Walk Thruí the Bible Day by Day
Walk Thruí the Bible Day by Day
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Fortify your faith! Be established and confirmed in the grand gospel of Christ. Recognize what faith in God really means. Know the deep and mysterious things of God and be free from the fears and qualms that rage within your soul. Increase your judgment, be rightly informed, be humbled and clearly comprehend the length and breadth, depth and height of Christ’s love every day. Learn the foundational truths that assure you of the fundamental good which comes through knowing Christ personally from E4’s Walk Thru’ the Bible Day by Day Library!  
Just Released Aug 27th 2013!!
Thoughts for the Quiet Hour
D.L. Moody

Reverberating with the grand voices of the 19th century greats! Thoughts for the Quiet Hour compiled by D.L. Moody is a timeless classic. C.H. Spurgeon, J. Hudson Taylor, F.B. Meyer, George Mueller, A.B. Simpson, A.J. Gordon, and more continue to unleash their unrestrained passion, calling us to a deeper knowledge of God, pure faith, and unconditional commitment. Mine these rich thoughts spread across the entire Bible, for a whole year. Designed to establish daily communication with God and find Him present in one’s daily activities. Inspiring and of permanent value!

"Love this book!" — sandy

"This book is a treasure!" — Lucy B.

"These devotionals pack a spiritual punch!" — bemidjiseeker

The Golden Key to Open Hidden Treasures
Thomas Brooks

Powerful and profound truths! Thomas Brooks in The Golden Key to Open Hidden Treasures offers consolation, support, and encouragement. Read and assimilate these great assurances whose worth, necessity, excellence and utility are beyond belief in a suitable lifestyle. Touching on topics like the active and passive obedience of Christ, the Godhead and Manhood of Christ, Brooks confirms the strong in faith, while he strengthens and comforts the weak and doubting ones. Simple yet weighty, Brooks is appropriate reading for any age. Exuding spiritual vigor to experience and exemplify!

"He had a body of divinity in his head and the power of it in his heart!" — A minister

Morning and Evening with Spurgeon
Charles Spurgeon

Excellent, insightful, convicting and eloquent! Every single one of these 732 readings in Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening is simply wonderful! Reassuring and challenging, Spurgeon speaks to each one exactly at their point of need! Refocuses your relationship with God and shows you new ways of looking at the Scriptures. His metaphors and analogies and beautiful flow of thought are moving. True, valuable and thought provoking, these strongly Bible-based readings are crisp, cutting through the heart to enthuse anyone desiring to live a godly life.

"Challenging!" — Joleen

"Timeless classic!" — LithaKate

"A Double Blessing!" — Encompassed Runner

Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul
Octavius Winslow

Solemn and searching inquiry! In Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul Octavius Winslow, a leading evangelical of the 19th century gives Biblical counsel to practically revive those who have lost their decisive commitment to the Lord. Relish his Christ-centered devotional writings that warm and inflame the heart with sincere love, awe, and praise. Confronting us to examine the present spiritual state of our souls before God, Winslow warns that its neglect will culminate in a state of painful declension. Be vigilant!

"Great read!" — Barbara Ann

"Excellent!" — Crazycalvinist O’flaherty

Consider Jesus
Octavius Winslow

Excellence and erudition flow smoothly in Consider Jesus: Thoughts for Daily Duty, Service, and Suffering by Octavius Winslow. These thirty crisp chapters of Christ-centered writing are richly devotional and practical, characterized by genuine love, veneration, and praise to Christ. Refreshing the weary, consoling the suffering and sorrowing, this elegantly phrased volume is a phial of sweet incense with the lingering fragrance of that precious Name which is above every name, which is as ointment poured forth! Winslow is winsome!

"Winslow is amazing!" — Jennifer J. Uwarow

Daily Portions
J.C. Philpot

Deeply soul-humbling! J.C. Philpot in Daily Portions exalts the grace of God, proclaims salvation through Christ alone and describes the sinful, helpless and hopeless state of man in nature. Written over a century ago, Philpot’s thoughts are versatile and devotional. Unfolding the living experience of the children of God in their times of trial, temptation, sorrow, solace and blessing, these selected thoughts, one for every day of the year, are elevating. Among the very best daily readings available, they linger in your heart for a long time! Very highly recommended!

"Outstanding!" — Christian McCall

The Morning Watches
John MacDuff

A positive start to each day, John MacDuff’s 31 stimulating readings in The Morning Watches awakens you to God’s "loving-kindness". Although ideal for private devotions the family altar can also benefit. Based on the setting of the wood for the burnt-sacrifices in the temple of old, MacDuff uses beautiful allusions depicting the believer’s heart as the spiritual altar, on which daily prayer is offered. Fixes your eye upon Christ’s great Sacrifice, through which alone our words and meditations are acceptable to God. You will thirst even more for Christ!

"Greatly satisfying!" — A Reviewer

The Words of Jesus
John MacDuff

A spiritual pick-me-up, this 31-day devotional contains the simple but serious truth! John MacDuff’s The Words of Jesus is replete with healing for the hurting soul, succor for the wounded spirit, and sustenance for the faltering in times of need. Christ is preeminent in all MacDuff’s writings. Meditating on the soothing words of Christ and the scripturally sound thoughts is sheer divine therapy! Good as a topical reference book!

