Heaven and Hell
Heaven and Hell
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Riveting! This fabulous compilation offers a gripping foretaste of the bliss of heaven for the believer in Christ and an ominous warning for the unbeliever. Awaken to the urgency of eternal life being lived right now! E4’s collection, Heaven and Hell will draw you to a halt – to see heaven and earth as a witness of life and death, blessings and curses, that you might choose life! Be captivated with Christ and the assurance of spending eternal life with Him in the home He has prepared for His own!  

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Heaven and Hell in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards

Power-packed and persuasive, Edwards in Heaven, a World of Love is at his literary best! With much to meditate upon and assimilate, this is a spiritual banquet. His words flow smooth and straight from his heart with a sincerity that is almost tangible! Edwards’ portrayal of heaven is enthralling and his warnings about losing one’s eternity there resonate with truth and urgency. Jonathan Edwards’ writings never fail to stimulate thinking and always inspire with unique and unexpected insights. Excellent!

"Great book!" — Joshua Butcher

"Much to chew on and digest!" — Michael Kear

Unparalleled logic! Ruthless in revealing the spirit of atheism in Natural Men in a Dreadful Condition Edwards systematically unpacks man’s inclination to doubt the very existence of God and anything intangible. He demonstrates how man by nature resists God in his judgments, desires, affections, will, and practice and ends up worshipping his own idols. From man’s natural depravity as God’s Adversary to God’s unchanging Justice, Edwards’ shows the necessity for Atonement and Grace that transforms such men into a chosen generation, royal priesthood, holy nation, and unique people. Scintillating!

"Great!" — M. Roques

"If we could only have another Edwards!" — Geoffrey S. Robinson

The Secret Key to Heaven
Thomas Brooks

Potent and compelling, Thomas Brooks’ twenty forceful arguments favoring private prayer in The Privy Key of Heaven are a satisfying soul feast! Warning against sloth, that fatal soul-sickness, he points to the ’idle’ devil that most hinders prayer. Discover Biblical portions on the power of prayer proving God answers prayer. Including a variety of prayer-related topics, Brooks introduces who God is and how sin or lack of faith hampers prayer. Strengthening the soul, stirring up faith and deepening the desire to pray, a "must read" for all believers. Solid teaching!

"An absolute necessity!" — A Reviewer

Sowing and Reaping
Dwight L. Moody

Startling and striking, Moody’s work is universally applicable, irrespective of one’s belief system! More than a century old, this practical sermon on Galatians 6:7 emphasizes that man will unquestionably reap what he sows! Peppered with sparkling anecdotes, several Biblical principles are clarified! Elucidating hopeful expectations and the consequences of sowing "good seeds", as well as the deliberate disregard of sowing "bad seeds" Moody’s words are pertinent to the present culture. Explaining Biblical truths no skeptic can deny and why Christianity is not responsible for hypocritical Christians, this is simply wonderful!

"Very inspirational!"— Genie Mc

"Highly recommended!" — Missions 24-7

The Expositor’s Bible: Colossians and Philemon
Alexander MacLaren

Riveting! Alexander MacLaren confirms the crux of the Colossian epistle as the stateliness and sole sufficiency of Christ as Mediator, the Source and Lord of all creation and the Church. Christ, the perfect man is the beginning of all life, before which He dwelt in God, the Father. Highlighting the futility of the ceremonialist, to whom religion is tantamount to ritual, and the folly of the speculative thinker, to whom the universe abounds with forces excluding the operation of a personal Will, Paul preaches Christ as the only answer. Challenging!

"Makes you think!" — A Reviewer

The Doctrine of Endless Punishment
William G.T. Shedd

Bold defense with strong Biblical support, this is Shedd’s greatest input to Christian theology. Staunchly supporting the historic Christian belief of a literal hell as a real place of endless punishment for those who reject Christ as Savior, his use of Biblical argument and rational discussion is meticulous and accurate. Analyzing the type of punishment meted out in hell, he asserts the traditional doctrine of hell is the theology that does the most justice and affirms the Bible’s repeated teaching, thus silencing Universalism and other beliefs against a literal hell!

