith

Commentary on the Gospel of John

Astounding examination and beautiful application! The first great interpreter of Scripture in the Church, Origen’s work is scientific and intellectual, showing unwearied diligence and rare and touching sensitivity. Origen describes why John’s is the most "theological" of the four gospels by investigating every word John has recorded. Sadly, only nine of original thirty-two books have been preserved. A great teacher who deliberately sets himself to the task of meticulous study of Scripture with many a shrewd observation, Origen has made an unsurpassed contribution. Exceptional!

"Early Biblical exegesis at its best!" — Mikael Fälthammar


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