Christianity and Science at a Crossroads
Christianity and Science at a Crossroads
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Explore scientific pursuits, engage with Christian beliefs and encounter ancient and modern philosophies that exert a profound impact even today. Discover the operation of the Natural Law in the Spiritual Sphere. Experience the metamorphosis of concept shifts from fervent belief in God to flat denial of His existence to flagrant disregard for Him. For those hungry for a new understanding of the human experience as it challenged various frontiers over the centuries, E4’s Christianity and Science at a Crossroads Library opens up avenues of thought from renowned authors, with wide ranging concepts!  
Just Released on Feb 26th 2013!!
Natural Law in the Spiritual World Henry Drummond

Phenomenal! In Natural Law in the Spiritual World Drummond, with scrupulous fairness, exposes how the natural law (science) and spiritual law integrate to reflect the Divine Truth of Christian spirituality. Outstanding scientist and missionary, Drummond rejects the concept of an artificial division between the natural and the Spiritual, categorically refuting anything as "supernatural". The Spiritual is merely the continuation of the natural by different means, the natural being a lower order of the Spiritual! Especially helpful for agnostics, atheists, and skeptics! Thought provoking!

"A Profound Study!" — sbd

"A masterpiece of God’s revelation in nature!" — Ray Lyon

"Outstanding discourse on difficult and complex topics!" — Judith

Creation and Its Records Creation and Its Records
B.H. Baden-Powell

A stimulating defense against disbelief, Baden-Powell’s Creation and Its Records Creation and Its Records addresses Christians to strengthen their trust in the existence of a Creator Designer with references to modern facts and ancient scripture. Seeks to calm the perplexed and prevent unreasonable alarm and useless opposition to the tenets of modern science. Dispelling groundless fears on how much credence modern theories deserve, these lectures disarm the prejudices of the educated although not the scientifically critical reader by simply showing how little the theory of cosmic evolution is really proven. Impressive!

"Reassurance for the anxious!" — A Reviewer

The Christian Faith in the Modern World
J. Gresham Machen

Hard hitting and striking, Machen’s The Christian Faith in the Modern World addresses needs of the present day and how to meet them. He deals with the basic questions of how God can be known, and if the Bible is genuinely God’s word. If God has spoken how should man respond? Can the Bible be defended? Carefully representing the deity and humanity Christ, His teachings, death and resurrection, Machen calls upon Paul’s testimony to Christ and the Holy Spirit! Very useful for personal and group study!

"Challenging!" — A Reviewer

A Doubter’s Doubt about Religion and Science
Sir Robert Anderson

Demolishing disbelief! A Doubter’s Doubts about Religion and Science by Sir Robert Anderson carefully examines the science and religions of his times and finds where they falter. Dealing with how life actually originated and discussing the theories of Darwin and Spencer in particular as well as the ideologies of others like A. J. Balfour, and the views held by agnostics and skeptics, he answers the question, "Is Christianity Divine?" and ends with a clear direction of how to read the Bible and find its truths to live by them.

"Powerful and practical!" — A reviewer

The Ascent of Man
Henry Drummond

Provocative! Henry Drummond in The Lowell Lectures on the Ascent of Man examines Darwinism in a Christian context. Regarding Man as the highest purpose of the universe and his relationship with the rest of creation, he tackles the much overlooked question of altruism and its role in promoting the survival of the fittest. Unlike traditional evolutionary theory, Drummond claims the evolutionary force of to be not only a struggle for life, but also the struggle for the life of others, presenting the evolutionary process over outright creation, as infinitely nobler!

"Evolution from an interesting angle!" — A reviewer

The New Evangelism
Henry Drummond

Superb scholarship and spirituality! Henry Drummond in The New Evangelism and Other Papers comes across as one of the first thinkers to attempt to reconcile religion and science. Drawing standing-room-only crowds at all venues, worldwide, his messages continue to remain as inspiring. He represented the best of erudition and theology! No single fact in Science has ever discredited a fact in Religion. His transparency, spiritual depth, geniality, scientific mind, and genuine interest in people stemmed from his greatest passion, to know Christ Jesus and make Him known to others.

