Christology Vol. 2: The Identity and Teachings of Christ
Christology Vol. 2: The Identity and Teachings of Christ
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Amazingly perceptive and convicting, E4’s Christology Vol. 2 is a rich depository of Christological truth and godly encouragement rooted in the teaching of Jesus Himself. Marvelous and majestic, Christ emerges as the focus of this specially selected Set. Revel in the lofty thoughts from a cross section of renowned authors, including devotional reading for families and individuals, and one exclusively for children. Your heart cannot but be drawn closer to the Lord Jesus Christ by this reservoir of blessing. Spiritually invigorating!  

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Engaging the True Faith
John of Damascus

A significant store of traditional Christian theology, An Exposition of the Orthodox Faith (Book III& IV) by John of Damascus is a rich lode of information, widely accepted in the Christian world. Sourced primarily from the Greek theologians of the fourth and fifth centuries, John’s is the first systematic compendium of accepted Christian theology. Highlighting the traditional unitary view of the Trinity as one Tripersonal being, having one will, one power and one rule, his is a crystal clear representation o the Triune God. Illuminating!

"An important classic in theology!"—D. R. Brown

The Names of Christ
Octavius Winslow

Excitingly explorative, Winslow in Emmanuel or Titles of Christ discovers wonderful, inexhaustible riches found in the titles of Christ, as in His infinite resources. The personal and official titles of Christ, unlike those of the world, are real and substantial, each with profound significance and enduring glory, distinctive in meaning, illustrating a particular truth that the Holy Spirit unfolds! Winslow aims to permanently and prominently present Christ before the Church, that Christians may reflect Him to an unbelieving skeptic world. Encouraging!

"Winslow engages the mind and heart as no other!"—Joel R. Beeke

The Sympathy of Christ
Octavius Winslow

Deeply sensitive and tenderly compassionate, The Sympathy of Christ by Winslow, clearly reveals and demonstrates the practical character of Christ’s emotional nature, drawing Him into a closer and more personal reality with our circumstances. Christ is willing to bear the bonds He came to break, to share the sorrow He came to assuage, and powerfully personally participate in all of man’s need. You will derive instruction and comfort, and be stirred to study and imitate His example more closely. Life-changing!

"Winslow writes with power!"—Tony Reinke

The Fullness that is in Christ
Octavius Winslow

Intuitive and inspiring, The Fullness of Christ is Octavius Winslow’s devotional treatment of the absorbing history of Joseph and his brothers. Particularly gifted in focusing our minds and hearts on Christ, the Greater Joseph, and His brothers, Winslow paints memorable pictures of Christ revealing Himself to His people, as brother and Savior! His entrancing exposé of the glory of Christ in heaven alone is worth the time spent reading this book. Unforgettable read!

"For devotion and edification, no author rivals Winslow!"—Tony Reinke

The Roots of Faith
Octavius Winslow

Warming the soul and kindling the spirit, The Tree of Life centered on Christ’s person describes the practical aspect of Christ’s life as set apart, spent, and sacrificed for man, living in a world that hated Him, and loving a people who harmed Him. Winslow urges us to live like the dew and light, diffuse, invisible and silent, influencing others, supplying doctrinal and preceptive instruction to confront the needs and conquer the foes of this extraordinary age. Challenging!

"His Christ-centered works show devotion, practicality!"—Josh Bond

The Places Where Jesus Walked
John MacDuff

Interesting and heart-warming John MacDuff’s Memories of Bethany depicts the times Christ enjoyed snatches of "human joy" in the quiet home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Macduff captures glimpses of the temporary respite from unceasing work and unmerited resentment the Lord Jesus experienced and His congenial relationships with each member of this family! The humanity of Christ shines through, though never at the cost of Christ’s deity. Great read!

"For an hour’s pleasant and holy reading, commend us to MacDuff!"—C.H. Spurgeon

Finding Strength in Christ
John MacDuff

Shelter, security and safety in Christ! In Clefts of the Rock: The Believer’s Grounds of Confidence in Christ, MacDuff refers to the many aspects of the Person and Work of Jesus, as various ’clefts in the rock’ in which a believer may find protection, comfort, and strength in life. One Rock, but a multiplicity of grounds of confidence and trust, each inviting the weary to rest. Christ, the Rock suggests strength, durability and accessibility besides a haven. Heartening!

