The Writings of John Calvin
The Writings of John Calvin
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Rediscover the fascinating fact of truth conquering error, doctrine winning through deception, and light overcoming darkness, as the Reformation drama unfolds! Catch a vision of God from Calvin’s superlative and monumental works, still among the grandest writings of Christian theology! Be stirred by the heroism of the martyrs, and humbled by God’s means to thwart the schemes of the enemies of church and state. Be open to the lofty thoughts from heaven’s perspective, and appreciate God’s sovereignty through mankindís history! Be stirred and challenged by E4’s The Writings of John Calvin Library!  
Just Released on Feb 12th 2013!!
The Institutes of the Christian Religion: The Knowledge of God and His Son
John Calvin

Incisive! Calvin’s The Institutes of the Christian Religion analyzes the early chapters of the Roman epistle highlighting God’s revelation of Himself to all humanity through the light of conscience and creation. Explaining, that men, although created with a body and a soul comprising the intellect and will, try to suppress this God-given knowledge, they are rightfully condemned under it. This clear and organized outline of the "basics" of the Christian faith illuminates God’s word and God’s spirit, and a defense for the Trinity and the deity of Christ.

"Simply Exquisite!" — Jeffrey Leach

"Opus Magnum of Theology!" — LRH

"Spiritually rich and valuable!" — Derek Brown

The Institutes of the Christian Religion: The Grace of Christ and the Church
John Calvin

An expository masterpiece! Appreciate Calvin’s blindingly clear refutations and well-defined rebuttals of theological arguments by both Catholic theologians and Reformation personalities. Discussing the work of the Spirit, particularly referring to faith and repentance, Calvin portrays the Christian life as one of self denial. Differentiating between the true and false church, this deep study of reformed theology awakens us to a sobering although more satisfying reality that to know ourselves, we must know God as He reveals Himself to us in nature and the Bible. A must for any theological library!

"Timeless work!" — Brian Huseland

"An excellent resource!" — Dave Gil

"Rock Solid Theology, 500 Years Strong!" — Keanu Heydari

"Masterfully written, Christ-centered theology!" — Brian G Hedges

Secret Providence of God
John Calvin

Articulate and thorough! Secret Providence of God presents Calvin’s defense of God’s sovereign control of history. Enjoy the magnificent wonder and glorious joy of knowing God selected and adopted you into His family. Demonstrating why the doctrine of divine sovereignty lies at the very core of the Reformation, and why it commands such singular doctrinal, pastoral, and ecclesiastical importance, he defusing false assertions. Calvin affirms the meaning of the truth of scripture, resolutely refusing to apply scripturally unwarranted analogies to God, while establishing that God’s ways are mysterious and unfathomable! Brilliant!

"Makes you really think!" — Larry

"Full of wonderful theology!" — Joseph

"Robust defense of God’s providential rule of history!" — Michael G. Haykin

Tracts and Letters
John Calvin

Long unavailable, Tracts and Letters, contains three volumes of Calvin’s tracts and four volumes of letters, penned between 1528 and 1564. Revealing Calvin’s insight on several problematic issues, including his disagreements with Rome, and documenting his correspondence with kings, fellow reformers, and friends, they include miscellaneous tracts on the Reformation, general summaries of the Truth, Christ’s Presence in Communion and the refutation of the far-fetched dogma of soul sleep. Calvin’s unwavering concern, unswerving evangelistic ardor, and unshakeable belief in the final authority of God and His word are unmatched!

"Stirring!" — A Reviewer

What Happens to the Soul After Death?
John Calvin

Enlightened elucidation! In Psychopannychia Calvin unconditionally and scripturally counters the error that the human soul sleeps between death and the final judgment. Dwelling chiefly on the scriptural argument, he carefully examines the Biblical references that supposedly advocate this dogma, and adduces others by which it is completely overthrown. He avers man’s soul is distinct from the body, with substantiality and immortality, which lives on in a conscious state, having feeling and rationality. Calvin’s principle of uninterruptable progress connects time and eternity, history and the end times! Illuminating!

"Highly relevant and informative!" — A Reviewer

Treatise on Relics
John Calvin

A real eye opener! Calvin’s Treatise on Relics reveals the almost unbelievable deceptions that the Catholic Church has campaigned for, specifically in the veneration of relics purported to possess healing powers or other beneficial spiritual effects. Listing the gamut of objects venerated in various churches he critically shows how little proof their claims have and how obviously they were used to take advantage of the gullible. This classic treatise on the absurdities engrafted on the True Christian Faith, by the corrupt Church of Rome is a shocking revelation!

"Interesting!" — Michael J. Boyle

John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching & His Influence
William Wileman

Gripping! William Wileman examines the intrinsic connection between Calvin’s life and thought in this lucid portrayal of John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching & His Influence. He scrutinizes the experiences of Calvin’s formative years in Paris and Geneva and connects them to his theology. Calvin preached and wrote prolifically showing excellent skills, particularly in the development of an argument on Scripture, always striving to further growth in the relationship between the believers and God. Wileman concludes with a critical examination of Calvinism. Rare! Relish and reread!

