Martyn Lloyd-Jones Preaching Library Vol 1
Martyn Lloyd-Jones Preaching Library Vol 1
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Lloyd-Jones has been called "the best preacher of this century" with good reason: he gives a deep exposition of the text in such a way that challenges the mind and sets the heart of fire. It feels like someone has laid out a feast for your soul. Bob says, "Iíve never heard or read better preaching than Lloyd-Jones."

"His passion and love for the Lord bleeds through every page!"
- J. Hepler

"D. Martin Lloyd-Jones has a masterful command of the scriptures and will keep you turning pages well into the night!"
- W.K.B.

Get all these 5-Star Rated Books on this CD and see why the "Doctor" is "one of the most significant preachers of this century."   5-Star Rated on Amazon
Authentic Christianity - Retail $25 , 288 pages

"Dr. M Lloyd-Jones' books are the standard in Christian literature. None has so inspired men and women to genuine Christianity."- Sung

"truly anointed by God" - Rev. R. Johnson

"Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is very easy to read, covering difficult material in a well thought out and understandable way." - Margaret

The Book of Acts is bursting with powerful, history-changing events, and in these amazing sermons one of the greatest preachers puts you in front of the power that changed history forever. This will encourage, challenge, and strengthenyou in your faith.
Courageous Christianity - Retail $25 , 304 pages

He "made me acutely aware of the magnificence of God" - F. D. Matthews

Lloyd-Jones preached "with the force of electric shock, bringing... his listeners more ofa sense of God than any other man" - J. I. Packer

His "collections of sermons will truly inspire and challenge you in your daily life." - Carl

"brings great insight into the fundamentals of Christianity" - Christina

The "Doctor's" in-depth sermons from Acts on radical examples of fearless Christians will show how God's Spirit changed the worldthen, and will again today!
Fellowship with God - Retail $15

"I highly recommend this. Every chapter is a five star sermon that not only informed and enlightened, but called me to a closer walk with God and His Son Jesus Christ. I have been mightily impacted forever by what I have read here." - Amazon Reviewer

"Layman-friendly, but solid, powerful, heart-and-soul-searching by which I have been greatly blessed!" - A. Sutono

"An excellent study in 1 John. Very in-depth!" - Linda

All of life and existence is for the purpose of Fellowship with God, and here we are drawn to see, and taste, all that God has for us. Shock and Awe in the good sense! We highly recommend these Sermons through 1 John.
Walking with God - Retail $15

Great preaching changes our Walk with God, because it brings the life-giving Word right into our life and experience of our Father.  We encourage you to read this and find yourself with a new understanding of God's love, provision and presence in your Walk with God

"Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones is an incredibly gifted expositor who helps you understand God's word, provides great theological insight, and gives you practical applications. You will be greatly encouraged in your walk with God" - Tom

"He is so biblical, so precise, and so careful in expositing word by word, verse by verse that you'll find Charismatics, Arminians, Calvinists, and Fundamentalists nodding their heads at the clear truths in these books." - Reviewer
Children of God - Retail $15

Read these sermons and "get" what it means to be a Child of God through the preaching that is said to be a modern day Edwards.

"Thorough, forceful, powerful, blatant, bold Calvinistic and evangelistic sermons, Pastor Jones did a marathon preaching" -Reviewer

"We need more preachers like MLJ!" - B. Smith

"Dr.Jones will give you profound insight and a lot more inspiration." - Daesoo
Love of God - Retail $15 , 208 pages

LLloyd-Jones dives into the wonder and depth of the Love of Godwhich surpasses all understanding in these outstanding sermons that will warm you from head to toe

"MLJ's language is very deep yet simple enough for any true believer to grasp." -Jacob

"I was greatly inspired" - - Reviewer

"Lloyd-Jones wastes no time in getting to the heart of the matter." -Ryan
Life in God - Retail $15 , 208 pages

"An Outstanding Study" - Amazon Reviewer
"Pastor Jones is the kind of preacher I wish I had the privilege sitting under."- A. S.

"This author is always 5 stars" - Linda

These sermons bring out the high plane of Life in God, something so often missed in modern low-level Christianity. Read them, and be elevated!



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