The Portable Seminary Library Vol. 1
The Portable Seminary Library Vol. 1
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Empowering and edifying, this set is offered especially to expose Christians to various areas of seminary training, including church history, theology, commentaries and preaching that exalt Jesus in the heart and mind. E4s collection, The Portable Seminary Library Vol. 1 presents resources of a seminary curriculum in a convenient format perfect for those who find seminary education inaccessible or unaffordable. These works infuse new life, are foundational and classic, often challenging and always instructive. E4 brings a seminary education to your fingertips in this highly profitable personal resource.  

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Man: The Dwelling Place of God
A.W. Tozer

Resoundingly realistic! Wonderful insights flow out of A.W. Tozer’s exploration of the relationship between God and man. Uniquely gifted, Tozer opens the Word, with impactful and convicting writing, urging us to begin with a right view of God, and follow it as the very purpose of life. Delving into scripture, he challenges us to see God afresh, revealing what is missing from the church and individual. Be ushered into God’s presence as he stills your restless spirit. Seek God for Himself, never as a means towards something. Read and reread!

"Must Read!" — srm

"A Treasure!" — E. Pea

"Very inspiring and uplifting!" — Sandra Siever

The Dawn of World Redemption
Erich Sauer

Vividly revealing God’s great salvation plan, Sauer declares that salvation’s history stands with the authority of Christ Jesus. Christ decisively acknowledged the most challenged Old Testament events, particularly the account of Adam and Eve, the Flood and the prophet Jonah! Therefore, faith in the Scriptures as Divine revelation with indestructible authority, is neither by mechanical acceptance nor blind belief! The Bible is one complete record of salvation, a living organism, and a system of prophecy fashioned out in history, according to plan, with Christ at its very center! Amazing!

"A must read!" — neugebauer

"He puts his finger on the very heart of the Gospel on every page!" — Dr. Billy Graham

Alphabetical Sermons of G. Campbell Morgan (A-F)
G. Campbell Morgan

This is a timeless gem containing meditations on Scriptural truths, outlines and evaluations which are always clear and easy to understand. Preaching in depth and yet with very comprehensible vocabulary. G. Campbell Morgan deals with confrontation in life, comforting readers who struggle with life’s difficulties. Tender and full of hope every sermon will strengthen, giving courage and fortitude. A profound question, backsliding, Christ in you, death abolished, eternal life, fellowship with God are some sermons included. A blessing!

"One of the greatest Bible expositors of his generation!" — Billy Graham

Alphabetical Sermons of G. Campbell Morgan (G-L)
G. Campbell Morgan

Inspiring thoughts in every sermon, G. Campbell Morgan’s love for the Lord, heart for the people, realistic view of the world, and understanding of God’s presence are clearly evident. Well-known and sought after, these sermons in alphabetical order, include the God-governed life, hope, If Christ did not die, Jesus and sinners, Keep yourselves in the love of God, Light and Darkness besides others. Be encouraged and challenged as the words of life continue to their work in the life of every reader. Remarkable!

"Will inform, inspire, and powerfully encourage!" — John M. Buchanan

Alphabetical Sermons of G. Campbell Morgan (M-R)
G. Campbell Morgan

Elevating and enriching, these sermons from G. Campbell Morgan carry on the work of restoration and regeneration of the spirit, as when addressed to the hearers of his day. With thorough and meticulous treatment of every topic, these sermons such as Maranatha, Nehushtan, Our hope and Inheritance, Peace, Righteousness or Revenue are enlightening and heartening. Will throw much light on subjects that are not popular with the preaching of today! Highly interesting!

"The greatest Bible teacher of his day!" — Philip Evans

Alphabetical Sermons of G. Campbell Morgan (S-Z)
G. Campbell Morgan

Invigorating and bracing, G. Campbell Morgan’s sermons are a spiritual restorative! Revitalizing strength flows through every sermon, equipping the Christian with knowledge and power to face the vicissitudes of life. The Secret of the Lord, Tragedy of life without faith, Unpardonable sin, Victorious Christian life, Way to the Altar, Young ruler, are some sermons in this set which will set you thinking and spur you on to action. Imbibe new life from these words of Scripture set forth in simple yet effective terms. Fortifying!

