The Word of God in its Historical, Geographical & Theological Context
The Word of God in its Historical, Geographical & Theological Context
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God’s word resoundingly reverberates through history and rings true through every displacement of Israel in every new geographical location! Evidences from history, geography and Israel stand witness to God’s preservations of His Word through all time. God’s purposes cannot be thwarted! Appreciate the definiteness of God’s intentions, in clearness of principle and in preciseness of justice. Enjoy this specially selected set from E4, The Word of God in its Historical, Geographical, and Theological Context that will reassure you that God is indeed omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, unchanging God for all eternity!  
Just Released June 4th 2013!!
God-Breathed: The Inspiration of Scripture
L. Gaussen

Ruthlessly ripping apart the shrouds of skepticism Theopneustia: The Plenary Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures by L. Gaussen is unvarnished truth. Today, when most religious controversies pivot on the doubt that the Bible is God inspired, Gaussen’s arguments are valid and lucid. Equips you to refute the various errors built on falsehood or shaky foundations. With glowing piety he earnestly challenges the intellect never allowing the heart to grow cold. Using illustrations from nature, learning, science and modern and ancient history this work can never be overrated!

"Comprehensive and wide-ranging!" — A reviewer

Synthetic Bible Studies
James Gray

Awesome! Synthetic Bible Studies by James Gray systematically lays the rules to study the Bible as a whole, and each individual book separately as well as in its relation to the other books! Will strengthen your conviction that the Bible is infallible! Inspired by the Holy Spirit written by holy men, its Author is its only true and safe interpreter! Read the Scripture that the lesson focuses on, prayerfully, independent of any commentary, continuously and repeatedly to strongly grasp the pivotal idea and really understand the other related thoughts. Incredible!

"Great aid for serious study of the word!" — A reviewer

The Rand-McNally Bible Atlas: A Manual of Biblical Geography and History
Rev. Jesse Hurlbut

A memorable trip in time! The Rand-McNally Bible Atlas: A Manual of Biblical Geography and History by Rev. Jesse Hurlbut specifically targets teachers and students of the Bible furnishing them with maps, plans, review charts, colored diagrams! Vividly illustrated with accurate views of the principal cities and localities recognized in Bible history, Hurlbut brings to life the ancient cities and culture in which Biblical history was played out. Incorporating recent research, careful revision has been done reinvestigating old locations and historical allusions. Enjoy the lands, their customs and wonderful histories!

"A tremendous tool!" — A reviewer

The Expositor’s Bible: The Psalms Vol. 1
Alexander MacLaren

Brilliant elucidation of Scripture! The Expositor’s Bible: The Psalms Vol. 1 by Alexander MacLaren reveals his skill in exposition! Ignoring questions regarding date and authorship, MacLaren focuses rather upon the deepest and most valuable elements in the Psalms. Vol 1 includes the first 38 psalms explained in the most systematic and connected form. With profound thoughts, logical arrangement and eloquent expression, they are appealing and powerful. Giving only the real meaning of the verse, his remarks are weighty, spiritual, and evocative. Highly valuable with unsurpassed beauty and spiritual insight!

"A priceless boon!" — The Baptist Times

"Dr. Maclaren is here at his best!" — Expositor

The Expositor’s Bible: The Psalms Vol. 2
Alexander MacLaren

A veritable spiritual feast! The Expositor’s Bible: The Psalms Vol. 2 by Alexander MacLaren expresses same high qualities and spiritual sympathy giving abundant proof of the care, critical study, and competence earlier scholars have contributed to the exposition of the Psalms. In a most attractive and animated style, he illuminates sublime truths and an unprecedented wealth of thought! Stirs you in your inner man to echo the same spirit in which the great psalmists composed them. The psalms truly come alive vividly! Excellent!

"Full of helpful thoughts!" — The Christian World

"As attractive as the first volume!" — Critical Review

Grace Alone
John Kershaw of Rochdale

Be enraptured afresh by the immensity of the grace of God outpoured, beyond measure or deserving! Grace Alone by John Kershaw uncovers the gracious heart of God and leaves you overwhelmed with the enormity of the gift of Grace. One of the best examples of experimental preaching he discusses Christ the Rock of Salvation, Immutability, Faithfulness and Longsuffering and the Ministry! Explaining with care what being Born of God involves, the need for Believer’s Baptism, and how to finish the race with joy, Kershaw teaches you to appreciate God even more!

