The Power of Gospel Preaching, Vol. 2
The Power of Gospel Preaching, Vol. 2
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Experience the Power of Gospel Preaching! An excellent starting point for those seeking a diverse selection of profound works that presents the deepest themes of Christianity with a splendor of expression that has rarely been equaled and will never be outdated. Be drawn into a richer, deeper and more motivated understanding of God! Use this compelling material by inspired men of faith, tried in the crucible of suffering, and recognize the supremacy of God and His life-giving Word. Power of Gospel Preaching: Volume 2 is an invaluable addition to your library!  

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Gospel Sermons of R. A. Torrey

Powerful and piercing, Sermons of R. A. Torrey have challenged several thousands, across the world, to choose one of two camps, God’s or Satan’s, with no in-between option! Insightful and incisive, he strikes home in each of his 19 messages on understanding the concept of God, prayer, faith, power of the Holy Spirit and how to be inexpressibly happy! An asset to anyone with any glimmer of doubt on salvation! Highly recommended!

"Very pointed messages that will convict both saved & unsaved!"— M. D. Mayo

"Very inspiring sermons!"— Amazon Reviewer

"Excellent source!"— B. Hardecker

Assorted Sermons of Martin Luther

Characterized by a comprehensive and compassionate flow of scholarship, Assorted Sermons of Martin Luther, have tremendously influenced several generations, increasing the reader’s spiritual energy! Luther was, primarily, a man of the people, with a deep-rooted desire to bring God’s Word in clear, concise language to the common people. To Luther, the Word of God was the only spark needed to light the fire of the German Reformation. Real faith expressed with sincerity and force, this set of stirring sermons is invaluable.

"Thought-provoking!"— Online reviewer

Sermons to the Believer volumes 1 & 2
W.G.T. Shedd

Direct and simple, Sermons to the Spiritual Man by W.G.T. Shedd contains 26 sermons over 420 pages and is complementary to his other book ‘Sermons to the Natural Man’. Speaking to the Christian heart, he deals with unforgiven and indwelling sin, and the struggle and victory over it. Each sermon has the typical Shedd touch, intensely thorough and imaginatively illustrated. He impacts you with new insights on the passage or text. Great start to one’s daily devotions.

"Stirring application to strike the heart!"— David J. McCullough

"Shedd never will be outdated!"— Alan W. Gomes

Sermons of Archibald Alexander

Archibald Alexander Sermons overflow with consolation and comfort, appealing to the heart and preparing you to come to Christ, just as you are, and receive His forgiveness. Christ does not save because our sins are comparatively few and unnoticed; neither does He reject any because their sins are many and great. He promises to give you rest, which includes pardon and acceptance with God. It offers deliverance from the condemnation and tyranny of sin, from fear and remorse, from all spiritual enemies and all vain self-righteous hopes. A blessing!

"Reassuring!"— A reviewer

The Role of Prayer in the Life of the Preacher
E.M. Bounds

Exciting explorations in the realm of prayer, Preacher and Praying by E.M. Bounds reveals the secrets of effective prayer for every need. Easy to read, Bounds covers every aspect of prayer, the essentials, necessity, possibilities, power, purpose, reality, and weapon of prayer. Diligently practicing what he preached, Bounds convincingly captures the essence of prayer, calling Christians to a higher plane of discipleship and more energetic prayer lives. Although simple and basic, Bounds is refreshing and current. Will draw you to pray harder and longer!

"The finest prayer manual you could ever read!"— Deepak K. Singh

"This book WILL inspire you to pray !"— Illya Kuryakin

Nearing Home: Comfort for the Aged
Edited by William Schenck

Gently touching sensitive chords, Nearing Home: Comforts and Counsels for the Aged edited by William Schenck is very relevant today, when the focus is so much on the young and their many needs that the aged ones almost ready to step off life’s stage are ruthlessly relegated to the background of not totally neglected. Schenck addresses these almost forgotten elderly ones in the decline of life to gladden their hearts with instruction, sympathy and kindly cheer, as all are equally dear to Christ. Perceptive and consoling!

