The Revelation of God
The Revelation of God
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Investigate the deep things of God otherwise undetected by the natural mind and seldom discerned by a superficial Bible study. These scholarly, substantial, scriptural and systematic studies convey warmth and devotion, and a magnificent summary of the Revelation of God. Rediscover how God reveals Himself through creation, His word and above all in His Son, Christ Jesus! Replete with valid instruction and valuable encouragement to imbibe, to incorporate and to impart, E4’s The Revelation of God Library will stimulate a persistent hunger, drawing you near to God like never before!  
Just Released on Mar 12th 2013!!
Common Principles of the Christian Religion
Hugh Binning

Authoritative! The Common Principles of the Christian Religion, Clearly Proved, and Singularly Improved; Or A Practical Catechism by Hugh Binning addressing well-known Biblical beliefs is a sharp stimulation for the mind and a complete satisfaction to the soul. Binning, a prolific writer and profound preacher is warmly evangelical and theologically clear on some fundamentals of Christianity and the great mysteries of faith, which he handles with the greatest gospel-simplicity and most dexterous plainness. This book will fill you with gratitude, joy and sheer wonder at the grace of God!

"I warmly commend it!" — Eric Alexander

"Simple and natural preaching, eloquence, practical piety and skillful application!" — David Lachman

The God of Providence
Alexander Carson

Reassuring! Drawing from the book of Esther, Carson in The God of Providence: The God of the Bible, traces the history of Providence, unlocks the mysterious counsels of God and instructs us to refer our darkest times to His Sovereign will, for His glory. The world tries to replace the personal, sovereign and provident God of the Scriptures with ’intelligent belief’ in the impersonal laws of nature. But nothing escapes His notice, however insignificant, or can hinder His purposes, for God preserves and governs all His creatures and their actions.

"Comforting thought!" —A reviewer

Great Things God Has Done for His People
William Gadsby

Enlarges the boundaries of your mind and soul! Gadsby in The Great Things God Has Done for HIs People explains God saves sinners. God loved us, chose us and gave His Son, in His eternal purpose and counsel, fixing Christ and the church together in His eternal heart, the church in Christ and Christ in the church, and God in Christ and Christ in God! Christ became truly Man and truly God, to bear humanity’s sins in His own body and take Mankind’s punishment, to set Man free forever! Awesome!

"Clear and consoling!" — A reviewer

God’s People Led By Him in His Paths
William Gadsby

Impressive! In God’s People Led by Him in His Paths Gadsby describes how a believer is lead in the fear of God proving the irrefutable vigor in believing Christ’s sacrificial death. While he may encounter temptation, the believer will overcome it and follow the solemn paths laid down in God’s own counsel and purpose. In Christ, the eternal God meets sinners. The path of tribulation reveals truth in the glorious doctrines and promises of the Gospel. Strips you of presumption, helps you recognize your lostness and leads you to Christ.

"Great direction!" — A reviewer

Dictionary of Early Christian Biography (A-D)
Edited by Henry Wace and William Piercy

Elaborate and educative, A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography is a priceless storehouse of meticulously gathered material, on a wide spectrum of well-known and lesser-known Christian personalities who made a difference to the world at different points in time! Edited by Henry Wace, eminent scholar and author and William Piercy, a highly respected church historian and editor of the early twentieth century, this is a must-have for any pastor, scholar, teacher, professor or student’s library! Enjoy insights from stalwarts of the faith from over six hundred years of church history!

"Excellent!" — Brian Douglas

Dictionary of Early Christian Biography (E-H)
Edited by Henry Wace and William Piercy

Remarkable compilation! A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography edited by Henry Wace and William Piercy opens up for you a veritable vista of essential, reliable information on more than eight hundred Christian personalities, groups, and literature. Spanning a huge chunk of world history this massive collection of facts covers events and people from the first to the end of the sixth century A.D. This unique and immense store of data is available in a single concise volume is undeniably invaluable both from a historic as well as a spiritual perspective!

"Unforgettable read!" — A reviewer

Dictionary of Early Christian Biography (I-L)
Edited by Henry Wace and William Piercy

Interesting and informative, A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography, Henry Wace and William Piercy’s joint editorial efforts have borne much fruit over the years! Delve into this huge work to get a clear and comprehensible picture of the lives of spiritual giants who helped to shape Christianity during this formative and authoritative period of the Church’s history. Six hundred years of record reveal the metamorphosis that Christendom had undergone and the price that was paid, most often in blood, for the believing in Christ as Lord. Stirring accounts!

