Systematic Theology: Fundamentals of the Faith
Systematic Theology: Fundamentals of the Faith
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Comprehensive, insightful, and extraordinarily mentally and spiritually invigorating, this carefully chosen collection from E4 is a remarkable resource to help you 'get back to the basics' of knowing how to defend the Word of God! Crackling with invigorating thoughts on the fundamental doctrines of the Bible, from a palette of Christ-centered, Scripture-saturated, Gospel-loving, high-ranking theologians, this excellent compilation will prove profitable for knowledge, doctrine and practical Christian living! The Fundamentals of the Faith were never before so plainly explained! Experience this blessing!  

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The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth Volumes 1,2 & 3
Multiple authors, edited by R.A. Torrey

A monumental, historic work, relevant even today, The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth, edited by R. A. Torrey appeared originally as a four-volume edition in 1917. Eminent writers counter Biblical criticism, theology and the practical application of the Christian faith with irrefutable defenses, promoting a vital Christian faith based upon Biblical inspiration, the great central doctrines of the Word and the person and work of Christ. Contending that the Bible is accurate, historic, and the foremost means by which God communicates with His children, this apologetic is awesome!

"I highly recommend this book!" — Inga

"A must have for your library!" — Don H. Fahrenkrug

"A Historic and Relevant Presentation of the Christian Faith!" — Raymond Banner

Truth’s Victory over Error
David Dickson

This is the very first commentary on the Westminster Confession! Dickson, a 16th century contemporary of the Westminster divines, simply and unconditionally disproves the errors that had arisen against each particular doctrine. With undiluted integrity, his Bible-based arguments, in question and answer format, guide the reader from ignorance to Biblical thinking. Broaden your knowledge of the history of doctrine and the antithetical nature of God’s truth over error and heresy that have once more surfaced today, under new guises. A must have!

"A fine study guide on the Confession!" — Rev. C. J. Connors

"A straightforward book, although fiercely polemical in tone!" — A Baptist preacher

"One of the MUST-HAVE commentaries on Westminster Confession of Faith!" — Kyongwon Kang

The Right of Systematic Theology
B.B. Warfield

In this massive work, B.B. Warfield categorically defines the parameters of theological method, arguing that theology is possible and currently more needed now than ever before, because only theology addresses the most basic questions of our own existence and God’s too!! Ranked among America’s greatest theologians, Warfield debates modernist and revivalist theology and disputes the reduction of religion to sentiment and emotion and the erosion of divine revelation! With brilliant exegesis, theological synthesis and logical argumentation, Warfield affirms the Bible is God’s word given to us through men. Amazing work!

"Great resource! Well worth reading!" — Todd

"Truly excellent and eminently readable work!" — Michael G. Haykin

"A real joy to read and derive pleasure and profit at the same time!" — Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Great Doctrines of the Bible
Rev. William Evans

Superlative study! Rev. Evans’ treatment of the ten great doctrines of the Bible, skillfully leads the reader into foundational Biblical doctrine. The Doctrine of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Man, Salvation, Church, Scriptures, Angels, Satan and End Times, are thoroughly discussed, boosting one’s faith and ability to spread the Gospel. Highly informative, these well-organized, clear outlines are from a Biblical perspective rather than Dogmatic theology. Including 80 different topically arranged subjects, this is a great supplement to personal Bible study and a good reference for new and mature Christians alike.

"An awesome book!" — Morgan Livingston

"A must read and must keep!" — Julio Ramirez-sanchez

"A very good book on foundational Biblical doctrine!" — Les Mitchell

The Parallel New Testament (KJV and RSV)
Multiple authors

An invaluable resource, particularly for those interested in the study of language and the Bible, The Parallel New Testament (KJV and RSV) has both versions arranged in parallel columns. A tremendously useful combination for personal Bible study, it provides a balanced understanding, with helpful parallel translations. Comparing these verse-by-verse translations highlights important differences in language and interpretation, based on the same original language documents. The Revised Standard Version is favored for its accuracy and sensitivity to issues like inclusive language. An excellent reference tool for pastors and language scholars!

