The Mighty Work of Prayer and Devotion in the Lives of Believers
The Mighty Work of Prayer and Devotion in the Lives of Believers
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Timeless truths! This carefully compiled set, The Mighty Work of Prayer and Devotion is rich with robust thought, a variety of teaching, and elegant style, seamlessly woven with a rich vein of spirituality! Full of valid instruction and valuable encouragement to read, to live and to pass on, these works will awaken a steadfast hunger to draw near to God in prayer like never before. Prayer prepares us for a true enjoyment of God eternally with Him! A blessing redefined.


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Learning from the Lord’s Prayer
by Octavius Winslow

Intriguing! Octavius Winslow unfolds the simple prayer the Lord taught His disciples under 11 aspects of the spirit in which it is said ... filial, brotherly, celestial, reverential, submissive, dependent, penitential, forgiving, watchful, devotional and adoring spirit. The Christian in prayer comes up close to God, with a humble boldness of faith, and takes hold of Him, wrestles with Him, and will not let Him go without a blessing. Will rekindle your prayer life!

"Excellent." — A customer

The Nature and Purpose of Prayer - Volume 1 and 2
by Isaac Watts

Comprehensive and broad in its outlook, this book in 2 parts by Isaac Watts includes the nature, duty and privilege of prayer in a fitting introduction. Part II is the guide to prayer, judiciously warning against erroneous concepts of prayer, illustrating the means to attain holy freedom and pious elevation of spirit. Part III concludes with Scripture-based devotional exercises and significant thoughts on the advantages of prayer, both secret and public! Brilliant!

"What a treasure!" — Roger Stanley Moore

Drawing on the Lord’s Strength
by Anna L Waring

Lofty in thought and pure in expression, first published in 1850, this collection is packed with deep reflections and elevating themes. You will hardly ever encounter more profound, more powerful, more child-like faith or in more chaste, beautiful, and harmonious words, than in here. Intellectual originality and simplicity united with strength. Anna Waring leaves an unforgettable impression on your spirit.

"Heart-warming!" — A Reviewer

With Christ in the School of Prayer
by Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray’s, With Christ in the School of Prayer contains 17 lessons dealing with the efficacy of intercessory prayer, which he states is God’s gift. Murray reminds believers they are set apart as the Royal Priesthood and should live as the Temple of the Holy Spirit. He calls the Church to exercise this potent gift of prayer. Will open your eyes to the mighty influence that intercessory prayer can be! Beyond belief!

Devotions of St. Anselm Archbishop of Canterbury
by St. Anselm

Highly recommended to read slowly and savor long, as these 5 letters of spiritual counsel rouse you to love and fear God in a new way! Dwelling on Christ’s redemptive work of fallen man, Anselm calls for a resonant forgiving and loving spirit in his readers. Great meditative read!

The Practice of the Presence of God
by Brother Lawrence

The richness and value of Bro Lawrence’s life continue to draw and change people through the past 300 years of this book being in print. Although uneducated, his sincerity and honesty sparkle as does his advice in this collection of letters. While he himself was relegated to the kitchen performing the lowliest of tasks, he rejoiced in everyday tasks, lifting the mundane to lofty heights, by seeking God in everything, however trivial! You will slowly metamorphose into living a life of perpetual prayer.

The Practices of a Holy Life
by St. Ignatius of Loyola

Brisk spiritual exercises for 30 days! St Ignatius of Loyola presents four major sections that are a springboard to a deeper spiritual life, including his autobiography, diary, spiritual workouts and the constitution for the Society of Jesus. A collection of thoughts, rules, encouragements, readings, prayers, meditations, and notes. This book is a seamless synthesis of spiritual principles and mystical illuminations. Useful for private personal study or retreat periods.

"Excellent compilation" — Geoff Chaplin

"Inspirational!" — smartnurse

The Nature of Christian Devotion
by William Law

Challenging the apathetic and rousing the lethargic Christian! William Law begins each of the 24 chapters with a simple spiritual rule, pointing out that If God is

"our greatest good," one ought to live to please God through a life of worship, adoration, and devotion. A dynamic call coupled with solutions and remedies, particularly pertinent to today’s lifestyle which leaves little time for God. Life changing!

"A Challenging Book on Truly Following Christ!" — Cindy Richter

The Practice of Christian Devotion
by William Law

A masterpiece! William Law in his gentle but slightly satirical style highlights hypocrisy and corruption, showing how people try to live spiritual lives without incorporating spirituality in many aspects of their lives. Very appropriate today and will captivate those from other faiths as well motivate believers in Christ to revamp their spiritual lives. Irrefutable logic. Vintage Law!