"Eye-opener!" — A reviewer

Dictionary of Early Christian Biography (M-P)
Edited by Henry Wace and William Piercy

A leap back in time! Henry Wace and William Piercy have together compiled A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography! This magnificent work includes vivid descriptions of the high drama that accompanied the rise of Christianity and the cost involved to follow Christ, over the first six centuries of Christendom. Their tireless research also offers us accurate highlights of the principal sects and heresies that reared their heads to challenge orthodox Christianity on several fronts during those early years. Great resource for any student of Bible history!

"Highly valuable and informative!" — A reviewer

Dictionary of Early Christian Biography (Q-T)
Edited by Henry Wace and William Piercy

A fascinating report of the long-forgotten heroes of the faith! A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography edited by Henry Wace and William Piercy would appeal especially not only to the clergy, but also to the Christian laity and to students of the word. Besides recounting the lives of such amazing spiritual giants they also offer deep and truthful critical analyses of the documents, and literature during the early church. Not only are the creeds set forth, the opponents of Christianity and their tenets are also dealt with. Worth reading!

"A great overview of early Christian history!"— A reviewer

Dictionary of Early Christian Biography (U-Z)
Edited by Henry Wace and William Piercy

Powered with life histories of people far back in the annals of time A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography edited by Wace and Piercy is a well-loved chronicle of life during the first six centuries. Apart from describing the principal builders of the Christian faith during that time, they describe the miscellaneous sects and myriad heretics that rose to defy early Christianity! It also includes discussions of the theological tendencies of these opponents! Of special interest and service to those who seek to study the roots and growth of Christianity.

"Simply phenomenal!" — A reviewer

The Doctrine of Revelation
A.W. Pink

Incandescent! A.W. Pink in The Doctrine of Revelation proposes to make "a serious attempt to assist those few who have inhaled the poisonous fumes of (unbelief) and are struggling in a state of mental indecision concerning sacred things". He establishes the existence of the Divine Author of the Bible and presents the evidence that the Word of God is far superior to just a book by mere human production. This rich and priceless resource on the Doctrine of Revelation sheds much light to dispel the spiritual darkness of the soul!

"A great book!" — FRAN

"Informative and enlightening!" — Marguerite K. Yates

The Wisdom of God Displayed in Redemption
James Haldane

Systematically unfolding the will of God, Haldane in The Wisdom of God Displayed in the Mystery of Redemption highlights God’s wisdom while encouraging all believers to appreciate the Father’s desire to reveal the mystery of His will. The gospel admirably exposes the eternal wisdom and counsel of God in almost inconceivable proportions! During the Old Testament times this mystery was comparatively shrouded in the types and shadows of the ceremonial law and dire prophetic predictions. The resurrection and ascension of Christ gives the best exposition to the Old Testament prophesies!

"Easy-to-read and understand!" — genev

Biblical Theology of the New Testament
C.D. Cole

Twenty-three candid and compelling lectures! Lectures in Biblical Theology of the New Testament by C.D. Cole brilliantly reflects his doctrinal mindset and logical methodology. He diligently correlates and systematizes his teachings. Revel in this serious Biblical study of the Kingdom of God, Christ’s teachings, as well as the theologies of James, Peter, Paul and John! Cole’s cogent writings reveal there could be no greater or grander theme for study and meditation! Easy to grasp and readily understood, Cole’s teaching is popular and most profitable.

"Convincing and logical!" — A reviewer

Philosophy of Revelation
Herman Bavinck

Erudite, extensive, biblical and theological, Bavinck’s work emphasizes the significance of revelation in philosophy, nature, history, religious experience, culture and the future. He shows how the explanation of the phenomena has been repeatedly reduced to one original, universal principle (monism), ignoring or denying the reality of God’s revelation, and the unstinting efforts to discover it within the existing world. Referring to ‘evolution’, and ‘religious experience’ in the context of the contemporary church, this is an outstanding synopsis of the Reformed critique and rationalism. An excellent historical, systematic, and exegetical work!

