Covenant: The Heart of Reformed Theology - Volume 1
Covenant: The Heart of Reformed Theology - Volume 1
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Covenant: The Heart of Reformed Theology brings you the very heart of Reformed theology. In this riveting collection, over 40 authors passionately proclaim the amazing story of God's faithfulness in the covenants. Writers like Witsius and Brooks engage the mind with compelling Biblical understanding, exalting Christ in all of Scripture. Displaying Christ throughout the Bible, these authors give us a profound grasp of the continuity of the Old and New Testaments. These works are crucial to understanding the fullness of the gospel. A must-own for understanding Reformed thought!  

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How the Covenants Work
Herman Witsius

Evoking sheer wonder, rapture, and devotion, these Chapters are unsurpassed! Witsius, in this best ever treatment of the study of the covenants, reveals the Christ-centeredness of the entire the Old Testament, with the Covenant of Grace as the single overarching covenant. Methodical, evangelical and couched in refined and elegant language Wistius’ work shows delicacy of composition and a sweet savor of holiness. A great reflection of God’s work in Christ in accomplishing salvation for mankind! Merits a prominent place in every Christian’s library.

"An excellent economy of your time!" — T. Stevenson

"Classic work on Covenant Theology!" — Cbarrett

The Marrow of Modern Divinity: Covenant Theology
Edward Fisher

Fascinatingly different, Fisher’s three-way dialogue between an evangelist, a legalist and a young Christian, attacks the twin errors of legalism and antinomianism. From an evangelical slant, Fisher’s three-fold perspective of the Biblical Law, of Works, of Faith, and of Christ, is wonderfully intuitive.

In Part 2, Fisher clearly unpacks the Ten Commandments, adeptly demolishing the concept of self-sufficiency and salvation by works, highlighting instead the free Grace of the Gospel and Christ as central to the Old Testament. Unparalleled exposition of justification and sanctification! Highly readable!

"Full of evangelical light and life!" — Samuel Prettie

"A book filled with precious, seasonable, and necessary truth!"— John Belfrage

Paradise Opened for the Saints
Thomas Brooks

An amazing study by Brooks, this treatise on the Covenant of Grace and the glorious transaction between God the Father and Christ in the Covenant of Redemption is vastly profound. Soundly grounded in the Scriptures, Brooks clarifies the General Judgment of God and His Final Judgment, which no man can escape after death. Brooks warmly reassures us of the perpetual presence of the Lord Jesus with His people at all times, in their greatest troubles, deepest distresses, and most deadly dangers. A great blessing!

"This classic will never be outdated!"— George Smeaton

"As a writer, Brooks scatters stars with both his hands!" — C.H. Spurgeon

The Fountain of Life: Christ the Mediator
John Flavel

Forty-two precious sermons on the riches of Christ’s offices and states! John Flavel’s writing dazzle with the excellence of the glory of Christ that defies all expression. Written in the crucible of the turbulent times of the 17th century, he desires more humble and hungry Christians be produced. Flavel’s convincing arguments, clear and powerful demonstrations, heart-searching applications, and his comforting support make this book extremely valuable to grow in the knowledge and love for the Lord Jesus.

"One of Flavel’s great works of devotion to his God and Savior!" — Jennifer V.

"A powerful and successful preacher!" — Middleton

The Method of Grace: Two Sided Faith
John Flavel

A meticulously thorough treatment of the work of God’s Spirit in applying the redemptive work of Christ to the believer! Flavel encourages deep heart searching while he rechallenges and enriches our faith. Tempered with evangelic fervor, this clearly defined theology of grace appeals to the heart as well as the mind! Flavel’s burden for the eternal destiny of the human soul now becomes ours! A great resource.