"For sound doctrine, and application, you cannot go beyond MacDuff!"—C.H. Spurgeon

Finding Comfort in the Words of Jesus
John MacDuff

A spiritual pick-me-up, this 31-day devotional contains simple but solemn truth! John MacDuff’s The Words of Jesus is replete with consolation for the hurting soul, healing for the wounded spirit, and support for the faltering in times of need. Christ is preeminent in all his writings. Meditating on the comforting words of Christ and the scripturally sound thoughts is sheer divine therapy! Good as a topical reference book!

"One of the best of devotionals available!"—Goober

"Possibly a real gem of a book!"—P. Charles

A Devotional Commentary on the Gospels, Vols. 1 & 2
Favell Lee Mortimer

Profitable and practical, this Christ-centered A Devotional Commentary on the Gospels by Favell Lee Mortimer is a carefully arranged collection of readings, highly recommended for family devotions, for every day of the year. This is a fitting commentary on the life of Christ intended for reading during family worship or for personal devotional reading. Young children too can appreciate it, while adults will find it worthy of study and reflection! A must have.

"Realistic and refreshing!"—A reviewer

The Parables of Our Lord
Rev. William Arnot

Lively imagination blended with stern logic characterizes The Parables of Our Lord by William Arnot. God’s word abounds in analogies. Much of the Old Testament includes figures of things to come. Christ’s teachings teem with types. Parables make sacred truth more appealing and memorable, although at times it became necessary to conceal the spiritual character and power of Christ’s Kingdom to restrain enmity. Teachable spirits instantly grasped the meaning while others received private explanation from the Master! A wonderful study on the parables. Highly recommended.

"Insightful!" —A reviewer

The Divinity of Jesus Christ, Vols. 1, 2 & 3
H.P. Liddon

An easily understandable, scholarly, evangelical synopsis asking for a confession of Christ’s Messiahship, The Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by Liddon presses one to acknowledge Christ as the Son of God or dismiss Him as a deceiver. To Liddon, the Bible was the power of an Infallible Spirit teaching man from pages preserved from error, with a living force that spans all time. His eight famous lectures, in these 3 volumes ring with an earnest devotion to a Christ, alive forevermore! See Christ afresh!

"Liddon took us straight up to heaven and kept us there for an hour!"—Dean Stanley

Doctrine Explaining the Christ
J.L. Dagg

Intriguing art of invitation! In Book Fifth--Doctrine concerning Jesus Christ, Dagg presents clear proofs that faith in Christ is mandatory for salvation. Dagg confronts you to consider what you think of Christ, following his account of the Person, Humanity, Divinity, Union, States, and Offices of Christ as prophet, priest and King. Scripture helps us discover He is mighty to save! Dagg depicts Christ to be just the Savior we need and invites us to yield to Him and seek to glorify Him at all times. Useful evangelical tool!

"Decisive!"—A reviewer

The Life of Christ for Children
Richard Newton

A child’s delight! The Life of Jesus Christ for the Young, by Newton makes for enjoyable reading! Not only does he recount the life of Christ in his inimitable style, he also intersperses the account with refreshing stories and short poems, to drive the truth home. Interspersed with maps and illustrations, this book is also a visual treat! Newton always, helps his readers reach solid conclusions! A perfect gift for a child!

"Newton, The Prince of Preachers to the young!"—C.H. Spurgeon

Christ the Center of All Things
John Young

Shredding the shrouds of ambiguity, Young’s Christ of History gives freshness to familiar proofs for the divinity of Christ, enhancing their strength. How he adapts them to the unique intellectual culture and structure of the present age is an added attraction. This overview of Christ’s time here on Earth, is actually an argument detailing the conditions, work, and spirituality of Christ, buttressing the claims for the deity of Christ. Convincing!

"An accurate representation of "fully divine" arguments about Christology!"—Abby Zwart

Christ and the Witness of the Scriptures
I.M. Haldeman

Pressing the point for the pertinency of Christianity in Christ, Christianity, and the Bible, Dr. Haldeman, one of the foremost of Bible expositors, states his case with legal exactness, calling the reader to decide the claims of Christianity, based on the word of God. Dealing with the modern drift in Christianity and its absolute failure, this book is for all ages to enjoy. A classic reborn for the enlightened or those yearning for knowledge. Use these techniques for a better understanding. Brilliant!

