Expositor's Bible: New Testament
Expositor's Bible: New Testament
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Revitalizing! One of the finest commentaries, Sir William Robertson Nicoll's notable work offers you sharp and discerning expository truths from twenty-nine renowned scholars. Nourish your spirit with this satisfying sacred repast! Replete with spiritual vigor, vibrant and vital, the one aim of this compilation is to rescue the fallen, reinforce the weak and heighten the awareness of holiness. E4’s offer The Expositor’s Bible, the New Testament is a comprehensive and interdenominational work based on the Bible as its supreme authority, decisively demonstrating the deep truths and fundamentals of the Christian faith!  
Just Released July 7th 2013!!
J.M. Gibson

Matthew’s gospel, "for all nations, for all the days" comes alive! The basis of all apostolic preaching and writing, this gospel highlights Christ’s life and the great truths which are foundational to the Christian faith and hope. Giving marvelous proofs of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Gibson’s chapter-wise exposition presents Matthew’s appeal, first to the heart of the devout Jew, showing Christ as the One who fulfilled all ancient prophecy and promise, realized the true ideal of the kingdom of God and substantiated His claim as the longed-for Savior-King!

"Brilliant exposition!" — A Reviewer

G.A. Chadwick

Awesome! G.A. Chadwick spotlights the brisk beginning of St. Mark’s Gospel as full of character! Quite unlike the other gospel writers, Mark records the public acts of Christ as sufficient proof to behold His glory. Leaving untold the details of His birth, Chadwick, with matchless vividness, points to Mark’s narrative of the labor, liveliness, love and fury, and ultimate death and triumphant resurrection of "the Son of God." Erudite, yet extraordinarily warm, Chadwick, with devotional emphasis, brings to this gospel to life! Superb!

"Throbbing with life and insights!" — A Reviewer

H. Burton

Stirring! Luke by H. Burton is a highly valued and valid vital portion of a time-tested valuable resource, The Expositor’s Bible. Burton carefully examines Luke’s account of the life of Christ with incisive inspections, sensitive considerations and careful attention to the wealth of detail conscientiously recorded. Substantiating Luke’s meticulously compiled life of Christ with pertinent observations and appropriate comments ,this is an indispensible supplement particularly for individual Bible study. A must have!

"Undoubtedly a great work!" — A reviewer

Marcus Dods

Absolute pleasure to study Marcus Dods’ wonderfully wrought and near perfect work on John’s testimony! Splendid in literary symmetry, Volume 1 offers amazing instruction on John’s gospel, up to chapter 11:54! Loaded with insights and compact in presentation, Dods declares that "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God!" With utmost simplicity of language, he etches sharp, unforgettable pictures of those scenes which to him were most significant in revealing Christ’s power and goodness, and most displayed that God the Father dwelt within Him. Memorable!

"Inspiring and interesting!" — Erin

Abiding beauty! Dods instructs, softens and purifies the believer’s faith, in Volume 2 drawing stupendous truths from John 11:55 to the end of his gospel. Reproducing the life of Christ, Dods’ reinforces important moments, impressing images that compelled his own belief in Christ. Providing witnesses who testified to Christ’s power, John portrays what is warm and untainted, poignant and positive in human life! God is accessible. His compassion, care and consolation amidst the tumult of this world’s ambitions and oppositions, through the fog of men’s fallacies are unfailing! Extraordinary!

"Excellent!" — Douglas Wilson

G.T. Stokes

Exhilarating account! The Expositor’s Bible: The Acts of the Apostles Vol. 1 by G.T. Stokes avoids critical theories, but opens up the era of the birth of new churches, the authority unleashed by the Holy Spirit and His transforming influence in the lives of many. From the dramatic conversion of Paul to the baptism of Cornelius, the first gentile convert, Stokes lights up the narrative with numerous references to ancient documents. An unforgettable journey through the first thirty most exciting and exacting years of early church history!

"Enlivening study!" — A reviewer

Invigorating! The Expositor’s Bible: The Acts of the Apostles Vol. 2 by G.T. Stokes focuses chiefly on the work of St. Paul over a comparatively brief period of time. Beginning with Saul and his years of training, Stephen’s martyrdom, the squabbles during the planting of the churches and perils at sea, culminating in the training of Paul the rabbi, this exposition is remarkable! Stokes systematically quotes the church Fathers as well, to present this well-rounded conclusion of the record of the book of Acts. A stimulating read!

