Medieval Literature Vol. 1
Medieval Literature Vol. 1
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Get ready to witness a heroic battle between good and evil! Read yourself into a different time with these medieval chartbusters, and experience the fullness that comes through the great Christian classics!  

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Get ready to witness a heroic battle between good and evil! This early Anglo-Saxon epic poem explores the themes of pride, selflessness and bravery through the life and battles of a warrior named Beowulf. Famous as the first epic allegory written self-consciously about Christ, this poem reveals in glorious drama the early manifestations of the Christian worldview. Written by an anonymous author between the eighth and eleventh century, this beautiful poem has shaped Christian storytelling for a thousand years.
Ecclesiastic History of England by Bede
Because Christians believe that history Bede’s Ecclesiastic History of England was the first in the great tradition of Christian English annals. Its author, the Venerable Bede, begins with Julius Caesar's invasion of England in 55 BC, and records all the doings of the Church from that time to his own. With touching accounts of saints and martyrs, this work vividly brings the courage and faith of the early church into your own home.
The Life of Charlemagne by Einhard
The Life of Charlemagne, or Vita Karoli Magni, is an intimate account of the first Holy Roman Emperor's life written by one of his most favored courtiers. It is known as the most accurate biography of one of the most important and influential Christian monarch’s in history. This work showcases Charlemagne's dedication to God and the church, as well as his commitment to education and bettering civilization. A priceless historical resource!
The Life of Alfred by Asser
The Life of Alfred is a history of the man who united England under Christian rule. It is believed that this book was actually composed during the philanthropist-king's reign, and it records his life and times both accurately and passionately. Learn about this champion of the Christian faith, and become a better person from his example.
The Song of Roland
The Song of Roland is the inspiring, fictionalized account of Roland, the Emperor Charlemagne's nephew. A rousing tale of courageous Christian leadership during the early battle against the Muslim Saracens, this epic poem explores themes of bravery, pride, chivalry, and friendship. This rousing epic is sure to be both thought-inspiring, and a beautiful depiction of Christian nobility.
The Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine
Containing such timeless stories as St. George and the Dragon, Saint Nicholas, and Martin of Tours, The Golden Legend, which was written around 1290 AD, is the medieval precursor to Fox’s Book of Martyrs. It is a glorious depiction of the lives and miracles of the early Christian saints. Although these stories may seem somewhat fanciful to a modern Christian, they are a vital part of the history of Christendom, and should be read with respect and honor.
History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth
The Arthurian legend is one of the clearest and earliest christophanies in Western literature, and Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain is the earliest recording of that legend. However, this masterpiece has so much more than that to offer. It contains a comprehensive record of British history from before the Roman times, all the way to Geoffrey's own era. Although now believed to be largely speculative, or even fictional, this medieval bestseller is a must read for history lovers of all kinds!
The Divine Comedy - Hell, Purgatory and Paradise
by Dante

The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri is a breathtaking work of art and a necessary part of any education. The first work of fiction that sketched out a Christian cosmology, Dante influenced generation after generation of saints after him. He inspired some of the greatest writers in history – including C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, John Milton, and countless others – to see the whole universe as a glorious portrait of the grace of God. The comedy leads it reader on a life-changing journey through hell, purgatory, up through heaven and into the very presence of God. Its multiple levels of meaning and allegory will have you reading it again and again, finding new implications each time you do. Gripping and inspiring!
In Purgatory they encounter the Mountain of Purgatory, supposedly created from a displced rock when satan's fall created Hell and travel through its seven Terraces.
Finally, in Paradise, the last part of this poem,the virtuous Beatrice guides them through the nine Celestial Spheres. After meeting several great saints Dante finally sees the Triune God. This awecome meeting finally reveals the mystery of the Humanity and Divinity of Christ, and Dante's soul becomes one with God's Love.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight appears, at first glance, to be a simple medieval romance: an enjoyable story about knights, quests and fair ladies. Read more carefully, however, it shows itself to be so much more. Level after level of allegory appears, exploring themes of chivalry, nature, joy, obedience, and honor. This poem is a joy to read aloud, and is sure to delight everyone. Enjoy!
St. Benedict's Rule by St. Benedict
A valuable book on the quality of life to be maintained by monks, The Rule of Benedict, became the golden standard. Benedict, sickened by the immorality of Roamn society, lived as an ascetic and began the monastry at Monte Cassino in 529 AD, when he wrote this book.Though initally produced as an outcome of his own struggles with his community of monks, by the 7th century is was widely accepted as the guide for all monastic communities, including those of women. Though he never intended to start an individual order, the Benedictines have used this book for over 15 centuries! As his Rule was intended for self-sufficient, autonomous communities, all Benedictine Houses remain self-governing even today. His writings have been influenced by others like Basil, Augustine of Hippo, and St John Cassian.

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