The Mighty Work of the Holy Spirit: His Power in the Believer and the World
The Mighty Work of the Holy Spirit: His Power in the Believer and the World
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Classic and capacious, this set on the Holy Spirit, the lesser-studied Person of the Trinity, is complete with choice Scripture-based discourses. Deeply spiritual and warmly evangelical, the works of19 Biblical scholars affirm that until the Holy Spirit is sought, honored, and given His rightful place in our hearts, spiritual drought will continue. Expository, yet full of application, this Set clarifies any fuzzy thinking on Spirit and His work. Invaluable resource! Great investment! Lingers on like an aromatic perfume!  

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The Spirit and the Church
by Abraham Kuyper

"Want to know more of the Holy Spirit!" —Anthony Z. Mackiewicz

Succinct and systematically set forth, these 10 books by Abraham Kuyper, the Dutch Reformed Calvinist, are profound in exposition and lucid in style. This discerning study reflects the ever-widening dimensions of the Holy Spirit’s operation within the Church. A wonderfully complex and nuanced description, meaningful and intense, this is a priceless resource. Must read!

The Spirit in Salvation
by Abraham Kuyper

Insightful! From one of the mosterudite Biblical scholars, reformer andPrime Minister of the Netherlands this set of 7 books byAbraham Kuyper elucidate the awesome work of the Holy Spirit in Man, regenerating him from his fallen condition to a dynamic relationship with God Himself. Beautifully written with a grand all-encompassing vision of the Holy Spirit’s work in sanctifying the soul. Highly recommended!

"Devotional and Biblical Theology at its Best." — A. Doug Floyd

The Spirit and the Christian
by Abraham Kuyper

Valid and valuable, Abraham Kuyper in these 3 books throws much light on the activity of the Holy Spirit within a Christian as an individual, leading him into the fullness of glory. All of Kuyper’s works on the Holy Spirit are distinctive in thought and often prove a catalyst for discussion and study. That God is Sovereign in this world and all worlds, and that the outworking of His purposes in man is only through the Holy Spirit, are both elevating and encouraging. Bound to lift you!

"Kuyper is essential reading!" — Amazon customer

Charity and the Spirit of God - Volume 1 and 2
by Jonathan Edwards

Hard-hitting, simple, straightforward and shorn of illustrations, Jonathan Edwards, considered America’s greatest theologian, presents this series of sermons on I Corinthians 13, the famous Love Chapter. Hisdoctrinal propositions andpractical instructions, including a concluding part onHeaven and hell, aresheer mastery! He conveys the truth of authentic love and its competence to change hearts and override culture! Love Divine indeed!

"Must read for every (angry/hopeful) Christian!" — Joni L. Buttke

"Classic Jonathan Edwards!" — J.C. Islam

"Convicting! Moving!" — Brian D. Hedges

Practical View of the Spirit’s Work - Volume 1 and 2
by Octavius Winslow

Powerful! In two volumes, Octavius Winslow, presents his Experimental theology, which includes the practical experiences of grace that a believer can recognize and rejoice in. That the Holy Spirit indwells the believer as a springing fountain, fresh and flowing, not a stagnant pool, will stir you. A poignant reminder that our frail human bodies are the permanent residence of the Holiness and the Producer of spiritual fruit. One cannot serve two masters! Motivational!

"Classic reading on the Holy Spirit!" — Roy Ingle

The Deep Things of God - Volume 1, 2 and 3
by John Owen

Compelling and all-inclusive, these 3 volumes are the most highly esteemed of John Owen’s treatises. Owen opens with a preliminary account of the Holy Spirit and details His operations in both the Old and New Testaments. He also discusses the doctrines of regeneration and sanctification and the Holy Spirit’s role in them, closing with an encouragement to live a life of holiness. A masterpiece!