"One of my favorite thinkers!" — Peter Stone

Christianity and Science
Andrew P. Peabody

Enriching! Peabody, in Christianity and Science hammers home the reality that Holiness is the highest attainment of a rational soul. It is the greatest good within Man’s reach, the greatest good in the universe, the indispensable prerequisite for heaven, and without substitute. In ten assorted lectures defining science and Christianity citing evidence, authenticating Scripture, debunking heresies, presenting Christ’s humanity and deity, and unraveling miracles, he also defends Christ’s resurrection. Using experiment as a test of scientific truth, he defines Christianity as life changing, a perennial energy source and support, sustaining hope in death.

"Awesome work!" — A Reviewer

Relations between Religion and Science
Frederick Temple

Very interesting! Frederick Temple’s Eight Bampton lectures are found in The Relations between Religion and Science, a discourse on, perhaps the then most hotly debated issue, between scientific and religious beliefs. Grappling with issues like free will, knowledge, evolution, and supernatural power, he also addresses the origin and nature of scientific and religious beliefs and the apparent conflicts they throw up. He concludes that science and religion complement each other rather than compete with one another, and both are incomplete on their own. Flawless logic!

"Brilliant discussion!" — A Reviewer

Darwinian Theory and Its Consequence
Rudolf Schmid

Monumental subjects made simple! The Theories of Darwin and their Relation to Philosophy, Morality and Religion by Rudolf Schmid beams light upon Darwin’s theories of evolution and the "descent" of man. He first ascertains how far the Evolutionary Theory represents a universal fact connected with the origin and development of Organic Life. Then he tries to estimate the relative significance of these facts in the Philosophy of Nature. It is only by redemption through Christ that Man can reconcile with God, thus reconciling faith and knowledge, religion and culture. Great!

"Darwin’s Theories Evaluated and Explained!"— Frank D

Twilight and Dawn
Caroline Pridham

Nuggets of undiluted truth! Twilight and Dawn by Caroline Pridham presents plain truths to equip young readers with the Absolute truth before they encounter counterfeit teaching, particularly to know that the Story of Creation is not the Story of Evolution. She strongly advocates that the mind which has been carefully grounded in what is true may confidently be expected to detect and firmly refuse what is erroneous, no matter the guise it presents itself in. Peppered with charming old world poetry, and illustrations this is a treasure for the young.

"A blessing for young hearts!" — A Reviewer

The Christian Foundation, Or, Scientific and Religious Journal
Multiple Authors

Explosive! The Christian Foundation, or, Scientific and Religious Journal by Multiple Authors, includes a fascinating collection of interesting myths, ancient folklore, fictitious and fanciful narratives concerning the gods, so well presented to reveal the utter absurdity of the notion that the religion of the Bible is of mythical origin! Expertly identifying the phony by pointing to Design in Nature, showing the foolishness of the atheist, portraying man as more than a mere animal and highlighting the ultimate triumph of light over the darkness of ignorance, this book is invaluable! Appealing!

"Light in the dark!" — A Reviewer

Providential Reasoning
Samuel Pike and Samuel Hayward

Illuminating! In Cases of Religious Conscience Pike and Hayward show how one can know the mind of God and discern His will! The divine word directs and teaches submission and humility. The mind and will of God give proper directions for duty, safety, and usefulness. Warning against opting for guidance by the bare form of scripture phrases or a random application of a passage of Scripture or any unaccountable impulses and impressions, they reveal that the Spirit of God has and will always operate through the Bible and providence together.

"Eye-opener!" — A Reviewer

In His Image
William Jennings Bryan

Exhilarating! In His Image by Bryan first confirms man’s faith in the all-sufficient God, and in Christ as Son of God and Savior of the world. He aptly applies these faith principles to every life situation. Unswervingly pointing to the need of God, the fact of Christ and the necessity for a Savior, the truth of the Bible and the need for the Bible, he also critiques evolution."I would rather begin with God and reason down than begin with a piece of dirt and reason up" best sums it up!

