E4’s Bible Reference Library Vol. 8
E4’s Bible Reference Library Vol. 8
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The titles chosen in this collection have been hand selected for their theological depth, written by giants of the Christian faith. Their works are gifts from God to His people. Let the fiery preaching of George Whitefield stir your soul; absorb the spiritual insights of Andrew Murray; and find your heart and mind forever changed by our unparalleled father in the faith, John Calvin.

Join Christians through the ages who have benefitted from these timeless classics of both Deep Theology and Devotion that have proven themselves to be some of the absolute best any Christian could read!

"A treasure-chest of Christian truth and wisdom"
- C.K. Galer

"Read and be encouraged to walk deeper with Christ!"
- M. Taylor

"Life-changing for both new and mature Christians!"

"Deep Theology that speaks to us personally, it doesn't get any better than this!" - Reviewer


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John Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion - Volume 1 and Volume 2 - Retail $79.95 , 1800 pages

John Calvin’s magnum opus, The Institutes of the Christian Religion, was a seminal work that shaped Christendom as well as history in the 16th century and beyond. Calvin’s tone is pastoral and his attitude worshipful, which makes his theological views come alive. He was a man who was passionate about the person and work of Christ, the wonders and mysteries of the Godhead, and the deep, abiding love of the Father for His children.

Read The Institutes and be swept away by the power and spiritual wisdom of one of the Church’s mightiest saints.

"Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion is a monumental work that stands among the greatest works of Christian theology and Western literature. The Institutes are highly pastoral and devotional. Calvin understood doctrine to be more than theory, something to mold our understanding of God, ourselves and the world in which we live. Carefully working through the Institutes is a journey worth taking!"
- Douglas V.

"If there was one book other than the Bible with me on a desert island it would be this one. No other human author has ever been as edifying for me. This book truly drove me to my knees!
- Dave K.

"The Institutes are exegetical in substance, Christ centered in focus, worshipful in tone, and polemical in style. Calvin is not a dry theologian. This book lifts my gaze to God!
- Brian Hedges

John Calvin remains one of God's greatest gifts to the church. - Derek Thomas
Fausset’s Bible Dictionary - Retail $49.95 , 769 pages

Fausset’s Bible Dictionary is a wonderful tool for pastors as well as the average person in the pew. Written by the Rev. A. R. Fausset, co-author of the classic Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary, it is one of the best single volume dictionaries ever written for Biblical study. You have a very safe guide here to guide you into a deeper understanding of scriptures, and makes an excellent tool for scholar and layman alike.

With over 700 pages of material, Fausset’s Bible Dictionary makes researching Biblical subjects easy with its comprehensive coverage of material and its easy to understand format. Grow in your knowledge of the Bible and its historical context with this concise and exceptional work.
John Gill's Body of Doctrinal Divinity - Retail $63.95 , 732 pages

Known for his scholarship and keen intellect, John Gill was a powerhouse for the cause of Christ and reformed theology in the 18th century. Gill’s "Body of Doctrinal Divinity" is an extensive theological work which thoroughly explores subjects such as the acts and works of God, the blessings of grace, the final state of man, and so much more. The wisdom and spiritual instruction contained in these pages will feed your mind and your soul.

"Gill's 'Body of Divinity' is a work without which no theological library is complete. His grand old doctrines of grace, . . . Sweep all opposition before them."
- William Cathcart, The Baptist Encyclopedia

"This Body of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity is a must have on your shelf, a passionate and academic discourse on doctrine. It has not ceased to pay dividends!"
- J. Olmstead

"If any one man can be supposed to have trod the whole circle of human learning, it was Dr. Gill."
- Augustus Toplady
John Gill's Body of Practical Divinity - Retail $44.95 , 376 pages

"A man of profound learning and deep piety, he was notable as a divine for the exactness of his systematic theology… His Body of Divinity has long been held in the highest repute. As the fervent exposition of an entire and harmonious creed, it has no rival."
- Charles H. Spurgeon

"His Doctrinal and Practical Writings will live, and be admired, and be a standing blessing to posterity. While true Religion, and sound Learning have a single friend remaining, the works and name of Gill will be precious and revered"
- Augustus Toplady

"As a scholar of the Word, Gill has no equal today. His insights are still very fresh and original. I have learned much from this mighty preacher, pastor, and teacher! His grasp of the whole counsel of God is far superior to anyone I can think of living today."
- J. L. Haynes

John Gill’s "Body of Practical Divinity" is a wonderful book for anyone looking to understand and better practice the worship of our Triune God. Gill’s attention to detail and his zeal to impart to the fullest his understanding of gospel truths makes this book a rare jewel for your library and an incomparable tool for spiritual growth and understanding.
King James Dictionary

Do you find the King James Bible to be filled with antiquated, obsolete words? Do you know the meanings of words like "knop", "thummim", and "frowardly"? The King James Bible can be frustrating to read and hard to understand for those who are not accustomed to its vocabulary. Using the King James Dictionary can remove your frustration and restore your enjoyment of this beautiful translation by providing you with the meanings of those ancient, out of date words, like "cachalot", "murrain", "adar", and "teraphim".

