Mentor Scholarly Commentaries
Mentor Scholarly Commentaries
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Scholarly and In-depth Commentaries that will give you solid answers as you study these books of the Bible.  These books are not for the casual study of scripture.  They really dig-in to the text and meaning of Scripture.  
Exodus by John Mackay (Mentor Scholarly) - Retail $40 , 624 pages
"A tour de force... massively researched, painstakingly explained, theologically nuanced, reliably expounded, simply expressed and sensitively applied; this volume will be of considerable value to all preachers and Bible students. For accessible and scholarly comment Mackay's work should quickly become the standard evangelical work on the Book of Exodus."
- Stephen Dray

"This is a superb book for scholars as well as general readers. This is surely the best example of learning to come out of Scotland in a very long time."
- Amazon Review

"Professor Mackay has produced a strong commentary filled with excellent material for the pastor and the serious-minded Bible student. I recommend this work highly."
- John D. Currid, Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary
1 & 2 Chronicles - Pratt - Retail $50 , 512 pages
"Richard Pratt's exemplary commentary is systematic, scholarly, sober and simple... His style is simple and clear...  he sketches the complicated so clearly that any reader can discern at a glance the lay of the land."
- Bruce Waltke, Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary

Richard Pratt has a wonderful grasp of the bigger picture of Scripture, and he does a fantastic job here of relating great truths in very clear, interesting, and applicable ways!
- Amazon Review

Professor Pratt's commentary is a foundational work that should be the first place to turn for in-dept study of Chronicles.
Amos - Smith - Retail $40 , 398 pages
"A Preacher's goldmine for preachin' and teachin'" - David

"This is a readable yet insightful volume, full of sound scholarship and clear writing."
- David Jackson, Themelios

"Your understanding of the prophets will be greatly enhanced by a study of Dr. Smith's works"
- Amazon Reviewer

An outstanding commentary which considers the issues of textual criticism, historical and literary background, structure and unity of the passage, and the theological significance of the text. Smith interacts with leading non evangelical and evangelical scholars whilst presenting an perspective.
Psalms - Harman - Retail $40 , 464 pages
Allan Harman is Professor of Old Testament studies and Principal of The Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne who brings out that the Psalms are a rich inheritance for Christians to use to express their feelings to God. They are also much more than this. Allan Harman uses his skill as an author and Old Testament scholar to provide a guide to the Psalms which applies the text and brings in plenty of background information to enthuse and educate!



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