Theological Library, Vol 1
Theological Library, Vol 1
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Energizing! A tremendous rousing call to stoke our moral vigor! Dare to experiment in prayer, detect new nuances of Scriptural meaning, deepen your understanding, draw encouragement, and develop a sacred sensitivity to God who will tenderly pick you up and set you on your feet again! These monumental, massive, and mind-defying works from E4’s Theological Library, Vol 1 are refreshing and revitalizing! Enlarge your understanding of God, extend your scope to practically apply His Word, and expand your theological framework, to act rightly in a world going wrong!  
Just Released on Mar 26th 2013!!
Lord, Teach us to Pray
Alexander Whyte

Twenty-three, soul-stirring, prayer stimulants! In Lord, Teach us to Pray by Whyte hones in on the common fundamental errors in the way people approach God. Quoting Goethe, Dante and Pascal, besides others, Whyte teaches you how to pray, directing you to ponder before prayer. His sermons retain their power of conviction and spiritual aptitude. Rich in spiritual insight and deeply convicting, they continue to instruct us on effective prayer. Although written over 100 years ago, this compelling book has not lost its savor!

"Whyte is great!" — Lynda

"Forgotten Gem!" — David case

"Understandable and deep!" — Stephanie

"A magnificent help in praying aright!" — j perrill

Buck’s Theological Dictionary
Charles Buck

Unexcelled and unbiased! Buck’s Theological Dictionary includes clear summaries of a vast array of Christian and non-Christian subjects and the nature of Protestant belief in the 19th Century. Highlighting orthodox beliefs and practices, with added historical entries on various denominations, Buck provides an interpretive lens through which to see almost two millennia of Christianity. Introducing obscure sects like, Brownists, Cereinthians, Circoncelliones, Dunkers, Hopkinsians, Illuminati, Manicheans, Marcionites, Monophysites, and Muggletonians etc., he offers an accurate textual basis for the evangelical community, a religious and ecclesiastical dictionary that informs and impresses.

"Still contains some interesting material!" — William Garrison Jr.,

"Comprehensive; Still Relevant 170 Years Later!" — The Madman

The Believer’s Pocket Companion
William Mason

Power-packed! Mason in The Believer’s Pocket Companion places truths in very unusual contexts! His simple upfront questions kindle you to understand concepts like ‘looking to Christ’, and ‘putting on the Lord Jesus Christ’! Mason assures us of justification by God’s free grace, through Christ’s atoning death, with no merit for our works! Mason lifts our spirits in praise to God for drawing us from darkness into His marvelous light, to glorify Him for receiving us into His kingdom, to thank Him for justifying us in Christ and saving us eternally!

"I really love this book!" — Susan Casper

Christ Alone Exalted Vol. 1
Tobias Crisp

Twenty-three matchless sermons! Christ Alone Exalted by Tobias Crisp simply preaches the gospel as revealed in the doctrines of grace outlined in Isaiah, John, Romans, and 1 Corinthians! Expressively expository yet thoroughly evangelical he applies each truth to the situation of the hearer. Emphasizing Christ as the only way to salvation, free grace and how to grow in that grace, he develops in greater fullness and clarity the exact sense in which the Mosaic Covenant is to be considered! Crisp’s preaching carries a unique flavor! Delectable!

"A very clear writer and thinker!" — Andy

"More satisfaction in Crisp’s work, than in all the books in the world, except the Bible!" — Mr. Cole

The Poor Man’s Portions
Robert Hawker

Now available after more than a century! In The Poor Man’s Portions Hawker leads you to a double blessing each day with morning and evening scripture portions which simply envelop you in love for Christ. Hawker sees Christ in every Scripture verse, from which exposes spiritual teachings beyond expectation! His constant references are to Christ, how love to Him, the great theme of Redemption, and the glory of God. Well-known for his delight in Christ, most vividly evident in these daily devotions, Hawker cannot be read without profit!

"A meaty twice a day devotional!" — D. T. Kleven

"See Christ in every part of Scripture!" — Booklover "Linda"

"Full of marrow and fatness, cheering your heart!" — C.H. Spurgeon

Samuel Rutherford and His Letters
Alexander Whyte

Engaging and thoroughly researched! In Samuel Rutherford and some of His Correspondents by Alexander Whyte introduces you to another great personality of 17th century Scotland. Brimming with insightful quotes from Rutherford’s correspondence, this series of lectures keep you focused on the character of Rutherford’s friends, and their mutual influence on each other. This is a graphic record of his indomitable spirit and ability to spend time and spare no labor in eliciting and elucidating the truth! You will get more out of it, each time you read it!

"A great life!" — A reviewer

Life of William Huntington
William Huntington

Heartwarming! American architect and Quaker representative to the United Nations, in his autobiography, Life of William Huntington candidly confesses his struggles, poverty and spiritual victories in a way that will drive you on! His pointed treatise on prayer sharply reproves "lip payers" and repetitive meaningless mouthing of platitudes, teaching us to prevail with God in prayer! Huntington’s long and hard lessons learned through many conflicts are painfully truthful yet refreshing. His ‘spiritual sea-voyage’ contains amazing insights, particularly as he had never himself been to sea! Awesome!