"A real gem of a book!" — P. Charles

"One of the best of devotionals available!" — Goober

The Faithful Promiser
John MacDuff

Heart-warming reassurance! The Faithful Promiser by John MacDuff recalls the exceeding great and precious promises that God makes to His children, and reiterates the truth that He who made these promises is the faithful One who cannot fail. Echoing the Psalmist’s cry, "Remember your promise to me, for it is my only hope" MacDuff instills hope and pushes the weary in spirit onward to lean upon each promise and plead it at the mercy seat! Trust in God who is reliable, and in His promises which are infallible.

"Strength for the inner man!" — A Reviewer

The Rainbow in the Clouds
John MacDuff

Shattering doubt and scattering light, John MacDuff’s The Rainbow in the Clouds stills our murmurs and silences our fears! Reiterating that it is God who "brings the cloud", takes us into it, and leads us through it, MacDuff advocates quiet rest in the consciousness that the God who reigns holds the keys of death and Hades in His hands. Learn thankfulness for the very cares you carry and practice the confidence to cast them all upon Him, for He will not allow even one needless stroke. Recommit yourself to God!

"Balm to the soul!"— A Reviewer

Morning Thoughts
Octavius Winslow

Discover the secret to serenity and safety! Morning Thoughts by Octavius Winslow offers deeper spirituality than most evangelical writings. His variety, yet connectedness of subject, makes this a satisfying divine feast! Winslow advises to begin each day with God. Allow Him to take possession of mind, imagination and heart. Will direct, sanctify, and control your thoughts, emotions and words through the day. Let the first thought be of God, give the first incense to Christ, and offer the first prayer to the Holy Spirit. Fresh anointing to face the day!

"Morning walk!" — Anna Schorno

"A great way to start the day!" — Joseph

Evening Thoughts
Octavius Winslow

A delightful end to each day! Evening Thoughts by Octavius Winslow uses the Old Testament practice of the evening lamb sacrifice in the temple as his pattern. Inviting us to leave all the sins, imperfections and blunders of the day at the cross, before peacefully sleeping at night, these 733 pages breathe a loving, forgiving Father’s care. With broad applications across a wide spectrum of life situations, Winslow appeals to all ages. Easy to read and suitable for family devotions, preachers too can find a wealth of quotable materials!

"A praise!" — Michelle L. Exposito

"Winslow is good!" — Dave Bachman

"A book that keeps on giving!" — Norma Braun

Divine Meditations
Richard Sibbes

Striking! With unerring accuracy every succinct thought hits its target! In Divine Meditations Richard Sibbes presents 204 pithy statements arranged systematically in alphabetical order. Dealing with a wide range of topics like obedience, sin, grace, faith and mercy, watchfulness, wisdom and the word of God to cite a few, all subjects are couched in concise and compact sentence constructions! Loaded with meaning, each brief idea stimulates thinking and spurs you on to further study. Very quotable and thought provoking! Helpful for sermon preparation!

"More said in few words!" — A Reviewer

Daily Strength for Daily Needs
Mary Wilder Tileston

Down to earth yet elevating! Mary Wilder Tileston’s Daily Strength for Daily Needs written 200 years ago continues to quiet anxious thoughts and buttress tottering faith. A splendid selection from the spiritual giants of the 17th and 18th centuries, each page still blazes bringing wisdom into your devotional life. This superb choice, rich and reflective is compelling. Never failing to be a word in due season, these simple messages with beautiful watercolor illustrations provide contemplations to last through the day! Daily vignettes that speak peace and love into your spirit!

"Challenged afresh!" — JBF

"Timeless, gorgeous, God-inspired devotionals!" — wallflower

"Wonderfully helpful, inspiring, positively addictive!" — catfind

Leaves of Life for Daily Inspiration
Margaret Bird Steinmetz

Magnetically drawing you to seek and find peace that endures! Leaves of Life for Daily Inspiration by Margaret Bird will enrich your life with more meaning! With twists and surprises this wonderful storyteller will charge each dawn with highly inspiring quotes, prayers and poems, to last the entire day. Talking of God’s mercies, friendship, the joy of love and man’s longing to know God each reading adequately expresses the reality of the eternal message! Be inspired, motivated and geared-up to face life each day.

"Love it!" — beverly beauchemin

"Great inspiration!" — shelly mikowski

"I look forward to this book every day!" — Cheryl

My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year
John Henry Jowett

A panorama of promises! My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett highlights obscure and little-read Biblical verses that normally escape attention. Jowett breathes new meaning and significance into them. The daily passages offer early morning motivation, direction and elucidation of Scripture. Practical meditation upon God’s Word will supply revelation to common tasks and daily sustenance to both conscience and will. Engage in the wonders of meditation, and brace the soul to appreciate the high calling in Christ Jesus.

"This one is definitely up top!" — Timothy P.

"Great to start the day off on a positive note!" — F. Edwards

Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion
Samuel Longfellow and Samuel Johnson

A bonanza of blessing! Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion by Samuel Longfellow and Samuel Johnson make for enjoyable reading of these precious old hymns. Not very popular with most churches today, these hymns do not carry commonly recognized meters. Some are already set to music, while others can easily be adapted to the simpler tunes generally found in Sacred Music collections. Enhances private devotions! These old melodies and sentiments lift your spirit to lofty levels and offer a beautiful understanding of God and His ways.

"Great!" — Laurie J. Miller

"Great devotional tool!" — Stacy Joura

"Great pleasure, to read as spiritual poetry!" — sar


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