Covenant: The Heart of Reformed Theology - Volume 2
Covenant: The Heart of Reformed Theology - Volume 2
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Irresistibly drawing you closer to God and His precious word, this set, Covenant: The Heart of Reformed Theology (Vol 2) introduces you to the works of well-known masters! Tireless in their defense and fearless in their expressions, these hand-picked authors raise the veil that shrouds the Biblical Covenants, reminding us of the eternal promises of God to believers, His redemption, inexhaustible grace and inexorable judgment! Lifts the spirit and illuminates the mind! Meaningful and profitable! A rewarding investment of one’s reading time!  

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Original Sin
Jonathan Edwards

In 300 pages of stimulating thought, Edwards in The Great Christian Doctrine of Original Sin Defended, proclaims the Biblical stand of innate human depravity against the increasingly accepted belief of an essentially good human nature, innocent at birth, which became evil only by environment, experience, and custom! While Scripture, history, and reason prove man’s inborn inclination to sin, Edward declares only divine grace can transform man. As man rebels against God because of his corrupt heart, man’s redemption requires a restructured heart, which the Holy Spirit accomplishes! Striking!

"Great thoughts!" — Coyle

God’s Grace
Jonathan Edwards

Gripping! These three specially selected works on Grace and Types of Messiah will open new vistas of understanding God Himself and His grace that is evident through the pages of the Bible. His theory of typological exegesis will kindle a desire to study the strong relationship between the Old and New Testaments, the unbroken connectivity of thought, and to better comprehend the correspondence between the natural and the spiritual worlds. Illuminating!

"A truly impressive work!" — Douglas Wilson

"Comprehensive and readable!"— S. McDonald

Covenantal Sermons of Edwards
Jonathan Edwards

Six superb sermons seamlessly woven, present God’s perfect picture of salvation. Edwards systematically unpacks the spirit of atheism ruling men’s hearts, the disposition to doubt the very being of God and anything not visible. Naturally resisting God in his judgments, natural desires, wills, affections, and practice, Man winds up worshipping his own idols. Tracing Man’s natural condition as God’s Enemy, to God’s Justice, the necessity for Atonement and His glorious Grace that transforms Man to become a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and peculiar people, Edwards’ works scintillate!

"If we could only have another Edwards!"— Geoffrey S. Robinson

"Great!" — M. Roques

Two Covenants
Andrew Murray

Explorative and enlightening, Murray’s treatise Two Covenants reveals Murray’s Biblical stance on the beautiful relationship between the Old and the New Covenants and how that applies to Christian living. In this great reminder of the blessings that God has covenanted to give us, Murray discusses the covenants, their nature, their area of contrasts, and the transition between them. Murray ultimately spurs us to grow in our ongoing transformation! A prerequisite for a clearer understanding of the Covenants and personal sanctification! Awesome!

"Life changing Book!" — Ellen

"Good gems in this book!" — Pete

Charles Hodge on Covenant Theology
Charles Hodge

Magnificent! Systematic Theology, the magnum opus of Charles Hodge, one of the greatest theologians ever, addresses some of the most important theological questions of both his and our current times! This monumental work includes three large volumes, the first of which begins with an introduction and the study of God. The second examines the study of Man and his salvation. The third discusses the study of end times. This meticulous work is truly a valuable resource!

"Really refreshing!" — Mathieu Massicotte

"A master’s masterpiece!" — Keith Wood

Covenant of Works
Charles Hodge

Clear and concise, Hodge’s classic Commentary on Romans (5:12-21) is a cache of crisp comments that will prove profitable to all who desire a deeper walk with God. Helpful as supplementary reading or careful study, this work is complete without being exhaustive! Hodge’s introduction, chapter analyses, and verse-by-verse exposition remain, even after a hundred years, solid and relevant, a standard resource for clergy and laity. A mature and outstanding exegesis, it is precisely worded and interactive with other commentators. Excellent!