"Discerning and delightful!"— A Reviewer

Family Sermons
Horatius Bonar

Foundational and focused, Family Sermons by Horatius Bonar contains short but loaded sermons! Popular and particularly suitable for family reading, they are not about family duties, dos or don’ts. Rather they are nuggets of truth of the glorious gospel of God’s grace, in its multiple and varied aspects. Thorough and excellent treatment, Bonar caters to the needs of all members of the family, is applicable and easily understood by all ages. Will enrich family devotions.

"A Great Guide!"— J. Adrian

Autobiography of Frank G. Allen

Inestimable courage and undaunted faith emanate from Autobiography of Frank G. Allen. Often called the ‘young preacher’s friend’, Allen’s challenges reveal, in simple style, the strange story of his struggles and successes. Anyone facing adverse circumstances yet striving to qualify themselves to preach the gospel will be empowered by the clearness and force of Allen’s expression. Prolific author, a great defender of faith, speaker and writer, his is a challenging call to win through the hardships of life through Christ and for His glory!

"Blazing with courage and faith!"— A reviewer

Life of John Kitto Volumes 1 & 2

An unbelievably unquenchable spirit, the Life of John Kitto by John Eadie is a stirring account of this eminent self-taught biblical scholar, who endured a long and manful struggle against poverty, deafness and hard labor. Indefatigable, he produced many noteworthy Biblical works like the Pictorial Bible, published in monthly installments, Daily Bible Illustrations, in 8 volumes, besides others. The ultimate eminence and extensive usefulness of his life will spur you to conquer all through Christ.

"Exceptional life!"— A reviewer

Eight Sermons of Richard Bentley

A wealth of insight, these Eight Sermons Preach’d at the Honourable ROBERT BOYLE’s lecture by Richard Bentley, were specifically to prove the truth of Christianity, offering sound arguments against those who questioned its veracity. Atheists, Deists, Jews and others are given clear and Bible-based answers without entering into controversies. Very useful even today. Will equip you to preach the gospel effectively and preparing you to answer all satisfactorily.

"Valuable evangelical asset !"— A reviewer

The Devotions of Bishop Lancelot Andrewes

Steeped in Scripture, written with singular mastery, The Devotions of Bishop Andrewes is manual of devotion for every day of the week, including a daily Morning and Evening Prayer. Weaving words and infinite thoughts of Holy Scripture, of history, psalm, and prophecy, gospel, epistle, and apocalypse, Andrewe’s work is rich in texture, a blending together of fresh beauty into a marvelous tapestry under his deft hands. Revel in the harmonizing of thoughts and enhance your daily time with God.

"Enriching!"— A Reviewer

Way of Divine Knowledge
William Law

Deeply influential, Law’s Way of Divine Knowledge significantly molded the thinking process during the great Evangelical revival. Mysticism appeared in his later works! This piece is a dialogue among speakers Academicus, Rusticus, Humanus, and Theophilus, who discuss the profound spiritual yearning within every human heart, and the importance of divine union. This creative discussion of Christian mystic union is highly instructive for readers interested in the more intangible side of union with God. Reading Law should be mandatory for all professing to be Christians!

"Good!"— Trevor B. Harvey

Memoirs of Rev. Samuel Pearce

Striking and stimulating, every page of Memoirs of the Late Rev. Samuel Pearce springs forth with spiritual ardor elevating you to new spiritual heights, unattained thus far. His favorite theme is Christ crucified, his greatest passion is to save the lost. He also enthusiastically raised support for the cause of foreign missions. Each event of his life recounted here emphasizes his unwavering focus and God’s faithfulness all the way. Highly challenging!

