The Art and Science of Biblical Interpretation
The Art and Science of Biblical Interpretation
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Feel the spiritual force and fire of the Holy Spirit’s work during the institution of Christianity in human history! Unravel the complexity of Biblical record with this collection of vintage expositions, highly relevant today! Appreciate the keen observations from Biblical texts and perceptive comments of these writers. Stand astounded by the glorious regularity of the irregular as the Holy Spirit steadily established the early Church. Retain the simplicity of the gospel and realize the power and sweep of its influence! Be refreshed by E4’s The Art and Science of Biblical Interpretation.  

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Commentary on Romans: The Gospel Proclaimed (Ch. 1-4)
Robert Haldane

This beautifully balanced Commentary on Romans by Robert Haldane expresses Paul’s declaration of God’s Grace and affirms the necessity for holiness in a Christian’s life. This solid commentary focuses on God’s sovereignty, the Christian Sabbath and its perfect fulfillment in light of the Old Testament Levitical laws. With thoughtful comments in harmony with God’s word and Paul’s writings, this classic commentary on the Roman epistle unequivocally announces the gospel! A must have for every serious exegetic, well worth adding to a library! Simply excellent!

"A masterpiece!" — J. White

"Very Good Commentary!" — Mr. Jackets

"Next to Hodge & Murray, Haldane is tops!" — John Chrysostom

Commentary on Romans: The Death of Christ for Sinners (Ch. 5-9)
Robert Haldane

Brilliant, warm and practical in application, Haldane is at his supreme best in his Commentary on Romans. His contemplations on this mighty epistle are quite absolutely the best and will help to set straight the many fears and doubts that sometimes distress believers regarding their assurance of salvation through the atoning death of Christ. Avoiding technical and scholarly language, this simple to understand and largely pastoral exegesis is a highly useful reference for anyone learning or teaching the book of Romans.

"Very good!" — Troy Megahan

"Wow! The best commentary on Romans I’ve read so far!" — Tristan

Commentary on Romans: The Work of Christ and the Renewal of the Mind (Ch. 10-16)
Robert Haldane

A scriptural stimulant, Haldane’s Commentary on Romans is a down-to-earth, effective teaching tool. Experience the unsurpassed pleasure in the ’warmth of the spirit’ in which he writes. Writing to instruct and to move, Haldane’s skill is evident as both an expositor and a preacher! Although a great advocate of orthodoxy, he does not hold it as an end in itself, insisting that it lead to love and life. Be inspired to enter more deeply into that same spirit. Ranked among the best commentaries available on Romans!

"Excellent Commentary!" — jbdollar

"Possibly the VERY BEST commentary ever written on Romans!" — Winnen Russ

Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans and Corinthians
Alexander MacLaren

Enlivening and enlightening! Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans and Corinthians by Alexander MacLaren is a compilation of many of his sermons delivered during his fifty years in ministry. MacLaren’s powerful sermons, arranged text wise are broadly evangelical, highly practical and dynamic. MacLaren’s life was his ministry and his ministry was his life. One among the expert expositors of the nineteenth century, his passionate devotion to the study of Scripture is evident, although he does not comment on every verse. A wonderful study companion! Highly acclaimed work!

"True expository genius!" — John Edwards

"As an expository preacher none equals Maclaren!" — F. B. Meyer

"Most exact scholarship and spiritual enthusiasm!" — A. T. Robertson

The Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans: The Power of the Gospel (Ch. 1-8)
H.C.G. Moule

Irresistibly draws you into the life of a marvelous man, and above all into the love of an incomparable God! H.C.G. Moule in his 35-chapter work The Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans reveals his ever deepening reverence and wonder in the richness of Paul’s writings. As he expounds the book of Romans he succeeds in illuminating this difficult epistle while pointing to its practical applications. This verse-by-verse commentary includes Moule’s own translation, emphasizing details, while putting them into Biblical context. Awesome!

"Clear and crisp commentary!" — A Reviewer

The Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans: The Proclamation of the Gospel (Ch. 9-16)
H.C.G. Moule

Profit from this profound scholar! H.C.G. Moule in his work The Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans appeals to the seeker and Bible student alike, in simple and plain terms that are far from overwhelming! An invaluable standard commentary Moule leaves you with an even deeper sense of reverence and wonder of what God can do through man! A true book of devotion, vividly describing Paul the man, the time and place in which he lived, and virtually bringing the great apostle’s writings to life! Enthralling!

