The Christmas Story: God with Us
The Christmas Story: God with Us
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Vibrant with hope! The magnitude of the mystery of Christmas! God manifest in human form! The Eternal One born into Time; the Omnipresent One confined by space; the Omniscient One compressed within a human frame. The Master of the Universe - a Servant on earth! The Object of the Father’s delight - weary, thirsty and rejected - dies on a cross but triumphantly rises to reconcile sinful man with a Holy God. Savor this specially selected compendium of notable works in E4’s The Christmas Story: God With Us Library.  
Just Released Dec 10th 2013!!
The Virgin Birth of Christ
J. Gresham Machen

Persuasive! The Virgin Birth of Christ by J. Gresham Machen is one of the best objective sources for the Virgin Birth account. Systematically studying the four gospels, Machen’s work remains the most methodical and erudite treatment of this most widely discussed and hotly disputed subject of over a century. Priceless as an apologetic, it is also invaluable as a treasury of knowledge. Exhaustive, simple and lucid, Machen’s splendid book is highly reputed for its acumen, relevance, and stringent defense of orthodox Protestantism. A must-have reference for apologetics!

"Perfect!" — Brian T. Murphy

"Wonderfully written!" — John A. Tanner

Miracles of Our Lord
George MacDonald

Elegant and poetic! In Miracles of Our Lord George MacDonald’s acumen is evident as he addresses the debate on science and religion, and Human arguments versus Miracles. Easing the strain between them, MacDonald claims the true nature of the miracles, are an epitome of God’s processes in nature perceived in immediate connection with their source, still invisible to human eyes and hearts! Christ’s physical miracles always demonstrated a moral miracle, the forgiveness of sins! God is perfecting us preparing us to become one with Him, and love as He does!

"Worth reading!" — Matthew

"Excellent and inspiring!" — Unclepeacock

"Sums up what I believe to be the nature of God!" — Renee Wolcott

The Spirit of Christmas
Andrew Murray

Intensely passionate, Andrew Murray’s The Spirit of Christ contains 31 condensed inspiring and practical devotional studies on how the Holy Spirit works in a believer’s life. Understand, with ease, the Biblical differences between flesh and spirit, the practical truth of being filled with the Spirit, the relationship between the conscience and the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s ministry in the church. Delve deeper in faith to ascertain the reality of who the Spirit of Christ really is. Grow in spiritual maturity. Awesome!.

"Spiritual Enlightenment!" — Michael Blackburn

"Great, down to earth, practical guide about the Spirit!" — M. Young

The Messiah in Moses and the Prophets
Eleazar Lord

Eye-opener! Eleazar Lord in The Messiah in Moses and the Prophets pries open the less discussed subject of the visible appearances and the doctrine of the incarnation occurring both in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. God became incarnate and walked this earth as Jesus, the Christ, and is also Jehovah, Immanuel, God with us. Under various designations, He appeared visibly as man to the early Patriarchs, Moses and others. The author also explains such a translation occurred, as the early translations were done using the "pointed" Hebrew texts. Highly informative!

"Still worth reading for the content and concepts!" — D. Blankenship

Christmas: Its Origin and Associations
William Francis Dawson

Charming legendary lore! Christmas: Its Origin and Associations by William Francis Dawson Christmas contains a classic collection of renowned Christmas tales admired across the world. Meticulously recording successive celebrations of Christmas over last the nineteen centuries Dawson highlights them as significant links in the chain of historical Christian evidences. Of historic and pictorial interest, he also includes picturesque customs and popular games. Kingsley’s work could be considered a chronological account of the Christmas celebrations and observances from Christ’s birth to the end of the nineteenth century, throughout the civilized countries!

"An informative, helpful guide!" — Jing Causon

"An ‘older’ yet very informative survey of Christmas lore!" — Steven H. Propp

At Last: A Christmas in the West Indies
Charles Kingsley

Excellent portrait of an era gone by! At Last: A Christmas in the West Indies by Charles Kingsley brings to life locales in the Trinidad and West Indies of the late 1800s. Enjoy reading man’s interventions and impacts on the natural landscape from this ‘imperial’ outlook on the colony. More like an old Victorian travel narrative, Kingsley provides an illuminating and rich description of the British view of the people and lands, in the context of post-emancipation labor shortages and the life of the blacks in slavery! Poignant pictures!

"A well written book!" — Mala Hall

"Vivid and entertaining!" — Dan Brown

On the Incarnation of the Word
St. Athanasius

With consummate ease and efficacy, St. Athanasius in On the Incarnation of the Word, presents fundamental, rational arguments for the necessity, aptness and value of the Incarnation! Strongly grounded in historical context, it still retains its theological and intellectual luster! A great definitive statement of orthodox Trinitarianism, his mystical prose, portraying Christ’s dual nature of being wholly God and yet limiting Himself in His humanity, irresistibly draws you closer to Him! Using logical, reasoned proof to demolish heresies, St. Athanasius reveals the continuing relevance of Christ! Awesome!

"A masterpiece!" — C. S. Lewis

"Epic and foundational!" —Alex

The Spirit of Christmas
Henry Van Dyke

Memorable! Henry Van Dyke’s The Spirit of Christmas includes simple, short stories with profound insights on compassion, consistently reminding us of the source of all blessings and the eternal promise of the hope of reaping the rewards of a life lived with love, gratitude and appreciation for the Creator. Peppered with lovely poetry, this thoughtful collection of sermons, reflections, prayers and dreams revives old memories of good will and good cheer, the essence of the spirit of Christmas! Subtly questioning the skewed values of the current concepts of Christmas! Inspiring!