"Highly recommended!" — A Reviewer

"A handy Biblical tool!" — A reader

Fundamental Doctrines of the Bible
David Allen Reed

An exhaustive and painstaking effort, David Reed’s succinct treatment of the doctrines of the Bible, backed with numerous references from the Scriptures, deals primarily with God, Man and sin. Study the great work of redemption, the Person and Work of Christ, the Redeemer, the role of the Holy Spirit in redemption and the union between the believers. Reed also teaches about death, resurrection, the second coming and judgment, hell and heaven. An inclusive overview of whole the Bible, this book is a treasure!

"An excellent, easy-read!" — A reviewer

"A Necessary Book for all Christians!" — A reader

The Power of God unto Salvation
B.B. Warfield

Pulsating with theological profundity and passion for Christ, B.B. Warfield’s discussions are logically structured with coherent, accurate statements of Biblical truth. Warfield shows how the gospel, which is central to the Bible, rightly molds the Christian’s entire life. First published a hundred years ago, this collection of eight sermons includes a broad range of topics, including divine revelation, salvation, God’s omnipotence, and the person of the Holy Spirit. Learn what it is to truly live in the light of the gospel.

"A gold mine of biblical truth!" — Jerry Bridges

"I will reread it!" — Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.

Works of Martin Luther Vol. 1
Martin Luther

Blazing with zealous fervor and Biblical faithfulness, Works of Martin Luther (with Introduction and Notes) Vol. 1 is a veritable explosive! A rich reservoir of varied experiences, his teaching on baptism, confession and particularly a treatise on good works are to be savored and absorbed. His outright censure of the holy mass, the papacy and indulgences propagated by the Roman Catholic Church are Bible based and absolutely unshakeable. A very valuable asset to any true seeker of the truth! Convicting and engrossing!

"Wonderful book!" — Morgan Boyd

"Extremely helpful!" — Catriona Esquibel

"Very informative!" — Christian cooking woman

The True Scripture Doctrine
Jonathan Dickinson

Five refreshing discourses from Jonathan Dickinson in this work stimulate and motivate a conscientious study of the true Scriptural doctrines concerning pertinent points of Christian faith. Expounding elaborately on eternal election, original sin, grace in conversion and justification by faith, and the Saints’ perseverance, Dickinson makes each weighty topic comprehensible and meaningful. Drink deeply from this wellspring of solid instruction and discover afresh the satisfaction of feeding on the meat of the Word! Unforgettable and undeniably memorable, this is a wonderful read!

"Deep and delightful!" — A reviewer

The Inspiration of Scripture
Lorraine Boettner

A rousing call to the church to hold the line and return to the historic position of Christianity, Lorraine Boettner in The Inspiration of Scripture reiterates the necessity to believe the doctrine of the inerrancy of the Bible. One of the most crucial issues, it is an essential element of the authority of Scripture and a necessary ingredient for the health of the church of Christ! Equip yourself to take a strong stance and explain to those who do not believe. Magnificent work!

"A great book !" — jdriver13

"A fine work of theology!" — spfdgreg

Calvin’s Doctrine of God and Union with Christ
B.B. Warfield & Augustus Hopkins Strong

An intriguing invitation to introspect, B.B. Warfield in Calvin’s Doctrine of God simply states that he who knows himself will know God. Arguing that the existence of God is already given in our knowledge of self, and that it is solidly attested by His works and deeds, Warfield illuminates these gems with his genius for exposition and illustration in richness and fullness of presentation. A memorable read!