"I have seen more of God in him than in any other person I ever met!"— William Ward

Selected Sermons of Jonathan Edwards

High intelligence and reasoning prowess are the hallmark of Jonathan Edwards. Missionary to the Native Americans, his unswerving dedication has inspired countless generations! His raw and tangible passion categorized him as a "fire and brimstone" preacher. Embellished with rich and beautiful words his language is saturated with great thoughts and expression, constantly surprising us with fresh discoveries, in novel word arrangements. As the powerful champion of the cross, his dignity and repose, patience, strength and depth of character, perfected through suffering, make his works most precious.

"Wonderful!"— JWinters

"Great spiritual depth!"— tlee

Sermons on Sovereign Grace
D.L. Moody

Shattering any doubt that salvation through Christ is absolutely free, Sovereign Grace: Its Source, Nature and Effects by D.L. Moody reinforces the full free Sovereign Grace of God, unmerited mercy, and undeserved forgiveness. Moody’s preaching and his living testimony drew many from the dominion of darkness to the kingdom of light. His legacy in the schools, church, publishing house, and most importantly, humble love for God and man is unsurpassed. Rugged as his preaching may have been, his appealing tenderness will irresistibly draw you to Christ.

"Excellent!"— Gillian Harding

"Absolutely priceless and of great value!"— R. Terwillegar

"Eminently Scriptural, earnest and impressive!"— Zion’s Herald

New Tabernacle Sermons
T. Dewitt Talmage

Throbbing with life New Tabernacle Sermons by T. Dewitt Talmage is an unforgettable read! Vigor and vitality vibrate through the text. His word pictures which have held multitudes of people spellbound are quite indelible! At one time 600 newspapers regularly printed his sermons. Popular, specifically with young people, Talmage touched several lives. Be empowered by the zeal and ardor of a great preacher from the past!

"Incredible power!"— A reviewer

Luther’s Epistle Sermons Vol. 3
Martin Luther

Enormously helpful and Biblically solid, Epistle Sermons with 24 practical sermons from Trinity Sunday to Advent was avidly read both in the church and in homes and continues to be a great evangelical aid. Luther produced this work to assist preachers, as well as keep erroneous doctrines out. Of the eight volumes of 175 sermons and 3,110 pages he produced, these Epistle sermons, particularly apply Christian truths to daily living. Besides the Bible and Catechisms these books sustained the great Evangelical religious movements.

"Applies the pure doctrine of God’s Word to everyday life!"— A reviewer

World’s Greatest Sermons Vol. 8
Grenville Kleiser (Editor)

A priceless tool, The World’s Greatest Sermons Vol. 8 edited by Grenville Kleiser offers selected sermons from 13 great preachers including Talmage, Spurgeon, Abbott, Moody, Whyte and Knox Little. A tremendous resource recording the works of some of the greatest preachers of all time. The strong unity of thought despite the diversity of authorship makes this volume a treasure trove not just for personal edification but as a great instruction handbook for preaching Christ to a world that has rejected Him. Phenomenal men and writings!

"Life-changing and challenging!"— A reviewer

The Crown of Thorns
E.H. Chapin

Probing skillfully into the permanent principles of happiness E.H. Chapin in The Crown of Thorns warns us not to depend on circumstances for happiness. God’s word teaches joy despite difficulties which is beyond comprehension and which nothing can take away. Chapin’s work is one of consolation and healing, impressing resignation to God’s will and victory in affliction, the true vision of a Christian’s view of sorrow. Teaching the troubled soul to endure and triumph, to weave the thorns that wound and wear them as a crown!

"Balm to the soul!"— A reviewer

Hints on Extemporaneous Preaching
Henry Ware, Jr.

Helpful pointers, Hints on Extemporaneous Preaching by Henry Ware, Jr. fills in the lacuna of a subject rarely studied. He fully and fairly lays bare the advantages of such pulpit preaching. Cautioning against the dangers and abuses to which it is liable, Ware advocates its strength particularly in breaking down the constrained, formal, scholastic mode of address, which often denies the preacher immediate or intimate contact with his listeners’ hearts. Speaking from one’s heart, Ware suggests, is a more natural, and consequently, a better way to effective preaching.

"Valuable advice!"— A reviewer


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