Works of Thomas Watson
Works of Thomas Watson
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The Works of Thomas Watson heralds a new appreciation of puritan thought and a revival of their passion for careful Bible exposition. Accepted as the most enjoyable and comprehensive of the Puritan works this is a great reference resource, packed with meaning waiting to be mined! A veritable cornucopia of vintage spiritual food! Reading this set is like a walk through a remarkable portrait gallery, looking out a reliable window into the vista of life, theology and ministry, and relishing a record of the movement of the Spirit.  

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A Body of Divinity
First part in the Trilogy, this great classic of systematic theology of more than 176 sermons eruditely deals with the Westminster Assembly Catechism. Vigorously scriptural and carefully constructed, the textual meaning and amplification of the Word of God will astound you. An amazing tool to introduce doctrine to new believers. Crisp and concise, full of sound doctrine and practical wisdom, Watson’s racy style is undoubtedly appealing. Illuminating!

"Great tool for teacher, disciple, preacher." — Douglas VanderMeulen

"Wonderful book!" — Heather

"A body of Divinity indeed!" — T. C Robinson

The Ten Commandments
A challenging commentary, this second tome in the Trilogy is a stupendous theological endeavor. Each commandment is meticulously explained and its applications amply expressed. Using the brief question and answer format, this work in unsurpassable in its scope of bringing heavy topics down to an easily comprehensible level. Absolutely enjoyable, its savor will linger for long.

"Great Commentary!" — G. Walt Murray

"A good look at Gods Law!" — B. Richards

"One of the most peerless works of the Puritans, and those best acquainted with it prize it most." — C. H. Spurgeon

The Lord’s Prayer
The splendor and simplicity of the glory of prayer is unfolded in its fullness. The third part in the Trilogy, this volume will challenge and change your views on prayer, particularly the motivation of prayer not being offered for need but for the glory of God. The exactness of the prayer comes through with the excellence of content. Never has prayer been so admirably and comprehensively composed. Plain and pithy, short and universally intelligible, its clarity stands out as the grace of speech. Modeled on the Question and Answer format, it leaves you with few or no questions unanswered!

"An outstanding exposition of Christ’s great lesson on prayer!" - Amazon customer

"Classic Puritan work on prayer!" — Douglas VanderMeulen

The Beatitudes
First published in 1660, this work is extensive in its scope, coupling sound doctrine with practical wisdom. Written in Watson’s inimitable invigorating style, his beauty of expression and heart searching application take us to a higher level of understanding of the Lord Jesus’ teachings. These truths will be irresistible. An unbelievably useful and hard-to-forget book!

"Ever fresh, pointed and instructive!" — William Jay of Barth

"A Puritan classic; one of the best commentaries on the Beatitudes!" — D. Zeigler

The Godly Man’s Picture
A superb treatise highlighting the 24 marks of a Godly Mans character and conduct! With lucid profundity he clarifies Biblical truth, in this Christ-honoring and Bible-based work. Interspersed with a touch of poetic and romantic images, this book will definitely motivate those who yearn to live a more godly life. Straightforward and forthright, Watson raises the bar of holiness. A stringent test and a glorious blessing in one! Great read.

"Puritan devotion to Christ at its best!" — Amazon customer

"Soul-piercing and enjoyable!" — Michael Leake

"The whole picture." — James S. Thomas

A Divine Cordial
A delectable exposition of just one verse, Rom. 8:28. You will gain considerable insight into who and what a loving God is, and what it means to really love Him. He unveils the Grand Reason for Gods interest in His people and His covenant love. Every professing Christian needs to study the purpose of God. It is the transcendent privilege of those who love God and are called of Him. Watson skillfully unpacks this verse holding out hope to a hurting world. It will enlighten your spiritual eyes. A pure delight to read!

"Great tool for comforting the hurting!" — Douglas Vander Meulen

"Encouraging, Inspiring and Foundational!" — Daniel Anderson

"A divine cordial indeed!" — A. Sutono

The Art of Divine Contentment
This unmatched explanation of Phil. 4:11 is built up with precision and care. Raising its voice against the discontent rampant today, it offers opportunities for us to apply this great truth in our lives. Contentment is not just a necessity; it must be the norm! Discontentment is sin. Impressive remarks for the disillusioned! Reading this is great gain!

"A much-needed remedy!" — David A. Vosseller

"Extremely practical!" — J. Adoniram

"More relevant for today’s Christian than when it was written." A. Sutano

" ContentednessGods gift!" — Eutychus

A Treatise Concerning Meditation
A beacon light that shows the way to taste the goodness of God, view the beauties of holiness, exercise the spiritual senses, approach the banqueting table, embrace the promises and bring Christ closer. Grace breeds delight and delight gives birth to meditation. Watson invites you to do both! The soul needs respite from itself! It will spur you to intensely recollect and marshal your thoughts in order than in a random, careless or cursory way, and discover new delights!