"A treasure for all time!" — A Reviewer

The Exile Turns Preacher (Ch. 1-3)
J.H. Merle D’Aubigne

Breathtaking historic scenes! The five volumes of J.H. Merle D’Aubigne’s History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin is the ultimate testimony of the protestant history of the Reformation. Reformation history blazes to life with different characters on stage. The unexpectedness and scope of this revolution began with God and among men. The urge was birthed by Omniscience; the dramatic change accomplished by Omnipotence. The energetic actions of men and of nations in violent collision. Bask in the full light of historic truth! Imagination breathing life into real facts!

"A must read!" — Wesley

Calvin and His Disciples (Ch. 4-6)
J.H. Merle D’Aubigne

Convincing and as close to reality as it can get, History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin by J.H. Merle D’Aubigne sweeps us into the Reformation period, the ‘watershed moment’ for all of human history, which influenced culture, the arts, philosophy, and science, over the following three centuries. Using Calvin’s life and the church in Geneva to relate the broad scope of religious reform during the sixteenth century, D’Aubigne explores the nature of religious freedom, political liberty, and their influence on human history post the Reformation. Unbeatable!

"The most popular Protestant history of the Reformation ever written!"— J. W. Thompson

The Evangelical Christians of Paris (Ch. 7-9)
J.H. Merle D’Aubigne

One of the few exegetical works that have outlived their generation! Transporting one through Germany, France and England during the Reformation, benefit from this definitive, protestant account of the Reformation. Using letters from the reformers themselves, and some from their enemies and friends, he brings to life different scenes in history. Quoting historical documents, including the Papal Bull, the 95 Theses and Tetzel’s Theses, D’Aubigne acknowledges the sovereignty of God, showing that the events he recounts are God-ordained and decreed. An excellent resource on the Reformation!

"God in History!" — Sarah

Martyrdom at Stake (Ch. 10-12)
J.H. Merle D’Aubigne

Poignant reminder! History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin by J.H. Merle D’Aubigne focuses on the price paid by the well-known and unsung heroes and martyrs in whose blood the history of the Reformation was written. Citing the facts of the Reformation in Germany, German Switzerland, France, England, Western Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe, D’Aubigne’s narrative, draws the divine curtain back to show God’s guiding hand in the matters of His church during the Protestant Reformation, presenting the progress of the great transformation as a single picture!

"Superb!" — John Lowery

Institutes of the Christian Religion (Ch. 13-15)
J.H. Merle D’Aubigne

Unparalleled! History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin by J.H. D’Aubigne is the fruit of having spent over 60 years of his life with Calvin, closely watching and investigating the least of his writings, thus depicting for us a "living Calvin!" Few writers could match the remarkable narrative skill that he displays while recounting the true face of the Reformation. Prof. F. Bonifas states the "wealth and authenticity of information, breadth and loftiness of view and a deeply religious and Christian inspiration" D’Aubigne provides are unmatched.

"Quite simply an unequalled work!" —A Reviewer

John Calvin and the Psalmody of the Reformed Churches
Louis Fitzgerald Benson

Impeccable work! John Calvin and the Psalmody of the Reformed Churches by Benson’s deals with the development of church music in Geneva during Calvin’s lifetime. Hymnologist, author, and historian, Benson focuses on every facet of Christian worship, especially hymnology and congregational singing in the Calvinist tradition. To Benson the hymn belongs to the spirit, and hymnody is essentially a spiritual function proceeding from the heart! While the hymn is a melody within an individual heart, hymnody symbolizes the harmony of brotherhood. Sing with renewed spirit!

"A foremost hymnologist!" — Dr. Henry Jackson van Dyke

The Life of John Calvin
Theodore Beza

Connect with the commitment and the compelling intensity that characterizes The Life of John Calvin by Theodore Beza. This primary source book from a colleague’s perspective recounts the history of the Reformation and Calvin’s drive to reform the church through arduous study and teaching of the Word. Beza’s affection for Calvin as fellow-brother in Christ, pastor, friend, and co-worker adds a personal touch. Beza’s summarizes all the written and spoken defenses Calvin raised for true doctrine, including a comprehensive list of every heretic or dissenter whom Calvin encountered. A must-read!

"A treasure!" — Annie

"Very interesting!" — Mr. Rich

Harmony of the Evangelists
John Calvin

Engaging commentary! Harmony of the Evangelists by Calvin is a fresh new look at the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke as a whole. As always, Calvin’s commentary focuses on everyday concerns and he incorporates perceptive practical insights right through. Highly popular its incomparable observations, power, and instruction make it an important and useful interpretation, well deserving of the value placed on it as an essential Bible study tool! Pastor and lay person alike will find Calvin’s grasp of Scripture and explanatory skills of great worth!

"The depth of his understanding of the Scriptures was phenomenal!" — Andre

"Superb! Good for reference and sermon preparation!" — Giancarlo Montemayor


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