"Great Read!" — mike walworth

"Makes me want to be a better person!" — mary

"Charming, beautifully written and recommended to all!" — Linda K

The Life of Christ
J. Gresham Machen

Thoroughly engaging! J. Gresham Machen, the last of the Great Princeton Theologians, reveals The Life of Christ couched in his compelling prose. Relentless and clear, his voice resounds from nearly a century ago, comprehensively answering essential questions. From the historic scenario of Roman governance prepared to usher in Christ’s birth, Machen paints Christ’s family background, His baptism, ministries and growing popularity, ending with Christ’s own prediction of the cross. Calvary did not overtake Christ unawares. Christ went deliberately to His death that sinful man may escape eternal death. Beautiful!

"A delightful read!" — Rudolph P. Boshoff

All Saints Day and Other Sermons
Charles Kingsley

Very appealing! Kingsley, in All Saints Day and Other Sermons offers a mellifluous combination of Biblical doctrine and the Church Seasons sprinkled with practical subjects applicable even today. While explaining the Biblical basis for All Saints’ Day and the preparation required for Advent, he emphasizes the purifying hope and joy set before us in Christ. Including some insights on the Lord’s parables, lessons from the reformation and teachings of national import and the troubles of a distracted mind, his last and fortieth sermon culminates in the Lesson of Life! Great!

"Interesting!"— love it!

Sermons of John Newton
John Newton

Stirring! Sermons of John Newton a collection of sermons by John Newton is a treasure-store of scriptural insight. Dramatically saved from virtual destruction of body and soul, Newton’s spiritual zeal blended with benevolence and humility are truly beyond belief. Well-known as an evangelical minister, and better known for his amazing hymns, his work continues to speak right into the hearts of the readers as it did to his listeners during his lifetime. Explore the legacy of these 18th-century sermons and appreciate afresh God’s great redemptive work!

"A memorable and powerful portrait!" — R. Kent Hughes

"Few write with more simplicity, piety, and force!" — Charles Spurgeon

Meditations on the Bible
J.R. Miller

Well-seasoned and comforting, Devotional Hours with the Bible Vol. 3 by J.R. Miller flows on delightful and smooth, with quiet but fresh inspiration and joyful optimism! Draw practical lessons to tackle the daily grind of the common life. Neither exegetical nor expository, Miller simply discusses certain principal and representative portions of the Bible! Although the Bible is an ancient book, it is very relevant today bringing us face to face with God, and guiding us through each new day. Receive impulses each day for improving conduct, duty, service and devotion.

"His insights are spiritual diamonds!" — Pastor Bill Shishko

Christian Love
John Angell James

Incisive and indelible, John Angell James’ exhortation on I Cor. 13 in Christian, Love, or the Influence of Religion upon Temper is unforgettable. A prolific writer, he underlines Self-Examination as every Christian’s duty, not only to ascertain the genuineness of his faith but more to check if it is ‘operative’. His timely warning is against self-love and the deceitfulness of our hearts which invariably hides our sinful infirmities from view lulling us into a state of false peace! Memorable!

"Stays with you!" — A Reviewer

The Gospel of God
Charles Kingsley

Glorious truth! The Good News of God by Charles Kingsley opens up the ways God deals with people with a beatific vision, the glory of the cross! Discussing the life of God, the love of God as being its own reward, self-respect and self-righteousness and the the measure of the cross, Kingsley enables you to plumb the great depths and drink deeply of these fundament al truths. The good news of salvation through belief in Christ alone is the unbroken thread running through these wonderful thirty-nine chapters! Enjoyable!

"Good Book!" — Doug

"Wow! This guy gets it!" — Cavefalls

Westminster Sermons
Charles Kingsley

Interesting! Westminster Sermons by Charles Kingsley includes 27 intriguing subjects, exploring the mystery of the cross, perfect love, prayer, miracles and others. With a sympathetic leaning towards the concept of evolution Kingsley tries to reconcile the teachings of Scripture which categorically state that God created everything. Claiming that the Bible does not clearly define creation, either its means or it manner of operation, he believes that organized beings were produced, each according to their kind but with intermediate variations. Of historic value!

"Remarkable!" — A Reviewer

The Bible and Life
Edwin Holt Hughes

Refreshing! Edwin Holt Hughes in The Bible and Life reveals man in relation to himself, his home, education, work, wealth, pleasure and sorrow as well as the way the Bible influences them. Undeniably, the Bible is a book of power, despite its diminutive size, long existence, narrow geography and remarkable oriental flavor! The Bible retains its supremacy because it appeals to life which implies it must have been born of Life itself. Developed from, tested by and climaxing in Life, who is Christ Himself, the Bible emanates transforming power!

"Easy-to-read with practical applications!" — A reviewer

The All Sufficiency of Christ
C.H. Mackintosh

Irresistibly heartwarming! The All Sufficiency of Christ by C.H. Mackintosh presses home the point that a believer in Christ needs only Christ! Mackintosh argues for the highest Christology possible reiterating that because Christ is all-sufficient, the traditions of men, religion or higher criticism have no stranglehold on anyone. Only Christ, as the scriptures reveal, the Sinless One who became Sin for man, dealt with it so thoroughly that the sinner who trusts in Him is totally free. Revel in the freedom that His finished work on the cross offers. Astounding!

"Beautiful book!" — Christopher

Men Called Him Master
Elwyn Allen Smith

A memorable trek backwards in time, Smith in Men called Him Master brilliantly recreates the period, times and geography besides the history and the social milieu prevalent during Christ’s lifetime! Portraying Christ’s humanity, Smith’s bracing, Biblical account of Christ and His dialogues with His disciples highlight their human frailties and His spotless humanity and divinity! Thought provoking and reverent, backed by Scripture references for each event, Smith’s scholarship and interpretation are impeccable! Appreciate the cost entailed to dare follow Christ then, and what it means to do the same today!

"A once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece!" — Stephen M. Zielinski


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