"Meaty, great book for struggling and/or new Christians or those seeking answers!" — Corey

Faithfulness of Christ
Samuel Rutherford

Twenty-seven thought-provoking sermons on Christ’s conversation with the Canaanite woman who sought Him to heal her daughter. (Matt. 15:21-28 & Mark 7:24-30) Liberally cross-referenced with other Scripture, Rutherford reveals that real Christian faith rests in Christ alone, who does all things well. His writings draw us to persevere in prayer and constantly remember that the Savior loved us before we ever loved Him! Very encouraging.

"Rutherford is beyond all praise of men!" — Charles Spurgeon

"Great encouragement!" - Byron Snapp

Covenant and Covenanters
Editor: James Kerr

Kerr spotlights the stirring moments in Scottish history, marking important events in that great struggle by which England, Scotland and Ireland were liberated from the authoritarianism of Pope, Prince, and Prelate! Kerr brings together the Covenants, the grand theological thought by men of piety, learning, and renown! Easy to read and amazing to learn from, some of the most moving sermons ever!

"Landmarks by which the city of God will be known at the dawn of the millennial day!" — Thomas Sproull

On Salvation
William Guthrie

Masterful portrayal of those professing genuine interest in Christ - a stark contrast between believers and pretenders! In this, his only book, Guthrie excels in gracious biblical exhortations without mincing words. Certainty of salvation is not merely a nice thing to own, it is commanded. Classic work on the assurance of salvation and evangelism. His conclusive arguments on the basic tenets of Christianity, faith, receiving the Spirit, and the renewed state make this an excellent reference for self-examination.

"Life changing!" — Tom

"Simple and Powerful!"— A. Wolverton

Ultimate Ursinus
Gospel Essentials

Amazing expositor, Ursinus is best known as the primary author of the Heidelberg Catechism. This collection of excerpts from his works highlights how the Law differs from the Gospel. The law contains a covenant of nature initiated by God with mankind in creation, entailing perfect obedience of man to God. The gospel contains a covenant of grace, with Christ as the fulfillment of the law’s righteousness. The believer enjoys restoration through Christ’s Spirit and eternal life for Christ’s sake. Outstanding!

"Excellent!" — Kyle Scheele

"A real gem!" — Max Benfer

The Scottish Confession of Faith
John Knox

Well-documented and timely! The Confession was the first Subordinate Standard for the Protestant church in Scotland. With frank outspokenness, Knox focuses on the central doctrines of election and the Church. Warning against all sects of heresy and all teachers of erroneous doctrine, this narrative presents the truth that is confessed in historical form. His conviction and his fiery personality brought the Gospel back to Scotland and continue to inspire many today to take a stand for the truth of the Gospel, regardless of adversity or cost.

"A good primer on Christian church history!" — Aimee Thor

Westminster Standards
Westminster divines

Abounding with profound truths and brilliant scholarship, the Divines over a period of five years, produced this phenomenal confession of faith! The Westminster Confession of faith, in the Calvinist theological tradition became and remains the subordinate standard of doctrine in the Church of Scotland, and has influenced the Presbyterian churches worldwide. The Divines provide advice on issues of worship, doctrine, government and discipline of the Church of England. Amazing work!

Dutch Standards
Belgic Confession, Helvetic Confession and Heidelberg Catechism

Guido de Bras’ Belgic Confession of Faith (Netherlands and Belgium) became the doctrinal standard of the Reformed churches.

The 2nd Helvetic Confession (Swiss - German) was drawn up by Heinrich Bullinger, who combined the best of Lutheran and Reformed wisdom instructing ordinary people on the basics of the Christian faith. In 52 sections, he affirms the authority of the Scriptures for the church’s government and reformation, and practical life of the believers.

Heidelberg Catechism by Zacharius Ursinus primarily dealt with the Law and the Gospel! Truly rich church history!

