Expositor's Bible: Old Testament
Expositor's Bible: Old Testament
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Energizing and enlivening! Conclusively demonstrating the profound realities and essentials of the Christian Faith, this principal work edited by Sir William Robertson Nicoll is one of the most-recognized standards of expository commentaries. Utilize these valid and valued contributions from twenty-nine distinguished scholars. Profitable for personal instruction and practical application they graphically present how this Faith is to be preached with fervor and fluency. With an inter-denominational expository flavor, E4’s new collection The Expositor’s Bible: Old Testament meets the most urgent needs of the church regarding spiritual enlightenment!  
Just Released Sep 10th 2013!!
Marcus Dods

In beautiful literary style, pulsating with persuasion, Marcus Dods’ The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Genesis, inspires and instructs. This century-old work highly respected as a standard expository commentary, relates to the relationship between God and man. A lodestar to the seeker desiring to discover some unifying principle, some illuminating purpose in the earth’s history, this is the surest, and indeed only, authentic guide to that information. Dr. Dods’ deep insights into the characters of Genesis and adroit handling of several tough passages reveal his practiced hand and prodigious research!

"Worthy of all praise!" — Scotsman

"Just beautiful while making clear points!" — Ron

G.A. Chadwick

Stupendous! G.A. Chadwick in Exodus shows the sacredness and spiritual authority of this book, even as Christ quoted and taught from it. Despite debates regarding its date and origin, its sanctity and spiritual influence are undeniable. Chadwick reveals the Old Testament in the light of the New, discovering the permanent in the transitory and the spiritual in the form and type which it indwelt and illuminated. Verse-by-verse, practical and clear, Exodus recaptures the birth and travails of a nation, establishment of the priesthood and their impact on history. Uplifting!

"Great resource!" — Paul Forster

"A valuable reference source!" — The Evangelical Beacon

"Teaches the Scriptures more effectively!" — The Seminary Review

S.H. Kellogg

Demolishing the myth that Leviticus is just a dry catalog of Jewish ordinances, C.H. Mackintosh, in warm and lively style, reveals it as an inexhaustible mine of blessing! Going beyond the detailed cataloguing of rites and ceremonies of ancient institutions, Mackintosh shows brilliant Scriptural principles and patterns. The law reveals the price of sin and God’s requirements to annul it. You cannot but be humbled as he unpacks the sacrifices in light of God’s plan of salvation and its fulfillment through Christ’s death and the believer’s consequent relationship with God!

"The relation of law and gospel is grandly exhibited,!" — Christian

Robert Watson

Timeless literature! Ethical in strain and high in religious thought, Numbers by Robert Watson recounts the history of the Israelites’ wilderness wanderings, reconstructed only as God’s doings and not as a record of their achievements or their sufferings. The patriotism shining through recalls the prophecies, while its legislative purpose reacts on the historical! The spirit of this book is severe. Dwelling on the duties and delinquencies of Israel and exalting the majesty of God, as far as possible arranged chronologically, Dr. Watson’s exposition and practical approach are commendable!

"Scholarly in tone and earnestly written!" — Scotsman

A. Harper

Majestic eloquence! Be struck by the full force and unmatched magnetic beauty of Deuteronomy by A. Harper. No other Old Testament book holds a more powerful appeal for the spiritual life, as it portrays a quality of life lived according to God’s will and the fullness of spiritual living to those who simply obey. A new generation called by God in a new time frame, yet speaking to our generation and our time! Hear the call to love and serve the Lord today. A foretaste of heaven on earth!

"Eye-opening and heart-stirring!" — A reviewer

W.G. Blaikie

Fresh perspectives! Joshua by W.G. Blaikie is purely historical and God inspired, with the unfolding of God’s progressive revelation of Himself as its main objective. God’s promise made to the Abraham’s seed, the receipt of that revelation and the effects it produced form the story of the Hebrew nation as revealed from historic, geographic and symbolic angles. Joshua gave God’s people ‘rest,’ reflecting the rest of faith the pilgrim can enjoy now in Christ and, hereafter, with Him! Great hope of rest and reward!