"A real eye opener!" — Tyrone Harbert

"If folks don’t believe in eternal damnation they need to read this!" — Corey

"Everyone who doubts the existence of hell should get a copy of this!" — Bill Peacock

A Sure Guide to Heaven
Joseph Alleine

Convincing! Alleine convicts us of the true nature of conversion, demolishing the misconceptions of conversion. One of the greatest evangelistic writers, Alleine distinguishes between true and false conversion. Any who would believe in Christ as Savior, must submit to His Lordship. Enjoy the great clarity, reality, vigor, directness and compassion with which Alleine advocates that we choose the laws of Christ as the standard for our words, thoughts, and actions. Timely counsel for the unconverted and a judicious check for those who claim to be genuinely born again. Phenomenal!

"Blazing Light!" — J. Adrian

"Read this book!" — Charles E. Reid

"Such impassioned writing - just wish I’d heard Alleine preach!" — Joel Radford

Heaven and Future Glory
Multiple Authors

One-hundred and sixty five facets of heaven from a gamut of notable authors, this palette of heavenly beauty bedazzles, leaving you hungering for more! Thomas Watson, James Smith, Spurgeon, Newton, David Harsha, D. L. Moody, Henry Law, Thomas Brooks, John MacDuff, Thomas Sherman, Octavius Winslow, Thomas Reade, Theodore Cuyler and more, whet your appetite for heaven, extolling not just its beauties but most of all the unsurpassed pleasure of seeing Christ face to face! Each work is delectable in its own right and altogether they transport you into the heavenlies!

"Exalting!"— A reviewer

Love to the Uttermost
F.B. Meyer

Strength and tenderness woven in a seamless union characterize F.B. Meyer’s treatise on God’s unfathomable, immeasurable love. Beginning with the thirteenth chapter of John’s Gospel, Meyer attempts to investigate the length, breadth, depth and height of God’s Love, which exceed any knowledge we may boast of possessing. He explores the deep things the Lord expressed until the end of the gospel. Closing with a narrative, drawn from the accounts of all four evangelists, Meyer gives a succinct and connected account of Christ’ last hours and death. Exquisite!

"I like to read F B Meyer’s books over and over again!" — Dave

The Teaching of Jesus
Rev. George Jackson

Pulsating! Throbbing with the passion of personal conviction, Rev. Jackson delivers this serious yet simple message of Christ’s teachings for the common man. Discussing the relation of Christ’s communications with the rest of the New Testament teachings and the trustworthiness of the four gospels in particular, he also turns our attention to matters concerning God, Christ, His atoning death, the Holy Spirit, the kingdom of God, man and sin. Jackson warns against the love of money, the second coming and final Judgment, motivating one to decide to follow Christ! Exceptional!

"Edifying read!" — A Reviewer

Five Discourses on Hell
Alexander Campbell

Incisive and sharp, Campbell asserts that sins committed on earth merit eternal punishment. Analyzing future retribution, he argues that indulging in voluntary immorality is itself both sin and punishment. As a result of his past sins, the sinner develops the sinning habit, which, following the law of man’s nature creates a tendency and facility to sin. Therefore, like a falling body gathers speed on its downward drop, a habitual sinner increases sinning, with little reason to believe that he would stop toward the end! Therefore, God will punish such eternally. Perceptive!

"Sensitively expressed!" —A Reviewer

The New Testament Idea of Hell
S.M. Merrill

Intriguing and stimulating, S.M. Merrill explains the meaning and usage of the original terms translated ‘Hell’ in the New Testament. Clarifying their specific differences and their relationships, Merrill enlightens whether the text refers to Hades, Tartarus or Gehenna. Human life, sin, death and entrance into the unseen world are irrefutable. The Scriptures reveal what to expect after death. While Hades is an unseen but real world, inhabited by dead souls, Gehenna is the eternal state of the wicked with no probation for anyone after death. Very profitable!

"Insightful!"— A reviewer

The Happiness of Heaven
F.J. Boudreaux

Resounding with reason and revelation, F. J. Boudreaux repudiates that perfect happiness is attainable in this world. Denying that any creature or the act of doing good can assure true happiness, he declares that God has wisely ruled that virtue should merit, although never enjoy, perfect happiness on earth. God promises "eternal life" to all who love and serve Him here. God guarantees happiness, indescribable and beyond mortal imagination! Describing the heavenly Jerusalem in magnificent symbolic language Boudreaux lifts our hearts to the reality which they faintly represent. Achingly beautiful!