"The finest exposition of Romans in print!" — Dr. C. W. Powell

"Excellent commentary, even to today’s Christians!"— D. Keating

Outline of Covenant Theology
A.A. Hodge

Rich in content and logical in approach, Hodge’s Outlines of Theology is a clear compendium, in question and answer format. Presenting a pristine perception of every concept, Hodge covers a very wide spectrum of Reformed theology with energetic and snappy arguments ably supported with scripture. In particular, in his teaching on ‘The Lord’s Supper’ theology springs to life. Angels and the rise and fall of Lucifer are exceptional. This digest of Reformed theology with just enough scholasticism to pose a challenge is invaluable!

"Excellent compendium of theology!"— Andre

"Great book!" — Pasteur Tom

The Confession of Faith
A Commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith
A.A. Hodge

Crackling with compelling thoughts The Confession of Faith: A commentary on The Westminster Confession of Faith, shows Hodge’s keenly discerning mind, strong convictions, analytical ability and discriminating definitions. With pointed questions following every chapter, important concepts are powerfully reinforced! His compact statements in his analyses of the Confession, buttressed with proofs and illustrations of its teaching, aid both learner and teacher. This fine handbook of Christian doctrine simplifies the leading Scriptural doctrines and is easy to understand! Unmatched!

"A very useful book, full of clear thinking and compact statements!" — Professor Francis Patton

"A great book!" — Jeff M.

Commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith
Robert Shaw

Expertly unpacked, Shaw interprets classic, foundational Christianity in his memorable, An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith, as commanded and taught by Scripture and as expounded by the WCF! Beautifully crafted, carefully organized and cross referenced with Scriptures, this dissertation is duly recognized as the companion volume to the Westminster Confession of Faith. One of the most comprehensive statements of Bible-based Christian belief, this manual practically assists us appreciate and apply the teachings of the Confession to our daily lives. Highly recommended!

"Excellent resource!" — Terry L. Tucker

"Excellent Practical explanation!" — Eric R. Molicki

God’s Covenant Way of Peace
Horatius Bonar

An invigorating, lively defense of the gospel against legalism, God’s Way of Peace by Horatius Bonar continues to be one of the most winsome presentations of the gospel! Its value lies in its great competence in skillfully defusing the innumerable subtle and clever barriers that men create to keep themselves outside the freedom of the salvation in Christ! Bonar shows the way of peace and the way of holiness are parallel paths! Delightful read!

"A great book!" — Samuel Taaffe

"A must read for everyone, whether Christian or not." — Eli

Dabney’s Covenant Theology
Robert Lewis Dabney

A superlative guide to research, Dabney’s Syllabus and Notes of the Course of Systematic and Polemic Theology Taught in Union Theological Seminary, Virginia, is inestimable! Containing trustworthy outlines of discussion, these lectures often restate the arguments of the prescribed textbooks in plainer terms, facilitating a better grasp of the subject. Making no pretense to originality, barring his method of connecting, harmonizing or refuting some of the statements encountered in review, Dabney leads us to investigate the same subject by other authors, prior to composing a thesis. Peerless work!

"Great spiritual aid!" — A reviewer

The Saving Grace of Christ
William S. Plumer

Challenging yet comforting, Plumer’s The Grace of Christ is practical in nature and popular in form. Plumer single-mindedly leads us to the cross, to seek no other way but Christ, to be satisfied with God’s Word, to be assured of perfect soul security in His grace, for total deliverance from sin, to be comforted, and finally to give all glory to Him, to whom it rightfully belongs. Plumer emphasizes the needs of man and the supply of those needs by the grace of Christ. Edifying!