"Fresh and interesting expositions!" — Glasgow Herald

Judges & Ruth
R.A. Watson

Astounding! A comprehensive expository aid Judges and Ruth by Watson provides an introduction, outline and bibliography with notes on textual questions, transliterations and translation of Semitic and Greek words. Opposing views are graciously handled. With the death of Joshua as the historical background, Watson summarizes and recapitulates the conquest of Western Palestine. Giving a series of narratives of Israel’s twelve judges, Watson shows how each delivered Israel from their persistent idolatry, through God’s way of escape. Competently confronts the apathy and apostasy abounding today! Superb!

"One of the best!" — The Baptist Sentinel

1st Book of Samuel
W.G. Blaikie

Stirring! The First Book of Samuel by Blaikie spans the transition between the rule of the Judges and that of Israel’s Kings. Samuel directed the nation as it changed from a republic to a monarchy and from a rather casual and indefinite superintendence to one of more systematic and orderly governance. Through this careful record of the theological significance of the kingship in Israel Blaikie teaches spiritual lessons to the readers of all time, highlighting the cause and effects of various human responses to God’s grace. Very useful!

"Great Commentary!" — Caleb

"Thoughtfulness, fidelity, and kindly spirit!" — Leeds Mercury

"Blaikie’s studies rank among the finest ever produced!!" — Cyril J. Barbe

2nd Book of Samuel
W.G. Blaikie

Riveting! One of the finest expository lectures The Second Book of Samuel by Blaikie opens up the text of the second book Samuel, plainly bringing to life this significant material. His biography of King David is interspersed with outstanding applications in every chapter. The ultimate blessing is God’s promise to David to be an everlasting dynasty. The Holy Spirit records these events to impart theology as well, particularly evident in the historical books of both Testaments. Powerful!

"Sound scholarship!"— Christianity Today

"A solid and able piece of work!"— Academy

1st Book of Kings
F.W. Farrar

Exquisite expression, pristine word patterns and arresting truths! 1st Book of Kings by F.W. Farrar offers valuable contributions towards a better understanding. Fascinating! His mastery of the language matched by his lucid writing style and prodigious learning are delectable. His historical references are embellished with an elegant rhetorical finish! Dr. Farrar brings his resourceful literary supremacy to describe these scenes, with all his gifts of poetic description, his wealth of quotations, and his aptitude for picturesque comparisons. A rich source of teaching and truth!

"Majestic and imposing!" — Guardian

2nd Book of Kings
F.W. Farrar

Creating clarity and order out of an otherwise bewildering assortment of events, The Second Book of Kings: by F.W. Farrar is an effective study device. Farrar highlights Israel’s terrible state, under a succession of well- and lesser-known rulers. Vivid pictures of their avarice, repression and wickedness including murder, their strong denunciations of their behavior by God-sent prophets, and the events leading to Israel’s downfall make this an unforgettable reading experience! His fine illustrative style is a distinct advantage to the series. Be amazed at the faithfulness of God to His wayward people!

"Exhilarating!" — A Reviewer

"A spirited account!" — Glasgow Herald

The Books of Chronicles
W.H. Bennett

Distinctive and original, The Books of Chronicles by W. H. Bennett a unique literary work couched in the peculiar late Hebrew style. Saturated with the ecclesiastical spirit they deal with Church order and their doctrines rest upon the complete Pentateuch, and particularly upon the priestly code. Although the author is unknown the genealogies he recorded show the tribes of Israel, both as a Church and a nation, down all the generations of its history. They also include statistics rich in census returns besides rituals, history, psalms, and prophecies. Brilliant exposition!

"So illuminating, so broad, so powerful!" — Daily Chronicle

Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther
W.F. Adeney

Steadily unraveling the revelation of God through Israel’s history, Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther by W. F. Adeney bring us as close as possible with the facts in which that revelation was clothed. Even under Persian domination, the external practices of Judaism were strict, stern and unattractive; however, the interior life of it is simply splendid. Recognize God’s absolute supremacy. Israel acknowledged the one unquestionable authority through His covenant that included an inflexible rule for His people’s conduct. Adeney’s portraits are lifelike; his instinct as an expositor in admirable! Beautiful!