"Absolutely great thoughts!" — A reviewer

Expertly crystallizing his thoughts on Union with Christ, Strong rationally elucidates that the redemption Christ wrought upon the cross must be applied subjectively by each believer. While election and calling prepare the way, the actual beginning of this application includes Union with Christ, regeneration, conversion and justification. However, these occur in logical order not chronological. Be guided into a fresh understanding of these steps and enjoy a meaningful union with Christ!

"Very helpful teaching!" — A reviewer

The Doctrine of Predestination in Light of Scripture
Samuel Blair

Powerful and effective, The Doctrine of Predestination by Samuel Blair is a strongly and judiciously handled treatise. Confirmed with clear Scriptural evidence, and defended against all material arguments and objections leveled against it, Blair treats this doctrine with calmness, humility, piety, and dignity. He quietly but authoritatively defuses the arguments without reproach or invective, in the true spirit of the gospel. Interesting and immensely beneficial, read and be blessed by this gracious presentation of the doctrine of Predestination! Edifying!

"A wonderful spiritual aid!" — A Reviewer

Powerful Teaching on Regeneration
Stephen Charnock

After three centuries, this is still one of the best books on regeneration and reconciliation. Characteristically echoing the Puritan divines’ occupation with central Gospel themes, Charnock in A Discourse on the Efficient of Regeneration reflects on the intervention of Christ so that the believer is put into another way of probation. The necessity of regeneration, its nature, its efficient author and sole agent who is God, and finally its instrument, the Gospel, are detailed. Categorically clarifies your understanding of the new birth in Christ Jesus!

"Deep, striking weighty, and lively!" — James I. Packer

"Christian classic!" — Jay P. Green, Sr.

The English Puritans
John Brown

Brilliantly recapturing the grandeur of the rise, growth and decline of the Puritan movement in sixteenth and seventeenth century England, John Brown’s chronicle is a historical synopsis of Puritan history. Brown traces their theological convictions which created the Puritan political history, in a charming chronological and topical manner. It heightens your sense of appreciation for how small events can have a great impact. This eye-opener sustains the reader’s interest throughout. Enjoy this excellent survey of the Puritan’s struggle for religious liberty and impact on Western culture!

"Great read!" — Tyler’s review

"An intriguing and a very easy read!" — Michael Leake

"A heroic, inspiring story and Brown tells it well!" — J.I. Packer

A Faithful Steward
Sereno D. Clark

Compelling treatise! Sereno D. Clark proclaims that God created man in His image, framing him to resemble the Godhead intellectually and morally, thereby linking Man to Himself and other humankind. But when man fell, this was lost. Benevolence is not natural to Man; selfishness is. Scripture teaches that giving should be systematic, methodical, regular and frequent, proceeding from a holy heart, reflecting God’s beneficence that flows through the order that governs the universe. Deepen your devotedness to God, give generously, recognizing God as the Giver, following Christ’s own self-denying example. Phenomenal!

"Very insightful!" — A reviewer

Three Discourses on the Millennium
Archibald Mason

Exciting interpretations! Archibald Mason in Three Discourses on the Millennium discusses the future of the church at three levels of inquiry. He unpacks the prophecies and attempts to describe the tyrannical events that will occur when the Antichrist falls, just before the Church enters her Millennial rest. Going on to expound what would happen in those 1000 years of glory and purity the church will enjoy he connecting the happenings of his day as signs to indicate that this period is at hand! Enjoyable!

"Distinguished and approved interpreters of the book of Revelation!" — David Steele

Bible Studies in the Life of Paul
Henry T. Sell

A systematically ordered study guide, Bible Studies in the Life of Paul: Historical and Constructive by Sell contains an analysis of the chief events of Paul’s life and work. Questions, placed at the end, are especially useful in teaching Sunday-school classes, teachers’ meetings, schools, colleges, and personal study. Distinguishable into three sections, Sell focuses on Paul’s preparation for his work, his missionary journeys, and his writings, showing the difficulties he encountered, the doctrines he taught, and the organization he perfected in the early churches. Inspiring read!

"Challenging!" — A Reviewer


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