"Truly well-lived!" — A reviewer

Christ Alone Exalted Vol. 2
Tobias Crisp

Twenty-nine scintillating sermons! Christ Alone Exalted Vol. 2 by Tobias Crisp, covers ground from Isaiah’s prophecy to Paul’s letter to the Galatians, encompassing a spectrum of subjects like Christ’s cleansing blood and Christ as the head of the Church! Saturated with scriptural references and reiterating the doctrine of free grace, he spotlights well-known, well-loved New Testament texts. His passion for evangelism and persuasive debating skills are showcased in these sermons, each of which will strengthen your faith, encourage and inspire you to go on to conquer!

"Challenging!" — A Reviewer

A Divine Cordial
Thomas Watson

A brilliant exposition of just one verse, Rom. 8:28. Watson’s, A Divine Cordial gives considerable insight into who and what a loving God is, and what it means to really love Him. He unveils the Grand Reason for God’s interest in His people and His covenant love. For every Christian who needs to study the purpose of God, it is the transcendent privilege of those who love God and are called of Him. Watson skillfully unpacks this verse holding out hope to a hurting world. Enlightening! Pure delight!

"A divine cordial indeed!"— A. Sutono

"Encouraging, Inspiring, Foundational!"— Daniel Anderson

"A great tool for comforting the hurting!"— Douglas Vander Meulen

Christian Husbandry
Ambrose Serle

Beautiful reflections! Christian Husbandry by Serle claims that God’s creation demonstrates the highest Goodness and Glory, ordained to express His greatest gift, the Salvation of Man. The Wisdom of God is worked into the very frame of creation under an indestructible order. God guides everything, precisely to fulfill the purpose of its creation. Similarly, His grace too is imperishable, until it results in His own Glory at His appointed time. This strongly consoles man that he is appointed unto Salvation through Christ, and that everything works together for his good!

"Uplifting truths!" — A reviewer

Christ Precious to those Who Believe
John Fawcett

A wonderful investment of time! Christ Precious to those Who Believe by John Fawcett is a realistic treatise on faith and love. John Fawcett reiterates the paucity of those who find Christ precious. Unless convinced of the need for a Savior like Christ, men will continue to be oblivious of His worth. Fawcett unveils the nature of those to whom Christ is precious, the evidence for their belief and why Christ is precious to them. Fawcett dares those serious about their faith walk to pursue Him even more closely!

"A worthy place to begin to rediscover Christ!" — A reviewer

Divine Authority of God’s Word
Benjamin Keach

A profusion of genuine irrefutable proofs for the Divine authority of the Scriptures! Tropologia by Benjamin Keach contains a treasure-trove of weighty and majestic thoughts, well suited to the sacred mysteries he unfolds. Blessed with astute ability to understand the blessed mysteries of the sacred scripture, he opens these truths up particularly for the benefit of young Bible students and ministers. To glean greater meaning from the Bible, in Philololgia, his first book, he decodes the different types of figures of speech, and introduces tropes and types! Very engaging!

"Great!" — T. Chris Morrison

Metaphors and the Trinity
Benjamin Keach

Excellent! Tropologia by Keach is an eye-opener explaining the usage of types, metaphors and allegories in the Word. Types assume the truth of some historical detail, focusing only on the fact, and comparing one fact with another or comparing persons and facts under the Old Testament, with persons and facts under the New, as prefiguring someone yet to come. Unveiling the metaphors used to refer to the Three Persons of the Trinity, such as regarding God as Father, he illuminates these figures of speech using parallels, by way of explanation.

"Wonderful discoveries!" — A reviewer

The Figures of the Word of God
Benjamin Keach

Broadening study! Tropologia by Benjamin Keach is replete with a wealth of metaphors, allegories, similes and types relating to God’s holy Word. While handling the metaphors he describes what the Scripture is being compared with. After expanding upon the various connotations and possibilities of meaning, Keach runs the parallel, largely opening up the comparisons between the sacred writ and the object of comparison. He concludes with practical improvements upon that, adding some dependant and collateral points, to give a huge new perspective to just one verse of Scripture!

"Mind-blowing word study!" — A reviewer

Metaphors and the Holy Spirit & Ordinances
Benjamin Keach

Illuminating investigations! Tropologia by Benjamin Keach discovers the vast array of metaphors, allegories, similes and types relating to the Holy Spirit, Angels, the church, man, true ministers, the devil, the means of life and the world! Be drawn into this ever changing kaleidoscope of word pictures as they entrench themselves in your memory! Never before has the use of such figures of speech brought alive the persons or objects they point to! Scripture references blaze with fresh import! Will heighten your understanding of Biblical words!

"Simply brilliant!" — A reviewer


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