"A great way to study the Roman epistle!" — A Reviewer

The Book of Acts
G. Campbell Morgan

Enjoy the fiery, vigorous, insight of early twentieth century English preaching! G. Campbell Morgan’s narrative, with paragraph-by-paragraph comments rather than a verse-by-verse or word-by-word explanation is the story of the first movements of Christianity. Pinpointing principles, mentioning methods, and figuring out failures, Morgan highlights the pages of inspired Church history, to reveal the true meaning and mission of the Church in the history of the world. A great commentary on a crucial slice of world history with exposition based on exegesis!

"Vintage but VERY helpful!" — Edward J. Vasicek

"Love this author-this volume is worth owning!" — David A. Bielby

The Gospel According to Matthew: The Ministry of Christ Jesus (Ch. 1-14)
G. Campbell Morgan

Exhilarating! Seventy-two striking sermons from G. Campbell Morgan make The Gospel according to Matthew an unforgettable reading experience. Carefully retaining the roughness and directness of the spontaneity of the spoken Word, Morgan surveys Theocracy in its entirety while presenting Christ as King. Beginning with Christ’s mystic entry into human history, His authoritative ethical elocution, the mercy of His method, the majesty of His Crucifixion, and the grandeur of His Resurrection, to the declaration of controlling all authority and the command to disciple the nations, we are in the King’s presence.

"Best Commentaries on the Gospels!" — R. Webb

The Gospel According to Matthew: The Death and Sufferings of Christ Jesus (Ch. 15-28)
G. Campbell Morgan

Driving passion and love for the word earned G. Campbell Morgan the title, "the prince of expositors"! In The Gospel according to Matthew it is very evident that Morgan’s primary text and tool was the Bible! He vastly influenced the evangelical preaching both in England and America. Carefully studying the Bible in context, he examined, evaluated, and expounded the truth of Scripture combining clear and compelling arguments to show that the death and suffering of Christ is our only plea for salvation. Beautiful!

"Riveting!"— A Reviewer

The Book of Acts: The Spirit and the Church (Acts 1-14)
Alexander MacLaren

Powerful! Exposition of Holy Scripture: The Book of Acts by Alexander MacLaren reveals his commitment and loyalty to the word and his church. Highly reputed as scholar and Bible teacher, MacLaren terms book of Acts an unfinished fragment! Despite recording only snippets of information on the early believers, some of whom are seldom or not even mentioned by name, the book of Acts remains a moving account of the times from Church infancy to early church discipline. However, note the perfect God-designed system even in the brevity of the record.

"The awesome sovereignty of God!"— A Reviewer

The Book of Acts: Bearing Witness to Jesus (Acts 15-28)
Alexander MacLaren

Sense the Spirit at work! Alexander MacLaren in Exposition of Holy Scripture: The Book of Acts refreshes our hearts with his portrayal of the sweeping movement of the Holy Spirit and His primary role in magnifying the name of the Lord Jesus. Setting a high standard for clarity and thoroughness he translates his thoughts to expression and his statements to the truth of the Gospel, the good news that salvation is by no other name except Christ Jesus, to all men, for all time. Phenomenal work!

"A new look at the book of Acts!" — A Reviewer

Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts
Sir Frederic Kenyon

Exciting explorations by Sir Frederic Kenyon in Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts is an eye-opener! A renowned scholar of ancient languages, his was a lifelong study of the Bible, particularly the New Testament as an historical text. He shows how Egyptian papyri and other archeological evidence can substantiate the narrative of historical events recorded in the Gospels. This extensive handbook contains references to major manuscripts, early versions, patristic quotations, and lectionaries used in the textual criticism of the New Testament. Valuable to both scholars and amateur seekers!

"Highly interesting!" — A Reviewer

Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles
J.W. McGarvey

Delightful! J.W. McGarvey’s Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles is characterized by amazing depth and lucidity. This classic commentary is greatly helpful as a teaching manual. McGarvey covers the text in depth paying attention to detail. It is best to read it through, consecutively, as he has made pertinent and clear author’s connection of thought throughout the text to render it more instructive, particularly wherever the text presents important issues that have a bearing upon the great religious questions prevalent at that time. Exquisite!

"A spiritual gem!" — Peter B.

An Exposition of the Acts of the Apostles
W. Kelly

Invaluable guidance! An Exposition of the Acts of the Apostles by W. Kelly. This is a profound and detailed work with scholarly inputs. Recounting the inspired history of how the foundation of the church of God was laid upon earth at the time of the giving of the Holy Spirit, including the earliest establishment of the churches, as well as the practices implemented, Kelly paints several indelible pictures. This is a boon to those churches who desire to be ruled by God’s will rather than by human counsel and management!

"A great guide!" — A Reviewer


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