"His discourse on the Holy Spirit is an epitome, if not the masterpiece of his writings." — John Newton

A Guide to Fervent Prayer
by A. W. Pink

An intriguing look at a seldom-tackled subject, A.W. Pink here studies the Apostles’ prayers! Interestingly, no actual apostolic prayer is recorded in the Acts of the Apostles - only the fact that they prayed fervently and much! Their prayers were always brief, very explicit, with no supplication ever made to God to supply temporal needs. Prayer was wholly of a spiritual and gracious nature and for all saints. Referring to the epistle to the Hebrews, Pink’s insights are refreshing, new and thrilling! Will redefine your prayer life!

"A fresh slant on prayer!" — A Reviewer

The Holy Spirit
by A. W. Pink

Energizing! A. W. Pink in ‘The Holy Spirit’ emphasizes that it isonly the Holy Spirit who makes Christianity a living, vibrant, life-force! Pink unpacks the Personality, work of andhonor due to Him, strongly warning against ignoring the Spirit’s presence as dishonoring and dangerous. A plethora of insights and a depth of knowledge simply set forth. God sent Christ to bring salvation through His death, while Christ gave the Holy Spirit to make effectual the fruits of salvation! Immensely helpful. Merits re-reading!

"Rejuvenating!" — A Reviewer

The Presence of the Spirit in the Believer
by Andrew Murray

Deep, explorative and challenging, Andrew Murray’s work isBiblically accurate andenlightening! Murray insists that the Spirit be given the same Supreme position He held during the period of the Acts of the Apostles. The Spirit’s ministry is the dynamic preparation of the Church as the ‘Bride of Christ’. This practically helpful book will assist you to identify your need and the obstacles to be overcome. A must have for those longing for the Spirit’s operation in their lives.

"Spiritual enlightenment!" — Michael Blackburn

"Great down-to-earth practical guide about the Spirit!" — M. Young

"For those hungry for more of Him operating in their lives!" — Deborah McGuinness

Articles from B.B. Warfield on the Holy Spirit

In a heart-stirring mix of passion with intellectual credibility, these 600 pages, The Leading of the Spirit, containB.B. Warfield’s war against Darwinism and liberalism.Brilliant exegesis, theological synthesis andlogical argumentation, a clarion call to live a life of Christ-likeness with the Spirit’s help.

The Spirit of God in the Old Testament is aneye opener from B.B. Warfield! The Holy Spirit appears as unannounced and unexplained in both the Old and New Testaments. All the attributes of the Spirit of God in the Old Testament is true of the indwelling Holy Ghost of the New Testament. While the prophets spoke by His Spirit, Peter proclaims they preached by the Holy Spirit! Warfield describes Spirit’s activity successively in His cosmic, theocratic, and individual relations. Through all of Scripture He is distinctly the executive of the Godhead. Solid meat for the spiritually hungry!

"Really Good Read!" — A Reviewer

"Great resource for those interested in theology!" — Todd

The Bible and the Spirit of God
by Zachary Taylor Sweeney

Crisp and concise, The Spirit and the Word by Zachary Taylor Sweeney is tailor-made for both new and mature believers! Sweeney, versatile and powerful, claims Christianity to be unique, as no other belief system has a spiritual dynamic equal to the Holy Spirit, who sets God’s word on fire, breathes life into it, kindles a cold church, and imbues the Christian with strength not his own, in his battle against the flesh. He gives 88 references to the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and 264 references in the New Testament, and 39 names by which He is known! Christ warns that the Holy Spirit is not to be taken lightly and that No sin against Him will be forgiven. Revel in this revelation!

"Very good read!" — Y. Chen

The Work of the Holy Spirit
by James Stuart Candlish

A handy handbook! The Work of the Holy Spirit by Candlish, deals with 2 principal parts - the Holy Spirit Himself and His work in our salvation. Candlish discusses the Holy Spirit of God in the Old and New Testaments, as well as in the creeds of the Church. His clear explanations on the Work of Holy Spirit on Christ, Sending of Holy Spirit by Christ, and Work of the Holy Spirit in conviction and conversion, ultimately uniting us to Christ are truly scintillating. Candlish paints a definitive word picture on His role in Sanctification, as Witness, Teacher, Helper and Comforter! Captivating.