An easy to use and excellent reference, with definitions for over 6,000 words, let the King James Dictionary help you blend beauty with understanding and history with modernity to enable you to enjoy the Bible that Christians around the world have used for centuries.
Andrew Murray - The Lord's Supper

"Praise God for such servants as Andrew Murray! He was truly a man of God! His words inspire rather than chastise. They make us want to look up, rather than hang our heads. They make us want to BE better! Murray takes us into God's presence like no other writer outside the scriptures themselves."
- Cynthia Breen

"He has a gift to simply show God's teachings as they are written in the bible in a very simple way I can understand and apply to my everyday life. I have found my spiritual journey grow in leaps from his simple teachings."
- Amazon reviewer

"Murray is one of those authors I always wish I were reading at the computer, so I could file the inspiring quotes that pop off the page. For years I have turned to Andrew Murray for instructional revelation on deep matters of the Kingdom."
- Barbara

In "The Lord’s Table," Andrew Murray focuses on communion with God and the proper way to prepare yourself to commune with Him through the Lord’s Supper. Murray provides devotions and prayers to help you grow in your relationship to God around the Lord's Table.
Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

Experience for yourself one of the great classics of Christendom, and one of the most widely read books of all time! First published in the 15th century, Kempis’s devotional masterpiece is still relevant and readable for audiences today. The praise that has been lavished on this wonderful work for the past 500 years has not been exaggerated. It’s meditations on the life and teachings of Christ provide encouragement to the soul and convey a deep desire for intimacy and communion with our great God!

"When people study the Imitation, they become in tune with what is really important in life. Each word is music; every passage is a profound truth, and reading a passage a day will assuredly change your life."
- Amazon reviewer

"The Imitation of Christ is a treasure chest of Christian wisdom and truth, a kind of medieval Christian book of Proverbs."
- C. K. Galer

"The Imitation spoke to my heart, rather than my mind, and provided me with strength, inspiration, and fortitude to grow in my spiritual life."
- Anonymous
Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

"Andrew Murray gives excellent counsel for spiritual growth. As Jesus lived His life in absolute surrender to Father God, so must we, and this book points the way!"
- E. Strickler

This book absolutely changed my life!!! God reaches out to everyone in different ways -and this book was one of those ways for me. I cannot recommend this book enough!
- Elaine Smith

This is a must read for the Christian that wants to grow in deeper intimacy with the Lord!! Once is not enough!!
- Amazon reviewer

This book is fantastic! I have shared its message with many friends and have recommended it far and wide. This book goes deep, to the issues of the heart. Expect to be blessed!
- Andrea James

In "Absolute Surrender," Andrew Murray’s unfolds the necessity of the Church being dependent on Christ. For Murray, this subject was one of his main passions, a topic he would preach on and write about for decades. The beauty of surrendering to God shines through Murray’s words, which are sure to touch and convict the hearts of those who read them.
George Whitefield's Select Sermons

"Other men seemed to be only half alive; but Whitefield was all life, fire, wing, force. My own model is George Whitefield; but with unequal footsteps must I follow in his glorious track."
- C.H. Spurgeon

"I'm impressed by the way this Servant of God preaches. Whitefield cuts right to the heart of the matter and brings your heart into the matter! You'll see shades of Spurgeon in his sermons. Very effective!"
- Amazon reviewer

"Certainly no English
- speaking evangelist has ever preached the gospel with more effect and determination than George Whitefield. He moved the masses as no-one before him and hardly anyone since."
- J. Armstrong

Consider the catalyst of the Great Awakening and the Evangelical movement today, George Whitefield. His preaching greatly influenced Christianity on two continents, and his sermons were preached with such passion and sincerity that thousands flocked to hear the gospel proclaimed by this giant of the faith. George Whitefield’s sermons were a gift to the body of Christ in the 18th century and are a treasure to those who read them today.
Andrew Murray: The Deeper Christian Life

"Murray's book is an excellent supplement to the Bible for helping a person experience a deeper walk with Christ. Read and be encouraged to walk deeper with Christ!"
- Michael Taylor

"Few Christian writers have affected my life and the lives of other Christians I know as much as Andrew Murray. It’s hard to read very far without stopping to pray, for the Spirit of prayer seems to be the very atmosphere of Andrew Murray’s books. They are the kind you come back to again and again, savoring every line, drawing near to the Christ he knew and loved and expressed so well.
- Blogger

"I suggest the whole world would understand the Bible more clearly if they just read Andrew Murray’s books. What a wonderful evangelist he was!"
- Vikki

Do you at times find yourself doubting your relationship with God? Do you struggle in your dealings with sin and unbelief? If so, take advantage of the wisdom and spiritual understanding that fills Andrew Murray’s book, The Deeper Christian Life. Murray’s words have helped many Christians around the world have deeper, more fulfilling relationships with Christ.

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