"Adeney has grasped the whole story with clearness and force!" — Independent

The Book of Job
R.A. Watson

Potent poetry! The Book of Job by R.A. Watson depicts the first grand poem of the soul in its commonplace conflict. The unsurpassed genius of the writer is seen in his sense of the elemental realities and his courage in waging a painful war, supremely confident of Divine sovereignty. Descending into the depths of human woe, rising to the heights of God’s glory, Job never for one moment is insensible to the sublimity of the universe or the sensitivity of his God. An elaborate life-size drama revealing the Creator’s mastery!

"Graphic power and philosophical insight!" — Scotsman

Psalms 1-38
Alexander MacLaren

Brilliant elucidation of Scripture! The Psalms Vol. 1 by Alexander MacLaren reveals his skill in exposition! Ignoring questions regarding date and authorship, MacLaren focuses rather upon the deepest and most valuable elements in the Psalms. Vol 1 includes the first 38 psalms explained in the most systematic and connected form. With profound thoughts, logical arrangement and eloquent expression, they are appealing and powerful. Giving only the real meaning of the verse, his remarks are weighty, spiritual, and evocative. Highly valuable with unsurpassed beauty and spiritual insight!

"A priceless boon!" — The Baptist Times

"Dr. Maclaren is here at his best!" — Expositor

"He vivifies and illuminates these sublime stories!" — Scotsman

Psalms 39-89
Alexander MacLaren

A veritable spiritual feast! The Psalms Vol. 2 by Alexander MacLaren expresses same high qualities and spiritual sympathy giving abundant proof of the care, critical study, and competence earlier scholars have contributed to the exposition of the Psalms. In a most attractive and animated style, he illuminates sublime truths and an unprecedented wealth of thought! Stirs you in your inner man to echo the same spirit in which the great psalmists composed them. The psalms truly come alive vibrantly! Excellent!

"Full of helpful thoughts!" — The Christian World

"High qualities of penetration and spiritual sympathy!" — Critical Review

Psalms 90-150
Alexander MacLaren

Amazing analysis and interpretation! The Psalms Vol. 3 by Alexander MacLaren continues to reveal the same degree of excellence as the other two volumes. MacLaren, described as "the supreme example, the perfect type, of the classic Protestant tradition of expository preaching" exhibits warmth and richness of metaphor and illustrations. Scholarly, yet easy to understand, these psalms show his ’exegetical skill ’ as based on a minute and accurate philology, his passion, spiritual insight, and intellectual power to sweep you into a breathtaking exploration. Remarkable!

"Very well done!" — Guardian

The Book of Proverbs
R.F. Horton

Wisdom on a platter! The Book of Proverbs by R.F. Horton reveals God’s inspiration to the wisest and richest king. This compilation of witty sayings full of advice on how to prosper in every area of life, with no part at all being off-limits! Guided by the Holy Spirit, learn from the Proverbs practical counsel for the common duties of life; also, enjoy rare and wonderful glimpses into the heights and depths of God Himself. Deep, dynamic, contemporary, and very spiritual! No better book anywhere!

"Most masterly!" — Glasgow Herald

"Ably and freshly written!" — Church Times

"Read for pleasure and profit!" — Christian World

The Book of Ecclesiastes
S. Cox

Bold and brave, Cox in his commentary on Ecclesiastes tackles the haunting universal question of eternity head-on, while retaining the vivacity of the structure of Hebrew poetry! He helps us arrive at clearer and more definite conceptions of life itself, and what follows after death. This book which will always captivate the reader until the final battle against doubt culminates in the final victory of faith! Brimming with relevance to the current conditions and needs, Cox categorically states how and where a soul can find eternal rest! Phenomenal!

"One of the most interesting studies!" — Speaker

"Most luminous, original, and practical exposition of Ecclesiastes!" — Guardian

The Song of Solomon and the Lamentations of Jeremiah
W.F. Adeney

Magnificent! Far more than a mere love poem, this is a promise for the pure in heart! The Song of Solomon by Walter F. Adeney reveals rich language, exciting imagery, picturesque settings, vivacious movement, and the high ecstasy of human love. Tender dialog delivered by the characters unfolds the strong pure love that is utterly alien to the sensual and dissolute. Only those loyal and true to one another in love can enjoy such a fitting reward for constancy. Beautiful!