"Truly awesome!" — Steve

"A magnificent summary!" — Tsun Lu’

"The significance of revelation in every field of thought!" — B. C. Richards

Holy in Christ
Andrew Murray

Blindingly sharp, Holy in Christ by Andrew Murray rips apart all preconceived notions of holiness. Holiness is not something we do or attain. Rather, holiness is the communication of the Divine Life, the inbreathing of the Divine Nature, the power of the very Divine Presence resting upon us! When God calls us to holiness, He calls us to Himself because where God is present, there is holiness! Holiness is what God imparts to us. Effective for growing in the knowledge of God! Explore God’s character, sin, justice, and grace!

"Timeless!" — J. Brice

"Very refreshing!" — mtnhvn

"Very inspirational!" — Russell Keith Swindell

"Wonderful and I’m really enjoying it!" — Sarah

The Making of a Nation: Twelve Studies on Israel
Charles Foster Kent and Jeremiah Whipple Jenks

Awe-inspiring! In Twelve Studies on The Making of a Nation/The Beginnings of Israel’s History by Kent and Jenks show how the Bible solved unbelievable social and moral problems for the early Christians. Later, John Wycliffe’s contribution laid the foundations for England’s intellectual, political and moral greatness. National expansion, taxation, centralization of authority, civic responsibility, and the relation of religion to politics and public morality followed, with associated problems! Discover Biblical principles that elucidate the intricate problems of modern life, and perceive how the Bible tackles social, economic and individual problems!

"Lucid and coherent!" — A reviewer

Half Hours in Bible Lands
Rev. P.C. Headley

Precious truths! Half Hours in Bible Lands by Rev. P.C. Headley is a splendid version of particular scenes in the lives of the patriarchs. The patriarchs, otherwise called the ‘family kings,’ were recognized as divinely appointed rulers of the households. They were considered the earliest sovereigns or Kings under God. With outstanding discernment, Headley paints word pictures of the lives of these Bible greats, which linger with you long after reading the book! Beautifully illustrated with 24 colored plates, this is a one-of-a-kind read!

"Exceptional!" — A reviewer

Men of the Bible and Some Lesser Known Characters
Multiple Authors

Indelible character sketches! Men of the Bible; Some Lesser Known Characters has several contributors including George Milligan, J. G. Greenhough, Alfred Rowland, Walter F. Adeney, J. Morgan Gibbon, H. Elvet Lewis, D. Rowlands, and W. J. Townsend. Meet and get acquainted with obscure and little understood Bible characters like Eldad and Medad, Hiram and Hazael. Be challenged by their lives, however briefly Scripture describes them! Appreciate God who never overlooks the most insignificant character as He weaves them into the fabric of His own eternal plan. Uplifting!

"Very cool" — jklauser!

"My favorite study thus far!" — cw05

"Extremely helpful in my Bible education!" — R. Uhle

Hebrew Life and Times
Harold Hunting

Perceptive! Hebrew Life and Times by Harold Hunting presents the Bible from a new viewpoint. Asserting that the supreme hero of the Bible is the peasant workingman, he draws our attention to the daily life of the common man, particularly the peasants and slaves, their joys and sorrows, their hopes, achievements, and ideals. He reconstructs the story of the Hebrew people as an interpretation of the lives of shepherds and farmers, the oppressions they endured, their deliverance, and their beliefs in righteousness, truth, mercy and their relationship with God. Refreshing!

"Great perceptions!" — A reviewer

Some Thoughts on Numbers 6 and 7
J. Hudson Taylor

A spiritual feast! Separation and Service: Some Thoughts on Numbers VI and VII by J. Hudson Taylor. Amazing meditations on the Jewish seventh-month atoning sacrifice repeated annually! Christ’s atoning death, however, was final, perfecting us eternally. The Psalmist pleaded that God should never take His Holy Spirit away from him; we, however, have the ever-abiding Comforter. While an Israelite took a Nazarite vow of temporary separation unto God, the Christian believer knows he is permanently separated unto God. Blessing follows separation, which produces acceptable service to God! Delightful!

"Wonderful insight!" — A reviewer

Luther on Sin and Flood/Commentary on Genesis
Martin Luther

Demolishing myths and fallacies Luther on Sin and Flood/Commentary on Genesis unravels the truth of Genesis! Claiming that Genesis is the only book which historically records the first "2364 years of the 4004 years before Christ" Luther concurs with the other early church fathers that the first eleven chapters of Genesis do not cover `billions of years’ or even `millions of years’ as many, since the postulation of Darwin’s theory of evolution, have erroneously believed. Dismissing a `local flood’ he declares the reality of a global, world-wide flood. Compelling!

"Good resource!" — DJ

"Very good reading!" — Connie J. Threlkeld


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