"Masterful preaching!"— Jeff D. Sanders

A Brief Bible History: A Survey of the Old and New Testaments
James Oscar Boyd and J. Gresham Machen

Exhilarating reflections! James Oscar Boyd and J. Gresham Machen survey the history of God’s redeeming grace. In this detailed and crystal clear review of Old Testament history, the authors disclose the flowing stream of God’s redeeming purposes down through times gone by. They also review New Testament history, unfolding the broadening and deepening of that purpose, for us who believe and for mankind as a whole, fulfilled in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Church. A thrilling read!

"Captivating uplifting thoughts!" — A Reviewer

The Expositor’s Bible: The Epistles of John
William Alexander

Alexander’s coherent contemplation of John’s Epistles gives the satisfaction of completeness! The four discourses of Part One set the historical stage, draw comparisons between John’s Epistles and Gospel, reveal the polemical element while unearthing enduring principles and finally exposing John’s very soul, which are the essentials of the spiritual life. Part Two contains Alexander’s translations from the original Greek and Latin. Alexander traces John’s life as he connects John’s gospel and epistles, presenting a defense and confirmation of the Gospel and the consistency of the whole Epistle. Awesome!

"Brilliant and valuable exegesis!" — Literary Churchman

"Eloquent and impressive, thorough knowledge of the subject!" — Scotsman

The Expositor’s Bible: The Gospel of Matthew
John Monro Gibson

Matthew’s gospel, "for all nations for all the days" comes alive! The basis of all apostolic preaching and writing, this gospel highlights Christ’s life and the great truths which lie at the foundation of our faith and hope. Giving marvelous proof of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Gibson’s chapter-wise exposition presents Matthew’s appeal first to the heart of the devout Jew, showing Christ as the One who fulfilled ancient prophecy and promise, realized the true ideal of the kingdom of God and substantiated His claim as the longed-for Savior-King.

"Brilliant exposition!" — A Reviewer

In Christ Jesus
A.T. Pierson

Scintillating slants on seven characteristics of being "In Christ Jesus." A.T. Pierson explores the themes of how a Christian can be "justified" according to Romans; "sanctified" as the Corinthian letters teach; "crucified to the world" as seen in Galatians; "ascended with Christ" as Ephesians reveals; "satisfied" as Philippians explains it; "complete" by the Colossian instruction; and "glorified" as in the letters to the Thessalonians. Pierson emphasizes the one truth of the Gospel that is fundamental and undergirding all else, a new life in Christ Jesus! Life-changing!

"Phenomenal teaching!" — A Reviewer

A History of the Reformation Vol. 2
T.M. Lindsay

Fast paced and gripping! T.M. Lindsay records comprehensive and easy to read scenes! He evokes brilliant pictures of the Reformation in Germany which birthed the Lutheran churches, the Reformation which produced the Reformed or Calvinistic churches in Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Scotland, and also the English Reformation under Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth, which created the Anglican Churches. Declaring that the Word of God becomes infallible to a person because of the Holy Spirit’s witness, he revives the spirit of the reformation! Stirring!

"Invaluable church history!"— A Reviewer

Biblical Geography and History
Charles Foster Kent

An unforgettable, practical and illuminating study of Biblical geography! Kent views geography from the perspective of divine character and purpose expressing itself through natural forces, whether in the physical contours of the earth, the animate world, or in the activities of man. The Hebrews paid keen attention as God addressed them through nature. With figures from the picturesque Palestinian life, Kent’s sharp and accurate observations are confirmed at every point. He intelligently interprets and appreciates the ancient Scriptures by furnishing geographical data for every Bible student. A great reference!

"Riveting reading!" — Karen

Christian Missions and Social Progress
James S. Dennis

A forceful vindication of the social value of mission work! Dennis acknowledges the vibrant power of the missionary in social progress, "a molding influence upon national life and a factor of importance in commercial expansion, as well as a stimulus to religious reformation of both the individual and society as a whole." This well-supported documentation with real-life data from 300 missionaries across the globe, recounts the wonderful visible changes that missions and missionaries have wrought wherever they sacrificially served! Recognizing Christianity as a social dynamic in world history!

"Of immense historical value!" — A reviewer

19th Century Princeton Seminary Sermons
Multiple authors

A veritable palette of scriptural truths! Thirty-one inspiring sermons, rightly dividing the Word of truth, are presented in this collection of eminent writers including Rev. Dods, Charles Hodge, B. B. Warfield and others. A wealth of thought and encouragement for daily living these works have neither lost their cutting edge nor their appeal, although they are about a century old. Solid study material for the serious student of the word! Much to meditate upon and internalize! Highly useful study tool!

"A mine of spiritual teaching!" — A reviewer


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