"An amazing spirit." — FrKut Mesick

"Law’s Book As Useful Today as In 18th century." — Reader from Washington DC

Praying in the Power of the Spirit
by William Law

Insightful! Liberating! Law is full of mystic insight and practical wisdom. In a day when modesty and pious living are completely ignored, his masterly work demands total attention and time to think, meditate and even reread! It is an enduring classic of post-Reformation spirituality. Uplifting!

"A treatise which will hardly be excelled, if it be equalled, either for beauty of expression or for depth of thought." — John Wesley

"An awesome spiritual classic, as timely today as in 1728." — A customer

"What insight into spiritual truth!" — awanderer

Preaching on the Lord’s Prayer - Volume 1 and 2
by Hugh Latimer

Bracing! In these 7 sermons, Hugh Latimer, ultimately martyred for his faith, unpacks the Lord’s Prayer. He emphasizes the preciousness of prayer presenting its vitality and significance in a believer’s life. The why, to Whom, where and the diversity of private and common prayer are detailed with precision and sensitivity. He warns against the subtlety of the devil in thwarting and hindering prayer. Stimulating!

Latimer’s preaching was "familiar and racy!" — T. H. L. Parker

Thought Provoking Meditations Upon the Lord’s Prayer
by John Bradford

Insightful! Intensive yet simple, martyr John Bradford’s treatise on prayer leaves no stone unturned. These godly meditations, prayers and holy exercises are truly effective. The knowledge of true prayer involves an understanding of what prayer is, the type of prayer, its necessity, to Whom we ought to pray, by Whom we must pray, where and what to pray, the excellency of prayer and what to do that our prayers may be heard. Comprehensive!

"Great!" — A reviewer

The Contemplative Life
by Augustine Baker

Forcefully and persuasively, Baker, in these 3 wonderful treatises urges Christians to grow spiritually through with more prayer, self-mortification, meditation and contemplation. In Book 1 he stresses the importance of a pure internal life, drawing upon God’s help each day to be renewed more and more into His likeness. You will aspire for perfection!

"One of a kind!" — J. Anderson

Dying to Sin
by Augustine Baker

A searing look at the duties of a contemplative life. In Book 2, Baker emphasizes self-mortification and prayer as the foundation of a truly spiritual life and how each advances the other. Prayer, however, remains the more essential and life changing. Very pertinent today where self and its desires rule the world. Thought provoking.

"Powerful! Motivational!" — A Reviewer

On Prayer
by Augustine Baker

Illuminating! Baker, in Book 3 prescribes prayer as not only petition or supplication, to receive from God but more as an offering and giving to God what He justly requires from us — duty, love and obedience. Prayer is the most divine action that a rational soul is capable of, as it is in prayer alone the soul is united with God. Vocal prayer without mental involvement, is indeed no prayer at all; ‘This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.’ Awesome instruction manual!

"Instructive!" — A reviewer

Trusting in God through Trials - Volume 1 and 2
by Jonathan Goforth

Gripping! This account of Canadian missionary Jonathan Goforth’s experiences in China is truly awe inspiring. The great outpouring of God’s spirit upon the Chinese in response to soul stirring prayer signifies the importance of a close communion with God. Amazing spiritual journey. A blessing!

"Excellent!" — Paul Munsey

"Revival!" — by Robert

Songs of Praise and Exaltation - Volume 1, 2 and 3
by Francis Palgrave

Sheer delight! This anthology of poetry includes choice pieces from Tennyson, Shakespeare, Milton, Byron, Cowper, Shelley and Burns, in as far as possible chronological sequence. Francis Palgrave chose nearly 300 poems based on

"poetry for poetry’s sake!" Permanent pleasure, enlightening the mind and elevating the spirit! The subtle yet powerful melody of the words, lyrical verse and beauty of form make it truly a treasury of sacred song! Hauntingly beautiful.

"A wonderful collection of three centuries of lyrical poetry!" — Joe Gande

Admission to the Halls of Prayer
by Alexander Whyte

Twenty-three beautifully crafted sermons in 3 parts by Scottish theologian and preacher spotlight the features, quality and examples of prayer from Bible characters. Deeply convicting, they continue to instruct on effective prayer. Although written just over 100 years ago, Whyte’s writings retain their fresh and invigorating essence, laced with dramatic instinct. A compelling book that has not lost its savor. Extraordinarily moving.

"Understandable and deep!" — Stephanie

"Enriched with spiritual insight." — Tim Perrine

Beginning and Ending with Prayer
by Johann Habermann

Handy! Recognized for his knowledge of oriental languages, particularly Hebrew, Habermann’s insights are a product of a mature inner life rich in the experiences of the grace of God. His prayer language is a natural outpouring of the soul in the words of the Word. These Morning and Evening Prayers for All Days of the Week as well as Confessional, Communion, and Other Prayers with Hymns for Mornings and Evenings, and Other Occasions are a great aid to personal and communal prayer.

"Valuable aid to prayer!" — A reviewer


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