"Good reading, good reference tool!" Elder John Pruitt

"Haldeman writes like a poet!" Iris

In the Service of the Master
Frances Ridley Havergal

This timeless enduring classic, Kept for the Master’s Use by Frances Havergal, composer of the famous hymn "Take my life and let it be" is guaranteed to touch your hearts! Each phrase reveals some personal God-fearing thoughts which inspired her. Havergal emphasizes the importance of letting God not only take, but also keep, every aspect of our lives. Perfect for personal devotional use or small group study her book continues to inspire believers to surrender to Christ completely! Heart-tugging!

"Sweet, handy little classic!"—Kang

"A little gem of a book!"—Natalie Wickham

Telling the Grand Story of Jesus
William Barton, Theodore Soares, Sydney Strong

Intricately interwoven, His Life: A Complete Story in the Words of the Four Gospels by Barton, Soares and Strong, the ministers of Oak Park, illustrates the story Christ’s life culled from all the four Gospels. Interestingly, from the Apostolic times, attempts were made to unite the Gospels into a single narrative. Tatian’s version, the first to appear around 173 A.D., is now a valuable witness to the antiquity and early acceptance of our four Gospels. This harmony of the gospels is truly stimulating!

"Amazing!"—A reviewer

Answers About the Kingdom of Heaven
Edward Burbidge

Extraordinary range of thought and deep scholarship are evident in Burbridge’s The Kingdom of Heaven; What is it? He considers three things, a King to rule, subjects to rule over and a kingdom to occupy. Establishing Christ as King, and believers in Him as subjects, Burbridge shows while ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ will ultimately be set up in the future, it has an intimate connection with the daily life here on earth as Christians, with its duties, privileges, and blessings. Stirring!

"Uplifting!"—A reviewer

Christ’s Famous Titles
William Dyer

William Dyer’s Christ’s Famous Titles is an absolute treasure. Fourteen sermons, on the seven famous titles of Christ, including a treatise on death, express the riches, beauty, and supremacy of Christ. Will move your heart afresh and make you desire and love Him even more. Christ is the fountain of life, light, love, grace, glory, comfort, joy, goodness and sweetness, always full and flowing. Dyer presents a Golden Chain of twenty lovely thought links for believers to wear and always remember the wonderful Savior! Captivating!

"Precious thoughts!"— A reviewer

Christ Precious to Those Who Believe
John Fawcett

A great investment, Christ Precious to Those Who Believe by is a realistic treatise on faith and love. John Fawcett reiterates the paucity of those who find Christ precious. Unless convinced of the need for a Savior like Christ, men will continue to be oblivious to His worth. Fawcett unveils the nature of those to whom Christ is precious, the evidence for their belief and why Christ is precious to them. Fawcett dares those serious about their faith walk to pursue Him even more!

"Christ Precious is a worthy place to begin to rediscover Christ!"—A reviewer

The Method of Grace
John Flavel

Enriching! Flavel’s thorough investigation in The Method of Grace outlines the work of God’s Spirit in applying the redemptive work of Christ to the believer. A heart-searching experience which will enhance your faith and evangelistic fervor. This clearly defined theology is delivered with urgency by an author deeply concerned about the eternal destiny of the human soul! Will fire your zeal and renew your spirit to attempt great things for God!

"Meaty, great book for those seeking answers!"—Corey

Practical Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer
Newman Hall

A constructive and functional model for meaningful prayer, Hall’s Practical Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer is unmatched. Hall shows prayer has a reflex benefit to the mind that encourages us to expect direct and positive benefits. Although God knows our needs He desires to hear them voiced. Prayer is communing with God, not instructing Him. Christ Himself prayed and He is "the Way" to the Father. His mediation breaks the barrier caused by guilt. His Spirit cleanses the unwillingness of our hearts. Edifying!

"Excellent read!"—A reviewer

The Star of Bethlehem: A Guide to the Savior
David Harsha

Rare reflections of breathtaking beauty, David Harsha’s The Star of Bethlehem: A Guide to the Savior displays Christ in His personal and mediatorial glory. Harsha describes Christ’s excellence and mercy, including His atoning work on Calvary in all its splendor and sufficiency, as the only hope for a lost world. Detailing the incarnation, crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension, he shows Christ’s present and future work as He presently intercedes for us in heaven and finally returns triumphantly at His glorious Second Coming. Thrilling!

"Simply Beautiful!"—A reviewer


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