R.C. Sproul
Author of The Holiness of God

“A true classic not only stands the test of time, but also serves two vital purposes. It instructs and it inspires. A classic points us outward to our evocative God and we respond in awe and worship. This free CD puts such classics at your fingertips and then into your heart.”

Jerry Bridges
Author of The Pursuit of Holiness

“The Biblical Study Collection will provide a solid foundation in the great truths of the Christian faith. I highly recommend it. Robert Haldane's Commentrary on Romans is a masterpiece. It helped ground me in the essentials of justification and sanctification. God used the writings of Robert Murray McCheyne early in my Christian life to give me a taste of what it means to walk with God. McCheyne will always stimulate and challenge you.”

Dr. James Kennedy
Pastor and Author of Evangelism Explosion

“These books have shaped the thinking and preaching of ministers and millions of lay-people.”


J. I. Packer

Author of Knowing God

“This free CD will be enormously helpful to pastors and lay leaders everywhere. I commend it with great enthusiasm!”