Works of the Puritans - Vol. 2
Works of the Puritans - Vol. 2
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Slicing through the ambiguity of today’s value system, The Works of the Puritans, Vol 2 cuts with the sharpness of a sword! Comprehensive and comprehensible, this collection of astounding works by the more popular Puritans concerns grace, faith, mercy and judgment. An absolute asset to renew and refine one’s faith and walk with Christ! Reading this will be pure pleasure and bring a veritable blessing!  

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Four works on Mercy in Christ
By Flavel, Charnock & Adams

Four special books form this cluster of gems. The Immutable Mercy of Jesus Christ by Thomas Adams is lively rather than weighty, decidedly Calvinistic and theocentric. Warmly evangelical, Adams extols the power of Christ and the subterfuge of Satan. Christ Altogether Lovely by John Flavel is a beautiful and poignant old English description of the excellencies of Christ, and how lovely He is in His Person, Office and Relations.

Christ, The Desire Of All The Nations by John Flavel is an open challenge, that knocks you flat! Flavel confronts you to check if Christ is truly the desire of your soul."Adams’ only monument is in his works. " - H Stowell
Four works on Regeneration
By Stephen Charnock

After three centuries, this series is still definitely one of the best books on this subject regeneration and reconciliation. Echoing the characteristic Puritan divine's concern for central Gospel themes, Charnock reflects on the intervention of Christ so that the believer is put into another way of probation. The necessity of regeneration, its nature, its efficient author and sole agent who is God, and finally its instrument, the Gospel are detailed. It will categorically clarify your thinking on the new birth in Christ Jesus!

"Deep, striking weighty, and lively!" - James I. Packer

"Christian classic." - Jay P. Green, Sr.
On Faith
By Thomas Manton

This volume includes 65 sermons on Hebrews 11:1-31, each brilliantly illuminating gospel mysteries and their practical application. Manton’s lucid exposition and systematic teaching with a realistic application of faith in action will stimulate you to exercise faith in anew! An absolutely captivating book that will spur you on to a much higher plane of the Christian faith.

"Careful, solid, warmhearted exposition of the Scriptures!" — Dr. Joel R. Beeke, author of Meet The Puritans

"Evenly good, constantly excellent."–C.H. Spurgeon
Fountain of Life
By John Flavel

In these 42 sermons, John Flavel displays Christ in His essential and mediatorial glory, who "dazzles all apprehension and swallows up all expression!" This is a comprehensive Christology written with a devotional slant. You will be captivated by Flavel’s characteristic grandiose style and mastery of the mystery of Christ and His work! His explicit expositions of Scripture, speaking style, honest and logical deductions, convincing arguments and heart-searching applications, will transform you while enhancing your understanding afresh!

"A powerful and successful preacher!" - Erasmus Middleton

"For all-around usefulness none was Flavel’s equal." Iain Murray
The Trial and Triumph of Faith
By Samuel Rutherford

Couched in highly ornate and figurative language and organized style, this devotional writer, distinguished preacher, theologian and political thinker, passionately presents strong faith and fervency in prayer. In 27 eloquent sermons, Rutherford expounds the free grace of God. His sound exegesis, searching applications, and wise spiritual guidance are pertinent to everyone. It will warm and encourage you to persevere in seeking after it wholeheartedly.

"All are full of racy remark and illustration, bearing on scriptural doctrine and Christian experience." - Bonar

"Plenty to inform and encourage." - Mary Davis
Six Sermons on Galatians
By Robert Traill

This well prepared and profitable collection of six Communion sermons from an orthodox Calvinistic perspective of teaching is certainly worth owning, particularly to a student of the doctrines of grace. Replete with analogies and quotable passages, Traill blazes an amazing trail of enlightenment on justification in relation to the three solas: Christ alone, grace alone, and faith alone! Your appreciation of Christ as your treasure will certainly be sharpened!

“A Great Statement on the Doctrine of Justification!” - Derek Opel
Three Sermons
By Robert Traill

A thoughtful student, and immensely intellectual, his writings are rich with religious and philosophical understanding and continue to influence present-day thinking. A crystal clear look at salvation and its benefits, these three sermons are compelling without being cumbersome, potent and powerful! It will elevate you anew to realize the great gift that God has made so freely available to sinners. A must read.
The Chief of Sinners
By Stephen Charnock

The first in a series of three sermons, here Charnock elucidates that the greatest of sinners will receive the choicest of mercies! Unsurpassed and truly excellent, you will find much to strengthen your virtue and purify your principles. You will revel in the riches of sovereign grace and be released from a sense of all guilt, for Christ came, not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. One of the finest Puritan writers. Highly recommended!

"The great truths of Scripture illustrated and explained in the most lucid and masterly manner." - Parsons
The Almost Christian Discovered
By Matthew Mead

This highly acclaimed and greatly appreciated work, both in Mead’s day and in ours, ranks among the top 10 books on the Soli Deo Gloria website for all-time best sellers! The 5 questions dealt with here will impel you honestly introspect and examine your Christian walk before God. Matthew Mead insists that one cannot enjoy the benefits of salvation without the obligations to uphold an upright character and moral living! Excellent for home Bible study, discipleship class or personal edification. Makes a great gift too!

