19th Century Library Vol. 1 - Faith Essentials
19th Century Library Vol. 1 - Faith Essentials
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Like sparkling shafts of light piercing the darkness of spiritual gloom, each book in this quite comprehensive collection, Faith Essentials, is invaluable, both to the individual or collective group. Faith Essentials is an awe-inspiring assortment of reference books, from eminent authors, that will essentially and effectively assist you develop your faith to a greater degree!  

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From Grace to Glory
By Octavius Winslow

"Out of nature into grace, out of grace into glory!" Winslow could not have described this book better, nor can the reader experience a greater metamorphosis! You will recognize Grace as the believer’s portion here, while Glory is his reward of grace hereafter! Simple yet profound this book cannot fail to rouse anyone from spiritual slumber! A worthwhile investment!

What a nature is our God's! What a heart is His! – A reviewer
Help Heavenward
By Octavius Winslow

Devotional writing at its finest! This practical handbook on sanctification, with heaven never out of sight, is an invaluable aid to believers to live in obedience to God and His Word. Highly recommended to acquaint and reacquaint oneself with those sacred truths of Scripture that will help you become more like the Lord Jesus in thought, word and deed!

"His deeply devotional writing reminds me of Spurgeon!" - Tony
The Precious Things of God
By Octavius Winslow

Dispelling doubt, depression and despondency, Winslow discusses the precious things of God that linger with the reader like sweet perfume. You will learn to experience, experimentally, and to know Him in a way that transcends theoretical knowledge. An astonishingly practical book! A definite asset to one’s collection!

"Excellent. Read this with great Joy! Heart Devotion!," - an Amazon Reviewer
Gleanings from the Book of Life
By Henry Law

Brimming with Biblical authority coupled with excellent expositions of Scripture, this valuable book is an asset to any serious student of the Word. This timely eye-opener reveals how the externals, like architecture, marble edifices and even elaborate services could blind us to true worship. Truly a masterpiece that will enable you to rip aside the trappings that veil the truth, oftentimes making a travesty of worship!

"Law abounds in the gospel." - C. H. Spurgeon
The Shadow of Calvary
By Hugh Martin

Awesomely crafted, this climax of the Lord Jesus’ life, will etch in your heart, a vivid and lasting impression of those last majestic minutes. In grand style and lofty language, Hugh Martin paints the most undeniably indelible portrait of Gethsemane, Calvary and the empty tomb that will make your spirit soar, while the significance of those momentous moments will melt your heart to tears. A must have!

"Excellent." - Thomas Parr
Christian Meditations
By Thomas Reade

Sprinkled throughout with original Hymns, these meditations promote self-examination. Serious reflections, silent rapport God and frequent retirement to read the Scriptures will sanctity you. “The religion of Christ is the religion of the heart,” as Reade says, and a study of Meditations will preserve you from evil and protect you from perversions of the truth!

"A solid devotional guide." - Unknown reader
Christian Retirement
By Thomas Reade

A wonderful book that will radically change the very essence of time spent alone with God. Thomas Reade’s gentle reminder in today’s busy social whirl of life touches a sensitive nerve. Referring to the several occasions recorded in Scripture where the Lord Jesus chose to spend time alone with His Father and reveled in it, Reade emphasizes the same thrilling experience it would be for us to emulate Christ. The quality of your personal time with God will be raised to absolutely new heights!

Greatly refreshes!” – Anonymous reader
God's Way of Peace
By Horatius Bonar

This amazing Biblically rock solid work is a welcome proclamation in today’s world of turmoil and war. More renowned for his Hymns, Bonar’s writings are no less doctrinally sound or edifying. This book is a lodestar and a sure guide to a greater understanding of first making peace with God, and then with man, as a natural outflow. Indispensible book!

"A great book!" - Samuel Taaffe

"Best Christian book I have ever read!" - Greg Heidel
Selected Sermons Of Horatius Bonar
Strongly Scriptural, warmly evangelical, and extremely practical these sermons are direct and forceful. Unsurpassed in their brilliance and sharp in their thrust they provide immense instruction and inspiration and can be read and re-read without losing their savor. You will be profited beyond your expectation!

"This is powerful!" - Bob Selph
The Song of Solomon
By Henry Law

To drown in the deepest depths of unfathomable love, is an experience that this book offers you! Law unlocks the reader’s understanding of The Song of Solomon that little-understood book of the Bible. Divided into 52 portions this book was intended for the church to study through the year, contemplating upon and reveling in the undying and unchanging love of Christ for His bride, the church. A must read for every Christian, who earnestly prepares to meet the Heavenly Bridegroom!

"Most Christ-centered author." -
Letters of William Tiptaft
An interesting collection of letters on a variety of subjects, to a cross-section of subjects, this book will strike a sympathetic chord in your heart. A forthright writer, William Tiptaft covers a wide range of subjects pertaining particularly to the distinguishing doctrines of Grace! An outstanding work that will strengthen your stand to remain uncompromisingly faithful to the Lord Jesus!

"Humbling to pride!"

"The least work of grace in the heart is worth a thousand worlds." - Anonymous
Christ Precious To Those Who Believe
By John Fawcett

Stirring one to seek the ‘Precious Christ’ in personal and private devotions, this book will impel you to proclaim Christ as never before! John Fawcett stimulates you to perceive Christ anew and preach Christ afresh! Recognizing the all-surpassing value of the riches of Christ and the reality of His person, you simply cannot remain the same after reading this little gem. A humbling experience.
Christian Experience
By Thomas Reade

An unpretentious yet refreshing look at the principles of faith and love which will enrich your life as it did the apostle Paul’s, through his griefs and joys. This book lets you bask in the sunshine of familiar subjects of faith and love and their power to transform us into His likeness. Springs of sacred holiness well up throughout the book with practical applications to live a life truly pleasing to God.
Wanderings of a Pilgrim
By David Harsha

Hope and encouragement carry you triumphantly through this earthly sojourn as Harsha shows the way! This elevating work bears you above the cares of today, reminding us of our transient existence here. ‘Wanderings’ will lift you above the mundane monotony of each day on earth, as it resonates with the assurance of a glorious untold morrow! A tried and tested mood elevator!

"Invigorating!" – An assessor
Emmanuel's Land
By David Harsha

Lifting you into the heavenlies, this book undoubtedly achieves it, with its glimpses of celestial glory! Handling this wonderful subject with delicacy and ease, David Harsha not only affords a peek into that world of glory, he also offers reassuring hope in life’s darkest moments here. This beautiful volume contains all the Biblical revelation of the heavenly city in the realms of bliss and blessedness, and truly cheers our pilgrim pathway. A must-have for any believer.

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