"Bracing thoughts!" — A reviewer

H.C.G. Moule

Comprehensive! H.C.G. Moule contemplates the most constructive of Paul’s writings, the Roman epistle. Countering the difficulties of Jewish unbelief and pagan skepticism, Paul confirms the confidence of Christians built upon Christ’s death and resurrection. This verse-by-verse commentary includes Moule’s own translation of the text within the context of Paul the man, his time and place. Tracing Paul’s argument and progression of thought, major doctrines and spiritual lessons, Moule relates how this book continues to invigorate and restock the resources of Christians.

"Revitalizing study!" — A reviewer

I Corinthians
Marcus Dods

Masterly elucidation! The Expositor’s Bible: The First Epistle to the Corinthians by Marcus Dods is a valuable asset to any serious student of the word. In his methodical treatment of the subject, Dods combines sobriety and judgment, a combination rarely encountered. Theologian, casuist, and historian, Dods is equally at ease when dealing with the ancient and the modern, with respect to both church and life! A great advantage to the practical expositor, this wonderful unfolding of the truths of this Pauline epistle is a blessing!

"Clear Exposition!" — Scotsman

II Corinthians
James Denney

Packed with perceptive understanding! Denney’s exposition in The Expositor’s Bible: The second letter to the Corinthians is a tremendous resource. An excellent commentary, this work is full of dominant doctrine, detailed background information with wondrously lucid explanations. Although little known today, James Denney is an absolutely phenomenal theologian. Make use of this truly priceless contribution in the study and understanding of the Scriptures with insightful reflections and useful information. Experience the depth of II Corinthians! A great aid for clergy and laity alike!

"Strongly Recommended!"— Paul Forster

"A great study guide to understanding the scriptures!"— Dale R. Morris

"Denney understands the heart of the gospel probably better than any theologian there is!"— Eli

G.G. Findlay

Serene and solemn, The Epistle to the Ephesians: Expositor’s Bible by G.G. Findlay ushers you into an atmosphere of reflection, inviting you into the hush and stillness of sacred ground. Shutting you into heaven, away from earthly tumult, this is Paul’s most peaceful, unimpassioned, abstract, and most divine letter. Paul, in the Ephesian epistle, stands out as the contemplative thinker and devout mystic. Findlay’s inferences and suggestions display his methodical research, giving evidence of careful consideration to every verse. Great investment!

"A haven of peace!" — A reviewer

G.G. Findlay

Widely acknowledged The Epistle to the Ephesians: Expositor’s Bible by G.G. Findlay is a treasure! Expressing the different phases of Paul’s mind, this epistle discloses his intellect, his passion for principle, pushing every line of thought to its furthest limits. Paul, in this letter, covers every doctrine peculiar to Christianity and some precepts common to it with natural religion, with his customary logical thoroughness and characteristic overwhelming humility of his own personal unworthiness to be God’s emissary. A useful study tool!

"Conciseness and such fullness!" — Adolphe Monod

"Embraces every doctrine of Christianity!" — Samuel T. Coleridge

R. Rainy

Vividly capturing the raw excitement of Paul’s visit to Philippi for the first time on his second missionary journey (49-51 AD), Rainy in his commentary on the Philippian epistle discusses the problem of practical living here on earth and how to understand and deal with life, in light of Christianity. More than a century old, this very first Christian congregation in Europe has much to teach us, even today. Noted for his scholarly comprehension and the applications he draws from this letter, Rainy’s writing warrants re-reading! A grand resource!

"Classic Evangelical Commentary!" — G. N. Charmley

Colossians and Philemon
Alexander Maclaren

Riveting! Colossians and Philemon by Maclaren confirms the crux of Paul’s writings is the stateliness and sole sufficiency of Christ as Mediator, the Source and Lord of all creation and the Church. Christ, the perfect Man is the beginning of all life, before which He dwelt in God, the Father. Highlighting the futility of the ceremonialist, to whom religion spells ritual, and the folly of the speculative thinker, to whom the universe abounds only with forces, excluding the operation of a personal Will, Paul preaches Christ as the only answer. Challenging!