"Fresh vision of God!" — A Reviewer

Wit and Humor of the Bible
Marion Shutter

An indispensable resource, Wit and Humor of the Bible by Marion Shutter is refreshingly honest including a twist on the perspective that reverence excludes wit and humor is sin! Proposing that once realization of God’s love dawns, true joy would pervade, Shutter demonstrates how humor permeates the Scriptures. He shows that wit and humor, as corrective and as celebration, are part of the Biblical witness. Highlighting several categories of humor including sarcasm, irony, wordplay, humorous imagery, exaggeration, and humorous situations, Shutter signifies how humor brings God closer to man. Fascinating!

"Worth the effort!" — Em Ellis

"Enjoyable and very informative!" — Rita

The Truth of Christianity
William Harry Turton

Frank and unbiased, over 500 pages long with rarely a dull one among them! The Truth of Christianity by William Harry Turton is a book for the hour! This meticulously prepared little work presents twenty-four chapters which champion twenty-four propositions on truth! With logical precision Turton organizes his facts and enforces his conclusions, without losing his charming candor and freshness of style. With excellent reasoning power and an arsenal of weapons against skepticism this is a work of uncommon merit. His accurate knowledge, sound judgment and fine spirit are enlivening.

"Distinctly readable!" — Glasgow Herald

"Arguments are admirably marshaled!" — Westminster Review

The Makers and Teachers of Judaism
Charles Foster Kent

Dexterously unraveling Israel’s tumultuous history, Kent in The Makers and Teachers of Judaism traces the influence of the varied environments upon the Jewish survivors. In those tragic five centuries half of the Old Testament and most of the Apocryphal writings emerged. Israel’s prophets and priests became teachers of the nation. Kent follows biblical history from Moses to the end of the first Christian century, emphasizing that God was revealing Himself through His people’s lives, and that the Bible which records that revelation is but one connected book.

"Wonderful out-working of God’s plan!"— A Reviewer

Jerusalem Explored
Ermete Pierotti

An archeologist’s dream come true! Jerusalem Explored by Ermete Pierotti is a literal walk down the ages through ancient Jerusalem and the modern city with equal ease! Liberally sprinkled with numerous illustrations and the varied views, the ground plans and sections are the result of eight years of continual labor. Revel in the study of the topography of Jerusalem, its walls, monuments and ancient remains. Also traverse the long-forgotten conduits and vaults that Pierotti was privileged to photograph in Jerusalem over a century ago.

"Breathtaking and almost unbelievable!" — A Reviewer

The Chosen People
Charlotte Mary Yonge

Appropriate for children The Chosen People by Charlotte Mary Yonge is still appealing! Better known as a novelist, Yonge senses what children must comprehend to intelligently understand of the scope of the Scripture narrative explained historically. Consciously concise, Yonge draws attention only to those stories which gradually prepare the child’s heart for the work of Redemption. Illustrating the meaning of prophecy and its accomplishment, and the outworking of God’s individual plan for each one Yonge also includes pertinent questions to reinforce the point of each lesson. Valuable!

"A blessing indeed!" — A reviewer

What Think Ye of Christ?
Milford Hall, Sr.

A head-on poser no one can escape from! What Think Ye of Christ? by Milford Hall Sr., squarely confronts you with the question no man can ever evade. With colossal ideas clothed in simple plain and forcible soul language, he prompts you to tackle the issue. With no room for compromise, he boldly spells out the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, warning that nothing short of the truth will profit. Who Christ is to you will settle forever the place of your eternal destiny!

"A spiritual wake-up call!" — A reviewer

The Writings of Oscar Mink
Oscar Mink

Masterly Mink! The Writings of Oscar Mink mine the Scriptures and literally wrest many deeply buried jewels of truth. With persistent searching Mink proclaims that when God establishes a precept, He is faithful and unchanging and consistently maintains that position! God operates on principle, absolute unswerving principle! Encouraging us that God neither changes nor modifies His plans and purposes, Mink also throws much needed light upon a plethora of subjects like Arminianism, atonement, baptism, church purity, choice, double destruction and eternal election. Brilliant!