"One for the ages!" — Douglas VanderMeulen

A practical Catechism
Hugh Binning

Harmoniously structured, with keen attention to scripture and balance of rationalism, in these 25 chapters, Binning holds the connection between truth and the conscience! Scriptures, God, Predestination, Creation, Covenants, and Sin are skillfully examined. Binning reiterates our being comes immediately from God, as the beginning of all, while our happiness and well-being is assured only on our returning to God, as the end of all. But sin separated God from Man requiring a Mediator, Christ Jesus. Self-seeking is self-destroying; self-denying is self-saving, soul-saving. Simple and sound, Binning still speaks!

"A beautiful book!" — Wylie

Covenant of Works
Covenant of Creation or Covenant of Life

Thomas Boston’s The Human Nature in Its Fourfold State covers Primitive Integrity, Entire Depravity, Begun Recovery and Consummate Happiness or Misery. The first state corresponds to Man’s initial innocence, before the Fall; the second to natural man after the Fall; the third to regenerate man; and the fourth to glorified man!

Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion-Book II accurately handle the great doctrines and promises of the Bible.

Watson’s Body of Divinity is rigorously Scriptural, an erudite systematic theology that salvation is by grace alone, through faith. Great tool!

"Boston is magnificent!" — Cbarrett

"Calvin: Classic theology - Classic literature!"— DouglasVanderMeulen

"Watson: What a Treasure!" — B. Hardecker

The Who, What, When and Why of Baptism

A diversity of deliberations from several learned authors on the sacrament of baptism from a Biblical perspective. A cross section of questions raised and answered, and debates resolved scripturally, with a deeper look at the sacrament of infant baptism. The clarity of expression coupled with an honest seeking for answers from God’s Word, makes this good food for thought!

"Interesting!"A reviewer

The Who, What, When and Why of Redemption

Calvin’s work is immense by any reckoning. He fundamentally challenged the Catholic Church in Europe and changed every aspect of life to date! Using Biblical knowledge to excellent effect, he proclaimed Redemption through Christ alone and not by woks!

Patrick Gillespie’s order, method, perspicuity of treatment and solidity of argument, make his discourse on the Covenant of Grace singularly instructive.

In Question/Answer format, Flavel challenges us to check if Christ is really the desire of our heart and thus for the world; unmatched for information, examination, consolation, exhortation and direction. Unrivaled!

"Patrick Gillespie’s excellent treatises upon the Covenant of Grace!" Wodrow

"Masterfully written, Christ-centered theology!"Brian G Hedges

Grace According to Calvin

Incredibly succinct, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion-Book II ranks as one of the great theological works of Christianity. Soundly rooted in the Scriptures, he eloquently dwells on the absolute sovereignty of God, the grounding of Christian faith in the Word of God, and the inability of man to find salvation apart from God’s grace! Clear, honest and very readable!

"Masterfully written, Christ-centered theology!" Brian G Hedges

"Simply Exquisite!"Jeffrey Leach

The Beauty of Grace
Thomas Boston

This is an excellent and careful Biblical exposition of justification and sanctification. The work extensively covers the nature of and relationship between the Law and the Gospel. The New Covenant is new relative to Moses, not Abraham. The New Covenant, however, is the fulfillment of the promise made to Adam (Genesis 3:15) and the (Abrahamic) covenant of grace. The New Covenant is the reality typified by the pre-incarnational types and shadows of the Old Testament. A peerless parallel! Wonderful study material.

"A valuable read!" Philip

Grace, Faith, and Salvation

Impeccable! Watson’s presents Christ Jesus as the tried and precious stone, apart from which no sure foundation and cornerstone can exist. Where is your habitual dependence? Self-confident works, one’s boasted external morality, all are but a loose, tottering foundation of sand!

Ames’ Covenant of Grace is the ’new covenant’, where the application of Christ is administered covenantally!

Directly and fervently, Brooks, in The Golden Key to Open Hidden Treasures, exudes spiritual life and power, replete with Scripture references. His spiritual insights make this appropriate reading for young people and adults alike.

"Genius is always marvelous, but when sanctified it is matchless!" C. H. Spurgeon

"Ames impacted New English Puritanism very heavily!"Timmy Prussi


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