"Great!" — A Reviewer

The Deity of the Holy Spirit
by George Smeaton

Marvelous! One of the outstanding Scottish theologians of the 19th century, Smeaton is orthodox, reverent and painstakingly exegetical. The Divine Personality of the Holy Spirit as One having mind, will and spontaneous action reveals Him as a Person we can grieve. Smeaton confirms Him as co-eternal with God the Father and the Son, given to Man to make him by faith a true partaker of Christ, one who will comfort and abide in man forever. Useful!

"Smeaton provides the best practical teaching on this subject that I know!" — Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones

"Rev. Smeaton’s soulful grasp of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost reach far beyond any pastor’s communication legacy!" — Rob William Smeaton

"Excellent!" — Larry Ball

Power through the Holy Spirit from Preacher Charles Spurgeon

Truly life-changing! Solidly Biblical, passionate andeasy-to grasp, applicable andinspiring, this book will dare you to give the Holy Spirit free rein in your life, as never before. In his good long look at the Trinity, Spurgeon invites the Holy Spiritto nudge, urge, teach mentor and reward you! Watch the Spiritguide andempower you in your daily life! Discover afresh the joy of the Spirit at work in your life.

"Excellent book!" — Norma A. Pond

"Each paragraph is a worship by itself!" —

Arguing for the Deity of the Spirit
by Basil of Caesarea

For the first time available to the modern reader, De Spiritu Sancto orOf the Holy Spirit wasoriginally translated twice into Syriac between 4 AD and 7 AD! The most popular of the Greek Fathers, Basil propounds that the Holy Spirit is not a created being but Divine in His own right. The co-divinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is evident in baptism, which is always given in the name of the Trinity. By defining the close relationship among the Persons of the Trinity without negating the Oneness of God, Basil reveals the Unity in and Divinity of all three Persons of the Godhead in ontological communion as opposed to arithmetic relationship, which became foundation for the Council of Constantinople! Historically and Biblically stirring. Exciting reading!

"Eye-opener from the early Christian writings!" — A reviewer

Select Writings on the Holy Spirit

Robert Murray McCheyne raises a timely warning in Grieve Not the Holy Spirit to neither ignore Him nor deliberately slight Him! The Spirit teaches believing souls to pray, seals the believer and glorifies Christ. Truly as Spurgeon said, "The best and most profitable volume ever published!"

Eloquence, evangelical fervor and sustained clarity characterize The Work of the Spirit in Enlightening the Mind by James Buchanan. The Holy Spirit lays the foundation for conviction of conversion, c omforts, sanctifies and spiritually illuminates the believer! Illuminating!

"Dr. Chalmers is a man of the truest genius!" said Walter Scott In The Necessity of the Spirit to Give Effect to the Preaching of the Gospel, Chalmers admonishes against an intellectual pursuit of God’s word as it insidiously supersedes practical outworking of Biblical truths.

" Thomas Goodwin can illuminate the Scriptures with words!" — Michael Horton. Goodwin presents the Holy Spirit as a "forever gift", a gift of grace given unconditionally, not earned by good works in The Work of the Holy Spirit in Our Salvation. The Spirit rejuvenates and renews, convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment, conforming believers into the likeness of Christ Jesus.

"Ryle’s insight is phenomenal, his exegesis is impeccable!" — Jonathan A. Blevins . by J. C. Ryle in his book, The Holy Spirit highlights the importance, necessity, manner, marks and evidences of the Holy Spirit as a Living, Divine Agent, working with consciousness, will, and power. Where He is, there will be life, health, growth, and fruitfulness.

Pristine work! The Holy Spirit Convincing by Andrew Bonar declares that no sinner can seek the Savior except through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit reveals the righteousness of Christ, which becomes the sinner’s own! He separates the believer from the desire for worldliness! Inspirational!

"Illuminating!" — A reviewer


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