"A veritable treasure house!" — A reviewer

The Divine Inspiration of the Bible
A.W. Pink

Pithy and pointed, Divine Inspiration of the Bible by A.W. Pink is a spirited defense of the Scriptures. Pink defines the Scriptures as the foundation of the Christian religion, a divine revelation which transcends human productivity. Pink examines the idea of divine inspiration and argues for God as the author of His Word. Presenting 12 arguments for why the Bible is the inspired Word of God Himself; although concise, they are precise and well defined! Gives Christians a stronger understanding of the premise of the Bible. Phenomenal!

"Foundation for Truth and Authority!" — J. Adrian

"I highly recommend this book!" — Anthony C. Papadakis

Life and Times of David
C.H. Mackintosh

Encouragement and enlightenment! Life and Times of David by C.H. Mackintosh gives an accurate, historical account of how God brought a harvest of blessing to His people despite their evil and folly. David, a man after God’s own heart, would become king resulting in glory to God and security to Israel. Mackintosh assures that even in the darkest times, the Lord will establish witnesses for Himself. Our response to worldly injustice must entail continued obedience, service, and trust, through which the Lord is magnified. Significant lessons!

"Illuminating!" — A reviewer

John Owen and J.C. Ryle on the Bible
John Owen and J.C. Ryle

Out of print rare book! Owen in The Testimony of the Church is not the Only nor the Chief Reason of Our Believing the Scripture to be the Word of God revealing intuitive discernment, lifts you to the highest qualities of thought, displaying a rare knowledge of human nature! Challenges you to ascertain why you believe God’s word and submit to it; and know whether it is of God by God Himself or only by men! Scripture is sufficient in itself to convince men of its own divineness! Amazing!

"Uncommon Wisdom!" — A. Sutono

A classic of Gospel Truth, Inspiration by J.C. Ryle is "pure gold"! Demolishing infidelity and skepticism he ably recounts how the Bible was written and its origin! Reiterating that inspiration is the very keel and foundation of Christianity, Ryle declares that the Bible alone gives a true and reasonable account of the beginning and end of creation and of man, besides true views of God and His perfect and complete provision of salvation for fallen man. The wisdom and majesty in the Bible and its superb accuracy is above man!

"A Classic on Christian Living!" — J. Adrian

With power and proficiency Practical Religion Ch. 5 on Bible Reading by J.C. Ryle compels truthful self-examination. Ryle nimbly walks the line between systematic and practical theologies, constantly challenging one to reflect Truth in one’s life. Interpreting and applying Scripture impeccably, the practice of heart-religion seems simple and beautiful and the Bible appears to disclose new and exquisite truths, thus far obscure! Speaking to the soul with a pastor’s heart and a scholar’s mind, he promotes zeal as imperative for the individual and the Church. Potent practical applications!

"Outstanding!" — Fan "Student"

The Bible and Life
Edwin Holt Hughes

Attractive and applicable! Edwin Holt Hughes in The Bible and Life offers valid opinions and practical guidelines on how the Bible to relates to all aspects of man’s life! The word of God is a vital book, pulsating with life and offering wise counsel for day-to-day living. Hughes teaches effective ways of incorporating the teachings of the Bible into everyday life. The journey through his valuable work opens up a vista of ways in which the Bible is pertinent to mankind in the context of life, home, education and work.

"All round Biblical application!" — A reviewer

Bible Emblems
Edward E. Seelye

Fascinating imagery! In Bible Emblems Seelye focuses on God’s revelation of Himself and His purposes in His word as He passes before us in mystery as well as in revelation. Sometimes He allows us a small glimpse into His plans and acts! Right through the Scriptures this twofold attitude of obscurity and light is evident. God’s commandments are clear and authoritative; however, the unsolved situations that we despair about are unanswered! Seelye discusses several Biblical images without straining the figures employed or reading an interpretation into them beyond their natural meaning.

"Highly interesting!" — A reviewer


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