"Makes you think!" — A Reviewer

1 and 2 Thessalonians
James Denney

Burning conviction scorches through James Denney’s studies on 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Blazing an indelible trail, his penetrating analysis and effectual presentation of Christ’s death, reveals how far ahead his thinking was compared with his contemporaries. To some degree he anticipated the deviations of Barthianism, well-known New Testament scholar and Scottish theologian with his reliable theology, reassuring message, and sound doctrinal exposition of Scripture, the life of Christ, His truth and adequacy of the Gospel. Very convincing!

"Biblical, real, whole, and clear!" — Archibald M. Hunter

"Rare gift of expression and passionately loyal to the truth of the gospel!" — J. F. Walvoord

Pastoral Epistles
A. Plummer

Precise and pointed! Pastoral Epistles by A. Plummer plumbs the character and genuineness of these epistles. Gnostcism condemned and individuals encouraged! Setting high standards of Christian character and interaction within the Church, Plummer pushes for personal godly living. Confronting unchristian literature and confirming the value of sober mindedness, he contrasts the use and abuse of religious emotion. The letters to Timothy and Titus are entirely pastoral but, universally applicable. Cautioning slaves and masters and giving hope as the final motivator, Plummer counsels regarding the nemesis of neglected spiritual gifts. Tremendous

"Warm and encouraging!" — A reviewer

T.C. Edwards

World-class Biblical scholarship! The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Hebrews by Thomas Charles Edwards traces the thread of thought in one of the greatest and most challenging books of the New Testament. Edwards’ overview of Scripture portions illumines the big picture of Christ’s priestly work in the courts of glory compared with that of the Old Testament priests. Helpful notes on textual questions and hard passages are placed close to the reference in question. Translation of Hebrew and Greek words enhances the understanding of the more technical notes. Excellent tool!

"Invaluable study aid!" — A reviewer

James and Jude
A. Plummer

Rigorous stand! James and Jude by A. Plummer reveals excellent scholarship, as the exposition is done from the Greek. Clarifying authorship and period, both epistles having been written by the half-brothers of Christ, (AD 45-49) this is a clear, intellectual and practical commentary. With keen acuity, this pastorally oriented passage-by-passage commentary, offers helpful background material on authorship, date and purpose. The exposition focuses on understanding the relevance of these writings for the church today the proper relationship between faith and deeds, facing trials and growing in faith. Highly recommended!

"Important truths!" — A reviewer

1-2 Peter
J.R. Lumby

Springing to life, both the epistles of Peter to the church continue to thunder! The Expositor’s Bible: The Epistles of St. Peter by J. Rawson Lumby not only proves the authenticity of the first epistle, it also points to the historic acceptance of the second letter by the Council of Laodicæa (366 AD). While the first letter spills over with support and consolation, the second contains words of warning regarding the character and duties of the Christian, admonishing the Lord is not slack. A call to be steadfast and unshaken!

"A wake-up call out of spiritual lethargy!" — A reviewer

The Epistles of John
W. Alexander

Coherent contemplation! The Epistles of John by W. Alexander symbolize completeness! The four discourses of Part One set the historical stage, drawing comparisons between John’s Epistles and Gospel, revealing the polemical element while unearthing enduring principles. Baring John’s very soul, he reveals the essentials of the spiritual life. Part Two includes Alexander’s translations from the original Greek and Latin as he traces John’s life, connecting John’s gospel and epistles, presenting a defense and confirmation of the Gospel and the consistency of the Epistles as a whole. Awesome!

"Brilliant and valuable exegesis!" — Literary Churchman

"Eloquent and impressive, thorough knowledge of the subject!" — Scotsman

William Milligan

Exploring the enigma! William Milligan in The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Revelation attempts to capture the general import and objective of the Apostle John’s Revelation as a whole. Disregarding the plethora of details, he treats the whole book in sections and paragraphs, rather than verse by verse using the Revised Version translation. True to the meaning of ‘Revelation’ as uncovering something hidden thus far, Milligan draws back of the veil, displaying what the revelation is rather than a mystery — the revelation of Christ Jesus Himself!

"Beautiful understanding of Christ and His coming!" — A reviewer


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