"Wonderful!" – Geoffrey Robinson

"Excellent!" – L. Elliott
Selected Sermons
By Ebenezer Erskine

Plain yet pointed, redolent with rich gospel truth, Erskine’s sermons unashamedly and unflinchingly proclaim Christ. An unmitigated boon to any student of Christology, these sermons spells out the remarkable relationship between the law and gospel! The Christological emphasis of the free offer of grace to all, without distinction is bound to reassure and strengthen the reader’s faith.

"Gives the freeness of the gospel of Christ and of the majesty of the God of all grace." - John Macleod
Selected writings
By William Ames

A sublime blend of orthodox doctrine, which is Calvinistic, and moral practice, these selections are a priceless tool for the study of Puritanism and its influence on later theology. Simply expressed, Ames’ theology involves faith and observance. A veritable treasure trove of the traditional doctrinal elements of systematic theology combined with the more practical matters of Christian living, you will be blessed with the revelation of the full image of God.

"That profound, sublime, subtil, irrefragable, yea angelical doctor." - K. L. Sprunger

"Scholar born 300 years late." - Stephen Hancock
Commentary on Jude
By Thomas Manton

An absolutely admirable expositor of Calvinistic theology, Manton seldom fails in making you see clearly what he means! Revealing the character of godless men who use God' grace as a license for immorality, in his epistle, Jude encourages believers to prayerfully persevere in the faith, knowing that the wicked will be punished. Carefully abridged and stylistically adapted, Manton's classic insights in this book are especially relevant for today. This commentary will totally refresh you!

"A mighty mountain of Sound Theology." — C.H. Spurgeon

"Manton is 'facile princeps' among the divines of the Puritan school!" — J.C. Ryle
Discourse on Reconciliation
By Stephen Charnock

With crystal clarity and great depth, Charnock reflects the characteristic Puritan divine's concern for the doctrines of the Christian faith. One of the first efforts in the Reformed theological tradition, solely devoted to this subject, this discourse is now considered the gold standard. Massive, substantial, and thorough, Charnock’s presentation of Christ’s work of reconciliation as the whole work of redemption and the foundation of the regeneration of nature is a sure eye opener!

"Charnock is equaled by few, and surpassed by none... of his contemporaries." - Symington

"A scholarly and devotional classic!" - Dr. Joel Beeke
Treatise of Self Denial
By Thomas Manton

Manton with his great learning, extensive reading and sound judgment has perfected the art of compressing a great deal divinity within a narrow compass. You will revise your perspective of self-denial as it unfolds in the scope of this study! Self-denial involves the "whole self", all that a man is, has, and does! Manton expounds seven means of self-denial besides various kinds of self-denial toward God, our neighbor and ourselves. This practical treatise teaches how to practice self-denial with tests to check one’s progress!

“For solid, sensible instruction, forcibly delivered, they cannot be surpassed.” – C.H. Spurgeon
The Goodness of God
By John Howe

Focusing on God as summum bonum, the chiefest good, Howe reiterates that all that emanates from God is good! A sagacious and reflective thinker, he carefully combines religious earnestness and the zeal of conviction with large-hearted tolerance and cultured broad vision. A refreshing and rejuvenating work that will reassure you of the blessedness of His regime, a mixed nature of mercy and judgment. A truly blessed experience.

"I’ve really enjoyed the writings of John Howe!"- Steven W.
Common Principles
By Hugh Binning

Authoritatively addressing well-known Biblical beliefs Common Principles is sharp stimulation for the mind and a complete satisfaction for the soul. Binning, a prolific writer and a profound preacher, is warmly evangelical and theologically clear, especially on the doctrine of grace. This book will fill you with gratitude, joy and sheer wonder at the grace of God!

"Binning's more simple and natural preaching, eloquence, practical piety and skillful application - a most popular preacher!" - David Lachman

"I warmly commend it!" - Eric Alexander
Sincere Convert
By Thomas Shepard

Pithy and practical, Thomas Shepard’s work will lavish you with truth, and stir your spirit to praise. Conversion secures one’s union with Christ, which coupled with meditation will prepare us for clear communion with Christ. A sure cure for spiritual apathy, either personal or in the church! Your vigilance against tolerating sin will be heightened, and your provoke you to commune even more with Christ!

"One of my favorite authors ever!" - Alexander Whyte

"This is the preaching that our day needs." – A reader
The Sound Believer
By Thomas Shepard

Get a glorious glimpse of God in His Person, His Essence, His attributes and His work from Shepard’s brilliant treatise, The Sound Believer. It has few to equal it. Your thinking on evangelical conversion or the work of Christ in reconciling a sinner to God will be revamped! A tower of truth delineating the four-fold act of Christ’s authority to rescue and reconcile, this is a message absolutely relevant today. Truly, the crux of Puritan passion and power.

"We shall see what passed for soul-saving religion with that so excellent and so venerable Pilgrim Father, Thomas Shepard." - David Brainerd

"You have this benefit, to have much in little room." – Editor

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