"Meditation is the palate of the soul whereby we taste the goodness of God; the eye of the soul whereby we view the beauties of holiness;" — Edward Reynolds

Heaven Taken By Storm
A masterpiece in encouragement! Watson chastens and corrects, confronting you of sin and the amazing depth of the grace of God! A dependable guide through the minefield of life. He calls you to a lifestyle of war against sin, bringing the body under subjection, and thereby to conquer sin, satan and the world! He persuades you to use the weapons of reading and hearing the word, prayer and meditation, self -examination and sanctity for the Lords Day. You will realize there is still new work to do, new sins to mortify, new temptations to resist and new graces to quicken!

"Thought-provoking, challenging and encouraging! — Amazon customer

"Awesome!" — G. Walt Murray

The Christian’s Charter
Thomas Watson lays out the privileges of a believer in Christ. In a world that meaninglessly strives after happiness, this book shows how "all things" belong to the Christian in accordance with I Cor. 3: 21-23. This strange paradox of owning nothing on the earth but yet being the possessor of all things at the same time is marvelously unraveled by Watson. You will recognize afresh your assets in Christ and realize how little you appropriate them! A realistic reminder to take ownership of what is already yours!
The Great Gain of Godliness
An undeniably compelling study of Malachi 3:1-18 written for both laymen and clergy alike. Watson has produced this extended, theological, and thoroughly experimental commentary with the dual purpose of encouraging "solid piety" and confuting "the atheists of the world, who imagine there is no gain in godliness." Watson has great arguments and soundly refutes many objections. You will read no better biblical theology on the fear of God. You will be brought to your knees and be more aware of the need for godliness than ever before.

"Another Puritan Gem! Read Watson!" — Jason Button

"Sobering yet Encouraging!" — A. Sutono

"The great gain of reading this book!" — Daniel

The Doctrine of Repentance
The theology of repentance has never been addressed so clearly or explicitly. Faith and repentance are the two pillars of grace on which a Christian must needs build his faith. This book boasts such great depth and conviction it will influence your thinking and impact your actions beyond expectations. Brimming with imagery his many-sided outlook of the subject will sharpen your vision to any self-deception or counterfeit repentance! No Christian should miss reading this!

"Crucial Christian Classic!:" — Nick Cato

"Life changing book!" —J. Tuttle

"No better book outside of the Scripture on Repentance!" — P. J. Huber

Sermons on the Christian Heart
Intensely insightful, Watson shows how God sees the human heart and deals with its motives and meanderings! These 11 sermons reveal God’s searching eye. You will see the real you, and perhaps even be confronted by an aspect of yourself you never knew existed. His all-knowing eye searches the heart so thoroughly nothing can be hidden from it. A spiritual eye opener, reading this handpicked selection is something that you will neither regret nor forget! Excellent devotional reading.

"The most precise of the Puritans does it again." —Amazon Customer

Sermons on Christian Joy
A much required reminder on the unfathomable joy that is to be the hallmark of every Christian. Thomas Watson’s explanations and exposition on this somewhat lesser focused aspect of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is presented through these 11 sermons. Brimming with encouragement and reproof, Watson will help you rekindle your joy irrespective of your circumstances or situation!
Sermons on the Christian Life
In a remarkably gripping and succinct style, these 10 unforgettable sermons are a treasure to the serious soul desiring to live a life pleasing to God. Embellished with illustrations and imagery, Watson’s profound spirituality and supreme simplicity of presentation will strike a resonant chord in every heart striving to live the Christian life. His reflections on knowing if and why you love God are hard hitting yet needful, making one’s endeavor to live worthy of Him worthwhile. Believers will be edified!
Sermons on the Christian Watch
A select package of 10 sermons to thrill you with God-centered thinking and deep reverence for the things of God. A sure assurance of the reward awaiting those who live in accordance to God’s Word and for His pleasure. A warning cry against taking one’s faith lightly and a wake-up call to those whose faith has lost its cutting edge. An uplifting reading experience!
Sermons on Christ
In 10 brief sermons, Watson explores the superlative and infinite loveliness of Christ. Like a multifaceted gem each of these sermons reveals the unsurpassable beauty of Christ and the Christians duty to respond to Him. Christ’s atoning death as exemplified by The Lords Supper is also a striking revelation. Watson will lead you to a deeper appreciation of Christ and you will be astounded by who He is and what Christ has accomplished for us to be His children. A must read for the souls fires to be rekindled with burning love for Christ.
Sermons on Affliction
These 7 short sermons glow like small jewels warming afflicted hearts. Watson teaches us to look beyond the afflictions and sorrows that cross our paths. You will find much to rejoice and bless God for in the midst of trials and afflictions. The joy in the middle of sorrow, His presence in the center of suffering and His love which endures forever, irrespective of circumstances are to be experienced. Those enduring sorrow and suffering will surely be lifted above it, despite their trials and will revel in the consolation that only God can give.
Sermons on Catholicism
Watson is his outspoken best on the blindness that is upon the Catholic Church. Two excellent sermons on the 13 erroneous doctrines practiced in Roman Catholicism. He proves the Catholic religion to be Biblically wrong. A fitting tool for those burdened to witness to Catholics and a lodestar to the honest seeker. Open and blunt in his approach, Watson candidly overthrows every argument and presents the Biblical truth in no uncertain terms. This is probably the clearest picture you will get of the deception that is masquerading as the truth! These sermons are a must have to equip every sincere laborer for the Harvest is plentiful.

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