"Very helpful!" — Steven H. Propp

Relations between Religion and Science
Henry Calderwood

Challenging! Calderwood’s Relations of Science and Religion, draws attention to the relation of the Bible to Science, vindicating its inspiration and authenticity against attacks made leveled against it on scientific grounds! He asserts the truths in the Word of God are in harmony to some extent with the principles, methods and aims of any of the Sciences. Science is limited as it neither reaches, nor deals with the origin of Nature, the answers to which can be found only by transcending Nature, that is, by recognizing the Creator. Balanced approach!

"Thought-provoking!" — A Reviewer

A Critique of the Theory of Evolution
Thomas Hunt Morgan

Enlightening! A Critique of the Theory of Evolution by Thomas Hunt Morgan is a series of lectures presenting fresh outlook and a new appraisal of the traditional evidence for evolution. He focuses on heredity because only inherited characters can participate in the evolutionary process. An intriguing look into the physical basis of heredity and the composition of the germplasm stream, in the light of new observations, as well as at chance variations that combine with a characteristic of living things to multiply are the high notes he strikes. Excellent!

"Very informative!" — A Reviewer

Understanding the Scriptures
Francis J. McConnell

Comprehensive! Understanding the Scriptures by McConnell emphasizes the Divine Origin of Christianity and the inspiration and authority of the Bible. Explaining the Books of Life, Humanity, God, Christ, and the Cross, McConnell insists that scientific and historical biblical studies are requisites for Scripture knowledge. The cross of Christ reveals God’s character, His hope and His methods to save Man, to give mankind the right outcome. The greatest fact of the Bible is God; that the greatest fact of God is Christ; and the greatest fact of Christ is the cross!

"Very good!" — hjsolo

"Very informative and enlightening!" — Arnold C German

"Gets you on a track to understanding the Word!" — Cagramps

The Unity of Western Civilization
Edited by F.S. Marvin

A unique look at history! The Unity of Western Civilization Edited by F.S. Marvin includes authors who differ in detail and emphasis of precept. Man by nature tends towards unity through conflict, as starkly evident from history. The possibility of a world-unity was first consciously envisaged in the Greco-Roman world, where Greece gave unity in thought and Rome in practice. In the medieval world a unity, mainly spiritual, was reached within the same framework. After the 14th and 15th century the turmoil has only accelerated to reach today’s proportions!

"Unusual and fascinating!" — A Reviewer

Religion and Science from Galileo to Bergson
John Charlton Hardwick

A kaleidoscope of thought through time! Religion and Science from Galileo to Bergson by Hardwick illustrates the thesis that mankind, being "incurably religious," interprets the universe from a spiritual perspective. However, Hardwick traces the rise of scientific inquiry quite independent of religion, triggering many a conflict. The collapse of the medieval world view laced heavily with religious notions, and the advancement of science appeared to threaten the existence of belief in God. However, both science and religion are children of freedom, without which the creative spirit in man is crushed!

"A good read and worth the effort!" — Rich Lee

Among the Forces
Henry White Warren

Grand glimpses of glory! Among the Forces by Warren introduces children to the marvels God the Father has prepared for them if they believe in Him! Every blossom and celestial body, rainbow and bug, was meant to be so inspiring that any man could see God’s present and actual powers in full play, without needing to read a book to know that! His scintillating short stories kindle young imaginations and hearts to take a peek at the magnitude of the Creator, one who could actually surpass the most splendid dreams greater greatness to come.

"Uplifting and heart-warming!" — A Reviewer

Fables of Infidelity and Facts of Faith
Robert Patterson

Stirring! Fables of Infidelity and Facts of Faith by Patterson confronts various systems of modern infidelity head-on in a series of tracts to challenge the presuppositions and expose of the absurdities of the claims of atheism, pantheism, and rationalism as well as Darwinism, pantheism, and higher criticism. Although over a century old this material remains relevant today because these philosophies are still existent. Patterson helps you to positively know the only true God, and Christ Jesus who He sent and your faith will stand in the power of God.

"No room for doubt!" — A Reviewer


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