"Terrific!" — A reviewer

"Our Life to Come!" — K. Osborn

"Excellent teaching on the nature of heaven!"— Amazon Customer

Days of Heaven upon Earth
A.B. Simpson

A wealth of insight for each day of the year, Days of Heaven upon Earth by A.B. Simpson contains 365 thought-provoking meditations. Compiled by Simpson himself, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance from over 2,000 printed sermons of his own, these devotionals are pithy and profound! A veritable spiritual mine these are valuable wise words to be treasured. Be encouraged by this handy daily guide that has helped generations of readers. Great for personal daily devotions and as a practical gift!

"Deep and wide!" — Pilgrim

"Great devotional!" — Barnes & Noble customer

"Rev. A. B. Simpson writes inspiring and interesting!" — Erin

Divine Judgment
L.B. Hartman

A much needed wake-up call, L.B. Hartman’s Divine Penology shakes the slumbering from a growing and alarming indifference to the doctrine of future punishment. Reaffirming that every sin is injustice which upsets the order of God’s world, Hartman reminds us of the necessity for justice to restore that order. Citing numerous references, he substantiates every position and argument using apt quotes from reputed writers on the subject. His honest endeavors stabilize the troubled, comfort the skeptic, and aid the sincere seeker to build on the eternal truth. Commendable!

"Inestimable work!" — A Reviewer

Method of Grace in the Gospel Redemption
John Flavel

A meticulous and thorough treatment of the work of God’s Spirit in applying the redemptive work of Christ to the believer! Flavel encourages deep heart searching while he, time and again, challenges and enriches our faith. Tempered with evangelic fervor, this clearly defined theology of grace appeals to the heart as well as the mind! Flavel’s burden for the eternal destiny of the human soul now becomes ours! A great resource!

"Meaty, great book for struggling and/or new Christians or those seeking answers!" — Corey

A Defense of the True Faith
Robert Barclay

A huge body of work, An Apology for the True Christian Divinity by Robert Barclay is quite a collector’s item! Tracing the real beginnings of Quakerism, its origin and what it is all about, this book assumes great theological value. Barclay, an ardent Quaker himself, raises this defense of the Quaker faith! A traditional exposition originally in Latin, later translated by Barclay himself, provides a bold rationale for Quaker doctrine. A fascinating glimpse into the history of Christian thought. A certifiable classic!

"Excellent treatise!" — Godspark

"Profound critique of Quakers!" — Amazon Reader

Fundamentals of Bible Doctrine
Alonzo J. Wearner

This three-pronged titanic thesis on divine truth by Alonzo J. Wearner comes to us through three harmonious sources, Christ, the Word incarnate, the Holy Scriptures and nature’s universal voice, needing neither speech nor language to be heard. Study and appreciate truth under the Holy Spirit’s teaching in these lessons! Gathering and arranging the clearest Scripture texts in uniform progression, supplemented with reliable notes, Wearner gives a balanced picture of truth. With Thought Questions and tests, these sixty lessons are truly invaluable. A great study tool!

"A great study aid!" — A reviewer

Moody’s Anecdotes and Illustrations
Dwight L. Moody

Eloquently recapturing the effectiveness of his illustrations, this book includes Moody’s accounts of his many travels and meetings. A collection of the best anecdotes, carefully compiled under appropriate headings, preserving Moody’s rhetoric, idiom and style, is what makes this book outstanding. Retelling these stories with concise and clipped comments, several precious and apt truths have been remembered with the same breathless interest they had been listened to, more than a hundred years ago! Retaining their original potency, these anecdotes continue to exert their tremendous power upon the human heart. Life-changing!

"Great book!" — K. Carberry

"A Must to Have!" — Amazon Customer

The Expositor’s Bible: The Epistle to the Philippians
Robert Rainy

Bringing alive the excitement of Paul’s visit to Philippi for the first time on his second missionary journey (49-51 AD), Robert Rainy discusses how the problem of practical living on this earth is to be understood and dealt with in the light of Christianity. Written more than a century ago, this very first Christian congregation in Europe has much to teach us even today. Noted for his scholarly comprehension of the text and the applications he draws from this epistle, Rainy’s writing warrants re-reading! A great resource!

"Classic Evangelical Commentary!" — G. N. Charmley


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