"Simple yet profound; heart-searching, yet encouraging!" — Joel Beeke

Our Comprehensive Covenant Representative
William S. Plumer

Electrifying, The Rock of our Salvation is Plumer’s stunning treatise on the Lord Jesus. Plumer dramatically captures the Day of Judgement when saint and sinner, living and dead, will face Him on that unknown but irrevocable day, the day for which all other days were made. Time then will cease, never again to be measured! Just boundless, incalculable eternity! Everything hidden shall be exposed and judged. A day of Final Separation, which is imminent. Bound to shake us out of spiritual lethargy! Spell binding!

"Anything and everything by W. S. Plumer is worth having!" — Sterling Harmon

"Plumer is one of my favorites!" — William Swan

Covenantal Meditations
Thomas Reade

Revolutionary! Reade’s Christian Retirement will radically alter the very essence of time alone with God. His gentle whispers persist, despite the social whirl, striking sensitive chords. Referring to Scripturally recorded occasions when Christ reveled in His aloneness with God, Reade reinforces the thrill it would be to emulate Christ.

Reade’s 78 insightful reflections on God in Christian Meditation encourage self-examination, prayer, and diligent Bible study. This solid daily devotional offers heavenly food, giving clarity of mind, sensitivity of conscience, and a song in the heart! Your personal time with God will sparkle!

"Fantastic book for meditation!" — Stone

Covenantal Bible Overview
J. Gresham Machen & James Oscar Boyd

An astoundingly smooth flow of thought from two eminent writers, A Brief Bible History: A Survey of the Old and New Testaments surveys the history of God’s redeeming grace. Reviewing Old Testament history, Boyd discloses the stream of God’s redeeming purposes flowing down through earlier times. Machen appraises New Testament history, revealing the broadening and deepening of that purpose for mankind through Christ and the Church. Forming an integral part of ‘Teaching the Teacher’, a First Book in Teacher Training, this book is a brief chronicle of Biblical history. Awesome!

"Great for a Biblical overview!" — A Reviewer

Warfield’s Wisdom
B. B. Warfield

A penetrative and prolific writer, B.B. Warfield in this collection of 13 brilliant works declares one theme that salvation is only from God, and not an outcome of Man’s merit. Warfield understood that theology should affect both mind and heart to produce a life of Christ-likeness! His reflective teachings leave an indelible impression, impelling one to seriously study God’s word and apply it! A blessing beyond expression!

"Massive and Incredible!" — Jaison

"Great resource for all interested in theology!" — Todd

Machen Covenant Clear
J. Gresham Machen

Grand truths made incredibly comprehensible! These 10 specially chosen books by Machen are custom made for a realistic approach to key doctrines and Christian beliefs! His wonderful ability to make difficult concepts understandable shines through. Tackling a wide range of topics, Machen brings enlightenment to clouded minds, and hope to weary souls! Machen’s writings will be an essential element in our return to authentic Christianity! Thought provoking!

"Eye opening!" — Barbara Staschke

"A Must Read for the Thinking Christian!" — D. VanderMeulen

Vos’ Viewpoints
Geerhardus Vos

With his characteristic rare and extraordinary focus, Geerhardus Vos, in these 7 delectable works allows no shadow of false dichotomy to fall between the deepest and most complex expressions of theology! His profound sense of wonder, faith, and love for the triune God inundates the pages. Dr. Vos’ writings are evocative of his spirit of awe, thrill, and intellectual spiritual pleasure as he seeks to unfold the Bible in ever surprising ways! Refreshing!

"Wonderful foundational reading!" — Mark Gring

"A must read!" — Sean David

Masterful Murray
John Murray

A splendid summation of Covenant Theology in these 5 works by John Murray! He represents the pinnacle of theological achievement! Investigating the function and nature of the historic Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, and New Covenants in Scripture, Murray shows a "promise-demand" structure attached to them. However, he demonstrates that it does not detract from the graciousness of the covenants, but merely signifies the nature of all covenants demands stipulations. Also, includes five predominant evangelical views on the Law and Gospel! So full and so rich! Good read!

"Highly informative!" — A Reviewer


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