"Worth reading!" — Brian G. Hedges

Dramatic descriptions of the deceptions, distortions, and disobedience of Israel to God, The Lamentations of Jeremiah by Walter F. Adeney teaches important lessons for both individuals and nations on how to handle the aftermath of rebellion, following after false prophets, and the fond but foolish belief of assuming that God will free us from being accountable for transgressing His Word! Adeney helps you rethink how to live with yourself and your consequences, reconstructing life to make it worth living again! A spiritual restorative, highly relatable to our times!

"Very pertinent!" — A Reviewer

The Book of Isaiah (2 Volumes)
G.A. Smith

Meticulous and scrupulous! Smith in The Book of Isaiah chronologically identifies Isaiah’s prophecies and traces the development of his doctrine. Reporting on real life in glowing color, he shows Isaiah as a life that triumphed through learning and suffering. The first four divisions of the book deal with the prophecies of Isaiah’s own time, while the last one relates to later events. Describing the world in Isaiah’s day and The Messiah, Isaiah’s Power of Prediction reveals Isaiah’s prophecy contains the Gospel too! Very interesting!

"Exegetical power and mature scholarship!" — Speaker

The Prophecies of Jeremiah 1-20
C.J. Ball

Excellent evangelical scholarship and absolute trustworthiness on the authority of the Bible, Jeremiah: by C.J. Ball, presents an interesting and sympathetic description of the prophet’s life and character. Living during the clash of empires and among contrary ethical ideals, facing fighting, famine, and faint faith, Jeremiah counseled Israel to submit and accept their captivity. Partly critical and partly homiletic. Ball reveals sound learning, breadth of view, and clear insights into Jeremiah’s prophecy. Awesome!

"Mr. Ball brings competent knowledge to his task!" — Saturday Review

The Book of Jeremiah 21-52
W.H. Bennett

An incredible resource! Overflowing with terrific exposition, William Bennett’s commentary on The book of Jeremiah offers insightful observations, outstanding clarifications, thorough backgrounds and detailed outlines. Bennett presents the meaning of the text and contextual information in his direct, poignant style. A Gold-Medallion Award winner, the work has become a staple in seminary and pastor’s libraries worldwide. Bennett’s work positively overflows with valuable reflections. His review is absolutely packed with important data setting of the data. Delve into the book of Jeremiah!

"One of the greatest pieces of religious literature… highly recommended!" — Pulpit Workshop

"A roaring success! Form and style contribute to readability; sound scholarship!" — Christianity Today

"A very helpful library addition; for study and teaching the Scriptures more effectively!" — The Seminary Review

The Book of Ezekiel
J. Skinner

Gripping! The Book of Ezekiel by J. Skinner is a comprehensible exposition, a very useful guide to unlock the sense of the text, and to elucidate the historical importance of the prophet’s teaching. Beginning with the Decline and Fall of the Jewish State, Skinner compares Ezekiel’s prophecy with that of Jeremiah’s. His treatment of Ezekiel’s vision of the glory of God and his prophetic commission, as well as his prophecies against Jerusalem and the foreign nations are highly constructive. The New Israel and The Ideal Theocracy are particularly well handled.

"Very interesting!" — A Reviewer

The Book of Daniel
F.W. Farrar

Extensive and well arranged The Book of Daniel by F.W. Farrar examines this book with candor and courage. Of the 37 chapters in this work, the first four consider introductory matters concerning Daniel; however, the predictive character of the latter chapters, wholly unlike any other prophecies in the Bible, is completely different in character. His arguments are cogent and drawn out in great detail, providing a wealth of information. In his language usage, unity of thought, tone and style, Farrar has few equals! A must read!

"Great glimpses of history!" — A Reviewer

The Book of the Twelve Prophets
G.A. Smith

Brilliant examination! G.A. Smith’s 60-chapter work, The Book of the Twelve Prophets chronologically presents the message of each prophetic book. Capturing the magnificent originality of Amos and Hosea, Smith sets, after them, the trend and slant of the whole prophetic range. The Twelve illustrate the development of prophecy between the eighth and fourth centuries. With a historical and critical introduction to each book, a brief sketch of the prophet and a full translation of the various prophecies, he also includes textual footnotes, exposition, main doctrines and application. Awesome!

"A landmark commentary for a study of the minor prophets!" — A Reviewer


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